Daily Divination 6-15-11 Go with the Flow Today or Disembark and Ground into Earth! 2 of Pentacles, Jupiter in Capricorn

Go with the flow! Today’s divination message is inspired by the 2 of Pentacles—the same archetype as Jupiter in Capricorn. I have to laugh as I think about it, especially since this is the day of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and looking at the picture on the card to the left. Look at the ocean in the background in the image—lots of waves and rough water. Astrologically, water relates to emotion and that is an element affected by the Moon (the tides).

The message for today seems like this: do whatever you have to do to stay afloat in rough (emotional) seas! In astrology terms, Jupiter will intensify or magnify (enlarge) whatever it contacts. Since the 2 of Pentacles relates to Jupiter in Capricorn and since Capricorn energy is thought to correlate with ‘control’, we could say that to go with the flow is one way to control the emotions today.

Capricorn relates to Earth too, so grounding would be a good idea today. If the emotional nature is too intense (Jupiter) connect with grounding activities or earth energy (Capricorn). The oceans of life may be wild today since it’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so balance that by coming ashore so-to-speak and connecting with Mother Earth.

Today, you may be especially challenged to maintain equilibrium through the changes of life. If you have been stuck in old conditions, this Lunar Eclipse time (and the Eclipse Season generally) will help you clear out some of the old sludge—sediments may rise to the surface as water (emotions) get stirred. You can use this time to your advantage however (see yesterday’s 6-14-11 post).

We are being reminded now that we have an opportunity to create a stronger inner self by developing inner strength and fortitude.

Dance with the rhythms of the universe and flow with eternal changes of life!

And cut other’s some slack today if need be.  Like Plato said, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

PS– the Lunar Eclipse energy refered to above and in yesterday’s blog isn’t negative in any way, shape or form and may manifest in each of us differently.  Nothing is good or bad OR better or worse–what is, simply is.  The current astrological configurations feel (to me) unusually pleasant and very calming… Easy Like Sunday Morning as the song lyrics go.


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