Your Evolving Purpose |Week of Feb 10, 2014 | Astrology Prediction for the Week!

Psychic Astro Predictions for the Week

February 10 – 15, 2014


The Sun as it moves through this sky is now (week of Feb. 10th through 15th, 2014)  making CONTACT with other moving heavenly bodies! — namely Saturn, Mars and Mercury.  So what does that mean for us?  Generally speaking (and it must be thus because these moving bodies will relate to how the sky was at our birth which is individual) we have to start with the meaning of the transiting Sun.

We can go really far down the rabbit hole if we compare this weeks’ Sun to the Sun located in each individual persons birth chart (based on date, place and time of birth of course) but we’re not going down that far here; so let’s just stick with transit to transit surface stuff.  Anyway…

Moving Sun is the evolving purpose–one’s own light on one’s own path we could say.  The Sun is how or where we shine.  In each one’s chart this week’s Sun will appear in a differing house–and so might Saturn, Mars and Mercury; but that’s the rabbit hole again and we’re going to have to stay out of there since we were all born at different times, dates and locations.  Despite that–we all still have the Sun (as it is this week) connecting with (transiting) Saturn, Mars and Mercury.

Our true purpose, our core essence (Sun) as it evolves and grows is going to be affected by those three energies this week (Saturn, Mars an Mercury).  But how?  And what does this really mean?  How can it out-picture or manifest for this week?  Here goes–I’m about to answer that now.

SUN (in Aquarius) squares SATURN (in Scorpio)    This is a “last quarter square”.  The last time these two came together there was talk of getting on with it!  Progress has been made most likely regarding “it”–whatever it is in your life that represents your evolving purpose and core identity.  Shining your light and doing what needs doing to really do that!  (for each of us that’s going to be a bit different–but you reader should know what I’m talking about).  Yet the square represents a bit of challenge–not insurmountable but there’s some pressure building to get on with it! And it’s going to help you to be more independent and nobody can do it like you can, it’s unique!  (hint, hint)  There may be a challenges and minor frustrations but you can do it–for society, for others.  This about building new foundations and will involve breaking through cultural norms.  What a week!

SUN (in Aquarius) trines MARS (in Libra)  This is a “disseminating trine”.  There’s a high degree of socialization with Mars to the Sun–the conscious desires are easily connected to the evolving purpose.  It’s going to be easy to move right along with things this week and you will shine in your leadership ability–it will be easy to take initiative.  Others are going to reward the efforts that you put out this week–you’ve learned how to “work the system” so to speak and you will use that system to create more “shine” so-to-speak.  You should be able to relate well with others as your drive continues to  be about carving out your own niche in some way.

SUN (in Aquarius) conjuncts Mercury (retro in Aquarius)  You become what you say this week.  You also go back and revisit some communication thing that you didn’t finish or complete; something you’ve been meaning to get back to really gets infused with all your true essence this week.  You will really want to express your true identity to others this week.  What you do this week (especially with writing and communication) will be well received by others of like mind.

There it is then.  A quick psychic-astro synopsis of the week–an astro head’s up!  Make it awesome!