Revive or Release? Review your most cherished core beliefs – a New Year’s Clarity Exercise

Getting clarity in 2015 despite the ego not wanting to appear to be ‘the fool’

Core-BeliefsThe mind holds beliefs and the ego/personality wants consistency and doesn’t want to appear ‘The Fool’ even to itself; therefore , a result of this can relate to how we tend to follow our own habitual ways of thinking without changing them.

We can then start appearing a bit delusional to others because the ego unchallenged and unaccustomed to letting go enough to examine a belief (stories) can be really thick.

Again, ego/personality wants consistency and status quo and prefers not to change because to change may mean we’ve been wrong which horrifies that part of us.

However, if we have the courage to question those core beliefs it can be a huge relief.

Yet, we can (at first) become shocked, angry, and unsettled especially when we realize these ideas that we’ve been anchoring into were only stories that we told our self.  Again, to let go of those stories represents inconsistency and this frightens the ego/personality part of the psyche.

What happens when we do question and release some of those beliefs that need to be discharged is that we experience a huge relief and real liberation.  It’s like when you’ve been holding something in your hand or in your arms for or a very long time and when you get to put it down—ahhh, what relief.  Right?

In doing psychic work sometimes I see folks who hold one particular belief about the spirit world that affects every aspect of what they do; but it causes confusion because that belief doesn’t square with all other experiences.  They may call me hoping I will validate a belief that they are trying to be consistent with but doesn’t resonate fully anymore.  I see how they struggle with it not wanting to change the habitual thought and  how they go back to clinging to it and then letting it go again—it takes courage to open your mind sometimes.   It can be frightening, shocking and very unsettling when one’s reality shifts suddenly.

There’s no need to berate one’s self after seeing the light–it is best to see it as a necessary part of the path and the process of growth and evolution.

Another example.  I knew a person who as an adult well into her 40’s blurted out one day that her aged mother was responsible for her lifelong and current overeating problem because her mother overfed her as a baby.  She was serious about this lifelong belief and when I did a double-take and repeated back to her what she had just said because I could hardly believe my ears she became momentarily enraged and shouted back, “Well, who else’s fault would it be?”  This is a true story and really drives home the point that I’m writing about.  This individual had, obviously, never questioned her own assumption and carried it for decades.  It could speak to an overall tendency to blame others, not take responsibility in other areas of life too.  I don’t know if she has let it go fully or if she is still holding it but hopefully you get the point I’m trying to make through this example–we hold to the strangest beliefs sometimes without realizing it.

It’s the New Year 2015 and we’re one week in now so I thought it to be a good exercise for myself to sit down and write down on a steno pad my deepest-held core beliefs and examine them.  This of course requires bare-bones honesty and deep contemplation.

I used the 12 houses of astrology to list 12 areas of life and then to examine those, asking myself if any could be erroneous or ridiculous beliefs I’m still holding or that I’ve outgrown.

Going through this exercise is radical because it really makes you come face-to-face with what ‘you’ believe and it may be an eye-opening experience helping you to see the points-of-view which you’ve held that you may not even have been aware you were holding.   Releasing those, I believe, is a way to help you on your way to enlightenment.

You may, through this exercise, see that you no longer agree with your old self and recognize inner conflicts which have been holding you back or keeping you from clarity and preventing you from being fully open to the grace of the universe.

If you wish to give this New Year’s exercise a whirl, here are 12 life categories you may like to use to stimulate your review.

My suggestion is that for each category, ask yourself what is your most cherished core belief.  These categories are based on the 12 houses of astrology.

Some of the houses hold more than one basic category or meaning.  The suggestion is to select the one category from each house that seems most significant for you. This is a good exercise to come back to, perhaps starting with one house category on one day and the next on another.  All categories or areas don’t have to be accomplished all at one sitting.

Some beliefs you may wish to keep holding which  will serve to rededicate your values; but others may need to be laughed at and sent out of your mind and heart and on their way!

The 1st houset: the self, demeanor, physical body, public image, and vitality.

The 2nd house: money earned and material goods; what is valued; issues of survival and self-reliance

The 3rd house: immediate surroundings, siblings, short trips, left brain/intellect, communication

The 4th house:  self-image, family, home, origins, heredity, and the nurturing parent

The 5th house: creativity, love matters, pleasure, leisure, children, self-expression

The 6th house: everyday life/routine, daily work (job) and colleagues, mentors, small animals/pets and health

The 7th house: relating to others, partnerships, other people

The 8th house: power/control issues, psychology, occult, passions and crises, transformations, death, financial investments, inheritance, other people’s money and sexuality

The 9th house: philosophy, long distance travels, abstract and higher concepts (right brain), religion, and foreign matters.

The 10th house:  social success, professional destiny/career, authoritative parent

The 11th house: friends, collective projects, supports and wounds

The 12th house: spirituality, what is hidden,   difficulties, solitude

If you do work with this exercise and find it helpful, I’d love to hear from you.

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ADDENDUM to previous blog post – Easter Morning

It is Easter morning April 8th 2012.  I awoke thinking about my father and mother in spirit world and about my dream during the night.  You know how dreams are, strange and wispy.  I’m going to describe mine … the rest of the paragraph is the dream.  We were moving — moving things around and some pipes broke under the kitchen sink and my father was sick and sometimes confused and the air conditioner went out and was thinking that I had one in a storage unit, an extra window unit.  My dad was trying to fix something under the sink–the pipes and he couldn’t.  Just some turmoil and trying to move, knowing we were all moving in some way–the dream was about moving and there was a feeling of turmoil and it being suffocating-ly hot but it was only going to be temporary with the heat and it wasn’t unbearable, just a little bit uncomfortable and we all knew where we were was temporary and that we were moving and would be moving again. 

I awoke thinking how strange it was that dreamt of Dad and that he was confused–and in fact it was me that was confused a bit because I began to think — wait, if my dad is dead [and he is], why would he still be confused there on the other side–that doesn’t seem right.  In fact, I thought that in the dream too; how strange that would be to remain confused after you die.  Everything was very up in the air in the dream–quite unsettled, everything was so temporary and everything was in a stage of being moved… relocated.  Things (objects/furniture) and people all being relocated.  The place we were ‘at’ in the dream — it was a temporary place, not the final destination.

I like when I dream of my dad actually but usually he is fine when I dream of him–not in a sick-bed or confused.  I wanted to feel comforted by seeing my dad in the dream but the dream was not necessarily a pleasant or comforting dream at all.  It wasn’t a nightmare but it wasn’t exactly a happy dream–it was about moving and being hot b/c the air conditioner broke and it was about moving things temporarily.  Well, now I realize that I’m repeating myself.  I’ll stop going on about the dream now.

I got out of bed and made my way to the coffee pot remembering that it was Easter.  I hit the button on the blinking answering machine–there were messages.  My sister called about my brother and his wife… she has been ill.  Our sister-in-law who was sick in the hospital with failing organs complicated by pneumonia had died during the night; she had, during her last few hospitalizations, become extremely confused.   My sister received the call from our brother at 3:30 AM; right when I was dreaming.  Maybe it was my sister-in-law in the dream and I simply put my dad in to play the role in my dream.  I didn’t know her very well and they live very far away from the rest of us. 

I do think it’s very significant –the timing.  Easter morning after all — when the xtian “risen” energy is the most on people’s minds and Masses and prayers and services are beginning.  They were Russian Orthodox and my sister’s priest says they celebrate Easter 2 weeks later than Catholics or other xtians.  But ‘me thinks’ this really doesn’t matter in the big picture.  Prayers are prayers and good vibes are good vibes and if you are going to ascend, why not on an Easter morning no matter which Easter morning it is (who knew there was more than one?).  My mother died on a Catholic holiday that celebrates the Blessed Mother — good juju, good luck, good omen and all of that. 

Our sister-in-law rose up on a day when people are thinking of resurrection.  My dad probably came to tell me in a dream to let me know about my sister-in-law and you know how the mind is and how dreams are–symbolically dramatic.  My mind made a little story about it. 

I’d like to think my Mom and Dad and myself too were there helping her move and helping her be comfortable in her crossing.  (After all, my dad was trying to fix the pipes and I was trying to get an extra air conditioner to keep things comfortable.)  I called my dinner-party-daughter (my youngest) to tell her this morning and she said immediately that she dreamt last night too– about a co-worker’s mother who died.  This daughter’s Moon and Mercury are in Pisces and she’s always been very intuitive that way and often has meaningful dreams–sometimes prophetic.

I am going to meditate now and do some prayer work for my sister-in-law.  I feel assured she had help getting to the other side and that my parents helped along with many others.  May you be happy dear sister-in-law now that you are free from the physical body and liberated back into the subtle body realms!  Give a greeting to my parents for me, won’t you?  Don’t worry about your husband, we’ll check on him often for you.


BOTTOM LINE:  Here’s what I took away from the dream as far as a message is concerned.  My parents were part of this process and I was somehow involved myself also in the journey that my sister-in-law was making in her death process.  Yet, with the entire feeling of the dream  I was being reminded that life itself and death, no matter how many times it occurs (reincarnation) is a journey that continues–the whole feeling was that the journey is always occurring whether we are in a physical body or not in the physical body… we are all of us always still traveling and journeying and we never arrive at any particular destination, it is ongoing, everlasting and forever.  Anyway that was the feeling.  And that we humans help each other on our journeying — as family we help one another whether it is biological family or whether we are related legally as we would think of it — through our caring for one another in whatever way that occurs we do what we can to help another on their journey.  Family usually cares for one another but we have all kinds of family that we inherit as part of our knowing them and about them — we are all one another’s family–the human family.  And we all, as caring and loving humans, do whatever we can to help each other on the journey that we are all taking whether it is in this life or the after life–we do what we can to make one another comfortable and to make the journey easier.  The overall feeling in the dream is that we are always, all of us, at all times in some sort of transition and that we are all here to help each other’s journey so in that sense we are always moving, and everything is always temporary or as the Buddhist speak of impermanence.  And at the time of death or when the soul/spirit is leaving the body, people are there to help us to make it more comfortable.  I think the ‘heat’ part of the dream was me working the heater that was actually on in my bedroom making my own sleeping room that night too warm–I worked that into the dream; yet, it was also significant in that I think there is a sort of heat thing that happens as the spirit and soul are leaving the physical body.  That part of the dream seemed instructive to me personally but it wasn’t anything severe.  I just felt we should have an air conditioner to make the room more comfortable and in the dream I sent someone out to get a portable unit that I had in storage, even though I knew it would be only temporary.  The thrust of the feeling of the dream was that we help each other, we gather around one another, to make the journey more comfortable in life and in death both. 

My Alaskan sister-in-law was an Eskimo of the Inuit tribe.  She will be buried in the village where she was born.. they must fly her body there for this is the only way to reach the village.  Her people and their ways will also be helping her in her journey.  My brother now has people of a different family, the tribe.  They will help him too.