Fear of Initiating Change? A Reading: Inspiration and Guidance from Tarot Knight of Swords, 2 of Swords and Ace of Cups

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Lately under intuitive guidance when doing a reading, I’ve watched myself add a step to my preparation.  Three tarot cards–one for the issue and two for the guidance.  Usually, I have guidance ready to go already prepared before I get the client on the phone that comes through my meditation time beforehand.  But I’ve gone to adding another step lately–who knows why.  Its just something I’ve been doing.

I felt like writing a blog post today and usually I have some topic in mind based on some recent life experience.  Today, that corner of my consciousness is empty; so I thought to draw those 3 cards to just manifest a topic or be inspired about something to write.

KNIGHT OF SWORDS is the topic/issue/concern and the TWO OF SWORDS and ACE OF CUPS give the insight/advice/guidance.  Ready? Go!

A Knight of Swords topic involves change that comes from action.  Did you ever have times in life when you had to do “something” and sometimes we will say the phrase that comes from the desire to just get things moving.  And so we may something to a friend that goes something like this, “Look; I can’t just do nothing–I’ve go do ‘something’ even if it’s wrong!”

Initiating something just to get the ball rolling.  Suddenly what comes to mind is those pawn shop TV shows where they negotiate over the price of an item for sale or an auction–someone’s got to start the bidding.

The Knight of Swords  represents a time when one takes action and perhaps begins the communication, the dialogue ensues–that is what (my intuition has decided) the issue is that this blog will address.

It takes courage to make the first bid at an auction or begin a difficult conversation with someone or… just had an image of someone who has something like agoraphobia which is that fear of going outside of the house.  Just initiating that first step takes great courage.

What added advice or guidance can we derive from the other two cards?  (The Two of Swords and Ace of Cups)

Two of SwordsTwo of Swords reminds us of something.  We’ve got to open the heart to the process and look directly at anything that may cause us fear.  Take the blinders off and open the heart is what the Two of cups tells us.  So many times we let our minds run wild with imaginings of what could happen, projecting into future with a good many “what if’s” which keep us trapped.

Personally, with fears I’ve found the best way is to invite them in for tea and cookies–meaning this.  I run through the worse case scenario– what’s the worst that can happen?  Here is a good place to recommend “The Work” which is a system of challenging one’s thought which is a whole program of awareness based on ancient teachings and coined by Byron Katie.  I suggest to Google the name/term if you’re not familiar and want to know more.  Basically, challenge the fears, listen to the wisdom of the heart and don’t let fears inhibit your decisiveness.

ace of cupsAce of Cups echoes this sentiment, nearly validating my interpretation of the other card. The deck I use the most (Herbal Tarot) pictures a lotus flower, a cup overflowing with light held by a hand in the clouds with the dove of peace nearby and  all these symbols speak to me about finding the peace of spirit through devotion in some way.  One may ask what devotionals such an individual who has such concerns or issues described by the Knight of Swords subscribes.  Where is there any level of devotion that one can draw from?  Some are devoted to their spirituality, their family, their own self-improvement but we all have some level of devotion.  If we don’t the guidance is to find that something that you’re devoted to and use that to help with courage and decisiveness, keeping in mind that we all have help available from… well, what’s the usual expression people use?  Help from above is how most would say it.  So one can draw upon that.

Big decisions are difficult but small one’s are not.   And sometimes just taking one step or making one small decision to get things started (with the understanding that it doesn’t have to be permanent) is what frees up the energy enough to brings new ideas.  And it strengthens faith in the universe as a good place to be and of course enhances self-trust as well.

Just sayen:  I’m a psychic and of course I love divination!  Just had to go there just now. Anyway…

So take that first step out your door or initiate the communication or action!

Daily Divination April 22, 2011 Self Mind Game About Your Decision – Two of Swords/Moon/Libra

Do you know what needs doing today but are pretending like you don't because you're heart's not in it?

Today, it’s about doing what has to be done. 

Sometimes we know what we need to do, but simply don’t want to do it. 

 Oh how we can play games with ourselves and do the left brain analysis ad nauseam.  It’s true, the heart may not be it in—but, still, we know what decision or choice we have to make and implement. 

We pretend that we don’t know what to do; yet we do.  We just don’t want to; we’d rather not and sometimes we procrastinate hoping the choice will make itself.  And sometimes, it does.  But it (based on my personal experience) is better when we’re proactive rather than wait until the proverbial ton-of-bricks falls on the head, if you know what I mean.  

Today’s cosmic communiqué is inspired by the tarot Two of Swords which relates to Moon in Libra–emotional extremes.  Libra energy, by nature, is extreme, don’t you know, and reaches for balance… and that equilibrium comes from the Aries polarity to itself.  Aries, of course, is about action and outward movement.  And so we can see how indecision is part of the Libra archetype.  Libra energy will act but many times in extreme ways you see?  That, many times, is because of the ton-of-bricks that just landed while it was pretending to argue with itself about pretending to not know what decision to make –or- while it was trying to decide how it was going to engage the heart in moving on the choice it has already made but isn’t acting upon.

“That’s not ME”, you say?  Well, we all have the Libra/Aries polarity axis somewhere in our chart, consequently in some area of the life.  Ho!  And what gives with the current movement of planets in the heavens on that axis?  Well, I wrote about it several times over the past few weeks; currently 5 planets are in Aries and opposing Saturn in Libra (retrograde).  Retrograde Mercury is passing over those planets several times in its path.  So tell me that this tarot card and message isn’t relevant to the current energy!

Enough astro-babble except to point out the mask over the eyes of the woman on the tarot card image above—the Libra archetype is about maintaining persona or ‘mask’ and keeping up appearances.  Libra wants to be “nice” and keep the peace and typically avoids talking about or dealing with the problem–the proverbial elephant in the room!

This is a daily message, however, so let’s stick with that and the duality of mind that we may be dealing with today.  What I mean is that there is (in our psyche) left brain analysis and then there’s intuition—duality and the balance between head and heart.  The advice here is to guard against being indecisive to the point of making no decision or taking no action.  OR worse yet (another typical Libra response) ripping off the mask, taking the two swords and having-at-it swinging the swords wildly at everyone and everything within reach!

What helps?  Not that I’m religious mind you—far from it.  Yet I do have those conditionings from my childhood and past, so I cannot seem to help but think of the fact that today is what the Catholics (and others) call Good Friday and of the crown of thorns often associated with the passion-flower.  Used as a herb, passion-flower is said to pacify the spirit and impart a sense of peaceful balance and tranquility—exactly the divination message for today!

Decisions are best made when we can be quiet.  When the heart and mind are balanced, indecisiveness can be resolved so that action can be taken and choices (sometimes difficult ones that we know we need to make) can be implemented calmly and directly.  That’s over-stating the obvious, I know.  I’m just the messenger giving the reminder.

Wherever we are maintaining appearances for the sake of upholding a false image today, it may be best to be honest with self and others.  The inner question for the day has to do with asking the self:  is it easier to live-a-lie than to make the necessary decision/choice to do what needs to be done? Or would it be better to wait for the ton-of-bricks?  And there it is again– yet another decision to be made!

Like I wrote above, I believed that it’s better to be proactive.  But then, maybe that’s because, having Sun, Moon and 2 planets in Libra myself, that belief was formed from having felt the ton-of-bricks one too many times!  Some of us learn the hard way to act before we are acted upon. 

It happens that way in life—sometimes, we have to do what is distasteful.  We either do it willingly or through  crisis. 

It’s all about choice or the absence thereof.