Fantastic Listening Walking Meditation and THE HERMIT

In my last blog post there were references to times when we can make a problem where none exists.  A few days later, I heard a Tibetan Lama give a dharma teaching about the need to give the ego mind a job—a part time job—something to do. Otherwise, since the ego-mind needs to stay employed, it gives itself a job.  It creates a problem to solve where there ‘is’ no problem in the first place.

I could really relate to that simple teaching.  This is sometimes why I like listening to the Tibetan monks—they speak broken English many times but that sort of forces them to slow down and speak in very easy to understand simply ways that are really quite profoundly beautiful actually.

Chanting, of course, is giving the mind a job, but this particular monk spoke about using sound.

I wanted to share a really cool meditation that I did with that suggestion while walking, but first I wanted to write a little bit more about how the ego mind will create problems where none exist.  It can also be what is called unnecessary worry and it follows patterns many times.  I recently watched documentary movie “What the Bleep do we Know” again.  I no longer have cable TV, so I had that movie on my Netflix list.  Of course, I saw it back when it first came out which I believe was 2003 or 2004, somewhere along there.  But watching it again on the heels of the recent dharma teaching and last week’s blog about making a problem where none exist really added that piece about neuron and patterns.

These recent messages from the universe from my experience, the movie and the dharma teaching are all fitting together very well for me and it’s been really synchronistic and personally helpful.

Here’s an example of how that kind of thing about the mind making problems where there are none based on old patterned thinking or wounds can out-picture—another example involving someone else.  A person wants an appointment and instead of just asking for a day and time that works for their schedule and nailing down the day and time, they write 4 or 5 emails sheepishly asking about scheduling a session.  They receive a reply to each question and then end up not making an appointment because of some perception that they have that they are being in some way mistreated.  And all of that is in their imagination and coming from an old way of responding based on a wound possibly but it is at the very least making a problem where there is none.   The person they accuse of mistreating them is mystified and astounded because each question was answered directly without any type of mistreatment whatsoever.

The ego-mind needs more to focus upon; otherwise, it gets itself into trouble by finding a problem where none exists.  All the neurons from past wounds start to fire and the person ends up seeing what is not there actually.

Well, I really wanted to write a few lines about this walk that I took yesterday.  It was a beautiful, sunny spring day.  Instead of plugging my mp3 player’s earbuds into my ear, I chose to walk without music or without an astrology lesson blasting in my ear either.

After I got started, I thought to try the sound meditation that I heard in the dharma talk by the monk who said to give the ego-mind a part-time job to listen to sounds!

Okay, I thought, let’s give it a try.  I already knew that my mind would likely wander but with practice over the years, it wanders less than when I first started to officially meditate back in the 80’s.

I loved the way the monk said that each time the mind wanders it is like a drip of water falling into a bucket when you catch it and bring it back –in this case, bringing it back to the object of focus which I decided was going to be sound.  He said you may end up with a full or overflowing bucket or barrel for as many drips as times that you have to bring your mind back.  The idea is not to fight with it or beat your self up about it.

Now, this is not the first time I’ve written about meditation in my blog or newsletters!  If I’ve written about that last paragraph once, I’ve written it hundreds of times… many times associating the object of focus as the breath or an object held in the mind such as the image of a flower or even an object in the meditation room, such as a candle flame or a statue.

But this meditation with sound while walking was a little bit different and very enjoyable yesterday.  I thought if I write about it that others may like to try it too.

There were many sounds in the area where I was walking and my mind was very busy with its part-time job chasing after one sound and then next and no other thought or distraction interfered so that I could relax and be fully present.

There was the sound of someone’s lawn mower off in the distance, bird’s chirping close by, the sound of lug nuts going on and off tires from the garage across the way, children’s voices off  in the distance, a loud muffler from a truck driving by, the sound of the creek rushing over the big rocks… all kinds of sounds!  It was like I was everywhere at once yet also very focused and present at the same time.

Once in a while, I realized my mind began to create a story or have a memory and I called it back to the sounds and realized that there goes another drip in the bucket and smiled about it.

I thought it was a great walking meditation in which I was very aware of awareness.  It was quite like I’d imagine the mind of god to be if the mind of god was there listening to the sounds too.

I just pulled a tarot card remembering how I recently mentioned that I am returning the tarot in my blog writing.  I asked what message from higher mind may come from this topic of walking sound meditation.  I smile now seeing that I’ve drawn the card of THE HERMIT.

On this particular card [image above], we see an older man and younger man—the same person who is older and younger.  The older man IS the younger man who knows himself.

The Hermit is the higher consciousness that waits at the peak of our own spirituality.

It is about making contact with the original staff of life which illuminates our inner purpose and earthly goals.

Intuitively, what I am getting the message of THE HERMIT to be (in answer to the question for guidance about my walking sound meditation) is that the inner and outer world is one and the same.  I was experiencing the sounds of the outer world within me during my walk and being in attunement or at-one with life.

I also think that just being fully present (as I was during most of my walk) is being in communication with that cosmic mind or non-local consciousness and that we are receiving energy and information that maybe our lower mind doesn’t realize.  It is busy doing its part-time job that we gave it, listening for and to the sounds.

Being fully present actually is communing with Life which is the communication with The Divine.  You know you’ve done it because you feel more peaceful and happier than before when it’s happening!

Divination the Tibetan Way – Dough Ball Divination & Money Worries

I struggled with it half the day.  The truth is that I tend struggle with $money$ issues when I let myself think about them.  My usual method is not to think about them.  It seems to work out much better this way, all things considered.

That reminds me… I made a tweet today about fear–with me, you see, fear and money limitation have seemed to go hand in hand.  My tweet was, ” The only way to overcome fear is to look directly at it… move right through it. Look it in the face and it will cease to trouble you.” And that’s from personal experience!  And applies to any kind of fear…  trust me.

The other thing that helps me  is astrology.  My birth chart validated my other approach with these struggles.  Here’s what I mean.  Many years back, I decided to adopt a new belief system.  I don’t share it with many people–it’s more or less one of those inside jobs if you know what I mean.  It goes like this.  I work for The Universe and I let The Universe take care of my bills. (If you’d rather say God instead of The Universe, suit yourself; but you get the idea.)  To drive the point home and to remind myself of my belief, whenever a bill came in, I’d intentionally put it beneath a few spiritual statues (Angel and Buddha) and say, “There ya’ go–here’s another one for ya’.”  And then I simply put it out of my mind completely, and in this ‘learn-as-you-go” method, it worked!   And the more I energized that belief, it seemed to ground within me more and more,  becoming a natural feeling.  I work for The Divine and The Divine takes care of my bills and all of my other needs–end of story.  Well, you may ask what this has to do with Tibetan Dough Ball Divination.  I’m getting there.

I have to tell you about the astrology part first.  That whole belief system that I just mentioned is pretty clearly seen in my birth chart.  That alleviates any second guessing about my belief, should I become weak or falter.  It gives me strength to remember that my natal North Node in Taurus is  in my 10th house (Career) with Sun/Neptune/Moon in Libra in the 2nd (money; self-reliance) house.  Well, I can readily see that to go too much further with astro-babble, I’d have to write a book to explain all the connections.  It’s just  that Mars/Pluto/Saturn  in the 12th points to the 6th house polarity of bringing spirituality to the earth doing service/work (Pluto’s Polarity Point).  My past life SN Scorpio conjunct Mercury/Jupiter indicates that I’ve worked in these areas before but have failed to do the work publicly and in a way that I can provide for my survival needs. ( I tend to think that past lives have been either in a monastery setting or maybe an institutional environment where I didn’t have to deal with money and survival needs, never learning to be self-sufficient in that way.)  And with Neptune hanging out there with Sun and Moon in the 2nd, my sense is that my prior life or lives were in spiritual settings, which  seems validated by the 12th house planets, giving the double-confirmation.

OK, so long story short… I’m supposed to be doing this work doing and charging money for it.  I need to, as much as I’d rather avoid the money/survival part.   My North Node in the 10th in Taurus says that I need to!  I failed to do that in the past… I’ve a few “skipped steps” (as they’re called in Evolutionary Astrology).   And to recover those, I have to use my spiritual and psychic past to do work that is 6th house-ish… spiritual service work.  This  helps me to be self-sufficient financially/materially also.  That evolutionary intent of the soul is blatantly clear in my birth chart.  So, let’s just say my life is a co-creator type thing with The Divine–so is yours!  This whole idea of  ‘do spiritual work and  while you’re at it, become self-reliant so you can grow and evolve’ is mostly to help others (that 6th house of service polarity to 12th house Pluto).   It’s actually a bit more complicated astrology-wise than that; but let’s stop while we still might be ahead.

If you followed that bit above, then you probably know some astrology.  Hope I didn’t lose you there.  Anyway, there I was the other day with a dilemma about money.  You’ve no idea how many times I wished to go back to that past life where I didn’t have to worry about this survival stuff and could just ‘do the work’!  Actually, a few times in this current life, I’ve actually considered that.  I thought of becoming some sort of  Nun!  But as we all do–deep inside–I knew it wasn’t supposed to be that way this time around.  One of my challenges is to take the emotion out of  issues with money and survival needs and simply think of money as energy–period.  And as energy does, it flows and moves and my goal is to try to move with it and relax!

Okay.  So after I’d dealt with that whole bit again–reviewing my natal chart and remembering my belief,  I’m still faced with a decision.  You see, it’s only a simple thing really.  I have some audios that I’m editing which contain instructional psychic class material.  What to do with them?  If I make them available free on the podcast page, that doesn’t seem fair to students who paid for the online class.  I finally resolved that I must ask a fee for them for that reason.  But how much?  All day long I had numbers in my head and couldn’t settle on a  single one.  There’s no hurry to make the decision since I still have more editing work to do on them, but it kept gnawing at me to settle on some dollar amount.

Dough Balls used in Tibetan Divination

Suddenly, I remembered the divination method that I’d seen the Tibetans use.  Balls of dough are placed in a bowl after ceremonial work is completed. And choices of the answer to a question are written on papers and placed inside–one in each ball of dough.  They weigh the dough and measure the balls so that they are all the same.   Once they’re all in the bowl, the lama (or oracle) creates a centrifugal force by rolling them along the edge of the bowl, faster and faster until one falls out.  Obviously then, that one ball of dough is opened to reveal the answer on the paper.    This method is practised mainly in the monasteries or by individual lamas when an important decisions needs to be made, such as in the search for the reincarnation of very high lamas. A number of possible answers to the enquiry, such as the names of likely candidates for a reincarnation, are written on slips of paper.  For a period of three days monks remain in the temple reciting prayers day and night. During that time no one is allowed to touch the bowl. On the fourth day, before all those present the cover of the bowl is removed. A prominent lama rolls the dough balls round in the bowl before the sacred object until one of them falls out. That is the ball containing the answer.

In all deference and honor to the lamas, the Buddha and Tibet… I didn’t happen to have any dough balls and wanted to settle this so that the rest of my day could happen 

Dalai Lama of Tibet

without distraction.  I think the Dalai Lama would say it’s alright to wing it!    It was affecting my ability to concentrate.  So in the most spiritual and honorable way, the method was adjusted slightly based on the aforementioned factors.  On the papers I put the various dollar amounts that were under consideration.

Please don’t laugh at this next line and again, apologies to the lamas and everyone, but I took out a small frying pan from the cupboard, held it by the handle and placed the folded papers inside.  The handle helped a good deal with the centrifugal motion and sure enough one paper jumped out.   Worked great!!  And actually I thought it was the prefect number!  The Boss and I agree– Done deal.
Now I have to finish blogging and get back to audio editing… although I think I’ve had enough for one day! I’ve been working on my website and audio editing nearly all weekend.   I’m the web master, accountant, appointment maker, teacher, newsletter and blog author, tweeter, astrologer, and psychic… flying solo here,  juggling the whole affair on my own.  Oops… did I actually just write that? I work for The Universe, remember?   And we have an awesome  partnership going on.  You’ve got that same partnership!   As HGTV’s Candice Olson would say, “How Divine!”

PS — I’m still loven’ that dough ball divination method!  I’ve seen it done so many times while watching DVD’s on Tibet…