Daily Divination 8-24-11 Today, Grace, Beauty and Feeling At Home with One’s Self and One’s World – I-CHIG Kua 22, Grace with Astrological and Tarot Archetype Correlations

Today, the message is to radiate a sense of well-being and an attitude that says, “I feel at home with myself and with the world.” This is our birthright and the epitome of who we are at the deepest level. I’m back from the family reunion – and a good time was had by all. Today’s cosmic communiqué is inspired by the I-CHING Kua 22, called GRACE or OUTER REFINEMENT. It is about “keeping still” and “success” that comes from grace on earth. We could add that grace brings success if we can have the stillness of the mountain as our core today. Grace is the connection between The Divine Creator or the Tao and humankind. Today we are being asked to see the beauty of our inner essence despite judgments about our outer appearances or the appearances of others. Watch for inner creative impulses today and allow them to flower from the stillness.

We are being asked to remember that beauty in the outer world is always transient—it is born and then fades to be born again. We see this everywhere in nature (flowers, trees, etc.)

When we try to grasp or possess a flower, we accelerate its demise but if we can manage to eliminate the desire to grasp or possess, the experience of grace becomes a joy in our life today.

Greet beauty when it shows up today and become one with it without demands or expectations, remembering all that is upon this earth is transient and in a process of dying to be reborn.

Let Mother Nature be your teacher today and appreciate beauty and love in whatever way it shows up for you. Merge with it instead of trying to possess or control it and keep still and smile.

PS – enhance your ‘inner’ beauty


SCORPIO: depth; real beauty and stardom runs deep and has nothing to do with surface appearances

SAGITTARIUS: relates to natural law; beauty and grace of the earth

ARIES: fire energy; relates to Kua 22 as the elements are earth over “fire”; the image is fire at the bottom of the mountain equals grace

TAURUS: earth energy (see Aries above) Also, Taurus is rule by Venus, the planet that represents love and beauty


HIEROPHANT/HIGH PRIEST: this tarot card is associated with Taurus (see above) and represents the “inner teacher”

TEMPERANCE: this tarot card is associated with Sagittarius (see above) and the “fire within” similar to “the fire at the foot of the mountain” and is about honoring inner beauty and values; it is also about the inner guide just like the HIEROPHANT

THE HIGH PRIESTESS: here again is a reference to going within and being in touch with Universal Mind; being in a state of silent equilibrium; inner creativity

THE STAR: meditation; intuition; being guided by inner wisdom; inspirations; visions; ideas; need to relax the mind

THE SUN: being aware of universal blessings; loving all things without judgment as the sun shines upon all the same; being joyful and light of heart; being caring and compassionate (especially to one’s self); joyful creativity; warmth; following one’s heart’s path

THE MAGICIAN: balance of earth elements; enthusiasm; a flow of ideas; creative energy; feeling magical; holding one’s still position in time/space reality; being focused and grounded



Daily Divination 7-27-11 Childhood Issues; Balancing Soul Relationships with Parents; Teachers; I-CHING Kua 4

I was on hold with my sister who called me from work; meanwhile, I did today’s I-CHING draw which is Kua 4 relating to childhood.

When my sister returned to the line she began to speak about her counseling session. Issues of childhood were the predominant theme of the conversation—definitely we have synchronicity. Kua 4 is called “Youthful Folly” or “Inexperience” and relates to childhood.

Our views are different—my sister’s and mine. I tend to think of childhood issues and the resulting experiences as part of what needed to be re-triggered for the purpose of awareness and healing. Further, my concept is that we choose the parent who has many of the same issues as our own so that we can be imprinted even before the actual birth with the energy that we are here to work with or overcome.

On the other hand, my sister tends to hold the view that goes something like, “Mom messed us up” and her therapist is helping her work through some ideas like these.

Yet, we can still converse about it for the end result is the same—self-responsibility for our own psyche and the healing that may be necessary.

Each new day begins with an empty slate and we can repeat patterns of the past or not.

One of my I-CHING books says (about this Kua): “Life is compassionate, if we miss a class, the opportunity to make up the lesson will surely arise.”

 Life, Itself, is the Great Teacher that helps us to mature.

The message of this Kua is also about having the right attitude toward our teachers. This would include Life Itself, parents and other educators. It’s also about making learning fun; seeing it as an adventure.

  • Trying to figure ourselves and our experiences out – the psychology of the soul –actually can be fun.
  • What makes us tick?
  • What makes us so different from one another, yet also so much the same?
  • Why does one thing affect one person so deeply and barely faze another or not even hit the radar of someone else?

Emotional patterns are part of the equation and it’s all very interesting and we see it as we study the family dynamic—same parents, same house, same city and same time-frame and two siblings have two completely different experiences of their childhood. What else aside from the individual patterns of each different soul can account for that?

I’d like to flip something around and that has to do with the idea that we are all students and teachers and that children can be the teacher for the parent. It’s an attitudinal shift that gives an entirely different perspective. Instead of lamenting about how your parent affected you, see if it wasn’t also true that you affected them—positively or negatively it’s a two-way street.

I’d like to think that parents and children are souls that have agreed before birth to come together to help one another grow and evolve. So when my sister takes the view that “Mom messed us up”, for me it doesn’t ring true in the purest sense. It’s so much more involved than that simplistic view.

Yet, my sister and I just agreed that the outcome is still the same; we still have to put ourselves together.

Many times folks will have a dream right before a session with a counselor or a psychic.

Last night my sister had a dream about nuts and bolts scattered about and in the dream she was asking herself how to work with them—pick them up and sort them all at once to see what goes where?  Or to take them one at a time and find where they go?

I thought that her dream was quite interesting—she said that her decision in the dream was to take them one at a time so that she didn’t have to handle them twice.

I usually tell my clients to pay attention to their dreams right before or after a session for these offer valuable insights from the soul.

In my own life, astrology represents the nuts and bolts—and it is, besides that, fun!

Like the nuts and bolts dream that my sister had, when interpreting a chart, I take one nut and bolt and then another and then soon I can take them all up all together as the information in the chart starts to synchronize and harmonize.  I wonder if my sister will have another dream in future wherein she picks up all the nuts and bolts at once, knowing exactly where they all go.

Looking at the image on I-CHING card above we see someone on a tightrope working to keep balance. Water flows on like the eternal soul and mountain is our life in a body on earth.

The elements for this Kua are Mountain over Water and an inexperienced youth beginning to climb the mountain—perhaps in search of a teacher to help with the answers. It is beneficial to persevere—understanding life, our self, our Soul and experiences is part of our life journey  up the mountain.

I have a sense that the mountain that my sister is climbing is one she has climbed before many times and she is in the process of remembering and integrating each step… just like those nuts and bolts.

In fact, we’re all doing this day-by-day and step-by-step.


Astrological correlations…

Scorpio — Psychology; psychological counseling

Sagittarius – Philosophy

Libra– Relationships; balance/imbalance; ability to see all sides of an issue

Tarot correlations…

Hierophant (High Priest) – The teacher; spiritual development

Temperance – awareness of what needs healing and balancing

High Priestess – Hidden emotions

The Tower – Sudden flash of insight

The Devil (Pan) – usual thinking needs to be reversed; looking at life

differently; breaking the bondage to the past

Wheel of Fortune (Medicine Wheel) – karma; workings of fate; the Divine Plan

Daily Divination 7-26-11 Balancing Mind/Body/Spirit; Do you know what you need and what you don’t? Use Intuition; I-CHING Kua 27

Create balance in mind, body and spirit – Kua 27 – did so much of that yesterday that I didn’t get to make a blog post; that was the I-CHING Kua for yesterday. Ever have a day when you just know, without a doubt, that things are out of balance? It’s a matter of finding out what we need to do in order to restore that and then taking step one, step two and before you know it things start to feel much better.  Using one’s intuitive impulses at these times to lead one to the next step, asking the question, “What do I need?” and then observing the response–this helps. That’s the kind of day I had yesterday…

It rained all day and my elbow was hurting from doing too much yard work and I felt a headache coming on—What do I need? What do I need? –that was the mantra for me yesterday. I decided it was a haircut which I did myself. I cut off a good 4 inches and felt much lighter. Then I acted on doing small things that I’d been putting off and one thing to another mixed with doing an hour aerobic workout, a meditation, housework and by the end of the day I was feeling good as new again. Essentially, I took the advice/guidance of Kua 27 and nurtured body, mind and spirit.

Health and well-being goes beyond being free from disease—our body, mind and spirit must be in balanced in order to radiate light. Mine wasn’t. Today’s message is to ask the self what is needed in order to restore balance in the mind/body/spirit. Sometimes what is needed is to change our daily routine and “clean up our act” (in my case yesterday, housework and a haircut and no blog post).

When the body/mind is balanced, our capacity for spontaneity, joy, and peace is increased. Every part of us requires nourishment—not just our stomach. Today the question for contemplation is “How well am I nourishing myself? What do I need?”

I will have to skip over the astrological and tarot archetype correlations for this one—or I will add them as an addendum later…

Kua 27 is called “The Corners of the Mouth” OR “Providing Sustenance”. How can you provide nourishment for yourself today?  Let your intuition guide you.


Astrological correlations…

Scorpio — probing deeply into one’s soul

Sagittarius – seeking freedom; optimism

Aquarius — liberating from conditioned states; detaching; objectivity

Pisces – meditation; seeking peace; self-compassion; withdrawal

Tarot correlations…

Hierophant (High Priest) – going within and consulting the inner guide; listening to the small voice within

Temperance – Sagittarius archetype; honoring inner values; intuition; awareness of what needs healing and balancing

High Priestess – being in touch with the subconscious; bringing what is unconscious into awareness; being in-tune with inner knowing

Death – change; getting down to basics and bare bone realizations (Scorpio archetype); determining true inner yearnings; shedding of the old (i.e. the haircut in my example above 🙂

Hanged Man – feeling the need to be still or to turn things around; reversing the routine; healing and rejuvenation within; usual thinking needs to be reversed;  looking at life

The Chariot – awareness of the “vehicle” i.e. the body; body awareness;  taking the middle way of the polarities of life; ability to regulate one’s life

Daily Divination 7-20-11 Walking our Path in Spirit, Not Ego – I-CHING Kua 10 Treading – Cancer, Leo, Taurus, Gemini, High Priestess, The Emperor, Judgment, The Lovers, The Fool, The Star

Do you feel like you have to prove yourself? That’s your ego at work– not your spirit. Today’s cosmic communiqué comes from the I CHING Kua 10 called “Walking your Path”, also known as “Treading”.

We all tread that fine line between our basic spiritual essence and our ego/personality.

Understanding spirituality, psychology and our own individual soul’s evolution and karmic past can help us walk our spiritual path instead the path of the ego.

Discernment is a good word for today’s message—discerning the ego mind from the higher mind. It’s a 24-7 issue for all of us and requires inner awareness, centering and integration.

Today’s message is about being spiritually responsible in all of our dealings without having to prove anything to anyone!

This involves getting above the emotions, going above the level of the water (emotions)—get above the waves is one way to say it. In other words, surf above the emotions.

The Astrological Correlations of Kua 10-Treading are:

Cancer – Emotions; water

Leo – Ego Issues

Taurus – Peace, Bliss

Gemini – Need to balance left brain (ego) with right brain (intuition)

The Tarot Correlations of Kua 10-Treading are:

High Priestess – Universal Mind

The Emperor – Stability and Order

Judgment – Awakening to Inner Self

The Lovers – Divine Discrimination

The Fool – Being a “free” spirit

The Star – Intuition, Meditation, Inspiration, Peace

Daily Divination May 2, 2011 Individuated Spirituality, Jung, The High Priestess, the Moon, Intuition—can that blend with religion?

I shuffled and pulled a tarot card for today, barely looked at it, setting it aside to answer a phone call from my sister.  Our conversation eventually led to the subject of guilt and catholic confessions to a priest; she’s a practicing catholic—me, not. I just returned to my desk and realize now that the card I pulled for today was The High Priestess! 

Part of our talk included Jung’s view of Christianity, something that was refreshed in my consciousness yesterday after viewing a video.   Roger Woolger, Ph.D. who is a Jungian analyst and past life regression therapist was commenting on Carl Jung’s Red Book and according to Woolger, after Jung deeply studied world religions while residing countries in the East, he drew some dramatic conclusions regarding the divine feminine being left out of western Christianity, to its demise.  If I remember correctly, he quoted Jung as stating that western Christianity is diseased because of its lack of recognition of the feminine form of divinity (or the demotion thereof). 

My thought is that it is hardly an accident that the High Priestess card—the card of  The Divine Feminine–aligns with my recent connection with Woolger, Jung and conversation with my sister on this very topic.  The divine messengers broadcasting today seem to be sending me a signal to correlate this for today’s cosmic communiqué (or so goes my illusion).

I note on the image of this card the symbols of the Moon on the priestess’s headdress as well as the cross on her chest, but most especially am drawn to the scroll in her hand.  Looking at the scroll which keeps catching my eye, it’s speaking to me of  the missing esoteric gospels that I’m thinking of—the gospel of Thomas and the gospel of Mary Madeline. 

The Secret Knowledge is always what I think of when I see this card–the ancient teachings from Egypt, etc.   I also think of  the Divine Feminine as the intuition that is within all of us which is our personal connection to divinity, which I personally see as lying outside of the pope in Rome and the local parish male authorities.  Of course, that is my own opinion and judgment and how it is  for me (and many others, I’ve noticed—an understatement).  Many agree that our personal connection to the divine remains dormant until we awaken it deep within through personal effort.  Religion, if used properly, can be like scaffolding around our personal spiritual growth.

That’s the High Priestess archetype–personal spiritual effort via meditation and other personal devotions which part the veil to the world of the subconscious and divine levels of mind.  A priest and church cannot do that for you, although they might facilitate it,  providing the atmosphere.  That’s what I see the purpose of any church to be—a quiet place to gather one’s thoughts and to be devotional until one can achieve that state on one’s own. 

 Of course, I’m not talking about hell and brimstone preachers or screaming jezuz-freak churches—the catholic mass (church service) is much more passive,  muted and quiet than those types of churches (I think).  I’m no expert on churches per se, so I can only half-speculate about that.  Anyway, searching deep within is what the High Priestess archetype is about and some organized religion may be able to aid in the initiation of that  search if one can release attachment to dogma or move beyond it to true personal spirituality.

In astrological terms, The High Priestess relates to Moon energy and the feminine principle, intuition.  Males carry Moon energy as well as females, of course—we all have a Moon somewhere in our psyche and natal astrological chart.  The Moon rules the 4th house and is often associated with “emotions”.  We often say that men who are able to allow themselves to be emotionally sensitive and compassionate are “in touch with” their feminine side.  Women have a male side as well and when the male/female energy is balanced-within  in either  men or women, we are said to have attained  “the marriage within”, merging the anima and animus, as Jung would call it.

Jung identified the anima as being the unconscious feminine component of men and the animus as the unconscious masculine component in women. Jung stated that the anima and animus act as guides to the unconscious unified Self, and that forming an awareness and a connection with the anima or animus is one of the most difficult and rewarding steps in psychological and spiritual growth. Jung reported that he identified his anima as she spoke to him, as an inner voice, unexpectedly one day. 

The High Priestess and the Moon itself represent the archetype of knowing that there is a uniting consciousness to all of life—this unity consciousness includes the subconscious and intuition.  We find that many religious institutions (i.e. patriarchal religions) fear this unity part of individuation—thus the purpose for dogma.  Why? I don’t have time today to list all the reasons–I defer to history which speaks for itself.

My sister mentioned reading some catholic religious propaganda over the weekend which outlined the types of sins to confess to a priest in a confessional—one of those being having used tarot cards.  This troubles her a great deal and we talked about it; she is right on the verge of individuation and truly spiritualizing, yet the dogma still has ahold of her.  Of course, most people who read this blog would know what The High Priestess would say about what my sister read! 

The deeper wisdom is within my sister and she will gradually tap into it and her own High Priestess; she may then find the role of the catholic priest and confessional less important and have a more joyful and uplifting guilt-free experience in her church-going efforts.  She’s not quite ready to cut out the middle-man and stand on her own spiritual feet, so-to-speak.

When the subconscious is allowed to move and flow, we can get in touch with our true nature.  Guilt and fear (two major religious power and control mechanisms)  keeps us from being in tune with our inner knowing.

Today’s message is not about christian-bashing; it’s more to do with getting in touch with the feminine Moon energy, the emotional side, so that a heart opening can occur, the unity of life can be revealed, and the answers within can be revealed.  One needn’t call upon a catholic priest for this, but The High Priestess within.

Oh, I tell you!  An entire book could be written on this subject/topic, and many already have been.  The few paragraphs above are not all-inclusive on this subject matter, of course, nor intended to be.  For now, this is just a wave and hello from The High Priestess and the Moon reminding you that the feminine is just as important in spirituality as the masculine or patriarchal.  Balance the two and the veil is removed and the “bride and bridegroom within” become one.   

Bottom Line:  Be receptive to your intuition, trust your inner voice, let what is within flower–go beyond dogma, go deeper and be still!