Daily Divination 7-30-11 misinterpreting strong karmic connections for LOVE – I-CHING Kua 54, The Marrying Maiden; Astrological and Tarot correlations

 Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.  –Carl Jung

Whenever we have compromised our authenticity and truth, the first symptom is usually a feeling of emptiness within. And to live in a world of make-believe and to insist on living in a fantasy, we gradually lose touch with who we really are. I did that once in a connection with someone – a very confusing relationship. Like many other people do, because a strong connection was felt, a misinterpretation was experienced.

I was fooling myself and in denial, failing to honor and respect my own truth. Finally, like in all cases such as these, circumstances evolved to the breaking point wherein I had to become completely honest with myself—and with many addictive types of situations, more than once before I could finally break the chains of my own illusion.

Today the I-CHING Kua 54 brings a cosmic communiqué about relationships. The paragraph above was about a one-on-one partnership; however this guidance applies to more than a personal or love relationship—we could relate this to business partnerships, a company, organization, family or any other type of group.

In any of those scenarios it is possible to enter unknowingly at first into a situation wherein our own spirit becomes compromised due to eventual inequality or subordination that comes about through a desire to be in a role or to be in a certain position.

Sometimes it takes a while before we realize we have become a pawn in someone else’s game or have fallen from grace due to susceptibility to flattery or manipulated through unrealistic promises.

What comes to mind is the word “discernment” as it relates to knowing who to trust and who not to trust and perhaps naiveté or gullibility. Some folks can get themselves very confused and in big trouble by believing others, taking everything at face value.

Gosh, what comes to mind next is the whole scenario of the Anthony family—you know about that right? The Florida legal case involving the death of little Caylee Anthony. What we could see happening in some of the family members involved is what is referred to as “silver-tongued devil’s”. What does that mean? People who will say anything to manipulate and coerce and other folks who take those silver-tongued individuals at face value.

I think one of the greatest lessons for those who are born with a consciousness that is too innocent and naïve is to develop a level of sophistication that incorporates the concept that some people can be really good liars. And some will lie about things that it isn’t even necessary to lie about. And further that people will manipulate the truth for their own agenda. If we have not grown up around folks like these, it is very easy to be taken in—we just cannot conceive of that type of manipulative dishonesty!

It’s confusing. And when confronted with it we will say to ourselves, “That’s what they said, why would they lie?” Mostly because we wouldn’t, we believe that other people are like we are.  They’re not always.

Ho! And that’s the real wake up call, isn’t it? When we find out, in undeniable terms, that all along we have been a pawn in someone else’s game, it is an awakening of sorts.

BUT there are no real victims and then we have to ask ourselves how it happened and what our own role was in the scenario and then we can get honest about it.

Was it our own low self-esteem issue that got us caught in the illusion? Were we failing to respect our self and our intuition?

When these things happen, as we look back we can clearly see how we were lying to ourselves or denying the obvious. We might ask ourselves, “How could I have been so blind”?

One of the most painful things in life is facing the truth that we’ve sold ourselves short—or perhaps for a while exchanged our very own soul by entering into agreements that weren’t good for us in the first place.

The bottom line message is that we need to allow ourselves to feel it and take responsibility for our part in it—this is the first step in release and reclaiming our soul. And feeling those emotions of self-betrayal (even though initially it feels like the other (s) betrayed us) can be horribly painful. It’s like I blogged about yesterday… bringing light into those dark places!

I’ve got to say from my personal experience, that I thought I’d cleared the energy (of that one relationship situation) many times; but, apparently I didn’t go deep enough. It was back when Uranus was exiting my 7th house and my transiting SN was hitting all the 12th house planets that the final catharsis occurred. It was pretty dramatic and probably involved clearing more than one lifetime’s worth of issues. Sleepless nights and many tears were involved but after all the review and re-examination in a new light (it took some time), I learned quite a lot and felt so much clearer about so many things. I know that sounds vague, but I am sparing you the details.

When we wake up to the realization that there is a fatal flaw in what we thought was going to be a perfect situation, we sometimes want to go back to sleep again and not look at reality—meaning that we put those rose-colored glasses back on and make excuses to cover up what we know deep down is true but simply can’t face—sometimes we don’t see it but everyone else does but we think it is they who are confused (not us).

We can so easily ignore the whispering of our own intuition when we become attached to a desired outcome—that happens so easily. The thing is to love yourself out of it and the first thing is forgiveness, knowing you did the best you could at the time.

In my case, it was an instance of misinterpreting the signals of ‘strong connection’ to another soul as something that it wasn’t. It was karmic connection that needed to be released in this lifetime.


Aquarius – willingness to be a ‘group of one’; detachment

Pisces – illusion; delusion

Taurus – self-reliance

Gemini – truth versus lies

Death – releasing unhealthy attachments

Hanged Man – reversing a situation; seeing things from the opposite viewpoint

The Chariot – liberating from old patterns; distinguishing the true desires of the enlightened self from the compulsive desires of the un-awakened self; success on one’s journey; the need to release emotions

Lovers – Looking to another person to make you feel whole and complete when you already are; balancing one’s own male and female energies i.e. ‘the marriage within’; the inability to see parts of an issue to which one is temporarily blinded due to attachment to a desired outcome; the need to develop discrimination i.e. knowing who to trust and who not to trust

Fool — innocence and naiveté; being foolish

The Star — being guided by inner wisdom and intuition; discovering the truth within; cleansing and renewal


Divination Message April 9, 2011 Time For Difficult But Self-Loving Decisions; Venus/Scorpio/7 of Cups

 Making Difficult Choices That Are Self Loving

The Broadcast from the Cosmos that I’m receiving today has to do with 7 of cups energy – – many possibilities… making a choice or a decision without knowing beforehand how it’s going to turn out… but making a tough choice, regardless… while doing the best you can!  That was a mouthful.  The bottom line message from the universe is that when you do this – – when you make a tough decision or choice in faith, it will turn out well. But the important thing is to actually make that choice or decision and not to let the decision  be made ‘for’ you by withdrawing or hiding from whatever is going on now–on the day you read this, whichever day it may be!   

And further, the message is to realize that the way you envision regarding the outcome of your decision carries authority and weight in the universe. Life is about choice and choosing through the envisioning process as well as taking action, not turning away from the choice or decision that is before you now.

Often times we forget or negate the envisioning process as it relates to outcomes. A further message with today’s broadcast has to do with understanding that making certain choices also involves UN-choosing other scenarios.   

The idea is about making either no choice or making wrong choice.  It has to do with cautioning you about energizing wrong pictures–the one’s you do not wish to manifest.

Sometimes in life, we have to give up certain things to have others.  And usually we want to give up that which is unhealthy for us and replace it with what is emotionally, physically, mentally,  and spiritually healthy instead.  The choice is about letting go of what we didn’t need or shouldn’t have because is wasn’t furthering our evolutionary goals or purposes.


I am thinking of an image that I often see in my mind regarding this type of communication. If we want something better in life, we have to let go of what we don’t want. It sounds easier than it is sometimes.

 I see it as a vision of a hand holding something and while reaching for something else and with that vision comes the understanding that we have to let go, release what is in the hand, in order to have the hand be empty or emptied so that what we desire can come in to the empty hand, ready to receive.

The feeling is almost like let go of what you don’t want, so that’s what you ‘do’ want has room to come in!

Venus in Scorpio

The astrological symbolism that relates to this card is the archetype of Venus in Scorpio. So we have to talk about the archetype of Venus (love) and Scorpio (depth of power).

Often times, the archtypical energy of Scorpio in the psyche or soul is one that contains deep betrayals of trust and traumatic psychological wounding.  Scorpio energy is also (as it rules the 8th house, and Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto) about lessons of powerlessness and power – – or misuses of power.  When we apply that energy to Venus, which relates to self-love, we can see how the seven of cups is about making a choice not out of wounded-ness, but instead out of self-empowerment! 

So the message today has to do with making healthy choices and releasing any type of addictive behaviors that do not enhance the soul’s evolution. Tuff stuff! 

We all want to remain secure emotionally and sometimes we do this by remaining in situations or in engaging in behaviors that we


know are not healthy or self-loving, because we fear it may be even more painful than what we are currently facing. The Venus quality to this card and this energy and today’s message is about self-love and making choices that enhance that energy.


Today is Saturday, and yesterday life got in the way of me making a blog post. And that’s why this one is coming out today… And it may be because somebody out there needs to hear this message today whereas yesterday, it may not have been as effective. I am someone who trusts divine order in these matters…

Remember, the best way to love others, is to love self-first and that is not selfish; that is actually what must be done first in order to both give and receive love and in order to live a healthy life.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend!

Daily Divination April 1, 2011 ARIES Everywhere We Look! Here’s How It’s Playing Out

Before I even pull a card for today’s daily divination, there’s an absolute compulsion to write about Aries!  How many are there right now?   Technically 4 but by tomorrow 6 significant travelers are moving through Aries.  I see planets and luminaries as psyche, as consciousness—astrological connections are significant and real influences.  Armed with simple, basic understandings of the Aries archetype, one need only open one’s eyes to look at the world scene and one’s own life and the lives of family and friends and through observation and correlation, there’s little doubt about the validity of the astrological connection with consciousness and psyche/soul. 

A total of 6 in Aries!  And its April Fool’s Day!  Interesting.  Anyway…

I imagine some sort of higher intelligence doing a drive-by in our galaxy and knowing what’s happening on Earth just by the location of the planets and luminaries in the constellations.  They wouldn’t even have to land their spacecraft on this 3rd rock from the Sun; they could just glance at the stars and surrounding bodies to know the basic astro-weather here. Aries!  Aries!  Aries!  Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Uranus—all in Aries.  And by tomorrow, we can add Mars and Moon.  That’s a whole lot of Aries.

It’s true that this energy will play out a bit differently in the life of each soul, each community, each country dependent upon the state of evolution and area to be evolved (via the birth chart—yes, communities, countries, and even corporations have a birth chart); but nonetheless Aries is Aries and energy is energy.  So I thought I’d describe the archetype of Aries here just a bit before I pull a Tarot Card today.  Anyone who reads this blog today, then, can perhaps correlate the descriptions to their own life—maybe it will help give understanding. 

If I go on too long about it, I won’t have time to pull a Tarot card too.  It’s hard for me to curb that Libra “on the other hand” kind of debate dialogue, but I’ll try.  Aries likes to get to the point and doesn’t care about all that people-pleasing Miss Cordiality make-nice stuff.  Aries hates repetition and redundancy and wants to get it out there and who cares how it’s packaged!  So there’s your first bit about Aries. 

Before we go on, I will certainly leave things out; I’m not meant to write a book or cover Aries energy in its entirety but maybe I can hit some major points that will be helpful to apply to your life for now, today and over this next little while. 

Perhaps a bullet point list will move us along:

  • Fire.  Aries is associated with the fire element.  Here’s where we get the association with anger and rage and warrior–that type of thing
  • Impulsiveness, initiative without much forethought (but sometimes that’s actually a GOOD thing! especially when one has been too indecisive or Libra-like)
  • spontaneous enthusiasm — again, think:  fire that catches and travels quickly
  • Newness such as in a “new birth”; Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.  When something is born, something also dies or leaves and with that can come separation anxiety
  • Aries is, of course, associated with Spring time and beginnings–new beginnings.  The beginning of a new life! (or at least a new cycle of life)
  • Aries energy in our hearts and souls, when triggered as it’s being triggered now, correlates with “the will to be manifest”
ARIES Sabian Symbol
On that last bullet point imagine this (sabian symbol), “A woman has risen from the ocean; a seal embraces her.”  It is the “individual” emerging from the “collective” and the realization of “self” for the first time.  The desire in Aries energy is to become a separate, distinct being. 

Side Note:  Any situation where someone has allowed themselves to become the alter-ego of another will no longer remain in tact!

  • Status quo situations where any kind of  “obedient child” syndrome was in place (think:  Lybia, Egypt, and so on) will no longer work
  • Bold and daring energy everywhere!  Lots of “courage” being triggered in people:  that’s another archetype of Aries along with “warrior” energy. 
  • aggressive assertion of “self” and that “self-identity”; an instinctual sense of self manifests; it has to and can’t help but not (think of the 9 month gestation and then birth–it’s inevitable and has to happen.)   That which is conceived will be born and Aries energy is about that birth.
  • Unbridaled personal “will” — the will to direct outward what is desired; that’s another archetype of Aries… using one’s will
  • Aries energy will sometimes be doing the Hindu dynamic of “Neti, Neti” which means “not this, not that”.  Starts and stops and direction changes is typical of Aries energy expressions.  Aries is the impulse to initiate–follow through isn’t as important–but initiating is. Some things will “stick” and others not, but the idea is initation (to initiate–first steps, new starts).  That’s a huge part of the Aries archetype. 

Do you see how this energy is playing out right now?  And sometimes, you see, Aries is selfish–and selfish isn’t always bad.  Sometimes we need to be selfish.  Let’s take a brief example of how this could be so.  Let’s say we have someone who is very Libra-like in some ways that are actually unhealthy.  Perhaps we have a people-pleaser type or very nice lady, let’s say, who sacrifices herself for her family and has reached a point where in doing so for many years has lost her identity in all that selflessness.  Perhaps being selfless for that time period was what was needed for that soul’s growth–the experience may have  been a karmic necessity for whatever the reason (no judgment).  But now, the energy is shifted and it is time!  Maybe her children are grown and off to college.  Or maybe the marriage ends because the soul business is concluded between her and the marriage partner.  This Aries energy is going to help her to create a new identity, to break free, to be selfish is necessary in a good way!  You get the idea, right?  It’s about self-love in that respect.

Now, let’s look at a tarot card for today for the daily divination message. Well, we have the 6 of Pentacles here.  And oh my gosh, here we go! 
This is exactly what I’ve been talking about.  One of the archetypes of that tarot card is about being controlled by a dominate parent figure.  The 6 of Pentacles is about a child that wants freedom!  Sometimes I see this card as the corporation paying the employee less than what the work is worth.  It’s the energy that goes like, “I will give you just enough to keep you under my control.”   The card totally relates to Moon in Taurus.  I don’t have time to go into Moon in Taurus today but let me say that this tarot card/astrological correlation has to do with emotional security as it relates to money.  Aries will bust or burst through that dynamic now demanding freedom no matter how it affects emotional security and material need dynamics.  The desire for freedom and to create a new identity will be stronger than putting up with the old pattern energy simply for the sake of meeting material needs in the material world.  Something much more important is going on than paying the bills!

Wow, I’m way over my time today! 

It’s Friday and I’ll post again on Monday–this is more ‘me’ telling ‘me’ that!  Yay, it’s Friday! 

If you are actually reading this on a Friday–here’s me wishing you a great weekend!