Daily Divination 6-6-11 Dealing with the Temporary Delays in Material-Financial Matters; 5 of Pentacles, Mercury in Taurus

My electric is out and I drew the tarot card,  5 of Pentacles–it totally correlates!   I’m working off of battery backup as I wait for the electric to be restored. This card is about “temporary delay”, thus the link. The astrological association with the 5 of Pentacles  is Mercury (communication) in Taurus (slow and stubborn).

Experiencing a delay due to forces that are out of our control—that’s the meaning of this card and the thrust of today’s message. Exactly like the tree that came down and shut off everyone’s electric service around here. Well, that’s what the electric company said when I called on my cell phone to report the outage.

I live in the Pisgah National Forrest and it’s a wonder that there aren’t even more power outages up here in the mountains than there are! Trees are hanging over the wires everyplace up here. Anyway, this card relates to simplifying life—that’s the Taurus influence. And living in the mountains as I do is a totally Taurean thing. (Taurus happens to be my North Node actually.) So I live a simple and pleasant Taurean life; no big city for me! And we see on most images of tarot cards of the 5 of Pentacles someone out in nature and away from the city–many times out in the cold.

Unexpected events in life result in lessons—that’s the meaning of this card and today’s message. My electric going out is helping to explain the meaning of this card. I love that my laptop has battery backup and even though I cannot post this until the electric is back on and I’m connected to the Internet, communication (Mercury) continues, even if it is delayed or slow (Taurus).

The Taurus influence in our lives (we all have Taurus somewhere in our chart) relates to becoming conscious of stillness. The planet Jupiter just moved into Taurus and Mars and Venus are still in Taurus as well and we are being encouraged to remember that delays are temporary and slow-downs can be purposeful.

Slow downs and stillness frees us to be more aware of the meaning of life and encourages reflections about purpose.

Everything ‘is’ so still right now as I’m typing this… no sounds from the refrigerator motor or the fans or the humming of other electric appliances. It’s kind of nice actually and I am even more in tune with the bird’s activity out by the bird feeder. Just me and nature, but for the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard.

CHOICE AND VALUES: I am remembering that I have choice, the choice to be here in the mountains comes with both advantages and disadvantages and certainly those are clear when trees fall on power lines and the cold north wind blows in the winter—it’s me against the elements!

But it’s a choice, a trade-off like so many things in life are. Sometimes I like it when it snows hard or like right now when the phones don’t ring—I am secluded and alone and cannot be reached. Somehow there’s comfort in that. I’m not sure why, but maybe that’s a 5 of Pentalces thing too—not having to deal with humanity; maybe that’s it.

And this type of seclusion—no human distractions—enables one to have a clearer view of life somehow and a deeper sense of peace is achieved. Present moment living at its best!

Taurus is about values and Mercury relates to communication. I value my aloneness and periodic solitude or non-communication. Just like now—temporary forced seclusion. That’s epitomizes the meaning of this card.

In numerology, 5’s indicate change and sometimes fluctuations. Pentacles are known as “money” cards but include the meaning of materiality and what is “valued”.

Sometimes we have to deal with circumstances of life whether we want to or not, but we have a choice to find value in matters of ‘temporary delay’. Later we look back and see how the delay served us to be more in touch with the basic values of life.

In today’s economy people have suffered setbacks and have had to ‘do without’, but in many cases people without a job have learned a great deal about what is most important in life and have also learned to tap into their inner resources to be creative. Thus, many have discovered talents and inner resources (Taurus) that without the setbacks would have otherwise not been realized.  Astrologer Jeff Jawer recently wrote, “Mercury in Taurus connects us with the earthy realities that will nurture the growth and development of our ideas.”

And with that last sentence, my electric power just came back on and I am connected, once again, to the world-wide web and my phone is ringing. And so it goes… delays are temporary! Power is always eventually restored! The universe will always rebalance. Temporary delays are just that–temporary!

Time stood still and now I have to reset my clocks, so if you will excuse me now…

PS– Intuitively, I feel that financial balance will be restored despite the doom and gloom reports about the economy.  The temporary delay is restructuring people’s value systems and bringing advantages that may not be realized until later.

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