Difficulties and Tensions Happen to Spiritual People and the Truth about the Number 11! Spiritual Flaccidity, Hunger Games and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Hunger Games
Hunger Games

Difficulties and Tensions Happen to Spiritual People and the Truth about the Number 11!  Spiritual Flaccidity and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Maybe it’s the Aquarius or Uranus part of me, but I’ve always gone the opposite way of the crowd.  And in this instance I’m talking about the crowd that thinks or believes that if you have a difficulty in life or tension in any way that you’re doing something spiritually wrong!  Natural Law, you know?  Nature as an example:  the flower, in order to grow, requires the resistance of the earth to push against in order to find the light, the Sun.  Of course, how often do we hear of the other example of the lotus pushing up from the mud to symbolize our life on earth—without the mud the lotus couldn’t grow!

Tension!  There’s been a lot of that this year so far but this is (for me) and 11 year after all – numerology.  Anyway, the soul needs the tension, the strain, the stress, the pull within caused by life on Earth for growth and development just as flowers need rocks in their soil against which to push in order to reach the sun.  If we avoid tension at all costs—the way that the spiritually elite white-lighter population does—we become flaccid of spirit!  And live in yet another delusional state!

We seem to learn and to grow though tension:  maybe that’s what an 11 personal year is all about.  Does the tension and stress of earth living keep the spirit from going flaccid or getting fat and flabby?  Don’t we have to keep in shape (even spiritually)?  And so don’t we need challenges or some sort of oppositional energy (Ha! Thinking in astrological language now) in order to draw us out of our otherwise sleepy white-light delusional haze?  I’m just asking, contemplating—that’s an 11 year thing.  The word “tension”, interestingly enough, is used in describing the vibration of the number 11; Google it, you’ll see.  Other “T” words associated with the 11 vibration are these:  trials and tests.  Surprised?  If so then you might be a white-lighter in need of some 11 “T” vibe reality.

I mentioned at the start of this post the Uranus/Aquarius aspect of psyche and guess what the number 11 is associated with in astrological terms?  Yeah, Uranus/Aquarius is the answer.  And in soul astrology when we look in a chart to find where the soul has experienced trauma or wounding, we usually have our eye scanning for the location of Uranus and what where Aquarius is located.  Anyway…

Any trauma or crisis creates divine possibility and probability for spiritual growth—right?  We can’t have a flaccid soul or spirit now, can we?

Like I was saying, we need that tension in order to grow—or so the theory goes.  Tension is the key to growth; we learn through tension and we exist through tension here on Earth.  Tension creates that oppositional energy that pulls our lotus-flower-self right up out of the mud!  Light does that, sun does that and who says that the light or the sun (the 11 energy) doesn’t come right along with exactly what we need to grow, including crisis and all those T words mentioned earlier?  I’m just sayen’—just contemplating the idea of the necessity of opposition, of the right amount of necessary tension to shape our souls, our hearts, our minds, and our spiritual journey here.

Take the Yin-Yang; within the light there is darkness and vice versa.  And as the white-light crowd goes one way seeking spiritual flaccidity and I go the other contemplating the necessity for oppositional tension, life goes on as it will despite our theories.  Are our experiences in life on Earth all about haphazard odds? Or is there a divine force of intelligence guiding those odds?  As they say in the book and movie The Hunger Games, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Meanwhile, if any of those T words are part of your experience (tensions, trials, tests, and trauma), don’t immediately jump to the conclusions that those white-lighter’s push about creating your reality and positive thinking and all the rest of that.  You don’t need a crash course in the Law of Attraction (gimmie’ a break!) and you don’t need to escape into the white-lighter nihilistic delusion either.  Simply realize the true 11:11 vibrational message:  there needs to be balance, yin/yang and avoid the flaccid spiritual extremes.

White and black are the colors of the numbers of 11 which is reminiscent of the yin/yang symbol—two sets of opposites, the world of duality—light in the darkness and darkness in the light.

The number 11 represents challenges; do people know this?

Here’s something I found online [http://www.professionalnumerology.com/chaldeansystem.html] about the number 11:  This is an ominous number to occultists. It gives warning of hidden dangers, trial, and treachery from others. It has a symbol of a “Clenched Hand”, and “a Lion Muzzled”, and of a person who will have great difficulties to contend against.   [Based on Chaldean numerology]

My greater point is that great difficulties happen even though we wish that “the odds be ever in your [our own]  favor” …  despite that, sometimes struggle, strain and striving happens and like the flower pushing against the rock and soil or mud, that’s how we grow.  Don’t let those white-lighters make you feel bad – it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong! It’s only life on earth; it’s soul growth and maybe it’s the odds!  😉


I just remembered a few things.  First, I’ve not been blogging regularly and with this recollection, I (once again) vow to be more consistent.  Secondly, what ever happened to the 37 Verses of the Bodhisattva that I said that I was going to start doing?  Opps, see all of the above; it’s an 11 year!  However, with the above in mind, I did draw a verse number out of the basket here to add to rectify my delinquency.  I drew vow #23 which has to do with attachment and impermanence.  It talks about not holding on to anything — yin or yang, light or dark and those rainbows in life and not being attached to anything.  What do you think about how this verse applies to what I’ve written in this post?  Here it is:

When you encounter attractive objects,

Though they seem beautiful

Like a rainbow in summer, do not regard them as real,

And give up attachment.

Daily Divination 10-4-11 Expansion of Consciousness and I-CHING Kua 47 Oppression with Wisdom Dawning

Is it true? Many times people email to tell me that what I blog here and the I-CHING messages are timely in respect to their own life experiences.  I’m pleased that what I put in writing and in images here are ‘relate-able’ and many times in what seems (from your responses to me) like ‘divine timing’.  The other night, I reflected upon something that is familiar to me—the ups and downs of life and the elevating or expanded awareness after we experience what we might call “a fall” in life.  That fall can be a loss, event of some kind, or anything that we’d relate to with the emotions of ego such as disappointment, guilt, anger and other derivatives of fear.  We find, generally, that as we move though life that our falls in life or the dips in the road (see image) are not as deep—we don’t fall so far.  And when we rise, we have an entirely new outlook as a result of the expanded consciousness.

I made a Facebook post late one nigh recently to this effect (about this topic) and today I find that the I-CHING has directed me to Kua 47 for today’s divination message—this Kua is called “oppression” and a good image for this message is the yin/yang symbol which is a reminder that within the darkness is always the point of light and quite honestly, vice versa.

The overall message is that any event can be turned because it always presents an opportunity to turn adversity to good fortune.  In fact, it is helpful in the midst of the dark moment or period to carry a deep conviction in the heart that something higher or better will come of it, whatever it is that you may be facing.

When I look at the dark circle in the white half of the yin/yang symbol, it reminds me that those who profess to be white-lighter’s (or any of us really) will all be tested by the fires of life; it’s just that many times when white-lighter’s are tested, they go silent in guilt.  It happens to the best of us—we’re all tested by the fires of life and that’s what the yin/yang is a reminder of.

I’m not promoting darkness or negativity.  All I’m saying is that today’s message is a reminder that there is always light within the darkness.  Personally, I see opportunity in all adversities and obstacles, even if they come from my own emotions; for without those, I’d not be able to have the ability to grow and evolve and progress upward.  One must not become depressed because there is a fall or a dip in the road—the guidance is to maintain the confidence that there will be an elevation and upliftment and expansion that follows.

I’m glad the I-Ching toss directed me to this Kua today because what I was trying to communicate on the brief Facebook post requires more words and the blog gives me the place to use them.

Living life is like giving birth to one’s greater self and in that process there is, like any birth, expansion and contraction. 

 Or like the image at the top of the blog, ups and downs. That is the journey of every human.  And during the downs it is important to hold fast to the light within for that can help you pass through difficult circumstances with greater ease and especially with greater confidence.

We could say, if we wanted to, that the light is representative of your deepest spiritual beliefs and teachings as well as ideals. 

And there (in that light) is where we can call upon the energy of the masters who have walked the earth before us and left their messages and teachings to help guide us.  For me, and this is just me, it is the teachings of the Buddha and I also draw upon the living example of the Buddha of Compassion, the Dalai Lama.

Difficult circumstances and sometimes even confusing circumstances are life’s way of provoking a leap of consciousness from one level to the next by shoring up and strengthening our good inner qualities—in that sense they are opportunities.   

Instead of right and wrong or good and evil, we can see the world in a holistic way, embracing the whole—that is how the expansion of consciousness and elevation of awareness occurs. 

The bottom line message is that every darkness has a dawn and with each dawn our wisdom grows—or at least there is an opportunity for it to do so if you can view ALL in a HOLISTIC way instead of living the old paradigm, which is based on (good/evil, right/wrong) separation. 

See you tomorrow…

Daily Divination 8-30-11 Is it ever appropriate to subdue our light and keep a low profile? Bide Your Time Today. I CHING Kua 36

Use today to work on your inner strengths until any current obstructions pass. Keep a low profile and bide your time while strengthening you resources. Are there some times in life when it is best to maintain a low profile? I do think there are times when it is appropriate to subdue our light. Let’s say that “light” is optimal cheerfulness/happiness, is it appropriate to approach someone in the grips of death’s mourning with some type of glee? Perhaps you have just manifested that abundance on some level, is it good form to go into a poorhouse and flaunt your newly manifested wealth? Now you get the idea. There are times when we need to moderate our light and subdue its brilliance. That’s the gist of today’s message.

Share your light with others as it is appropriate. Would you visit the sick and bask in the light of your own good health? There are times to subdue our brilliance and use our energy in a moderate way. In order to “be” with another, we must adjust our energy to their vibrational level in order to make the connection with them—otherwise we may as well not be there at all since no connection is made. Can we moderate and adjust our light on certain occasions? We should be able to. Once the connection is made, then we can bring others into our vibration a bit more, uplifting them gradually if that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Just as sunlight begins to fade at the end of the day, everything in life has a cooling down period. As humans, if our energy was going full throttle 24-7, we’d burn ourselves out very quickly.

For my own personal life I find that drawing the I CHING KUA 36 (Darkening of the Light) to be meaningful. It is validating the energy regrouping or recouping that seems to be happening after a rapid-fire two weeks with family—a week with my grandson and another with the rest of the family. The sudden shift from a solitary, quiet and serene life on the mountain to 24-7 group energy dynamics with large expenditures of energy… well, let’s just say that I am recovering from a head and chest cold right now.

In the Book of Changes, The I CHING, by Wilhelm/Baynes, it is written about this Kua, “One must not unresistingly let himself to be swept along by unfavorable circumstances, nor permit his steadfastness to be shaken. He can avoid this by maintaining his inner light, while remaining outwardly yielding. With this attitude he can overcome greatest adversities.”

I shared a hotel room with a mother and teenager who’s arguing and bickering with each other resulted in numerous daily emotional explosions. Did I fail to maintain my inner light? Was it simply that I was out of my normal routine and exposed to people and places that my immune system wasn’t used to? Or is my current cough and cold the result of a combination of both—or neither?

The Book of Changes says, “In such times one should not fall in with the practice of others; neither should one drag them censoriously into the light. One should let many things pass and not try to be all-knowing.”

How will this information apply to your own life today? What comes to mind at the moment is that song (The Gambler) by Kenny Rogers “… you got to know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em.” For me today, I’m thinking that for two weeks I was out of my routine and not getting a lot of rest and vibrating like mad to take my out-of-town family members to as many waterfalls and mountain top attractions as I could cram into a day and then hustling down to join the rest of our group to the outdoor center and me at 63 keeping up with teenagers and 30 and 40 year olds… well, my moderate life went into overdrive and now my body is forcing the time of rest and regeneration. My style is to hastily push to restore balance; yet, disengagement and down time is what the body is calling for.

There are various messages woven through today’s cosmic communiqué; you will by now know which one was for you.

Keep the yin/yang symbol in mind today. We would not know light if it wasn’t for the dark. Strive to maintain the light.

Many myths and traditions teach us to equate light with “good” and dark with “bad.”

Approaching life from a rounder and holistic point of view observes the two as irrevocably joined–sustaining, relieving, and complementing one another.

TIP:  Here’s what I do when I need to heal or rebalance or clear energy.  I vow to sit in a meditation and breathe until it all is restored.  This is what I plan for today.  It’s best if you can do this in the SUN, and luckily the Sun has just come out here…. some days it’s not until Noon until the Sun burns off the fog.  I sit and do re-birthing type breaths–long and deep and slow, moving no other muscle in my body but my breathing apparatus until I feel healed and restored. I vow to do this all day long if necessary–but usually an hour or two does the trick.  Yet, I put no time limit upon it.  I started doing this many years ago where I used to live, in Florida where Sun was plentiful, but even without the Sun, it still works. 

Yeah, tha’s my plan… stillness and deep breathing and Sun…. that’ll work! 

PS–lots of water in conjunction with the above stillness, Sun and breath work helps too!