Astrological Squares: Frustration that Forces ACTION! Here’s Personal Examples

SquaresSquares force action to be taken and all planets (IMHO) are like spirit guides.. . well, truth be told, not “like”–are.  That’s how I see it.  Anyway…  Squares can cause frustration which then causes action—and all of it is in harmony with our life purpose and goals.    

Today, in my personal chart, the transiting Sun (in my 12th house ) is making square and semi-square aspects to  my natal Chiron and natal Uranus.    Uranus has to do with group energy since it rules the 11th house. 

Well, we can go on with astro-babble but the bottom line is that something has come out into the open (my Sun transiting in the 12th) and makes difficult aspects to Uranus and Chiron.

 Venus is making a conjunction to my 11th house natal Uranus so a certain ‘invasion of the body snatcher’ energy is happening.  The purpose is so that something can be realized and released. 

My grandson and I shared a similar experience  this week.

He has had, just as I’ve had, someone who was a bit of a thorn-in- the-side.  Like me, he didn’t fret much over it but when the level of frustration became too high he dealt with it quickly and in the moment of the height of frustration (square causing action born of frustration) and then he released it.

I tend to avoid confrontations—I have a Sun and Moon in Libra in my birth chart.  Therefore, I want to be the nice one and every now and then the universe sends me someone to challenge the tendency that I have to avoid speaking up for myself.  But then that’s what most squares, semi-squares, and sesqui-quadrate  astrology aspects are about!  They force us to take “action”.  AND, If a good number of squares are happening in your life all at once and then you toss in an “invasion of the body snatchers” aspect like a conjunction—Look out!  That confrontation-avoiding Libra energy will turn into its polarity— Aries!  The frustration of all those squares and semi-squares and so forth will be released!  They were earlier today… and then I looked at my transiting chart and I get why and how it relates to my life lessons and my evolutionary goals.

This upper classmen (sophomore) who marches behind my freshman grandson at his high school marching band practice this week has been calling out “Left, left, left, left…” each day.  This is what my normally quiet and reserved grandson said he did when he couldn’t quite deal with the frustration anymore.  You see it was causing him to mis-step and was distracting.  In between steps and notes right in the middle of band practice he yelled out, “Stop saying LEFT!” 

“Then what happened?” I asked.  Nothing, he said.  “He stopped. “

 And there it was, life continued on and he marched without the upper classmen shouting—end of story.  Actually, my grandson looked at me when he said, “He stopped” as if to say what else would happen? 

Of course, that’s not always the case; there are some people who want to make big drama out of things.  I’m trying not to be one of them…. LOL. 

In my case, I said something similar to someone in a group too and really nothing more needs to be said. 

I wanted to blog about  it today because sometimes a person has no choice when the frustration builds to a level where a release is needed, one happens—and the coolest part is that we can actually see it in the transiting chart. 

Is it unspiritual or unlady- like or “un-anything” to call people out on their stuff and to protect one’s creations and career?  Some may say it is but I’m going to blame today’s Venus/Uranus conjunction.  (Venus transiting my 11th and sitting on top of my natal Uranus in the 11th and all that Gemini energy….triggering that 3rd house natal Venus in Scorpio…. )

Oh, and did I mention the square, sesqui-square and semi -square from Sun and Venus to natal Chiron and Uranus?!  Or that my transiting Jupiter in my 10th making an inconjunct to Chiron?  As a psychic I knew what was going on with certain people and as a psychic I trusted the impulse to act today just as my grandson did with his band-mate.
Whatever.  I’m going to do like my grandson did with his thorn-in-the side-frustration with his sophomore nemesis; we can’t let people keep us from being in step with life.  Sometimes we have to speak up—for better or worse.  And sometimes astrological aspects support that and if you are familiar with your natal nodes you can see why!  I love astrology. That’s all I’m sayen’.  🙂

PS– one of my grandson’s lessons is to stop putting everyone elses needs before his own; his speaking out the other day is shown in his chart his 1st house Jupiter/Gemini TRINE to natal Venus–speaking out for his own needs was easy (trine)  for him that day and supported as well.   He also had a few Mars squares, but you get the idea.

My apologies to readers for using this blog as a vent from time-to-time (as I just have). 

I want to share how happy I am at this new location:  I love the cathedral ceiling in my little one bedroom apartment rental and the walk-in closet and nice pantry and also I love that we have so many people from India living here and did I mention how I love the swimming pool?  If not, I do.  I will catch  up more another time; life is especially busy right now. 

May all people be at ease and happy and abundantly fulfilled!  

See you nex time….