Astrology Head’s Up for June 29 2012 Three Intense Aspects: Sun opposes Pluto, Sun squares Uranus, Mercury sextiles Jupiter

Planet Alert for June 29th 2012

The energy has been building and tomorrow (Friday 29th of June), there’s a release:  

Sun in Cancer square Uranus in Aries (one’s primary self as it relates to emotion, and/or home/family b/c Sun is in Cancer and some element of rebellion or surprise in regard to that as it applies to FREEDOM since Uranus is in freedom loving and impulsive Aries!  ALSO…

Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Cap … so again themes of family which is a cancer quality and “getting real” which is a Capricorn quality.  Could play out in various ways but that’s a primary on that I intuitively feel.  ALSO…

Mercury in Leo sextile’s Jupiter in Gemini…. here we see large issues since Jupiter intensifies and increases anything it touches and it’s touching GEMINI and so the mouth can get really big tomorrow… LOL… i mean it is going to be easy to get it out and say what you want to say since Jupiter in Gemini makes an exciting, stimulating sextile aspect to the planet that actually rules Gemini:  MERCURY!  And that Mercury is in ‘”what about me?” Leo’.  Sometimes it’s really better than OK to be a little selfish and to speak up–especially if you’re one who puts their own needs always to the back being the sacrificial lamb!   It’ll be easy to speak up tomorrow and Jupiter will stimulate that! 

The Soul will be shaking things up tomorrow!


Living an Energy Efficient Life Compliments of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn’s 2nd house, 3rd house Influence – Kua 28 EXCESS

I few words are ringing my bell here about today’s (whenever you read this) divination message, and you may ask what do ‘obsession’, ‘overload’, ‘burden’, ‘excess’ or living with the laws of nature have to do with a major rent increase and shutting off my cable TV? Aren’t we all being encouraged to examine what is wasteful and what is really necessary in these economic times? Pluto is in practical minded Capricorn after all and just a glance (dare you to do more!) toward Capital Hill in the USA and you will see the ongoing debate about exactly that—what we need and what we can do without. This isn’t a political blog by any means but the world and US economy are pretty much going thought the Pluto-in-Capricorn restructuring. (Saturn/Capricorn rules structure). And my Saturn just kicked its way out of my 2nd house of what-is-valued (the money house).

Saturn will restructure the value system for sure and that’s been happening for the past few years—and so perhaps the god of practicality/reality left me a parting gift as he exited house 2—a rent increase. I was thanking him a few months ago for a new (used) car.

And now that Saturn has reached my 3rd house it is causing me to examine what is practical and necessary by way of communication too. I just took a step in the area of communication that I’d been threatening to take for the past year anyway—disconnected the cable TV. That compensates at least partially for the rent increase but it also cuts away excess and anything that is unhealthily obsessive—which TV watching can be anyway. What will I do on long, cold winter nights now? What will the lord-of-practicality and restructure demand of me in the area of communication as Saturn has just entered the 3rd house of communication? Maybe get to that book written that I’ve been threatening to write!?

Interestingly enough, the phone company just changed which reduced my monthly phone bill by around $40 per month, so that Saturn and Capricorn energy is really restructuring my whole system of accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as what I do with any free time in the evenings. No TV will be liberating and I will turn to more practical (Saturn/Capricorn) types of communication (3rd house). Those are some basic archetypes astrologically that could play out in other ways too—time will tell.

Sometimes too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing! It creates pressure that either comes from within or without but anything excessive needs to be changed and restructured eventually. The question becomes do you deal with the ‘handwriting-on-the-wall’ as the saying goes, and stop while there’s time or do you go down in flames? I’d prefer to avoid the flames as stubborn as I can be at times. I’m looking at other ways where I am wasting energy—I’ve recently put weather-stripping on the windows and am more aware of where I may be wasting electricity.

The whole question that we should ask periodically (and that’s what this message today is about) is, “Am I living in accord with the laws of nature? Am I functioning like a robot in some areas, remaining asleep (too much TV can do that for you by the way) and am I living in alignment with my own truth?” That’s the bottom line with today’s divination message from Kua 28 which is called EXCESS. When we are being temporarily restrained by life, it gives us an opportunity to awaken further and fill our time with useful activities—one’s that are in alignment with our inner truth and integrity. My integrity may be different from yours but when we are not living to our own inner integrity, we need periodic adjustments. Sometimes those are forced (as in my case with the rent and TV and other things) but always we can use them as opportunities.

One  message for today is this. “Life becomes more energy-efficient when we are in touch with our own rhythms and needs.”

What has reached the breaking point in your life? Where are you overloaded in your life and what needs a little restructuring? That’s the point of contemplation for today.  And if something is forced on you to restore balance, simply be grateful for it; it’s a blessing!  (try to see it that way if possible)

If obsessive worry is where you are overloaded, release the burden and deal with only what is necessary–worry never is necessary. One thing I do is to say  myself, “Are you doing the best that you can Joy?” And if I answer  to that is honestly, truthfully “Yes”, then the next thing I say to myself is, “Then you are not allowed to worry!” This may sound silly and childish,  but it happens to work for me in the moment so that I can release the burden enough to recognize my next step using my intuition.

After all, look at that image above… all those burdens on the guy’s back; no wonder he’s exhausted and had reached the breaking point. The Cherokee tell a story of going for a walk and picking up a fist sized rock for every problem you have and before long you will see it is impractical to walk carrying those rocks. Put them down!

One last thought. Lately I am reading a book about the Mound Builders of North America – our ancient ancestors. It’s a book about archeology that goes back to the time when Asians came to North America on foot over the Bering Strait and while the information is gleaned from the Mounds or burial sites (I have one right behind this house that I rent, thus my interest!) examined by archeologists, there is plenty of information about how our earlier ancestors lived in pre-historic times.

So far I’ve read  to about 1,000 AD and find it fascinating. It certainly makes the way I am living in the present seem like a castle in heaven. At least I don’t have to rebuild my hut every 2 years because the wood and grasses become rotten or blow away and I don’t have to have to smoke the bugs out of the dwelling because the little critters inhabit the thatch roof and walls! Talk about perspective!  🙂

Maybe having to pay more rent and deal with the month-to-month uncertainty of being self-employed, in comparison to our oldest ancestors, I’m really feeling pretty grateful.  Just look at that place!  Okay, so they’d dig a floor in the earth about a foot deep…but still. Remember THAT next time it rains or snows Joy! <– said to myself.  And I do really; I honestly do have faint memories of living like that in a distant past that get triggered when it rains hard or snows–am then most thankful for the solid roof and walls I live beneath and within most especially then.  But we try to be grateful for all of our blessings all of the time the best we can, right?

Daily Divination Improvement over the next few months; The Inevitability of Change and Divine Timing – I CHING Kua 24; Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Death, The Empress, The World, Hanged Man, The Chariot

 Today pause to remember that life has cycles continually unfolding.  There will be improvement over the next few months; this is a turning point.

Turning points are inevitable and the motion life never really stops; yet pauses do happen during the changes of the cycles and seasons.

These are moments when the world seems to hold its breath while a shift occurs. Sensitive people can sense these transitions within their own systems. Take the shift from winter to spring—while there still may be snow on the ground, the promise of spring is felt by those who are sensitive and who feel the quickening that happens beneath the earth; the daffodils are ready to come up even though there are no early shoots above the ground, a sensitive person and feel the stirrings of spring.

If your efforts seem to be at a standstill, remember the lesson of the season of winter into spring given in the paragraph above. We trust the seasons in nature and should hold the same trust in the inevitability of change in our personal lives as well. Natural Law! Nature is an awesome instructor, especially in regard to lessons of divine or ‘right’ timing. There are times in our lives when we cannot effect change and just like the message of yesterday’s blog (Kua 13) we can only wait—just like we wait for spring each year.

Spring will come when it will—and we know it will–and there’s nothing at all we can do to hurry it along.

That’s the epitome of today’s message which is very similar to yesterdays.

Another good example of today’s message has to do with the steady improvements that come as we recover from a cold or flu. We may try to push forward as we sense an improvement from the day before but as we do, we only have to rest again—more recuperation is needed. We cannot ‘bounce back’ until our energy has been replenished.

The greater point of today’s message is that there are times when there is nothing we can do but have faith because “doing something” doesn’t help, it only hinders at these times. Certain times it is best not to interfere; oh, yes, we can try but soon find that it gets us nowhere and we need to return and release attachments.

Today’s message is to take care of yourself while a transition is occurring in your life. Look inward and be in touch with The Divine within you. Be gentle with yourself today; don’t try to accomplish too much.

Let your energy be recharged now and remember nature—the ebb and flow of the ocean. Be receptive and patient, not too outgoing.

The next few months will show steady improvement.

Contemplate the word “regeneration”.

The Astrological Correlations for the I CHING Kua 24 are Capricorn (withdrawal), Aquarius (detachment) and Pisces (expanded awareness).

The Tarot Correlations are:

Death – transformation; change

The Empress – pregnant with and about to be born

The World – Divine Timing

Hanged Man – letting go; surrender

The Chariot – seeing the big picture from within consciousness

Daily Divination 6-18-11 Reorient through Reflection Today! The Hermit ruled by Virgo

Today, reorient through reflection! If you agree with the understanding of divine timing, this post would apply no matter which day it is read.

The Hermit, ruled by Virgo, goes within to reflect upon the experiences of life. Consciousness moves inwards. This is, I believe, the crux of life insofar as what is of most value—the ability to go within and discern and reflect. When we lack this activity, we create crisis in life which forces us to do so (to reflect).  And the ‘patterns’ that you hear spoken about with regard to  life experiences repeating are also purposeful to that same end–to enforce reflection.

Suddenly, I find myself reminiscing about the movie, Inception—and “the kick” that they refer to in the movie as a way of waking up. That’s what life crisis is about—the wake up, the kick. Yet, like I recently tweeted, “It is only through insight that we can heal and transform”. Crisis helps us seek that insight if we don’t do so voluntarily. Of course, life and the interconnected psyche is so complicated that one cannot make a one or two-line statement, or can one? Food for thought.

The Hermit of tarot represents someone who has gone beyond the point of judgment and criticism and is able to see into the varied paths that people (souls) choose. Contemplation of this “beyond point” can be achieved through meditation and studying the paths of those who have gone before us, the great teachers. Another compliment to glimpsing the ‘beyond point’ can be observed in the astrological natal chart if one can interpret the signs and placements of the planets seeking the soul’s past and future intent. All of this removes black and white judgments and enables detached compassion. From insights gained from these perspectives one can eventually let go of patterns and/or pain.  And then, once integration, understanding and insight occurs it is very possible to, in the end, actually have very little to say about it other than things like, “It is as it is and nothing more.”  We can get to that point of peace and release through reorienting through reflection.  How long does ‘that’ take?  An instant or 1,000 lifetimes, it’s our choice.

Today’s message is simple. All the answers are within. With the inner peace of experiencing one’s own inner light produced through patience and inner quietude, one eventually understands that there aren’t really even any questions.

A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you. — Rumi

Daily Divination 6-13-11 Breaking Through the Boundary of Personality Consciousness (Saturn) to Experience Wholeness (Tarot, The World)

Breaking Through the Boundary of Personality Consciousness (Saturn) to Experience Wholeness (Tarot, The World)

Happiness is Wholeness! The tarot card The World is the same archetype as Saturn—the end, or better said the edge ,of personality/ego consciousness, meaning the boundary that separates this world from the next is represented, as an archetype, as the planet Saturn.

My astrology teacher says that when a progressed Saturn is retrograde in a personal chart, there is an opening between the conscious mind and sub-conscious or super-conscious (one could also say ‘higher mind’)—i.e. a channel is created. I found that information interesting because it was around 1999 that I began to do psychic readings professionally, meaning it turned into being my only source of income–therefore, professional.  And that’s right around the time that my progressed Saturn turned retrograde. I only share that since it relates to the correlation of Saturn to The World tarot card and the channel between dimensions or levels of mind.

Typically, the World Card indicates the end of the cycle and the meaning is much like this: you’ve gone as far as you can for now and a new cycle is beginning.

When I programmed my tarot cards with personal memories, this card related to the memory of driving late at night on my way from Florida to Ohio. I ran off the road in a rainstorm and nearly went off a cliff! That was as far as I was going THAT night, for sure! I turned around and held up at the last Motel I passed until the next day.

In order to program tarot cards for personal memory meanings, draw a card without looking at it and ask your soul-mind  to supply you with a memory to attribute to the meaning of that card.

Saturn rules time, limitations, form, and as mentioned above – boundaries, and the end of cycle.

When we can break through these boundaries in consciousness, we can have what some would call an experience similar to those who report NDE’s…  near death experiences.

We can induce our self into these areas of breakthrough by doing yogic-type breathing and clearing of the chakras. A re-centering of the personality occurs which brings spiritual openings to the Greater Self in dreams and meditations. And then we see the human comedy of all past lives and present from a perspective of understanding, compassionate acceptance, and non-attachment.  It can be shattering until you are ready for it but you completely understand that–there is no self!

From this standpoint, one begins to understand that there is, in the end, no division between a literal and symbolic world. There is simply ONE WORLD where The Divine is a sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere—or as Wayne Dyer likes to point out “now here”.

When we can achieve such a consciousness, all is both one ‘and’ many and everything is in its place in the ever transforming play of creation.

From this perspective there is no reincarnation because the individual soul that is said to be reborn has no separate reality except as one of the billions of sparks in the greater mind!

This is the realization that many of those who have had near-death experiences have reached. (I almost had one of those on the night I ran off the road in the rain!)

Anyway, this is the epitome of this card’s meaning and of today’s message. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, when we go as far as we can, another dimension opens and we fly through the opening to the higher one.

The good news is that we can do it with our feet on the ground upon the earth when we can channel through the openings in the Saturn boundary of consciousness and experience wholeness.   And thus ends the  Cosmic Communiqué for today.

PS– This is one tarot card that I could write book about but speaking of SATURN ruling time…  must fly for now.  See you tomorrow…  wait! before I go, here’s the Heart Sutra (gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā) which pretty much explains it….

Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, practicing deep prajna paramita,
saw that all five skandhas are empty, transforming all suffering and

Shariputra, form is no other than emptiness, emptiness no other than
Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form.
thought, impulse, consciousness are also like this.

Shariputra, all things are marked by emptiness –
not born, not
not stained, not pure,
without gain, without loss.
Therefore in emptiness there is no form, no sensation, thought, impulse, consciousness.
No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind.
No color, sound,
smell, taste, touch, object of thought.
No realm of sight to no realm of
No ignorance and also no ending of ignorance to no old age and death
and also no ending of old age and death.
No suffering, and also no source of
suffering, no annihilation, no path.
No wisdom, also no attainment.
nothing to attain, Bodhisattvas live prajna paramita with no hindrance in the
No hindrance, thus no fear.
Far beyond delusive thinking, they
attain complete Nirvana.
All Buddhas past, present and future live prajna
paramita and thus attain anuttara samyak sambodhi.

Therefore, know that prajna paramita is the great mantra, the wisdom
mantra, the unsurpassed mantra, the supreme mantra, which completely removes all
suffering. This is truth, not deception. Therefore set forth the prajna paramita
mantra, set forth this mantra and say:


[Beyond, beyond, totally beyond, perfectly beyond: Awakening ….Yes!]


Daily Divination 6-11-11 Integration and Evolution – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – 4 of Pentacles; Sun in Capricorn

Experiences of the material world which result in mental or emotional uneasiness can, if held over time result in karmic complexes. The may also be already existing for many years, from birth or prior lives if you accept the theory of reincarnation.  No matter how they originated,  these are experienced as projections (involving others in dramas) somatic or physical responses (aches, pains, organ dysfunctions, etc.) and can become personifications (dream and fantasy figures and sub-personalities). Essentially, if experienced are not processed, integrated and released but instead become solidified, it can adversely affect an individual creating solidified fear, guilt, anger or other emotions related to fear itself.

The total and complete opposite of fixation and holding and overly identifying with the emotional, mental or physical aspects of experiences result in absolute non-integration, meaning letting experiences pass without processing the available meaning or wisdom available to be gleaned from of experiences themselves.

Today, the card inspiring today’s blog divination message comes from the 4 of Pentacles which is the same archetypal energy as the Sun in Capricorn. And Capricorn is Cardinal energy and an Earth sign.

With cardinal energy, the energy pattern we see is of “two steps forward and one step back”—initiation and then withdrawal based on insecurity. The Capricorn archetype is a passive, cardinal element of earth and is associated with individual consciousness from the space-time dimension, meaning life on earth experienced by a personality.

Capricorn energy in expression will initiate, then step back to stabilize (and/or integrate) and then initiate again—that would be a normal, expected expression of Capricorn energy. What I described in the first two paragraphs have to do with fixation or stubborn holding or being unable to let go of patterns so that no integration occurs. Let me explain.

Capricorn also represents boundaries, especially boundaries in consciousness, and so we could say that the energy of the 4 of Pentacles represents holding tightly to patterns, thereby letting no insight whatsoever enter consciousness and no integration takes place—in other words, now allowing insight or wisdom to occur, non-integration of experiences and holding and identifying with experiences of the past that have become fixed or solidified. If progress is made, it is very slow, very gradual—“two steps forward and one back.”

And as one might imagine, just as the image above shows, not much else can in get when one is stubbornly holding-on-to an energy pattern—a belief or a situation that one is stubbornly trying to control. Some sort of release of the pattern of energy is needed so processing can occur and some sort of integration can take place so that some wisdom is achieved and progress can be made.

As we factor in the Sun (this card relates to “Sun” in Capricorn), we are talking about self-expression and self-actualization as well as creativity—the Sun is one’s essence and the creation of the “self”. A distortion of Sun energy results in immature child-like behaviors, lack of will (or too much will), and insecurity. It may also express as a desire to play the role of “god” in other people’s lives and/or its distorted expression is “the drama queen” kind of energy.

Essentially, the Sun shows how the soul integrates and gives purpose to the life—it is the point of integration.

Today’s message poses the following contemplative questions. How well do you understand the structure of your mental, emotional and physical patterns in life? Are you integrating wisdom from understanding your patterned responses to life? Are you using that wisdom to realize what is serving you (what you need to hold to remain stable and secure) and what you need to release in order to grow and evolve as a human being who is having a spiritual experience? Do you recognize outmoded thoughts, ideas and beliefs? And are you willing to release them? Which one’s do you need to hold in order to remain secure while still allowing the flow of life (change)?

When we are creating a new experience for ourselves—say when we’re making change in our life, many people tend to hang onto the old a little bit while integrating the new. It makes me think of the transition that I made from working for a company to working for myself; I integrated it gradually, doing readings while I was still working in my old 9-5 job. Gradually, letting go and integrating the new reality much like that “two steps forward and one step” back energy mentioned earlier. I did that until I could feel secure in the new reality.

There were, however, a few times when I wanted to maintain the status-quo and got a bit stuck, but each time I turned completely back to the old reality, that became even more unbearable than the fear of creating a new one (reality). So it was back-and-forth until the new reality took hold; meanwhile, I learned from observing the process.

And that is what today’s message encourages—to learn from life’s experiences instead of clinging fearfully to the old ways of being, old out dated beliefs/traditions and grasping tenaciously to the old way of life which includes materiality. I eventually gave up the high paying job in favor of integrating the new reality realizing the importance of spiritual growth over a high paying job.  I’m not implying that everyone should do this. That is just an example of a meaning of this card and the Sun in Capricorn archetypal energy.

Life is always in flow and to resist that flow is one of the lower expressions of the archetype that I’ve been describing. Sun in Capricorn energy wants to control and impose its will, resisting movement and change. Some control is needed but too much of that and we end up in stagnation, non-growth and non-evolution.

Life, like the ocean, will flow whether we like it or not and we can build a raft and go with that flow or we can swim or row against the current and exhaust ourselves.

We either change or drown. Sometimes in life we find it’s like our will (the Sun) against Divine Will, and as they say on Star Trek, “Resistance (Capricorn) is futile.”

Daily Divination 6-7-11 Watch It, People are Speaking their Truth! Are You? – the Sun is in Gemini – Knight of Swords!

Watch It, People are Speaking their Truth! Are You?  The Sun is in Gemini and this archetype relates to the Knight of Swords!

How do we speak our truth, say what we feel and express our opinions (expressing what we feel that we need to) in order to be in integrity with our self without being manipulative, controlling, overly willful, impatient or unkind? It’s a pickle! If we suppress or repress what we feel we need to say or express, this creates more problems in our own spirit. Yet, sometimes we can go too far and express from our own hurts and disappointments instead of our authenticity. For example, take this situation with someone who is very close to me… it relates to the Knight of Swords tarot card that I pulled today. Maybe there is something here that you can relate to or draw something from for your own path.

I am working to resolve some strong feelings of disappointment and perhaps even anger around a situation with someone regarding a situation from many years ago. At the time, I repressed and suppressed my own feelings. My sense of it is that at the time, I was on overdrive selflessly helping this person, putting my own feeling aside.

Recently something happened in this individual’s life and it feels (for me) like the past repeating itself to some extent—at least to the point that the previously repressed feelings are triggered. In my soul-searching as I ask myself where my recent feelings of anger toward this individual are coming from, it is clear they relate back to events from many years ago.

It’s like the picture on the tarot card—the energy is coming right at me! All of it, I’m certain, relates to my own shadow—parts of myself that I’ve been not willing to integrate. I asked for some help around this situation and had a dream last night and within the night reverie, I woke in the midst of it and said, “I did the same thing!” My take on it is that the soul-mind was showing me that which I’m disturbed with this person about is part of my own past somehow.

This integrative process was helpful and since then my feelings have softened—yet, that doesn’t change the fact that yesterday I spoke to this person firmly and directly expressing my thoughts and feelings without holding much back. I wasn’t unduly unkind; yet without premeditation (it just happened) I simply could not suppress or repress.   I gave voice to the anger that I’d held down for so many years without realizing it was there.

I’m finding lately that I’m able to stand in my truth and express it but am also on guard to not overdo it or not respond from a place of hurt or not out of an intention to control or manipulate. Rather to speak in a way that I am being true to my own self—in integrity with ‘me’ so that there is no conflict in my spirit afterward. It’s a pickle, as the saying goes. And one does not wish to create further karma but again one must be true to one’s self while not being unduly unkind to others.

That’s sort of the calling card of the Knight of Swords and I hope that my little example has given this archetype additional meaning.

Additionally, Knights are protectors and what I spoke to this individual about did involve protection energy. “Take good care of yourself and parent yourself wisely!” were some of the words that I spoke. My heart was coming from a sense of wanting to protect, but I was also expressing some frustration and anger that simply could not stay silent any longer. It was purely impulsive and I know that the transiting Moon yesterday that was sitting right on top of Pluto and triggering my natal Mars/Pluto/Saturn 12th house stellium helped what was subconscious to become conscious in that moment.

I have not spoken with this individual for many weeks and I received a phone call right when the Moon was triggering Pluto, et al—to the exact degree, mind you! And out it came—energy coming right at you! And that’s the Knight of Swords energy all over! Knights, after all, in addition to being protectors are defenders of truth and honesty and have no problem cutting to the chase.  Frankly, neither did I yesterday.

I would not normally blog about this kind of thing with a personal relationship but what happened yesterday relates so well to the Knight of Swords that I knew I that I had to. The Knight of Swords is willing to speak his ideas and opinions! And I did that yesterday. But he must be careful not to do so at the expense of others while he is so brave and aggressive in speaking his mind.

It’s a pickle and it’s not easy to know how we are affecting others when we speak our truth, but sometimes when the energy cannot be held back and the time is exactly right (like it was for me astrologically yesterday) the subconscious spills its stuff.  And sometimes the chips have to fall where they may while we hope that it’s in divine order and will be more helpful than hurtful.

Maybe something with me is changing – I feel more willing to speak my mind than ever before. There is a need to modulate the best I can and to do a systems check in the middle of it all to be sure that I am not speaking from a place of an old unresolved wound of my own.

The astrological correlation is “the firey part of air” so any combination of an air and fire such as Mars in Gemini or Mercury in Aries is the idea. The planets that are associated with Air are Mercury, Venus and Uranus. The air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. As far as fire energy goes, the planets associated with fire are Mars, the Sun and Jupiter and the signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Currently, at the time of this post Mercury is in Gemini *(double air) and the Sun is in Gemini (fire and air).

Yesterday, the Sun in Gemini was making a sextile to all that Moon conjunct stellium stuff in my chart which made it easy (sextile) to speak (Gemini) with fire (Sun). Hey, I’m not blaming it on astrology but as above, so below—what can I say? The cooperative nature of the sextile made it easy to engage the Knight of Swords archetype of my psyche.

Since my message to this individual was to protect, parent and take care of the self; I simply have to, if I’m to be honest, look within and ask how well I am doing that very thing myself? And, if I’m honest, I can see that lately I’ve not been doing such a good job of it. I’ve not been eating properly, using the heat to excuse myself from my normal routine of exercise and some other things.

Bottom line? Sometimes when we repress our own feelings they come up when the karma is ripe or when the planets are in the right alignment. In order to resolve additional self-conflict later, speak your truth by being true to yourself and keep emotions in check, stand in self-integrity and express yourself when necessary by being direct but not blunt, authoritative but not overbearing, incisive but not cutting, expressing knowledge rather than opinions, and be logical but not unfeeling. And then don’t forget to look within and take your own advice on whatever matter it is you’re talking about. Trust your own inner authority and keep your motives in the realms of creating positive change without being self-serving. These are all good things to keep in mind especially now that the Sun and Mercury are in Gemini.  The Sun is at the midpoint of Gemini right now which is where it is said to be the peak-point or to have the strongest effect.

Daily Divination 5-31-11 The Surprises of Life and Consciously Working with Your Soul! The Tower! Mars,Uranus,Venus, Jupiter

Ha! My car developed problems earlier today and the card I drew for today’s divination just now is the tarot card, THE TOWER.  Figures.  More proof that the Cosmos does have a sense of humor!

When I see this card, usually I think about something that is not working out, things not fitting and that feeling of “I’m outa here!” In fact, not to get too personal but this is what some of my emotional “stuff” that I’ve been working on lately is all about.

And there are times when the soul says, “We’re out of here” and takes over and we just simply go along for the ride and watch ourselves go through the motions, all the while shocked at our own self–not believing that  we’re actually doing what we’re doing! Ever have that happen? Like something inside of you says, “That’s IT. Enough is enough!” followed by action that you take that you more or less watch yourself taking. It’s sort of like an ‘out of body’ experience when the soul takes over. That’s happened to me more than once in this lifetime and it is always a surreal experience.

It is said that this card’s archetype is the same as the archetype of Mars, but I think it’s a Mar/Uranus combo. Mars is impulsive and sudden and that’s how it feels when the soul takes over and it’s always surprising—surprising and unexpected is usually Uranian territory.

The message today has to do with working “with” the soul and asks, “Who is in charge? The ego or the inner self?” And then, of course, we must add that the two factions should be working together instead of having an inner battle. Either way, the archetype we’re talking about is about the lightning bolt of inner awakening. And whenever this happens, it is very humbling. We are suddenly broken free from past inertia when we become forcefully realigned by the soul and deep soul experiences.

We become opened in a sudden and surprising way and usually at the least expected times—or so we say, but the truth is we’ve seen it coming but remained in our denial.  And like the fortress of the tower, which represents defenses, those walls are blasted down.

The motif of this card relates to disasters, crisis, destructions of old ways and awakening to truth. I don’t know how my car fits into it or maybe I do. My daughter noticed it a few minutes ago. I left her a message about my car earlier today and when she called me back she said, “Mom, you sound so calm about it. Usually, you aren’t so calm when your car breaks down.” Oh, truer words were never spoken! I noticed it myself—this time, I seem to feel that it will work out and whatever it is, there’s no REAL problem.

And the reader may not understand what the big deal about a car breakdown is—after all, it happens all the time! Get it fixed and move on you may say, what’s to fear?    And years ago, I’d have pointed to a lack of credit and savings and my lack of support locally as the source of my anxiety—there’s nobody to call up here, except the local garage.  And this, by  the way, is one reason I don’t venture by car any farther than walking distance when the garage is closed. All those same things are true now—I still have no credit or savings. Yet, I have a lot less fear just like my daughter noticed.

In a dream last night, I saw one of the guys from the local garage and today I actually bumped into him at a local store.  Only minutes afterward the car acted up in the very parking lot of the store in which we said hello!  Somehow a part of me knew what was going to occur today and I had a “heads-up” dream about it last night.

But the greater point is about patterns. My car breakdowns represent a pattern of emotional responses from me that years ago triggered horrid emotional crisis. Nowadays, when the car acts up (and they will and do—it’s rather a fact of life especially a car like mine which is 20 years old!), there is very little emotional stuff left to be triggered. It’s a sign of progress and maybe that’s why it happened; to let me know I’m making progress.  (I always ask myself, Why did I draw in this experience?)

I’m working on recognizing and resolving my own patterns, going deeper and deeper. My dream last night dealt with that very topic actually—I’ll spare you the details. I’ll just say that it  feels like the soul and higher mind are helping me with the understanding of my patterns.

The psyche self regulates through dreams that support the developmental process of the Soul. And that’s true for waking experiences too.

Yes, I’m all over the place here in my blog post today, and would like to draw to a close and make a generalized point and divination message for today.

Here we go: Dissolve the fortress of your own denial and resistance and have a look and the connections of the inner world to the outer world. Be open to inner awakenings. And should the soul do a ‘take over’, try to get out-of-the-way and don’t be surprised. Reflection can come later. Be willing to work with your soul in order to receive the sudden realizations of truths that come in explosive and unexpected ways. And in situations like with me and my car issues, it’s not about the event itself, but how you respond to it. No matter how it looks like others are involved, it is, after all, ‘your’ event.

In my dream last night I had a few bursts of insight—I know the other levels of mind were helping with what my conscious mind is trying to realize. We are looking for the positive in it—and that’s what the bottom line is here. The positive!

ASTROLOGY PS —  personal note:  I ♥ love ♥ astrology even more we can see events so clearly in a chart!  Here’s what I mean. I looked at my transits just now.  I see that transiting JUPITER which rules travel and transportation is OPPOSING (exact opposition at 29 degrees) my natal (birth) VENUS today!

JUPITER and VENUS both rule $money$ on mundane levels.  As I’ve written before, 29th degree of a sign has to do with CULMINATION, peak, termination, or  conclusion of energy!  It’s a very intense degree.  Once when I was having a JUPITER RETURN my car had a horrible breakdown–all the transmission fluid flew out while driving high speeds on the Interstate.  This resulted in my car going from 70 mph to 1 mph in a nano-second.  (that’s not a typo — from 70 to 1!) Talk about a Uranian surprise!  Like throwing on your brakes but no breaks can do that!  It sounded like a jet engine!  Anyway…since JUPITER is currently transiting through my 9th house of belief systems, I CHOOSE to BELIEVE that I am culminating and releasing car and money issues as well as fear of lack!  So Ha! And so it is.  May it be the same for you too dear reader!