Day #22 Going Past Fear to Embrace Vulnerability – Standing in the Eye of the Storm with the Protective Roof Blown Off

Well, it’s one of those days here on Day #22.  I seem to be caught in what feels like “the eye of a storm” as far as progress goes today but it is a little bit of a relief, considering the blazing electric train pace of the past week or so!  I can’t seem to connect with the people by phone for making a reservation and also someone who says they will be here can’t seem to be here when they say they will.  This results in me having down time and puts a kink in the flow so-to-speak.  While I am waiting to “call back in a half hour” to reserve equipment and on stand-by for the someone to show up at the door, I hesitate to get involved in a project.  So, I will blog here in the eye-of-the-storm.  I just realized that I’m hungry but that can wait.

I am asking the universe what I am supposed to know right nor or learn through these delays; however, I must say its a bit delightful not to be rushing about right at the moment.  I honestly do feel like a nice long nap — if truth be told and I’m a truth teller so there it is.

It occurs to me just now that it may be a good time to make a personal inventory and to consider prioritizing a bit with this unexpected down time.  I’m at a place of hurry up and wait if you get my drift.  O, what about if I toss a few coins here?  Let me ask what I should consider or what it is important for me to know right now.  So, here we go….

“The Arousing/51” changing to “Progress/35” … ha, well here we have the guidance that the protective roof of certainty has been blown off.  Oh, how totally true THAT is!  But the good news is the worst will soon be over and there will be an acclimation to the nakedness of the protective roof being blown off.  That has already happened–I’ve seemed to have gone past fear! I get the acclimation reference.  Additionally, chaos around me disintegrates my idealism.  Yes, indeed this is also true for the time being!  Only essentials are remaining in place–all the rest is chaos and this i-ching message is absolutely exactly true for today.  Further it says that a slight retreat is in order while I nourish myself.  Wow, didn’t I just write about how I felt like a nap!?  so right on! 

Now Kua 35 called “Progress” indicates that the outlook is bright and all signs point toward increasingly more rapid progress of events.

Well, its time for me to make that call now.  So much for Day #22 except to say that things seem to be ahead of schedule for the most part.  By days 38 through 40, we’ll be home free; at least as far as this particular committment is concerned.

PS– this thing I’m doing, this committment I’m making, believe it or not is taking a lot of courage on my part! It’s a long story, so you’ll have to just trust me for now.

Daily Divination 10-7-11 New Job? New Town? Is it a Pattern? When in Rome, Are You… ? I-CHING Kua 56 The Wanderer

You move totally away from reality when you believe that there is a legitimate reason to suffer~Byron Katie

As soon as I saw the image [to the left], I thought of Sagittarius – that gypsy and travel part of Sag.  The other thing that came to mind was that famous phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” 

Today I learned about someone I know who has lost her job–again!  It’s not any one who turns to me (my services) for advice or guidance; in fact its someone who is rather convinced that my psychic work is associated with the devil.  Sigh!  And its someone who believes (factually in her own words) that trials and tribulations come from the christian jesus and is asking jesus to stop the pattern of giving her life these repeating problems. Yeah, right?  I know!  I’m saying wow and shaking my head too.

Ever meet someone who you so much wish to help while knowing you must be asked, you cannot take over their free will?  Someone who believes that god is punishing and victimizing them?  It’s so frustrating.  What can we do?  We can only envision them healed, whole and happy and try to energize that picture for them I suppose. (And like I do often here, take my frustrating moments and use them as teaching moments.)

And then ask what is the lesson in this for me personally?  Why did this come before me and frustrate me?  And so, until I figure it all out, I use these things as teaching moments especially when they align so perfectly with the I-CHING Kua draw of the day as so happens today.

I came across a quote recently by David Hawkins that sort of sums up religious distortion.  He wrote the following about the fundamentalist sects of any religion about the jealous, vengeful and angry god:

The god of righteous negativity represents a glorification of the negative, and provides for his followers a disavowal of responsibility through justification of human cruelty and mayhem. — Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David Hawkins

New in town? New on the job? It can be destabilizing and trigger all of our insecurities—change really does trigger self-doubt or anxiety.  Sometimes, in error, we can overcompensate when we feel out of place—we really want to keep it all together but go about it the wrong way; therefore, we can sometimes try too hard and come off  appearing like a misfit instead.   This comes from our own inner insecurity malfunction.

There is wisdom in the advice of the I-CHING Kua 56 called “The Wanderer” or “The Traveler” or as I’d like to call it the gypsy part of Sagittarius.  And that advice is to do as the Romans do and for goodness sake when you’re new to town or to a job,  don’t ‘put down’ the unfamiliar in order to compensate for your own insecurity by trying to feel superior.

Whether it is being a newcomer to a town or  a job or a family (whatever it may be), it is always wise to create a respectful and friendly atmosphere by being sincere in unpretentious—just be yourself in sincerity and hang back to learn the new environment while being respectful to yourself and to others.  Give yourself and other people the gift of grace and time.

Many of the readers of this blog already know this (preaching to the choir I’m sure)  but I am thinking about a particular person/ situation as I write this.  Besides, there might be someone else who can relate to this in a helpful way—so I will continue in that spirit, if I may.

Sometimes, when we are new to town or to the apartment building or to the job, we will be a curiosity to others and maybe even one or two humans could pick on us a little bit to see what we’re made of—that’s human nature.  Avoid challenging established order,  but of course if your boundary is transgressed speak up while respecting others.

We are all wanderers in one way or another on the journey of life.  Seasoned travelers know how to adapt and keep to themselves in the right timing and how to blend with others in the right way.  They also have learned the value of a sense of humor and about the avoidance of arrogance at all costs.  A very valuable took that I read in my teenage years was, “How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies“.  I’d bet there are still copies around.  I can’t remember the context of the material in that book after all these years; however, I do remember it helping me out a great deal regarding human interactions.  I think I was in high school when I read it or maybe age 17 or 18 years old.

Personally, I think that a good way to move through life is to do so in such a way that when you have moved through the town, the relationship, the job or even this lifetime, others will speak well and kindly of you (about you) when you’re gone. 

When in Rome... etc. Also, do others speak well of you after you've left?

Also,  I think that to meet others more than half way (giving more than half) when possible is a good idea. People can feel where your heart is even if you’re words are not spoken aloud.  Of course, I shouldn’t even have needed to type that last sentence— apologies to the reader for the redundancy and overstating the obvious. Some people, however, don’t know about any of these simple common sense concepts and they are having difficulty on their travels.

Some of us may be meant to wanderers as part of our karma or choice —some of us go from one job (or relationship or town) to the next continually–who are we to speculate as to why this might be?   Perhaps there is a divine plan of which we are unaware.  Maybe you have chosen an accelerated path and part of that is to have many changing experiences.  HOWEVER, if you are continually being asked to leave jobs and as a result you are not able to function or meet your  survival needs, and if this happens over and over again, ask yourself if  you are repeating patterns.   And when you are escorted out the door of employment (being fired from your job for the umpteenth time) while you blame jezuz or god (or whomever) for being tough on you (“blessing you with trials and tribulations”) and if you are not taking any responsibility, playing the victim… can you not see there is a pattern there for which your own behavior or decisions (free will) could be playing a part?  I’m just sayen’. Is it really fair to always blame god?  What about self-responsibility?

Not all people who move frequently or change jobs often have done something wrong.  Perhaps you are someone who enjoys such change, seeing it as an adventure and an opportunity for another new experience, then so it is.  I guess it’s all in the attitude.

However, if you feel victimized, consider your role in the plot.  The bottom line is that when any of us finds ourselves in changing conditions (no matter how they came about), it is best to do as the Romans do (at least at first) when in Rome.   When first in Rome, release arrogance, be honorable, respectful and modest and if you want to be a permanent resident, smile and don’t put on any airs.  Journey with your eyes open and take responsibility and make corrections rather than blame the gods.

PS– and should the reader assume that I claim to be in any state of enlightenment … (not hardly).  Someone asked the Dalai Lama that question once (if he is enlightened) and he at first laughed and then said if that was true he wouldn’t be here.  (I’m just repeating what he said.)  Anyway, the point is that I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and have (hopefully) learned from (some of) them.  I’ve seemed to attained my best learning the hard way many times. And like you, am a work in progress.

But… you want to hear something strange on that topic?  It’s not me who is doing any of it really, I’m just watching while agreeing to participate and finding the humor and the irony and the anguish sometimes to–but none of it is really me.  That is, unless I make it too real; do you know what I mean?  How real do you make your life?  And how well do you hold it lightly in balance?  This paragraph is about a few random thoughts that may have nothing to do with Kua 56, The Wanderer–or maybe they do?  After all, I just wandered!

Kua 56 of the I-CHING, The Wanderer, brings a message about how to travel and that is with grace and with humor.  When you are a stranger in a strange land, it is you who must take some responsibility for your behavioral actions; don’t be blaming it all on a punishing god somewhere outside of YOU.  I’m just sayen’.

See you next time…

Hope your weather is good; here the mountains are starting to have deeper color (leaves changing) and it is quite beautiful. 

Daily Divination 9-9-11 Vulnerability and Protection Issues I CHING Kua 3 Difficulty and Danger in the Beginning

Well, I’m certain that divine synchronicity OR “The Adjustment Bureau” (movie with Matt Damon) is at work when I look at the image representing the I CHING Kua 3 today. Vulnerability, Inexperience, Doubts and Fears—those words pretty much relate to a recent fright that I experienced about my blog and webpage being compromised with some sort of cyber issue. A total false alarm in the end is how it proved out; yet, there I was feeling the fright at the possibility of releasing my attachment to all of the work I did on my blog and website—not to mention my weekly newsletters! I’ve felt it before though and so I had one of those “been there, done that” feelings to accompany the other one which went something like, “Oh, S _ _ _!” Last time that feeling hit me was during the time period in which I was planning for the incidentals surrounding my physical body’s demise. A cheery thought–right? Well, everyone should do it at some point—face those questions and answers; getting one’s will and living will in order, leaving the final directives for family members to help them efficiently clean up one’s business on earth. I went so far as to pick out the crematory so that my kids wouldn’t have to deal with that decision and then purchased a life insurance policy to pay for it. Anyway, in that process I realized that my work could possibly be gone—my website, my psychic classes and my other online information disseminating ventures. Envisioning the goodbyes to my children was difficult enough, but knowing my work would be poof, gone added to those feelings of the vulnerable demise.   I got to revisit all that for a short time again yesterday. Someone who reported my blog page having an issue (which turned out to be no issue) wrote to me that I could start over—new blog, new website. Huh? I’m sure that “The Adjustment Bureau” put that someone up to that! But it’s all good; I needed to revisit those attachments.

Kua 3 is called “Difficulty and Danger in the Beginning” and the images of a blade of grass sprouting through the earth or the egg-shell opening to give birth to what is contained within.

In the I CHING Book of Changes by Wilhelm/Baynes it reads this way about Kua 3:

The situation points to teeming chaotic profusion; thunder and rain fill the air. But the chaos clears up. While the Abysmal sinks, the upper movement eventually passes beyond the danger. A thunderstorm brings release from tension, and all things breathe freely again.”

Sounds like what happened yesterday about my webpages—one moment there’s someone telling me things that have to do with cyber danger and the next moment, all is mysteriously well again.

GENERAL BOTTOM LINE COSMIC MESSAGE: when we envision something (say a website or a book or anything we wish to see in form) we call forth everything that is needed and confusion can be part of every aspect of form getting to its proper place. All you need, no matter how things appear to yourself or to others, is a firm determination to reach your goal. And PS if you’re envisioning something Online, it doesn’t harm a single thing and helps a good deal to call on Archangel Michael to protect your website and Online endeavors.

After the fright of some sort of cyber-attack, I did what I could to verify or correct the issue (if there really was an issue). After that, I went out into the yard to be in nature and do some weeding and trimming. I began to remember how I’d asked for protection for my website and as a reminder to myself I’d placed a statue of an angel on my computer tower. I now work from a laptop but assume the intent still holds. Yet, yesterday I once again called upon Archangel Michael to renew my request for protection in my cyber world. He is known to be one who also helps with electronic issues or car engine troubles.  Since I can’t afford a fancy-schmancy expensive web protection service, Archangel Michael works best for me.  And if the Lords of Karma see that something is needed  to balance or repaid; it is best to accept what is.  Just tossed in a few additional random thoughts there.

Meanwhile, we must develop the strength to roll with the punches and reinforce our vulnerabilities. New things are always coming up on the horizon and we should be looking there instead of the past—that was another lesson from yesterday (for me personally). If I want to leave a mark in the world on the level of something physical or in form, the cyber world is not the place to do it. One or two hacks and poof, its’ gone, shut down like it never even happened. But then (the question becomes) how important is it to leave a mark in the world? That’s the ego’s desire; is it really a desire from the higher mind? Haven’t I already left “marks” just from my interactions with other humans and via my children?  This is the question for contemplation—at least for me for today.

When chaos or confusion happens or one feels vulnerable, this jolt or shake up happens for us to look at our attachments. We are also given the opportunity to look at what we may have outgrown—just like the seed that outgrows its pod and pushes through the earth or the shell that falls away giving birth to a new way of being in the world. I will be contemplating this today. Would you like to join me?