Five of Pentacles and The Moon Tarot Reading


5 of Pentacles The Moon
Why these two cards today?

Five of Pentacles and The Moon

Here’s a laugh or at least an irony.  I just walked back from the front door after looking out to see what that loud rumbling is disturbing an otherwise quiet Sunday morning around here.  Summary:  polite person leaves the car with loud muffler running in the parking lot unattended.  Humph!  Some humans!  Honestly!

While walking back to my desk satisfied that the offending noise was identified, there was a moment of considering why I drew these particular cards — together they speak of a real “bummer” which is not how my own rather pleasant life is flowing at the moment.

Maybe these cards are identifying and addressing my momentary irritation with the thunderous muffler with a car attached to it.  Come to think of it, looking at that photo on the card, the young female who walked away from the fortissimo flatulent motor doesn’t even live here.  She must be visiting the lady who does who is of the same heritage.  Wow and like the image on the card, maybe she had no place else to go.  Suddenly, feeling ashamed at my rush to judgment, maybe she was there to escape (The Moon) a fearful situation (Moon again) and came to visit her friend.

I will admit that sometimes still my longing for the solitude and quiet of my mountain home is still very strong.  My instinctive (The Moon) reaction to boisterous humans and their cars (not to mention traffic here) is also too alive and well.   But the message for me in these cards is that solitude and quiet are to be found within (5 of Pentacles) and the tendency to escape (The Moon) can be used as awareness for further spiritual, consciousness evolution.


5 of Pentacles with 2 and 7 of Pentacles – When Life Circumstances Drastically Change

5 of Pentacles Issue with  a 2 and 7 of Pentacle Resolution

5, 2 and 7 Pentacles

Haven’t there been times when we’ve used our pain or life trials as a crutch or to solicit sympathy or attention from others–at least temporarily?  In the card image for the 5 of Pentacles (above) she is sitting on the rock, crutches on her lap and out in the cold, no less.  Note the scarf, gloves and snow upon the ground.  We all get wounded from time–we suffer an eye-opening loss and our initial reaction is  squeeze the eyes closed.  We just don’t want to deal with it.  But eventually, it comes time to open the eyes and take inventory or make a plan of some kind.

Yet we all know that some folks never do; they lay claim to role as victim and do what they can to enhance that role or overly exaggerate their difficulty.  There’s help available and they know it and also know how to reach out for it but (for whatever reason) remaining victim has become a habit that they are getting something from.  The greater difficulty with a person using  using those crutches long-term is that they block the ability to change and loose touch with inner values and their own spirit.

Drastic changes in life circumstances due to external conditions happen to all of us at one time or another.   All three cards chosen today for blog fodder were Pentacles–cards of the earth and of material world and worldly concerns.  In some tarot decks we see the 5 of Pentacles person on crutches, wounded by life, walking past a church or chapel ~ not going in.  You get the feeling that spirituality is being ignored.

There are times that isolating one’s self from the world for a little while is a good thing right after suffering a dramatic change in the circumstances of our life.

I feel pretty qualified to write about the 5 of Pentacles, haven “been there, and done that” as the saying goes.  I isolated myself and shut my eyes and it got pretty cold there eventually and I did take shelter in the spiritual realms.  Reading spiritual books, meditating, seeking out like-minded individuals, finding a soul family for a while and being helped–but I had to seek a solution and leave the crutches behind, and come in from the cold place where I was making material concerns more important than they should have been.

And that brought me to a ‘2 of Pentacles kind of place’ in my mind and heart.  Through my newly established ‘spiritual legs’ (after haven tossed those crutches away), I was able to be more joyful about life.  I opened my eyes, realized the lessons and the blessings in the recent changes and was able to “go with the flow” as the saying goes.

The gift of the drastic change to external conditions enabled me to further develop the ability to feel much deeper compassion for myself and others.  I found ways to take advantage of the shifts of energy.  I raised my sails and let the winds of change move me and did not resist.

Sometimes there was no wind and I found myself in the ‘doldrums’ on those occasions–once in a  while depression or feelings of hopelessness kicked in.  But by then I had already turned my crutches in for a hoe (I’d learned how to use some spiritual tools) and just like the image on the 7 of Pentacles card (above) I had to contemplate how to use those tools; but figured it out.

Perpetual change was the name of the game in certain periods of my life and those changes helped me to learn how to maintain equilibrium.  I learned a lot about my strengths and also my weaknesses during times of rapid fire change.

I learned to trade in any illusions about the outer world being a stable and safe place and realized (each time and on deeper levels) that all stability and safety is to be sought and found within one’s own spiritual self.  In doing so I calmed myself enough (opening my eyes) to be able to see opportunities around me and also the true beauty of the Earth and Life Itself.  (Capitalization intended).  I saw The Divine everywhere I looked once I found The Source within.

We must not be afraid of change.  We need to “un-stick” ourselves from old conditions and release the past in order to benefit fully from all the gifts that Life has to offer.

We are taught by society that our stability in life comes from the work, the career we have within the framework of society.  We may have prepared for a particular job or career only to find that work dissolve before our eyes.

That happened to me. There was health care reform that affected many professional health care providers like myself for a short time.  Physical Therapists (like myself), Occupational Therapists and Respiratory Therapists–many of us found ourselves applying for job loss benefits.  It was very de-stabilizing time.  And  that was around the time that I found  much more satisfying work that I do as a counselor and professional psychic.

We all must do something in some way when we are feeling destabilized.  We cannot remain too long in that stuck and un-focused state.  We must take those tools (that garden hoe shown in the image of 7 of Pentacles above) and plant some seeds.  While we’re waiting form them to sprout and grow, we cannot loose faith and hope.  Instead, we can firm up our inner spiritual fortress while we’re waiting.

In my case, I built a website to do my psychic work and it was about 3 months before I could see the search engines picked it up and people found me.  Meanwhile however, it was a great joy for me to create the many web pages and load images and write articles for the website.  On days when I had no clients, I used the day to create the next web page and then the one after that.

I continue to have failures and also successes and both have served as great teachers for me– it continues that way.   For myself and for all humans who open their eyes and put down the crutches and pick up the spiritual tools, establish a true connection with the Spiritual Source within and plant those seeds while dancing with the movement of life we are able to recognize opportunity.   Then it becomes clear to us that there is nothing to fear and most of all that we are supported by a kind, giving and loving universe.

We get there by looking inward.

Daily Divination 6-6-11 Dealing with the Temporary Delays in Material-Financial Matters; 5 of Pentacles, Mercury in Taurus

My electric is out and I drew the tarot card,  5 of Pentacles–it totally correlates!   I’m working off of battery backup as I wait for the electric to be restored. This card is about “temporary delay”, thus the link. The astrological association with the 5 of Pentacles  is Mercury (communication) in Taurus (slow and stubborn).

Experiencing a delay due to forces that are out of our control—that’s the meaning of this card and the thrust of today’s message. Exactly like the tree that came down and shut off everyone’s electric service around here. Well, that’s what the electric company said when I called on my cell phone to report the outage.

I live in the Pisgah National Forrest and it’s a wonder that there aren’t even more power outages up here in the mountains than there are! Trees are hanging over the wires everyplace up here. Anyway, this card relates to simplifying life—that’s the Taurus influence. And living in the mountains as I do is a totally Taurean thing. (Taurus happens to be my North Node actually.) So I live a simple and pleasant Taurean life; no big city for me! And we see on most images of tarot cards of the 5 of Pentacles someone out in nature and away from the city–many times out in the cold.

Unexpected events in life result in lessons—that’s the meaning of this card and today’s message. My electric going out is helping to explain the meaning of this card. I love that my laptop has battery backup and even though I cannot post this until the electric is back on and I’m connected to the Internet, communication (Mercury) continues, even if it is delayed or slow (Taurus).

The Taurus influence in our lives (we all have Taurus somewhere in our chart) relates to becoming conscious of stillness. The planet Jupiter just moved into Taurus and Mars and Venus are still in Taurus as well and we are being encouraged to remember that delays are temporary and slow-downs can be purposeful.

Slow downs and stillness frees us to be more aware of the meaning of life and encourages reflections about purpose.

Everything ‘is’ so still right now as I’m typing this… no sounds from the refrigerator motor or the fans or the humming of other electric appliances. It’s kind of nice actually and I am even more in tune with the bird’s activity out by the bird feeder. Just me and nature, but for the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard.

CHOICE AND VALUES: I am remembering that I have choice, the choice to be here in the mountains comes with both advantages and disadvantages and certainly those are clear when trees fall on power lines and the cold north wind blows in the winter—it’s me against the elements!

But it’s a choice, a trade-off like so many things in life are. Sometimes I like it when it snows hard or like right now when the phones don’t ring—I am secluded and alone and cannot be reached. Somehow there’s comfort in that. I’m not sure why, but maybe that’s a 5 of Pentalces thing too—not having to deal with humanity; maybe that’s it.

And this type of seclusion—no human distractions—enables one to have a clearer view of life somehow and a deeper sense of peace is achieved. Present moment living at its best!

Taurus is about values and Mercury relates to communication. I value my aloneness and periodic solitude or non-communication. Just like now—temporary forced seclusion. That’s epitomizes the meaning of this card.

In numerology, 5’s indicate change and sometimes fluctuations. Pentacles are known as “money” cards but include the meaning of materiality and what is “valued”.

Sometimes we have to deal with circumstances of life whether we want to or not, but we have a choice to find value in matters of ‘temporary delay’. Later we look back and see how the delay served us to be more in touch with the basic values of life.

In today’s economy people have suffered setbacks and have had to ‘do without’, but in many cases people without a job have learned a great deal about what is most important in life and have also learned to tap into their inner resources to be creative. Thus, many have discovered talents and inner resources (Taurus) that without the setbacks would have otherwise not been realized.  Astrologer Jeff Jawer recently wrote, “Mercury in Taurus connects us with the earthy realities that will nurture the growth and development of our ideas.”

And with that last sentence, my electric power just came back on and I am connected, once again, to the world-wide web and my phone is ringing. And so it goes… delays are temporary! Power is always eventually restored! The universe will always rebalance. Temporary delays are just that–temporary!

Time stood still and now I have to reset my clocks, so if you will excuse me now…

PS– Intuitively, I feel that financial balance will be restored despite the doom and gloom reports about the economy.  The temporary delay is restructuring people’s value systems and bringing advantages that may not be realized until later.