Daily Divination 6-5-11 Paradox; The Double Edged Sword of Life; Healing by the Integration of Light and Dark; Past Lives; Ace of Swords

Ahh, the double edged sword! Paradox! Clarity that comes from seeing both sides and integrating the light and dark—as my dad used to often say, “There are two sides to every story!”

Integrating the shadow! Self-acceptance, acceptance of others and knowing the Truth. What is the Truth? —more on that later.

Clarity of mind involves integrating both sides or dealing with the double-edged sword or something that has drawbacks and benefits–both

That last part—drawbacks and benefits—seems to be the story of our lives here upon the Earth.

Many of our judgments here—as well as anger and guilt and these types of patterns—are exactly what today’s message epitomizes.

I really love that quote from the Buddha, “You will not be punished for your anger; You will be punished BY your anger.”

It’s Sunday and a beautiful day today and I want to drive this blog post directly to the point so that I can spend my time outside. So let’s get to it.

In a recent post, I wrote about a break-through regarding a matrix or pattern of energy that I carry from a past life sub-personality who was wounded or traumatized…. its common in all souls.  I believe that integration is occurring because I’ve been working with integrating the shadow side of it all or have been willing to look at the other side of the sword, doing what my dad used to suggest and that is to find the other side of the story.

Uncovering the past is only the first step when we begin to make a connection between our patterned emotional responses and a past condition or trauma. Insights need to be worked with if we are going to achieve inner growth and healing. We need to probe at length for the range of meaning and implication when we have a flash of understanding about patterned emotional responses that we recognize within ourselves.

Insights can be very compelling and obvious and sometimes you would think that this alone will seal the deal and result in new emotional responses. It is those day-to-day experiences that will enable us to do the further work of integration. If we are not re-triggered regularly, what can happen is that new awareness can be pushed back into the unconscious. So they must be exposed again. I had to laugh a little bit as I wrote that last line. I’ve had christian people come to my door to offer me the good news of the bible or invite me to their church—so it seems to me, at least in my case, that when we choose to resolve these things the universe works in harmony with us. I don’t go out and about much but like that saying goes, “if Mohammed won’t go the mountain the mountain comes to Mohammed.” They show up at my door to trigger my pattern into awareness!

Understanding the reasons for the reactions to specific people in one’s life experiences encourages dealing with them in a different way. The more patterns that are understood and integrated, the more options open up for new ways of dealing with both the world and one’s self.

What helps, I believe, is to work with that double-edged sword and to look for the other side of the story. I’ve had to ask myself to consider that I may have victimized as much as being a victim, perhaps from another lifetime which has helped me to let go of judgments and to forgive. Forgiveness loosens up the encrusted emotional energy fields allowing for transformation.

I used to try to consciously forgive the persecutors but emotionally it was too strong a pattern to deal with intellectually—I had to work with the energy in an altered state to go back into the scene and feel their feelings, not just my own. And then asked to be shown lifetimes when I was over zealous so that I could integrate a more balanced view.

And most of all, the Truth I had to integrate is this: that my emotional responses to bibles and christian zealots was part of a sub-personality and little-by-little the energy field of a former lifetime could be released, diffused and transformed. So, again, associating the patterned responses in our life to a karmic complex is only the first step. It takes time and humility to realize that working through these patterns can be a lifelong process and we are continually re-contextualizing these experiences—putting these awareness’s in a different context.

And we finally come to the greater Truth when we identify more strongly with the Higher Self as we develop that relationship while we ask to understand these patterns. It’s a beautiful thing really!

And in the end we look upon the personal self with great compassion and then the great Ah-ha! Ace of Swords clarity comes. We realize the personal self is simply a vehicle for learning and is not supposed to be perfect to start with and from this we become truly transformed. We become the witness to the journey and in this we have now expanded it all. We can witness the personality moving upon the earth with greater comfort and ease—again a beautiful thing and part of what I saw happening the day that I had my tire changed. (I wrote about it a few blog posts back.)

I will add a quote of past live regressionist, Roger Woolger, who said,

When we can achieve such a consciousness, all is seen as both one AND many, and everything is in its place in the ever-transforming play of creation. The human comedy of all lives past and present is then seen from a perspective of understanding, compassionate acceptance, and non-attachment. We are simply called to know and embrace our part of this whole, to know that this part is perfect in and of itself.

I am all that I experience, but I am not that either.

Today, the cosmic communiqué is that nothing is as it appears to be and to know that life mirrors paradoxes. See the function of roles as part of spiritual development of the soul and release investments or attachments to rigid roles. Free yourself by choosing to integrate the opposite part of the self that you have previously chosen not to see. There are two sides to every story, like the double-edged sword.

PS — The Suit of Swords relates to Air or Mind and that’s where it all takes place; yet it does affect the body (and the 4-body system) and healing takes place on all levels when it does.

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