I’m back; sort of

Its been nearly a year since my last post. Really? It’s true. The current challenge is to remember how to create a post with the publisher’s format changes. If this makes it to the web, it means it got figured out. What to write here after so many physical and mental challenges. What have I learned? Where have I been and where am I going? Strange to feel a huge fog about all of that and today looking at astrology realizing there’s an exact nodal return! Ti’s it any wonder that feeling of strangeness that haunts me? Not that my direction (if there’s to be one) is any clearer.

I thought it fitting to make a post of some type to mark the occasion. Will this be of any interest to anyone else? Probably not but will allow the fingers to keep dancing over the keyboard here anyway.

Suddenly the mind is singing part of the Sleepy Eye Joe lyric, “Where’d you come from, where’d you go?” Ha! The answer is that I don’t know. Watching the mind has been a good part of this year’s pastime. Mine wants to solve problems and if it can’t figure one to solve, it creates one. So much for my meditations these days; yet the occasions that I do ‘sit’ are more peaceful than ever in the past.

Health challenges have aided my ‘going within’; sometimes, having no choice but that. It is so often said that life is the teacher — no need to look for a guru or read a book. And honoring life as ‘the’ teacher has been part of the dynamic for the past few years. Sometimes a strict taskmaster such that it can be.

The Russian war aggression disturbs the psyche of course and there the teacher appears again. Watching the news with tears in my eyes sends me straight away to my watercolor painting area or to the meditation cushion.

Best to end this now wishing any reader who stumbles upon this a day of composure and strength. That is the wish for my own self today as well.