Words from the Life of a Psychic and Form is Emptiness

Form is nothing but emptiness

Emptiness is nothing but form

Word from the Heart Sutra which holds my life together.

Form is Emptiness
Form is Emptiness

Here I go again–using this blog to sort out my personal life.  Therapy for an “off” day here and there I suppose.  Maybe that’s it.  Write it out and it is released.  Not energized further.  No.  Released, that’s all–sorted out and seen for the silliness that it is, the illusion that it is.  Maybe this post could be called something like ‘The Life of a Psychic’ or some such.

BLOG INTENTION, ASPIRATION:  Yeah, but in the spirit of Tonglen, knowing others out there feel this way from time to time or there are those who know this feeling right now just as I do.  Hello to you and may this feeling for us all and package it up and see us all being free of it, having compassion for you and for all those who feel a bit disoriented or perhaps are also in the midst of a move… whatever it is you are experiencing may we know that we are not alone… there are always many others who also go through this and may we all be relieved of this suffering or uncomfortable feelings such as they are… and may we all come to contentment and peace and may I be part of that process through my love and compassion for us all as we move through uncertain times. May this blog in some way be helpful to you.

Here it is, this feeling I’m sorting out or trying to heal.  And the internal feeling comes from attachment to  STUFF, yeah, form appearances–things.  Actual material things.  I told you this is silliness being sorted out here!  I already feel better really looking at this using some logic and intellect to soothe the …. well, the what?

Beyond what words can show, it is.  How about a picture to describe it?  A bit like the scarecrow from the story ‘The Wizard of OZ’.   That scene where parts of him were over here and over there and some he didn’t know where!

No, I’m not falling apart but rather I am realizing this whole Buddhist thing about the non-self and yeah, attachment too.  How can part of me be in a storage unit (we took a lot of boxes and things, forms) and loaded them in the vehicles and unloaded them into a storage unit.  As I tried to fall asleep last night I kept flashing on the dark rainy rows of storage structures and the number on my own with the lock and my things inside.  Yeah, it felt like parts of me were there, haunting my ‘things’ in some way.

Another part of me was hanging around my sister’s apartment, haven spend some hours at her place over the weekend helping her clean and pack.  Yet still, another aspect of consciousness was hanging around the new apartment that we’re going to that is getting updated appliances, new carpet, paint and so forth–do I really belong there?  Where is my place when I also see flashes of the last few things leaving this apartment unit.  I’m all over the place!  Like I said, silliness in the life of a psychic.

I’m feeling a wee little bit like crying (its mild), but have no real down-home authentic reason but for the fact that I’m feeling homeless and even without a self, more like a floating spirit neither here, nor there, everywhere and nowhere.  And the Buddhist teachings speak of emptiness in view of it holding form and formlessness such that everything is actually non-real as if it were a Moon’s reflection in the water.

I think again of that song of enlightenment, “All these form, appearance emptiness; like a rainbow with a shining glow…”

And one of the other lines is “Just let go, and go where no-mind goes.”  

Taffy pullI guess I’m having to do that a bit as I feel pulled in many directions like taffy.  Pulled, stretched, thinning out…. and definitely no place to ground.  The lessons of impermanence and non-self and forms being emptiness by appearing just the same… these are all being re-enforced within me.

At the same time, it feels like my solar plexus is torn a bit.  Here I am looking at an application, another one, for an apartment that I applied for on April 2nd and last week I found out my application was nowhere to be found.  I now have to fill out a new one!

Meanwhile, I am trying to visualize how I will fit all my necessary “stuff” into the master bedroom of the apartment that I’m sharing with my sister and her daughter, a teenager!   I feel grateful to have a place to go.

GRATITUDE:  I CAN DO this, of course I can and am so grateful to have some shelter so that I’m free to go without having to break a lease just as soon as I get a call from one of the many places upon which my name is on the list.

fill out the formAnd so the story goes.  Maybe I feel a bit better for writing it out?  My tummy is still topsey-turvey but I’m telling myself to enjoy the experience such that it is.  I’d better get that application filled out (another form—“all these forms”— and anyway get it resubmitted.  Forms are only emptiness.


“…just let go. And go where no-mind goes!”  

Form is nothing but emptiness

Emptiness is nothing but form

Great Power from your hara: The I-Ching offers advice on the stomach flu! Who’d have guessed? Kua 34

Well, isn’t this interesting?  I’ve been holding a question/concern on my mind this afternoon about this intestinal flu that’s going around—NOROvirus it’s called.  And with that in mind, I turned to the I-Ching for guidance about it.  And we have this Kua 34 that refers to what in Japanese is called hara in martial arts.  The message this Kua brings is about central power; in our bodies we may think of the immune system or the solar plexus or as the Japanese would say the hara or gut or belly.  I think you’d agree this is an appropriate Kua to correlate with stomach flu.  But where’s the wisdom?

Let’s start with the Sun which is the central power point of the solar system—this one point can affect all the other planets in its vicinity.  Without our central Sun what a cold and dark planet this would be—no growth and just ice and darkness.  Not a very pleasant visual.  Speaking of ice and cold, that’s a major symptom of this virus:  chills.  This virus must attack the correlation of the Sun in our body—the power point.  The need for sleep is pretty prevalent with this virus also; if our central power point goes down or is compromised, it can shut down our whole grid until we re-boot.

Endurance becomes a problem.  Now here’s the wisdom or guidance and it’s what we usually hear when we have the flu.  Avoid extremes of any kind especially if it draws a lot of power.  Use your available energy wisely and replenish when necessary.  Water carries energy in it so when we can’t get energy from the Sun (AKA stomach, AKA hara), we can draw energy from the water.  That water can supply energy to our hara, our Sun, our central power point.

Frankly, I’ve not often thought of the solar plexus area as a center or source of power but I don’t do martial arts either.  But a stomach flu could certainly affect that area in a depleting way.

Well, who’d have thunk it?  — that you could get advice on how to deal with the stomach flu from the I-Ching?!  But there it is.  The image sort of drives the point home too, doesn’t it?

PS:  here’s the link to the CDC information on this virus http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/revb/gastro/norovirus.htm

I wish you Great Power from your hara!  May your reservoir of power remain strong and protected. May it be protected from Norovirus! And if you will excuse me now, it’s time to get back to my ginger ale and crackers.