Daily Divination 5-22-11 Spiral of the Zodiac of Life on the Day After the X-tian ‘Judgment Day’ – 3 of Wands; Sun in Aries

Let’s get the obvious out-of-the-way first. I’ve just go to say it. Especially since yesterday was the x-tian doomsday or judgment day or “left behind” day, I can’t ignore the obvious. The card I pulled yesterday, ‘judgment day’ was The Fool. And here we are the day after and look what card shows up the day after the day before—it’s the 3 of Wands!

I suppose if there was any “left behind” card of the deck, this would be it; but the archetypal motif of this card relates to Sun in Aries energy. The essence of the individual (Sun) is starting a new cycle of life (Aries).

And the human figure on most 3 of Wands cards seems to be looking off at those ships in the distance. Did the ships just drop him off there on the shore and are on their way back out to sea… going off in the distance?

Or is the figure on the card the card waiting for the ships to come into shore toward him? Personally, most times it feels like those ships are going out to sea, not coming in.

You know what? I just paused my writing here because I heard an email come in (my program gives a little sound when an email arrives). Sometimes I ignore the sound or have it shut off, but for some reason I took a peek, ending up on my twitter page where I came across this quote.

It’s perfect for what I wanted to say next. “ShareAwakening” tweeted, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.–Thomas Paine”.

That’s it, isn’t it? Sometimes we want to go back and can’t and are too hung up on that dream of escape that we can’t seem to go forward either. Whether we’re waiting for the ships to come in or lamenting because we think we missed the boat—either way, it’s always in our power and our own best interests to start anew.

That’s the description which is so much like Aries energy and remember the Aries Sun relates to 3 of Wands—same archetype. Our life or lives (plural-reincarnation) are represented in the wheel of the zodiac, the circle, the never-ending spiral.

Spiral - The astrological zodiac wheel is like this

So here’s the deal. Aries is the first house representing new beginnings but on the zodiac wheel, any energy (planets) that are there (1st house)  have just left the 12th house of endings, culmination or completion.

The 12th house is the end of the cycle and all houses that came before it are contained within it—so it is like “All That Is”, representing that reunion with the Source.

Anything in the 1st house, which is Aries, is at the start of the new cycle; yet, so alive are the memories of the recent previous—represented by the 12th house which is always next to the 1st in the circle of the spiral.

So the longing to go back to is present, yet the need to strike out on a new phase is an equally strong urge. That embodies the divination message for today and for each of us we could ask where this is occurring in our own individual life right now.

It’s a pretty interesting card to be drawn the day after doomsday. Endings and new beginnings at the same time! Are those ships in the picture on the tarot card coming in or going out? I’d imagine that a number of x-tians who believed that they were leaving all the rest of us behind yesterday and who are still here this morning don’t know for sure if they’re coming or going either. They may epitomize the image on the card which is human who has outgrown his circumstances.

Moving up the levels of the spiral of life

Although it may seem like a contradiction, I’m going to write it anyway…

Today’s message is this. Avoid becoming discouraged about any recent disappointment– it’s the beginning of the continuation!

It’s a new cycle within the continuing cycle; a spiral that goes upward but remains in the same place.

Pause to assimilate the lesson and then move forward.

It’s time to stop wasting time dreaming and to start doing.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!  (Always!)

Spiral onward and upward!  And as that TV beer commercial guy says, “Stay thirsty my friends.”

PS– today’s tarot card image reminds me of the ending of the Movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Return of the King and that song that accompanied the scene “Into the West”, Journey’s End.  I created a web page on it.  Here’s the LINK … the page has the music loaded on it.  Take a peek if you have time and enjoy the music!

Daily Divination 5-21-11 The Fool, Uranus and today is the christian doom’s day! Happy apocalypse

“…and the wisdom to know the difference.”—the ending of that famous serenity prayer. Life can get confusing. We have cosmic memory, traits we inherit from ancestry and past lives as well as memory of our innocent trust in The Divine and then we come to earth with all that for the great adventure and try to ground here. That may be easier for some than for others, perhaps dependent upon how much cosmic memory is awaken within. Should it suddenly awaken, as it does from time-to-time when we shift out of our various hypnotic states, it can be destabilizing or a bit confusing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about hypnosis lately and my old studies of the subject have recalled how much of the time in our life we’re in some sort of trance. This has happened to everyone. You’ve been driving your car going from point A to point B and suddenly you arrive at your destination but don’t recall driving there, the details of it lost to a state of hypnotic trance of one type or another. Another example, a sudden insight about your life occurs and you realize how deeply mistaken you’ve been and what in the world you could have been thinking all along! Perhaps it has to do with a relationship or a job and maybe for years you were operating under some sort of hypnotic trance with regard to the situation and there you are having snapped out of it wondering how you got into that situation and why you stayed in it so long in the first place.


Snapping out of hypnotic trances… I’m not sure why I want to associate this tarot card, The Fool, to such a thing, but there it is. It’s just how I’m reading it today. Maybe it’s because today is supposed to be the apocalyptic end of the world? That suddenly makes me wonder about my heavily hypnotized x-tian sister and how’s she’s doing today, the end of days. Will she awaken from her trance—how many others will when they find out they’re still here tomorrow and nothing much has changed. Okay, I think the cosmic communiqué is becoming clearer now and I see the correlation of my thoughts and the tarot card, The Fool as it relates to hypnosis.


I’ve had to stop my blog writing several times to keep my appointments with clients. Where were we? Oh yeah, the christian belief that today is the end of the world or jesus is coming back


or whatever it is… wondering if there are a lot of souls out there looking up like the image on that card.

Some little voice within me is saying, “Wrap it up!” right now. Must be my inner child who wants to go out and play. “Just a second”, I’m telling her because I haven’t come to a bottom line for this post yet.

We have Uranus to deal with yet; The Fool of tarot relates to Uranus—the freedom loving rebellious energy that also relates to the individual unconscious mind. No wonder hypnosis is part of this post—that’s what hypnosis helps us connect with; the subconscious, the unconscious.

We all have times when we want to just take off without a care in the world, which by the way my inner child wants to do right now! That’s what today’s message relates to just like the x-tian fools want to get off the planet and be saved again by the savior but like I started this post, we have to ground and to take a metaphor as a metaphor… accepting what we cannot change and having the wisdom to know the difference. The end of the world, the apocalyptic event, may simply be waking from the hypnotic trance… those x-tian fools always take things so literally.

Every now and then we need to feel boundless and maybe that’s why we have these periodic end of the world predictions… to loosen our grip on reality just enough so that we can awaken from some level of hypnotic trance. Maybe we need to face the possible end of life scenario every now and again so that we can appreciate life more fully. Like the Buddhist say, “He who dies before he dies, does not die when he dies.” Buddhists contemplate the end every single day and don’t need a doomsday prediction to help them do it. The immortal self is in the continual awareness of many and doomsday has nothing to do with that awareness, for some are not hypnotized and are already awake.

Do these thoughts or this blog post today make any sense whatsoever? Hmmm…. I’m not sure but it’s got to end for now regardless… my inner child won’t sit still any longer. I’ve got to lace up my shoes and get ready to go out and play, hoping for the best as far as this blog post is concerned. This is it for now! Happy apocalypse.

PS… Sun  (shining the light) in Gemini (on information) squares (challenges) Neptune in Pisces (reglioous/confusion) today@!   Gemini/Sag polarity energy:   truth versus lies