Tarot Guidance for Planting Hydrangea Bushes! 3 of Wands, Planting by the Moon Sign and Cycle! What’s Gemini got to do with it?

Connolly Tarot - 3 of wandsI turn to the tarot this morning to ask a practical question about planting three (3) Hydrangea bushes.  They are very small now and should go into the ground soon.  I’ve been debating about putting them in large pots versus planting them in the ground around the circle driveway.  My daughter and grandson are coming in three days and can help me dig the hole in the sometimes rocky ground.  It is on my mind today about how to proceed about these Hydrangea’s.  Can the Tarot help us with such practical, mundane life issues?  Let’s see!

Ha!  Well, it’s interesting because I drew the THREE OF WANDS (sometimes called RODS).  This sort of let me know right from the get-go of looking at the card that I’m tuned into the right issue based on numerology if nothing else.  The 3 WANDS clearly relate to the 3 plants (Hydrangea bushes) in question!  Its meaning also includes planning ahead and using foresight.

In the picture on the Connolly Tarot Card there are green leafs growing on the 3 wands (no flowers) but on the Hanson Deck we see flowers budding on the end of the wands. 

Anyway, this card is one that typically announces that help is available – “Someone is willing to give you assistance”.  This is clearly represented by the person in the boat with his hand on his heart who seems to be conveying advice. 

I will be going to a garden nursery today and will seek the advice of an experienced gardener there about the soil and while I know to get peat moss for the bottom of the hole that I must dig, I’m not sure about the soil.  That (soil information) is practical guidance and information I will seek from someone willing to help.

In the Hanson Tarot Card as it is with many other decks, we see the person waiting for the ships in the distance coming in while the man on the shore waits.  I think that I should wait for the help of my grandson and daughter—after all what’s a few more days?  I need to gather some local advice about the soil and get some supplies—peat moss, wood chips, some sort of border/boundary material to keep the grass out and then the right bag of potting soil if there is such a thing.  All that comes first. 

There’s also the Moon sign to think about—when to plant things based on where the Moon is@!  I know it’s not good to plant during the FULL or the NEW Moon—currently, it’s neither.  The Moon is waxing and 38% toward FULL so this seems to be OK as far as the cycle goes… energy is building, not dying or waning. 

Hydrangea bushes

Yet, I found this on google, “When you plant in an AIR sign, the Moon’s influence is channelled into the blossom growth. Plant all flowers and flowering plants.”  Yeah, maybe I should go ahead and put them in the ground today.  Hydrangea are flowering plants!  They should get into the ground before dark today because around 7 pm (EDT) the Moon moves into Cancer.  If you plant stuff like melons, grapes or high water fruit plants or lettuce and watercress, cabbage or spinach and stuff like that, when the Moon is in the water sign Cancer, it’s recommended.  I do have a concern about that area getting too much water as it is! 

I totally better get going!  Using foresight and planning, I’ve considered the Moon sign and getting some advice by someone who is willing to give me assistance (a local gardener at the nursery in town).  While it wouldn’t be the end of the world to wait until my daughter and grandson arrive and plant while the Moon is in Cancer, just drawing this card and stopping to remember the Moon cycle planting methods had been helpful.  I’m planting today!  I want those plants to FLOWER and if planting when the Moon is in Gemini will help that—I won’t wait!  Like I said, better get going!  Opps, I just realized one other connection—3 hydrangeas, 3 of wands and Gemini (where the Moon is today) rules the 3rd house in astrology! 


Daily Divination 5-22-11 Spiral of the Zodiac of Life on the Day After the X-tian ‘Judgment Day’ – 3 of Wands; Sun in Aries

Let’s get the obvious out-of-the-way first. I’ve just go to say it. Especially since yesterday was the x-tian doomsday or judgment day or “left behind” day, I can’t ignore the obvious. The card I pulled yesterday, ‘judgment day’ was The Fool. And here we are the day after and look what card shows up the day after the day before—it’s the 3 of Wands!

I suppose if there was any “left behind” card of the deck, this would be it; but the archetypal motif of this card relates to Sun in Aries energy. The essence of the individual (Sun) is starting a new cycle of life (Aries).

And the human figure on most 3 of Wands cards seems to be looking off at those ships in the distance. Did the ships just drop him off there on the shore and are on their way back out to sea… going off in the distance?

Or is the figure on the card the card waiting for the ships to come into shore toward him? Personally, most times it feels like those ships are going out to sea, not coming in.

You know what? I just paused my writing here because I heard an email come in (my program gives a little sound when an email arrives). Sometimes I ignore the sound or have it shut off, but for some reason I took a peek, ending up on my twitter page where I came across this quote.

It’s perfect for what I wanted to say next. “ShareAwakening” tweeted, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.–Thomas Paine”.

That’s it, isn’t it? Sometimes we want to go back and can’t and are too hung up on that dream of escape that we can’t seem to go forward either. Whether we’re waiting for the ships to come in or lamenting because we think we missed the boat—either way, it’s always in our power and our own best interests to start anew.

That’s the description which is so much like Aries energy and remember the Aries Sun relates to 3 of Wands—same archetype. Our life or lives (plural-reincarnation) are represented in the wheel of the zodiac, the circle, the never-ending spiral.

Spiral - The astrological zodiac wheel is like this

So here’s the deal. Aries is the first house representing new beginnings but on the zodiac wheel, any energy (planets) that are there (1st house)  have just left the 12th house of endings, culmination or completion.

The 12th house is the end of the cycle and all houses that came before it are contained within it—so it is like “All That Is”, representing that reunion with the Source.

Anything in the 1st house, which is Aries, is at the start of the new cycle; yet, so alive are the memories of the recent previous—represented by the 12th house which is always next to the 1st in the circle of the spiral.

So the longing to go back to is present, yet the need to strike out on a new phase is an equally strong urge. That embodies the divination message for today and for each of us we could ask where this is occurring in our own individual life right now.

It’s a pretty interesting card to be drawn the day after doomsday. Endings and new beginnings at the same time! Are those ships in the picture on the tarot card coming in or going out? I’d imagine that a number of x-tians who believed that they were leaving all the rest of us behind yesterday and who are still here this morning don’t know for sure if they’re coming or going either. They may epitomize the image on the card which is human who has outgrown his circumstances.

Moving up the levels of the spiral of life

Although it may seem like a contradiction, I’m going to write it anyway…

Today’s message is this. Avoid becoming discouraged about any recent disappointment– it’s the beginning of the continuation!

It’s a new cycle within the continuing cycle; a spiral that goes upward but remains in the same place.

Pause to assimilate the lesson and then move forward.

It’s time to stop wasting time dreaming and to start doing.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!  (Always!)

Spiral onward and upward!  And as that TV beer commercial guy says, “Stay thirsty my friends.”

PS– today’s tarot card image reminds me of the ending of the Movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Return of the King and that song that accompanied the scene “Into the West”, Journey’s End.  I created a web page on it.  Here’s the LINK … the page has the music loaded on it.  Take a peek if you have time and enjoy the music!