Grand Cross – April Eclipses: Sometimes we have to body surf the waves in the ocean of life and trust the divine plan and divine intevention

body-surfDivination:  Keeping the big picture in mind; that’s always best when the going gets tough.  I’ve heard from people lately about that very thing–tough going.  Or in some cases, no going.   The universe (Life Itself) seems to work always to maintain balance and harmony–to reduce excess and fill emptiness.  Think about your life; don’t you see how that is true?

Sometimes we have to just keep our energy moving even when it doesn’t make full and complete sense.  We do it anyway because on some level we trust there’s a divine plan, a bigger picture, a state of balance that is being reached somehow–and we know we’re a part of that and when we keep moving we’re in harmony with that mystery.

No matter how hard we work to secure our place in the world, the possibility exists that we can suffer a loss or experience opposition from any number of sources.  We can’t always totally escape reality, but we can adjust our inner responses to external circumstances.  

There are times (we all have them) when we’re tempted to roll belly-up in defeat.  Yet, we don’t do it.  We work with whatever arises in the moment the best way we can; we persevere as we roll with the waves.  Let’s face it; sometimes waves become so large and overwhelming that all we can do is point our body in the right direction and roll with them and then see where we are before the next one comes.  Yeah, we body surf if you know what I mean.

It’s true that in our lives we don’t always have control of everything in every moment.  Who or what does if not us?  Whatever it is that accounts for Divine Intervention–that;s what does, ultimately.  All we can do is work in harmony with it best we can–and sometimes that means we have to body surf even when we’ve temporarily lost sight of the shore, we trust the waves are going in the right direction.  Big breath, face down and let ourselves be moved!

Removing excess and filling emptiness–that’s what’s going on!  Hang in there!  Choose to keep the energy moving and what seems apparently insurmountable right now will be conquered!  Keep the energy moving, let go where you can, and cling only to trust and faith!  Let the waves handle the rest!

PS — times of increase will return to balance out decrease; that’s Life and that’s how the universe works.  We reap the rewards of abundance when we function from a willingness to share.  When we support others, we too are supported.

How much power and control do we have to create our reality? What about karma? Life lessons? And what the “haves” say to the “have not’s”

How much power and control do we have to create our reality?  What about karma? Life lessons?

And what the “haves” say to the “have not’s”

scales_love or moneyLo!  I do struggle with that one just a bit more than some—from what I’ve observed it’s the “have not’s” who are more concerned with this question.  The “have’s” just go about having and don’t think about it much I suppose—well, maybe they do and that’s why they “have” in the first place.  OR having or not having is not their karma in this lifetime—maybe it’s something else their soul struggles with.  Hey, we’ve all got our own personal bug-a-boo I suppose.  I’ve worked with many clients who have plenty of money—an excess in fact—and you should see what their worries are!  To us “have-not’s” those things can appear pretty laughable and to us their so-called problem seems easily manageable, but I have to be careful not to minimize their dilemma any more than I like the “have’s” to minimize my “have not” issues.

I do notice though that those “have’s” who want to give me some type of “have not” advice almost always come from a place of having daddy’s inheritance, a hard-hard working and high-income producing life partner, or live on huge retirement benefits–those types of things… I’m just sayen’.  I try to be patient.  They mean well but usually don’t understand or even if they did once, they’ve forgotten.

It’s simple—make a plan, create your reality, affirm your will—right?  Yes.  And; No.  There’s the laws of karma and causality and energy that must play out no matter what you affirm or how much will you demonstrate.  Yeah, I hear ya’.  If that’s what you believe, you say, then that’s what you will experience.  I know all that but I’m talking about what some would call “Divine Timing” or what in Tarot Card language we’d call the “Wheel of Fortune” card or perhaps we could use the word “destiny”.  Astrology is my new ‘thang’ more-or-less lately (besides swimming) and more than anything else it explains things like… well, that classic book entitled, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”   Essentially, one can see the karmic patterns and the timing of the events and what the soul is learning which ‘splains quite a bit and helps one work with the soul’s plan rather than making one of one’s own and working against it.

Do we make a plan or go with the flow


Someone says,  “Well,  make a plan”,  and I laugh because …. Well, what’s that line, “… best laid plans of mice and men”… tell the Universe your plans and make the gods laugh.

I have faith and trust that The Divine Assistants know our mind and heart ‘help us to help ourselves’.  And believing that we do have that assistance working on our behalf, I am assured.

Yet I’ve also realized that we are here working through the energies that have already been set into motion so that the best plan we can make (if we make one) is to find the way to be at peace with “what is”–and that’s not easy task some days!  Our heart’s desire is the plan and if we trust that  while having faith that the path will be cleared and the way will be shown and known to us in exactly the right timing, this is the best we can do until the energy shifts to align with those intentions and the soul plan.

Like the old saying goes–make your intention and express your will and then let go, and let god.

That last step, surrender, is what us “have not’s” get pretty good at over time—something the “have’s” may no nothing about.

Or maybe they do.

Meanwhile, as a “have not”, I usually flow with whatever happens while holding the general outcome desired in the mind and heart,  following guidance daily as it comes–for me its the best way to fly.   If you ask if I am making a plan, that’s my answer–it’s worked thus far.

Day #8 Fireball in the Duck Pond and Compassion when Aries meets Pisces

“I feel that the moment you adopt a sense of caring for others, it brings you inner strength. Inner strength brings inner tranquility, greater self-confidence. Because of such attitudes, even when things going on around you seem hostile and negative, you can still sustain your peace of mind.”

 – Dalai Lama

I’m an imperfect soul—but then you already knew that.  I’ve been laser focused, committed and moving forward.  It’s Day #8.  The Moon was in Aries today as she was yesterday when the fireball (Aries is a fire sign) in my consciousness (I was moving right along getting ‘er done, as we say)… anyway, when my fireball landed in a Pisces (air-head, confusion type) duck pond! 

I could feel myself beginning the process of inner-raging at someone who represented a duck in a duck pond and there we were with a consciousness to deal with that was a mix of corporate-we-have-our-rules consciousness blended with an inability-to- focus-on-a-conversation-without-distracting-myself-mind.   My Aries Fireball Consciousness had a hard time handling that other mind without feeling impatient and frustrated.

This individual is of my generation too and I’m a little embarrassed to say so!  C’mon, we may be getting old but heck can’t we still function?  I had the distinct feeling that I was talking to someone who had one too many sedatives and could only function in the world inside the corporate box.  “Quack, quack, quack, quack-quack-quack!” 

Maybe she has a high muckety-muck nephew running the corporation but no matter how it is, I let my fireball go out in her duck pond.  And that was MY fault. 

There was a sizzle and then a flat line.  Quick, code blue, get the paddles, CLEAR…. Charge again!   I recovered.  Nobody had to call it.

I’m back at it again today but will focus my energy in a different direction.  Going to give that situation over to the Angels and other friends of Light to handle for me—got to let that go.  Too many other things to do! 

Meanwhile, as things go, I will contemplate yesterday’s duck pond event and ask myself if this la-la-land lady is some kind of reflection of my own self; O please, I hope not.  But I will have to examine that. More than less, I’m feeling like the whole event was me assuming and standing in a new kind of power within myself and seeing how quickly I can go into despair and fear (but yesterday more like frustration because despair and fear took off down the road so-to-speak when my Aries fireball hit the duck pond).  The sizzling noise of the duck pond water meeting the fireball sent my old friends dispair and fear running!  (Higher Mind speaks:  Joy’s inner-power has been cranked up a few notches and those old energies left town–and only minor frustration and impatience remain.  She’s handling those appropriately.)

Since my last report there has been a lot of progress.  Magic has happened.  A number of things that could have potentially been problems magically haven’t been—it’s been easy, smooth.  And as major things fall into place so easily, each one that does reinforces that I’ve made the right choice with this commitment. 

Yesterday was a minor bump in the road.  However, I was reminded that there are still many levels of consciousness (think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) and the world has blind rule followers—we would find most of them in church on Sunday morning.  I’d forgotten how inhumane corporate mind can be and how rule followers throw common sense humanity out the window as they bow to the almighty rule.  But then what makes anyone do what they do?  I mean what’s the motivation?  Like the Dalai Lama says, everyone is trying to avoid suffering and is seeking happiness.  Perhaps the confused, unfocused old rule-follower that I spoke with yesterday has her own fears – maybe common sense was lost along the way as dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s became the master. 

Compassion and understanding for the duck in the duck pond and my self will be the order of the day.  I will not permit it to overshadow and outweigh the magical synchronistic door-opening events of that have occurred since my last blog post. 

Here’s an example:

I ♥ love this! ♥ I couple of nice mountain farmer type gentlemen (I think they were Ascended Masters in disguise; but that’s me)… anyway, they helped me with something yesterday and in return I offered my two recently potted evergreens–the Indian Hawthorns that I lovingly potted last month. THEN this morning, here’s the “message from the universe” from that I received… I love how the universe works and how today’s message relates back to … well, I looked out back and sort of missed my missing hawthorn’s this morning and returning my attention to my email, opened this message that soooooooo relates:
“Take it from the farmer in me, Joy…
The more seeds you sow, the more plants we’ll grow.
I love wearing overalls,
— The Universe”

I will hold the Dalai Lama quote (at the top of this post)  very close today!