Daily Divination 7-18-11 Patriarchal christian law versus Natural Law and the Conflict – Kua 6; Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Justice, The Emperor, Judgment, The Tower, The Devil, Wheel of Fortune


Oh boy, here we go! Kua 6… Conflict. I know what this one is about… I wanted to forget about it but apparently drawing this kua today the universe is making me address it!

This has got to be about the bible-thumping self-righteous christian from yesterday.

Sunday morning I’m out in my yard clipping the overgrowth out front and a car pulls up. Nobody ever comes here and I pretty much knew—in fact, I recognized her. She’s been here before with her bible.  Geeze!

I’m usually polite but say thanks, but no thanks and close the door. Last time she was here with some man accompanying her and he says, “Oh, we got you up didn’t we?” Ticked me off a bit; it was around 9 am and I was blogging and hadn’t gotten dressed yet—nor combed my hair. Nervy enough to bible-thump at my door much less making a comment about my appearance!

Yet, I was still polite.

But yesterday there she comes again. I was having a quiet, peaceful Sunday morning, listening to the birds while in my own peaceful thoughts—but I lost it after she gets out of her car and says she will join me if I didn’t mind.  I said I did mind but nevertheless she goes on about her bible!

Today’s message (mostly for me I’m sure—but maybe you too?) comes from Kua 6 the I CHING of “conflict” as well as adversaries, disputes and arguments.

The message is to settle things peacefully—but if that’s not possible then quickly.

Sometimes when there is a clash of wills both parties feel strongly about their idea. I’m sure she felt just as strong about jezuz and the bible as much as I did about my right to live my life without being periodically approached by pushy, arrogant bible thumpers!

Then the chic tells me I shouldn’t be working on the “lord’s day” and starts to quote the bible. I was pretty much walking toward her at this point with large yard clippers in my hands.

No, it wasn’t pretty. She had a man and child in the car and I didn’t spare them my sentiments as I walked toward her with my clippers while she walked backwards toward her car.

I don’t knock on your door or bother you about my beliefs—you have a lot of nerve, I say.  And she tells me that I could talk to her about my beliefs and that would be perfectly fine with her.  And she said it with that self-rightous x-tian smugness.  I assured her I wouldn’t be so ill-mannered, rude and arrogant to do so!   And told her to leave and not come back.

Usually I retreat as politely as possible from these nut cases.  But maybe it was the heat and humidity… this time there was fight, not flight. I’ll be darned if I’m going to give in to someone who approaches me un-beckoned into my own yard…. my peaceful sanctuary.

Later that afternoon, they guy across the street (apparently another heathen like me) mowed his lawn—On Sunday! That’s unheard of around here—nobody mows on Sunday! I’m sure “the lord” cares less if I pull weeds and clip with a pair of hand clippers on the last day of the week!  I don’t think there’s any “lord” who cares about the guy across the way either.  I loved hearing the guy crank up his riding mower later in the day! You GO Dude!

I stood in my power and that involved a certain amount of conflict… unless you close the door in these people’s faces or go at them with a pair of lawn shears and a raised voice, they won’t go away!

I was actually calm and clearheaded yet was not going to put up with this x-tian lady’s unwelcome interruption on a peaceful, quite Sunday morning. I had no intention of letting this go on for any more than a minute—and the moment she was in her car with the door shut, I told her driver, Now GO—get out of here.

Her parting words were wrapped around a smug, x-tian, Sarah Palin type of smile (you know what I mean), “I really do wish you a nice day”, she says

I repeated myself inviting them one last time to leave!

(Apologies to readers for the image to the left.)

The message of this Kua 6 is about a clash of wills. This lady’s will to interrupt me in my sanctuary while I was minding my own business doing yard work clashed with my will to be left alone.

If you follow my blog, you will know that this happens all the time in this neck of the literal woods—usually, I’m polite but curt. This time I left out the polite part and stuck with curt.  Since she’s been here before maybe this time she’ll get the message!

In the Wilhelm/Baynes Book of Changes it is said about Kua 6 that “conflict develops when one feels himself to be in the right and runs into opposition.” I was her opposition apparently.

This unsolicited and unwelcome visit into the womb of my spiritual space by the most disdainful of characters while I honored nature by enjoying the birds and the quiet of the day while beautifying my yard and loving nature was a jolt to my senses and sense of Libra-fairness.

Her right to believe what she wants (about me, jezus, the bible or anything or anyone else) ends with my right to work in my yard on a Sunday without being approached by a bible thumper with her opinions of my observance of “the lord’s day”.  And I stick to that!

The astrological correlations are:

Cancer – emotional self-reliance of the soul; the womb

Leo – bossiness, pride

Libra – projection

Scorpio – coming face to face with limitation; also, obsession

The Tarot correlations are:

Justice – discriminating what is best for self

The Emperor – patriarchal christian god

Judgment – judging someone’s actions

The Tower – outmoded ideas; being knocked from a position of arrogance

The Devil – hanging on to things that have no truth


Doing Prostrations

Footnote: in thinking about the situation from a Buddhist perspective and with the Dalai Lama in mind actually; I didn’t show much compassion to the bible thumper.

I lost my patience and usual tolerance.

But there I was squatting and bending to deal with weeds et al and wondered if…. well, I imagined if the Dalai Lama was doing prostrations in his garden on a Sunday morning and the same thing happened to him! In his very own garden, minding his own business,  doing prostrations… hmmmm…. one wonders.

(Okay, so I’m no Dalai Lama and still have some work to do on myself!  Mea Culpa )


Cosmic Communiqué 6-24-11 How Open Minded Can You Be about Your Life? Kua 29 – Libra, Scoprio, The Tower, The Devil, Wheel of Fortune

Do you feel like sometimes life is working against you? Is it really doing so or is it your own response that’s the culprit?  Today’s message is inspired by Kua 29 of the I CHING whose archetype correlates with the astrological signs of Libra and Scorpio and the Tarot cards of The Tower, The Devil and the Wheel of Fortune.

Someone I know has great difficulty in her work situations and maintains that every authority figure in her life is out to get her—it seems like a certain paranoia is present in these repetitive experiences that are occurring in her life. Time after time and job after job and for years this has been happening. She has a persistent belief that life is unfairly dumping on her.

Courage is required in the face of dark emotions that have their origin in personal insecurity and repetitive victimization patterns.

These emotional patterns are the right ingredients, if you will, to generate and promote fear, confusion and sometimes panic.

It’s always important not to let emotions take over. Panic has a way of feeding more panic and throws a person out of their center. Being out of our “center” is another way of saying not being in “the now”–being pulled into a vortex or a familiar deep hole. It takes courage to avoid that “deep hole” of repetitive response patterns or learned response patterns.

Many people spend a lot of their life unable to transcend old wounds and behavior patterns and ignoring the many opportunities that life presents to us to create change.

When we are not being aware and alert and not observing our emotional responses from the place of “the observer” we can easily be pulled into the deep hole, repeating past mistakes and not being objective about our life and its circumstances and events.

Today’s message is to become impartial about your life and to cultivate an open-minded attitude. In this way we stay alert and “walk down another street” (see last line below) rather than go down those old, familiar emotional paths.

Again, the astrological correlations are Libra and Scorpio. The Libran archetype involves relating to others and Scorpio is about the depth of emotion and also relates to power issues, betrayals of trust and since it is associated with the 8th house connects with relationships as well. We find, often times, that how we feel about ourselves at the deepest levels is how we perceive or believe that other’s feel about us too.

If we do not think kindly toward ourselves, we perceive that others are doing the same—the mirror effect.

As far as the Tarot archetypes of The Tower, The Devil and the Wheel of Fortune are concerned, I have blogged about these cards and typing the terms in the search window on this blog page will bring up a return of posts on those card subjects. The Tower can relate to events which occur that “test our mettle” as the saying goes—circumstances that seem out of our control but which repeatedly create the same patterned reactions as a response. These seem to occur to realign us and/or serve as markers of our progress. When I blogged about The Tower, I wrote about circumstances with my car breaking down being a particular challenge in my life to which I have been working to respond differently. Sudden and surprising events are always pretty good stress producing indicators which enable us to know what is still unresolved within. As Dr. Wayne Dyer has often said,

 “When you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice because that’s what’s inside. And when you have stress or pressure on a human, you will also find that what comes out is also what’s inside.”

The Devil card of Tarot relates to emotional attachments which are unhealthy or obsessive and the Wheel of Fortune relates to the cycles of life and the adjusting power of the universe—we might use the word “karma” as well. It is in the difficulties of life that we have the most opportunities for growth and evolution and this Kua 29 of the I CHING is very similar, I believe, to the Wheel of Fortune in that regard.

The message is that unfairness in life happens, difficulties happen, and dangers happen too. How we respond to those can be in a patterned emotional way–just  like the lady that I wrote about above who seems to find, in every single job, the boss is ‘out to get her’.

We can break the emotional pattern and by remaining present instead of being pulled into the vortex of old emotional patterned responses and beliefs—we can ‘go down another street’! (See last line below) How do we do that? By noting the old familiar emotional pattern being triggered, releasing personal insecurity, and then remaining centered and objective instead—that’d be a good start.

I walk down the street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk

I fall in.

I am lost… I am hopeless.

It isn’t my fault.

It takes forever to find a way out.

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I pretend I don’t see it.

I fall in again.

I can’t believe I’m in the same place.

But it isn’t my fault.

It still takes a long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I see it is there.

I still fall in… it’s a habit.

My eyes are open

I know where I am

It is my fault.

I get out immediately.

I walk down the same street.

There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I walk around it.

I walk down another street.

PS  Life got in the way yesterday and I wasn’t able to blog.  See you tomorrow….

Daily Divination 5-31-11 The Surprises of Life and Consciously Working with Your Soul! The Tower! Mars,Uranus,Venus, Jupiter

Ha! My car developed problems earlier today and the card I drew for today’s divination just now is the tarot card, THE TOWER.  Figures.  More proof that the Cosmos does have a sense of humor!

When I see this card, usually I think about something that is not working out, things not fitting and that feeling of “I’m outa here!” In fact, not to get too personal but this is what some of my emotional “stuff” that I’ve been working on lately is all about.

And there are times when the soul says, “We’re out of here” and takes over and we just simply go along for the ride and watch ourselves go through the motions, all the while shocked at our own self–not believing that  we’re actually doing what we’re doing! Ever have that happen? Like something inside of you says, “That’s IT. Enough is enough!” followed by action that you take that you more or less watch yourself taking. It’s sort of like an ‘out of body’ experience when the soul takes over. That’s happened to me more than once in this lifetime and it is always a surreal experience.

It is said that this card’s archetype is the same as the archetype of Mars, but I think it’s a Mar/Uranus combo. Mars is impulsive and sudden and that’s how it feels when the soul takes over and it’s always surprising—surprising and unexpected is usually Uranian territory.

The message today has to do with working “with” the soul and asks, “Who is in charge? The ego or the inner self?” And then, of course, we must add that the two factions should be working together instead of having an inner battle. Either way, the archetype we’re talking about is about the lightning bolt of inner awakening. And whenever this happens, it is very humbling. We are suddenly broken free from past inertia when we become forcefully realigned by the soul and deep soul experiences.

We become opened in a sudden and surprising way and usually at the least expected times—or so we say, but the truth is we’ve seen it coming but remained in our denial.  And like the fortress of the tower, which represents defenses, those walls are blasted down.

The motif of this card relates to disasters, crisis, destructions of old ways and awakening to truth. I don’t know how my car fits into it or maybe I do. My daughter noticed it a few minutes ago. I left her a message about my car earlier today and when she called me back she said, “Mom, you sound so calm about it. Usually, you aren’t so calm when your car breaks down.” Oh, truer words were never spoken! I noticed it myself—this time, I seem to feel that it will work out and whatever it is, there’s no REAL problem.

And the reader may not understand what the big deal about a car breakdown is—after all, it happens all the time! Get it fixed and move on you may say, what’s to fear?    And years ago, I’d have pointed to a lack of credit and savings and my lack of support locally as the source of my anxiety—there’s nobody to call up here, except the local garage.  And this, by  the way, is one reason I don’t venture by car any farther than walking distance when the garage is closed. All those same things are true now—I still have no credit or savings. Yet, I have a lot less fear just like my daughter noticed.

In a dream last night, I saw one of the guys from the local garage and today I actually bumped into him at a local store.  Only minutes afterward the car acted up in the very parking lot of the store in which we said hello!  Somehow a part of me knew what was going to occur today and I had a “heads-up” dream about it last night.

But the greater point is about patterns. My car breakdowns represent a pattern of emotional responses from me that years ago triggered horrid emotional crisis. Nowadays, when the car acts up (and they will and do—it’s rather a fact of life especially a car like mine which is 20 years old!), there is very little emotional stuff left to be triggered. It’s a sign of progress and maybe that’s why it happened; to let me know I’m making progress.  (I always ask myself, Why did I draw in this experience?)

I’m working on recognizing and resolving my own patterns, going deeper and deeper. My dream last night dealt with that very topic actually—I’ll spare you the details. I’ll just say that it  feels like the soul and higher mind are helping me with the understanding of my patterns.

The psyche self regulates through dreams that support the developmental process of the Soul. And that’s true for waking experiences too.

Yes, I’m all over the place here in my blog post today, and would like to draw to a close and make a generalized point and divination message for today.

Here we go: Dissolve the fortress of your own denial and resistance and have a look and the connections of the inner world to the outer world. Be open to inner awakenings. And should the soul do a ‘take over’, try to get out-of-the-way and don’t be surprised. Reflection can come later. Be willing to work with your soul in order to receive the sudden realizations of truths that come in explosive and unexpected ways. And in situations like with me and my car issues, it’s not about the event itself, but how you respond to it. No matter how it looks like others are involved, it is, after all, ‘your’ event.

In my dream last night I had a few bursts of insight—I know the other levels of mind were helping with what my conscious mind is trying to realize. We are looking for the positive in it—and that’s what the bottom line is here. The positive!

ASTROLOGY PS —  personal note:  I ♥ love ♥ astrology even more we can see events so clearly in a chart!  Here’s what I mean. I looked at my transits just now.  I see that transiting JUPITER which rules travel and transportation is OPPOSING (exact opposition at 29 degrees) my natal (birth) VENUS today!

JUPITER and VENUS both rule $money$ on mundane levels.  As I’ve written before, 29th degree of a sign has to do with CULMINATION, peak, termination, or  conclusion of energy!  It’s a very intense degree.  Once when I was having a JUPITER RETURN my car had a horrible breakdown–all the transmission fluid flew out while driving high speeds on the Interstate.  This resulted in my car going from 70 mph to 1 mph in a nano-second.  (that’s not a typo — from 70 to 1!) Talk about a Uranian surprise!  Like throwing on your brakes but no breaks can do that!  It sounded like a jet engine!  Anyway…since JUPITER is currently transiting through my 9th house of belief systems, I CHOOSE to BELIEVE that I am culminating and releasing car and money issues as well as fear of lack!  So Ha! And so it is.  May it be the same for you too dear reader!