Daily Divination 5-26-11 Are You Being Called? Page of Wands; Earth of Fire; Saggitarius

Page of Wands

Maybe it’s the picture on this tarot card or maybe it’s a talking head on CNN that I just muted who is speaking about a lost young man, who was for days being searched for, now found dead from the devistating tornado in Joplin, MO. Regardless of those influences, this card, much more than The Judgment card,  speaks to me of “being called”.

I might even go so far as to say that this card represents the voices who left their bodies at the time of the tornado in Joplin, MO who are calling to their loved ones that they are alright. The energy of this card is “Earth of Fire” and if we combine those two elements in the mind with Earth representing the physical body and fire as inspiration, we might be able to make the connections that I’ve just described. This card is often associated with Sagittarius energy also—that restless go, go, go quality of Sag is what comes to mind.

Pages, as most people who study tarot know, represent “messenger” energy; it’s interesting that we call the papers we turn in books pages. Pages in medieval times were in training for knighthood and were often the personal attendants to the knights. And of course we often use a terms, “I’m being paged” interchangeably to mean that we’re getting a call.

We also have the sense of youth and inexperience with the pages of any of the suits. The next focus I have here to reference as far as meaning or today’s message from this card relates to being excited or enthusiastic about something new, perhaps a new idea or experience or inspiration of some kind and then getting right down to the application and losing the drive or talking yourself out of applying what you originally thought was a great idea. Idea is part of the meaning of the suit of wands.

We have a new, fresh, exciting idea and start to “go for it” and then suddenly pull back from our previously enthusiastic stance due to emotions like fear or insecurity.

I heard a quote on an audio yesterday that ties in nicely with this card by Sheldon Kopp who said, “I’ve never begun any important venture for which I’ve felt adequately prepared.”

It’s an oxymoron really—how can we prepare for something we haven’t yet done?

Surely life experiences happen to us for which we cannot adequately prepare and here I’m thinking again about the recent tornado victims. Yet, the way some people responded would indicate some sort of preparation of familiarity perhaps based on past lives. While we may not have a recollection of being prepared or being apprenticed like the Page of Wands for certain things in life, it does not mean that we haven’t been prepared in previous lives!

I’d like to think that events like the recent tornadoes are not purely random chaos; but, I’d rather believe they are like well-orchestrated divine occurrences. I’ve never felt that any death was actually incidental but rather part of the soul’s plan.

I’ll never forget a comment that I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer make years ago. He stated that he was called to be part of a jury in a wrongful death case. He said to the jury selectors, “How can any death be wrongful?” And they immediately dismissed him from jury duty. He was expressing his belief that we are called and have no choice to answer that call when our time is up and our mission is fulfilled, all part of the soul’s agreement with The Divine. I tend to think that way too, not because it’s comforting to me but because I feel the truth of it deep down in my soul.

This card makes me think of one of my daughters; her name is Dawn. This card does represent the dawn of a new day, new hope, new opportunity and being called to acknowledge our strength and talents. Or simply being called, much like many of the souls who did not survive the recent tornadoes have been.

The bottom line message for today is to walk toward the light, whether it is the sunlight of Earth or the light on the other side, and walk your path with inner strength and courage. Move past your doubts and stay inspired.

[If you would like to read the blog I wrote on the Joplin MO tornado, CLICK HERE]

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