Daily Divination 7-12-11 Today is a good day to strengthen bonds in your group – I CHING Kua 13 Leo, Cancer, Aries, Taurus, Justice, The Emperor, Judgment, The Star, The Sun, The Magician

Be cheerful and nurturing to others today. Companionship, Socializing and Group Activity is being encouraged.

I’m flashing in memory to an old notebook that I found in the glove compartment of my old car. As soon as I see today’s Kua 13 message from the I CHING, I think of this. Within the writing of that little notebook were directives to create a psychic development class. I smiled when I saw that remembering how repeated messages came to do so and finally it was created. Frankly, I’d forgotten that.

The words “group” always makes me think of the psychic development class group and the Kua 13’s main message of friendliness, mutual respect, shared goals and strengthening bonds. The message today is to remember that we need one another. There is special warmth that comes from combining forces, or gathering together with others of like mind.

Today is a good day (no matter what day you read this with the understanding of simultaneous divine time) to spend time socializing with others in friendliness and with good will.

The astrological archetypes of Leo, Cancer, Aries and Taurus relate to Kua 13’s message. Leo is about being child-like and self-expressive. Cancer is about a family atmosphere and nurturing. Aries is about having the courage to embrace inter-dependence. And Taurus is about being self-reliant while merging with others. We can now see the astrological influences and how they relate to the “companionship” of this I CHING Kua.

The Tarot archetypes that correlate with this Kua are Justice (fairness), The Emperor (achievement), Judgment (opening up), The Star (optimism/meditation), The Sun (Light, joy and creativity), and the Magician (magical manifestation and communication).

BOTTOM LINE:  Work in a spirit of harmony or shared vision with others today in the spirit of shared goals. Ask the self how doing so could benefit both yourself and the group, family or community.


Cosmic Communiqué 6-22-11 Finding and Communicating Joy in Your Life! Kua 58, Gemini, Taurus, The Sun, The Star, The Magician

Today’s Cosmic Communiqué advises reflection upon the true source of joy.

 The main difference between joy and pleasure is that joy comes from within, while pleasure comes from the outside world—mental and physical sense gratification.

We are able to maintain joy when we cultivate affection, consideration, respect and kindness toward others.  That, however, begins within the self first and then is consequently shared with others–joy shared is joy doubled!

Those who can reach a state of bliss in life do so, in my humble opinion, by understanding their own nature and the nature of reality Itself. And part of that includes understanding the past, incorporating it or integrating it so that it can be released (healing).  In that way,  freedom can be achieved. And that freedom creates an inner state which enables us to share this state of inner strength and joy with others.

When anxiety and discord are banished as a result of healing and integration of the past, what is realized is the true nature—joy—is found to be the core of one’s own being.  As this happens, Life is experienced differently– the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Taurus and Gemini are the correlating astrological archetypes. And The Star, The Sun, and The Magician archetypes of Tarot are the corresponding archetypes of today’s I CHING definition, Kua 58.

[Entering any of the following search terms–Taurus, Gemini, The Star, The Sun and The Magician—in the search window above/right will yield further information on these archetypes.]

Essentially, the Taurus archetype represents peace and tranquility and Gemini is about communicating—so putting a few keywords together, we could easily see the correlation to the I CHING Kua 58 of the day. This is in basic terms to “communicate peace and tranquility to others”. This is exactly the meaning of today’s message.

Star, Sun and Magic (Magician) are words with meanings which speak for themselves as far as archetypal symbols.

It’s those clichés that we hear all the time—release guilt about the past, forgive yourself and others, love yourself and be happy. I used to become borderline angry when I’d hear this kind of talk because I didn’t understand what steps were necessary. Is it simply as easy as changing your mind? This simmered for a long time while I searched for deeper understanding and actual steps to take—exactly how?  Reciting positive affirmations alone seemed like putting a Band-Aid over the question.  I needed to go deeper, as most people find that they do.

For me it involved learning about the mind, how it works exactly, going deeper into the study of the soul and the nature of reality. Buddhism and Hinduism studies (to name a few) have assisted me a good deal and then soul astrology provided some practical stepping-stones that were helpful.  And then there was a personal investigation of regression, integration,  and withdrawing projections–these types of inquiries.   Jungian Psychology and all the rest have provided valuable personal insight. These are topics that I write about often here in the blog and my weekly newsletters. Is this “the way” for everyone? I don’t know, but it’s been helpful for my spiritual alignment is all that I can share.  I don’t ‘do’ dogma very well–I study on my own, then observe and correlate with my life using discernment and intuition–that’s my way.

And what I hope is that my psychic, intuitive and channeling work with others aids them in receiving the right insight in the right timing for the next step on their path–whatever that might be. That is my intention in my work anyway.

One insight received at the right time can swing open the doors to the soul and reunion with or realignment with the Higher Self.  And that reunion, my friends, is what true joy has got to be about! How could it be otherwise?

It is only through insight that we can heal and transform and find true joy!

Daily Divination 6-19-11 King of Pentacles Tarot Card Draw Today–Father’s Day! Here’s my own dear Dad!

Tarot card for today (which is Father’s Day) is the King of Pentalces! One really can’t miss ‘that’ synchronicity!

And this is the last card of the deck, by the way. In the past 78 days, I’ve gone through all the tarot cards, correlating most of them with astrology.

This card relates to “Fire of Earth”.

The archetype of this card relates to a mature male (King) who deals with the needs and requirements of living on Earth; the perfect card for Father’s Day since the ideal father in our society has willpower, patience, and understanding of how the world works.

He creates stability in finances and health in the home.

He is goal-oriented and reaches for success; yet, ideally he doesn’t become too overly fixed on achievements and material security at the risk of devaluing relationships.

My own dear father was a very hard worker all of his life and stressed honesty and integrity above all else.

He’d say to us kids, “We may not be the smartest people in the world or the richest, but we are honest and have a good name.”

He always stressed honesty and uprightness and I’ve always done my best to demonstrate and live what he tried to teach.

Dad, I hope you are proud of me in that respect. And Happy Father’s Day; I love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

Pentacles is also about ‘what is valued’ and that’s not always cash money, is it?

The King of Pentacles is one who could instill values of any type in others.

Most good Fathers try to do this and no matter how their own life goes, they do teach through example, whether by positive example or negative. 

My Dad started his own small business when we was in his late 40’s and toward the end of his illness, I helped him; thus, learning firsthand the joy of creating one’s way making something from nothing. That has always inspired me. I keep an award near my desk that he and I worked together to help him receive before his death and a picture of him in his place of business to keep me inspired and connected.

We communicate through dreams and meditations and I often feel him nearby when I do my psychic work, feeling many times he helps bring in a clients loved ones for me. He told me shortly before his death that he did not fear that but only the idea that he may be forgotten bothered him. I know he realizes how unfounded that fear was.

The King of Pentacles archetype represents the energy of someone who is enterprising and entrepreneurial. He is goal oriented but on the most positive side of the archetypal nature maintains a calm and even approach, maintaining stabilization. He (she) knows that the more one gives, the more one receives and is devoted to work and career in that respect.

My father, who possessed all the good qualities of The King of Pentacles, inspires me still through my memories in many ways, but today on Father’s Day I think of him even more fondly.  Just as I am sure you do with your own dear Father today.

The example he gave in how he was devoted to his business and doing the best he could for his customers (clients), always going the extra-mile for people, is something I’ve always admired and tried to emulate. And this is the truth, because what Dad taught us about honesty and integrity would not allow me—especially upon Father’s Day—to speak (or write) anything but!

ASTROLOGICAL CORRELATIONS:  The astrological correlations relate to ‘fire’ and ‘earth’ elements.  One could just feel the two energies and with just a wee bit of imagination, can understand why “Fire of Earth” relates with the King of Pentacles.  The Earth element relates, of course, to survival and daily Earth living and make that a combo with the Fire Element, we had the fire qualities of passion and action.  We get someone passionate and active (fire) regarding making a living on the Earth (earth).  It’s pretty obvious.  Fire, in astrology, is Aries, Sagittarius and Leo which relate to their Mars, Jupiter and Sun rulership respectively.  The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn which relate to their Venus, Mercury and Saturn respective rulers.

Therefore this card correlates astrologically to any combinations of Fire and Earth listed above i.e. an Earth Planet in a Fire Sign OR a Fire Planet in an Earth sign.

PS – the two cardinal birds that have taken up residence near my back porch are very close to my sliding glass door today.

I’ve name the male cardinal after my Father and the female after my Mom.

He is out there right now even in the pouring rain and she is, as always, perpetually nearby.  She comes close to my desk facing the sliding glass door and sits on the high back lawn chair as I talk to her.

They have a family now and I watched how the male cardinal fed the babies by mouth near the bird feeder.  He does remind me so much of my Dad and the female, my Mom.  Both of my parents are in spirit world but I can’t help to see them both in these two cardinal who came to me in late winter/early spring and have been constant daily companions.

Daily Divination 5-30-11 The Star! Aquarius! Upliftment! Inspiration! And Neptune’s transition to Pisces!

The Star! IMAX: Hubble 3-D journey to explore the faraway galaxies viewed by the Hubble Space Telescope in its travels throughout the cosmos. The moment I drew this tarot card, it reminded me that I forgot to add the Hubble film to my movie list on Netflix. Now that I’ve done so, it’s on to the divination message for today. It’s a perfect card for this Memorial Day weekend when so many planets, including the Moon today are in relaxing and comfort seeking Taurus. Sunny with temperatures in the high 80’s, with light breezes, a blue sky and puffy white clouds here and there, grace the day.

What is even more beautiful (to me) and magical to boot is the night sky when the stars are bright and beautiful. Here in the mountains, without city lights, the night skies are enchanting and mystical. That’s the epitome of today’s message and it is associated with the words meditation and hope and that’s how we feel when we gaze up into a star filled sky! We can’t seem to help the associated feelings of stillness that the inner reflective mood that star-gazing supports and encourages. Stars connect us with our Soul.

This is undeniably my most favorite card in the deck! The astrological sign that rules this card is Aquarius and the archetype of that sign, ruled by Uranus, represents the individual unconscious mind—we might even say “soul”. The image on most tarot cards of The Star picture a water scene and water is associated with healing and also emotions—we might say then that emotional healing and the flowing waters of the inner life are represented here. Star gazing puts us in touch with that inner flow and that is what we are searching for when we meditate—that same feeling of connection to ‘total mind’ that star-gazing produces within us. Total mind is the connection with ego or physical mind to soul-mind to bring wholeness and completeness to the psyche—it’s the feeling of missing nothing and being totally present and fully plugged in or connected on all levels. That’s why this card is often associated with intuition and why it is said that star-gazing is an act of meditation.

By the way, a lot of people think Aquarius is a water sign, its Air and therefore associated with Mind and associate with visions or visionaries. I think of Uranus/Aquarius energy as flashes in the mind, intuitive flashes of guidance from the soul coming through wherever Uranus and Aquarius energy is in the chart. Neptune just moved through its sojourn in Aquarius–the linking of Universal Mind or Ocean of Cosmic consciousness which is Neptune filtered into our individual soul-mind which is Aquarius.

Now Neptune is in its own sign, Pisces. We may, therefore, have glimpses from our connection to cosmic mind (Neptune) of the larger soul of humanity or the universe itself (Pisces). In other words, while we may have been getting flashes of the blueprint for our individual soul when Neptune was in Aquarius, now that it’s in Pisces, humanity at large could be plugged into the cosmos at large. We will have to see how that plays out—shared dreams, shared spirituality, shared visions!

Intuitively, I’ve always felt that we can draw energy from the Sun, Moon, Mountain Tops and the Stars right into our self to heal, balance and energize our totally 4-body system (the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). I do that regularly. Today’s cosmic communiqué is a reminder of connecting and drawing down the energy of the stars.

While it’s lesser substitute, looking at Hubble Telescope images on the computer has the same effect—at least for me it does. I have a Hubble gadget on my i-google page.

Here’s a link to a Hubble gadget  http://www.google.com/ig/adde?moduleurl=http://www.bettergadgets.co.uk/space2.xml&source=imag

Viewing the night sky and space images can calm the mind and heart and open the channel of inspiration—the channel to spirit. When our mind and heart are calm we are open to the inner flow and can follow that flow into soul-mind and spirit world.

At twilight time, the magic of the first star that shines at night is undeniably mystical. Don’t forget to make a wish…

Starlight star bright,

The first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are
Anything your
heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

I wish you a Walt Disney Magic Kingdom kind of day!

(Minus the crowds of course)

PS – The last time Neptune entered Pisces was from 1847 to 1862. If you’re interested in the recent transition of  Neptune into Pisces, here’s a little video clip one of my favorite astrologers talking about this very thing:


I highly recommend viewing that video!

Daily Divination 5-10-11 The Inner Voice in your decision making process – The Hierophant and Taurus Inner Resource

Here is another message that is associated with Taurus energy—today I drew the tarot card of The Hierophant to inspire today’s cosmic communiqué. While Taurus has various archetypical meanings, the one that this card focuses on relates to inherent talents, inner resources as well as the material results when those talents and resources are demonstrated in the outer world.  An inner resource that we all have is our minds—specifically, the subconscious, super-conscious and that which we call the unconscious.  How do we separate out the different terms?  Aren’t they all the same?  Let’s save that to address on another day.  For the purpose of today’s divination message, the focus is on the inner voice or inner teacher that is present for us to realize and interact with when we can silence the mind and listen to that inner guide, inner teacher, and inner resource–especially when it involves making a decision. 

So many times in life, if we are not connecting to The Hierophant (the teacher within), we will draw in substitutes–call those substitutes ‘people who want to tell you what to do’.  Of course others who have lots of advice to give us about our personal life and how we should live it are only fulfilling our own inner void or absence of clarity. If we were certain about ourselves and our path in life, we wouldn’t be calling into our life spectrum those who want to take over for us.

Here’s a little example.  I seem to be vacillating about a decision to move off of the mountain, closer to my children and grandchildren.  I’d love to see them more frequently and the past few winters up here alone in the mountains have been harsh and have given me pause!  It’s a chore and costly to stay warm in this large house and a nice cozy 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with central heat and air would solve that problem nicely.  But it’s a pickle because I love the mountains and spring, summer and fall here are beautiful.  Because I am not doing very well at being decisive, one of my daughters is escalating her efforts to make the decision for me.  I am under-functioning in the area of decision-making and have naturally drawn in an over-functioning person (my Aries daughter!) who believes she clearly see’s what I should do—and believes I should do it yesterday!  Ha!    

I have not yet clearly received the directive from my inner guide that it is time to take action in any direction.  And this is what I need to covey to the daughter who wants to be so decisive for me. 

In any event, this is the archetype of The Hierophant as it relates to Taurus energy.  The message is to acknowledge the inner teacher, the inner guide and inner voice and to realize that we all have this inner resource.  And not to allow others to be our personal Hierophant (also known as High Priest) when we are perfectly capable of being our own guru!  The High Priest – AKA Hierophant – relates to one who lives life according to their own inner dictates rather then conforming to the expectations of the clan.

If you have an issue where clarity of mind is difficult or you are not plugged in very well to your inner guide, sage is an herb that can be burned to awaken the inner guide and to open the channel of wisdom within.

The images on the card represent the various levels of mind, the unconscious, the subconscious and the super-conscious.  In life, when there is a decision, we have to gather all the information, consider it well, examine it from various angels—in other words, do the pro’s and con’s thing.  And then ask the self how much of ourselves are we willing to conform to the desires and/or expectations of others. In other words, is there someone over-functioning that needs to be stood up to?  Do you have trust in yourself that you will receive the inner message and inner directive or reach inner clarity in perfect timing?  Or will you conform to or cave into the expectations of others?

Daily Divination 5-7-11 Inner Self Worth Transforms Outer Image! Page of Pentacles and Taurus

Being caught up in appearances—the tarot Page of Pentacles inspires the cosmic communiqué of today. I can’t argue that image isn’t important in life—one’s outer appearance does leave an impression on others, but have you ever noticed that people who have a powerful  presence seem to know who they are so strongly that they convince you in a way that goes beyond how they’re dressed?  I mean they project an inner confidence through and through from within. You know what I mean, right?  We’ve all met those kinds of people.  We may see their photo or they walk in a room and their appearance may be deceiving–once they being to covey their energy we can have a completely different impression and how they look outwardly no longer matters.

We may end up feeling this way, “Wow, this person has a beautiful outward appearance, but the total package seems shallow.”  Or the other way, “Wow, this person doesn’t dress well or needs a new hairdo but suddenly that all falls off the radar screen because their spirit is mesmerizing.”

Who you are in your spirit presence speaks louder than what you say or how you “look” in physical form. 

The message today (no matter what day you come to this post) is about believing in yourself and knowing that this belief  is what creates your appearance more than clothing or haircuts or a new pair of shoes.  Frustrations connected to inner channels of creativity and competency can and often do manifest as a  fear of not being capable

 I’m thinking of a Buddhist chant, Tayata om muni muni maha munaye soha (ta-ya-ta ohm moo-nee moo-nee moon-aye-yay so-ha) which translates roughly to, “I am capable, I am capable, I am very, very capable, and so it is.”  I like that one!

The divination message for today is to work with what you have and know it is enoughyou are capable! 

You don’t need wait until you lose 50 pounds of body weight, or until you buy a new wardrobe or until your hair grows longer in order to project your true self into the world.  You are perfect as you are. 

A beautiful inner spirit translates into other’s seeing your inner beauty and confidence on the outside—you’re a total package and that goes way beyond your waistline, clothing and hairstyle!

Interesting–yesterday’s blog post message was similar (but not exactly the same) as it also related to Pentacles which is earth energy.  Our Sun is currently  in an earth energy sign, Taurus, and will soon be joined by a number of other personal planets.  Tauruean energy will soon be bursting out all over. 

The archetype of Taurus, which rules the 2nd house, relates to beauty—Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Taurus as well as Libra. Taurus is the inner side of Venus and Libra is the outer.   Issues of personal worth and value will come to the fore when personal planets transit through Taurus.

Let me conclude with a few Taurean archetypes which correlate with the Page of Pentacles energy.  Fertility, abundance, “Mother Earth”, perseverance, stamina, beauty, gentleness and earth pleasures.

If someone painted a picture of Taurus, it would probably include green lavish outdoor scene with rolling hills.  Suddenly, as I see this scene in the mind’s eye there is an image of a human, much like the image of the Page of Pentacles above.  
As I am  hearing the thoughts of this human, he or she is asking, “How much am I worth?  How do I value myself?” 

Meditation:  And so the final thought here, perhaps a good contemplative or meditative question, has to do with whether or not you see your value as it relates to the outer image or the inner—body or spirit?  Do you value the physical image more than the spiritual?  Where do you put the most effort?  Are you allowing your inner beauty to shine through so that it can transform the outer physical?  Which image are you putting effort into changing?

Daily Divination 5-6-11 It’s NAture! Obliterate Lack through NUrture! Ace of Pentacles, Earth element

It’s NAture! Obliterate Lack through NUrture!  Ace of Pentacles, Earth element

Ever notice how some things seem to work out better the less you focus on them?  That’s the way it is sometimes—not always, of course.  When one has done all one knows how to do, there comes a point of letting go and that’s not as easy as the effort part.  Example:  money.  Attracting it and managing it, spending it and attracting more.  We all have ideas how to do that but once we implement the idea and given it all the effort, can we let go of it and allow the seed we planted to grow?  The part involving letting it go in order to give it time to grow seems much more difficult than the effort we put into planting the seed in the first place.  What is it that causes it to grow?  What is it that causes anything to grow or advance?  Take the example of a one year old baby.  A little child would never learn to walk if his mother carried him around all day and night, never giving him the opportunity to try it on his own.   I don’t think we could compare children with money but I do notice that when I carry my worry around, it causes me to be out of balance—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  And that imbalance of consciousness keeps me out of balance with earth energy—like I said, money ‘is’ earth energy.

Today’s cosmic communiqué is inspired by the tarot Ace of Pentacles—an earth energy card if there ever was one.  Here’s how it plays out with me time and time again.  When I keep myself balanced (by not being worried or concerned about money at all) in consciousness and with earth energy itself (spend time in nature), the money situation seems to handle itself!  I cannot begin to count the times that I’ve wondered if I was going to make the rent or monthly bills.  When the bank balance looks bleakest, I may implement an idea to stimulate more income, but that’s not always necessary I’ve learned.  It’s happened so many times that it’s a clear message—I go out in nature for a hike or a play date with myself and when I return to my computer, work has come in.  Or I do some other activity, that involves my complete presence which in effect distracts me completely and the same thing happens—work comes in or money arrives in the most interesting ways.  It always feels like the universe is going to what it does—and that is to support me—and all I have to do is get the heck out-of-the-way.  That’s the message of the Ace of Pentacles today to apply wherever it can be in your own life at this moment.

Keep the feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon, stay grounded and balanced and happy, remember you are part of the process of life itself expressing in abundant ways and your earthly material needs will be taken care of.  Do what you can… make your best effort but then be willing to let go and remain balanced as you do so.  Look the other way and when you look back you will see that magic has happened.

Walking the talk isn’t always easy; many of you may be thinking, “Your preaching to the choir Joy”, but you’d be amazed at how many ‘lightworkers’ or service workers in alternative fields (like me) know this stuff, teach this stuff but then have to work to apply it just like everyone else.  Many will say, “Of all people, I should know this!”—knowing it an applying it are two different animals.

If you are harboring a non-supportive situation or habit such as worry regarding your manifestation efforts, the message for you today (on the day you read this, no matter what the date) is this.  You’ve planted the seed and can’t seem to let it be because you’ve got too many weeds in the garden of the mind (weeds called worry).  Gently pull those out if you simply cannot stop the process of apprehension or concern—and you do that by redirecting your thoughts. A perfect way to do that is to go out for a walk, or go for a swim or sit on the porch and read a book—anything you enjoy will do!  Look for a project around the house or even on your computer to engage in and take the mind off it.  If something more comes by way of idea or inspiration, follow it but with an adventurous and joyful attitude. 

Eat well, sleep well, and enjoy the fruits of life and the funny thing is that while you’re busy doing THAT, the worry you had about money or any other earthly concern seems to take care of itself.  You sort of advance yourself forward on the game board of life without trying (you were having fun, remember) and then you look back and see that the thing you were worried about took care of itself. Why and how did it happen?  Your consciousness became balanced and you nurtured yourself and when you take care of you—it is supported by the life force energies and you receiving even more nurturing!  Like I said, magic.

That’s the way to deal with earth energy—that’s all I’m sayen! 

By the 15th of this month (May 2011) many planets will have moved into the Earth Sign of Taurus.  Our Sun is in Taurus now and will be joined by Mars, Venus and Mercury.  Taurus is all about earth pleasure and also about material needs being met through self-reliance, one’s inner nature.  Issues regarding material needs may surface with so many planets in Taurus and I’m sharing with you through personal experience–those needs fulfill themselves once I know I make all the effort I can and then go out in play in nature and balance my energy! 

I’ve gone on too long and hope I’ve delivered the cosmic memo effectively. It’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to a visit from my daughters and grandchildren this weekend!  Until Monday… the recommendation is to nurture your desires by releasing worry and playing out in nature!

Daily Divination April 16, 2011 Detangling from the Past; 7 of Pentacles relates to Saturn in Taurus


Take a small step today and then enjoy the rest of your day!

This message applies to NOW no matter which day you read this….

 You’ve seen some recent results of necessary change now and taking stock and finding out where you stand is the point you’re at, but don’t let it overwhelm you.  You’re not there yet–and maybe you don’t even know for sure exactly where “there” is; be okay with that for now–but it’s time to breathe the air of freedom and taste some of the fruits of the experience of recent days.  You can let up a bit today. 

Today’s message is about taking the next step—yes, it can seem overwhelming when a new and fresh start is up ahead.  How do we detangle from the past?  Melancholy aside—there’s time for that later if you must. 

It may look overwhelming and it may be tempting to throw in the towel but you know that turning back isn’t the answer and is even more complicated than moving ahead. 

 Forget the past for now—who is right, who is wrong or all the whys and wherefores will reveal themselves gradually over time. 

The important thing is the next step, one at a time.  Take an action today, any action—a small step is all that’s needed today.  With the rest of your free time today, recuperate.  Using percentages, 25% action toward future and 75% rest and relaxation—that’s how I see it shown in my mind. 

Sure, there are fields to be plowed, seeds to be planted, weeds to pull and it may look daunting but don’t focus on that, just start getting out the seeds or pulling a few weeds or ready the plow.  These are analogies of course—unless you actually do have a garden to ready for planting! 

The idea is that this is no time to entertain fears or worries about either the past or the future—you must not let either paralyze you to the point that nothing at all gets done today (or in the spirit of divine timing, on whichever day you read this).

Archetypically, this tarot card for today’s message from the cosmos is inspired by the 7 of Pentacles energy which is similar to the energy of Saturn in Taurus.  Saturnian energy is often times associated with “depression”, it can be heavy and Taurus can be stubborn; but both are associated with Earth energy.  A keyword for Saturn is “work” and also “discipline”  and for Taurus which is  associated with survival issues a key word is “self-reliance”.

[By the way, transiting/moving Saturn is retrograde right now in Libra, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you, personally, relate this message to an issue around relationships of some kind. I’ve addressed the opposition to a herd of planets in Aries in a previous post.]

Take a step—any step, even a small one–today to advance your itinerary around survival needs (Taurus), a step that only you can take.  Make a commitment (Saturn) to yourself that you will take a small step toward a new future, even if you aren’t sure what that future will be yet and even if you feel the work (Saturn) involved will be overwhelming, just do a little… You’ll feel better! 

Then take the rest of the day to relax and enjoy something pleasurable (Taurus), most especially something involving nature and the great outdoors (Taurus).  Most importantly, don’t look back—that’s only going to create sadness (Saturn)—but if you do and can’t help yourself, try to realize or acknowledge that past failures and success (both) have served as great teachers for you and then smile that smile of inner knowing.

Remember, one small step and then enjoy the rest of your day! 

That’s the cosmic broadcast.  What you do today will create your tomorrow…