Daily Divination 5-23-11 Can You See Your’s and Everyone Else’s Core Nature of Cheerfulness? Queen of Wands; Water of Fire

Many years ago while waiting for a psychic class to start, the guy who was sitting next to me was shuffling his tarot cards. He turned to me to ask if I’d like to know who I was or more information about myself and of course I decided to play his game.

I didn’t know much about tarot cards back then. In fact, now that I think about it, I didn’t know anything at all. So he shows me the 4 queens, a card for each suit, and asks me to tell him which card I was most attracted to. I remember choosing the Queen of Wands and he described her nature or the qualities of the card to me and gave me a little reading.

Thus began my first experience with tarot; however, it wasn’t until quite some time afterward that I purchased my first deck. I don’t know if I am Queen of Wands material or not but I do admire the quality of confidence and optimism attributed to this archetype; perhaps my core nature is or core state is Queen of Wands-ish.

I was reading something the other night about core states and the descriptive words used were: love, peace, being, oneness, wholeness, happiness, pure consciousness. We, as humans, strive for these conditions but they are part of our essential being!

Seems like an oxymoron to me. If these core states of being are our basic nature, then what’s the problem? Our experiences of this core nature has been clouded, forgotten, ignored or denied through our perceptions.

We have trouble seeing and experiencing ourselves as our true nature and suddenly just now there’s a flash (image in my mind’s eye) of a pair of filthy, dirty eyeglasses and then a muddy car windshield impairing the vision of our true core nature self.

Logically, if we accept this theory, the next question has to do with the mud or dirt—that symbol—what does it represent? Addictive behaviors, over-analyzing life, emotional turmoil from worry or fear and that’s enough to give the idea.

Seeing the Self and Life through muddy, dusty lenses

It seems our core nature could be hidden beneath all that kind of dirt or caked on the lenses of the glasses with which we view our self or the windshield through which we view the world.

It’s funny though because we all know that we are not the dust and dirt and mud that is part of the life on earth—if we simply took of those dirty classes or got out from behind the windshield, we would see our true core nature clearly.

The elemental energy of this card is water and fire. We could think of nurturing as it relates to water and inspiration as it relates to fire—nurturing inspiration! Would that be a good description of this energy?

I don’t know but I do love the sunflower she’s holding in the image; I love sunflowers and yellow daisies for their cheerfulness. They seem to brighten any area where they are located. Some people are like that too. I’ve always admired cheerful people and striven to be one.

Seeing Self and Life thru Dirty Windshield

I have a lot of tasks and appointments today, so let’s get to the bottom line message.

It’s a good one for a Monday when we are all faced the start of a work week that brings with it all those muddy, dusty, dirty innuendos and ambiguities of life. 


Our core nature already ‘is’ optimistic, cheerful, confident, grounded , happy, peaceful and calm (add whatever core quality descriptive word you’d like) and even though we may be inundated with the muddy affairs of daily life (think of the Lotus flower anchored in mud but so beautiful), we mustn’t forget our core nature.

There’s a happy, optimistic, cheerful, enthusiastic and confident….

and daisie-like  Queen of Wands in all of us!

Today, wipe clean your lenses and windshields and see your true core nature!  And see that core nature in others too.

Well, that’s going to be my plan for today anyway… maybe you’d like to join me?

I’m going to wear my cheerful yellow shirt to the grocery store today and smile at everyone I see!

PS– the astrological archetypes are as follows:  water is  Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  Whatever house contains any combo of water and fire in your chart will give you insight into which area of life you tend to project the Queen of Wands energy.  For me, it’s my 12th house.

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