Daily Divination 6-4-11 Journey to Cosmic Consciousness from a Material World – 8 of Cups and Saturn in Pisces

Loosening up stuck and solidified emotions and leaving the old baggage behind. I’ve learned that to leave the baggage one has to pry it loose from the soul and what comes as an image in the mind is like an old anchor that has been in the sea a long time. When it is dredged up, it is full of barnacles—barnacles on a rusty anchor. Those barnacles and that rust are like issues of the past.

But we have to bring up that anchor and clean it off. Sand blasting cleans barnacles off anchors, chains and the bottom of boats or high pressure cleaners do too; but, sometimes scraping is called for to remove these crustaceans.

I’m thinking our soul could, like the anchor, chain and boat bottom also collect barnacles after many incarnations.

The tarot card that inspires today’s message is 8 of Cups which is archetypically the same as Saturn in Pisces.

Saturn is material or materiality (earth) and put anything in an ocean long enough (Pisces relates to Oceans) and we can get rust and barnacles. If these aren’t dealt with, over time the boat could get a hole and the barnacles on the bottom of the boat and propellers could slow down travel a great deal.

Barnacles on our boat and on our soul can slow us down

Barnacles in this case are symbols for emotional baggage that slows us down on our journey just the way real barnacles can put a drag on the boat and in the case of unresolved rust can create a hole in the boat itself!

I used to watch a lady crabber (a person who went out in her boat daily to catch crabs or check her cages or crab traps).  She went out into the Chesapeake in a little boat with a hole.

I’d be having morning coffee and around that time of day there’d she be rowing a bit and bailing a bit and then pulling up a trap and then bailing again!

It was comical and she wasted a good bit of time bailing. I suppose life itself can be like that sometimes if we don’t make those repairs when they’re needed.

I often wondered why she didn’t just fix the boat; maybe she enjoyed the bailing as much as the rowing and everything else out there on the bay.

When we bring our boat to dry dock to care for it properly, it saves us time in the long run… especially if we have new shores awaiting us and we really want to get somewhere. Some people, like this woman on the Chesapeake, may enjoy bailing their boat and getting little accomplished and maybe they have the luxury of time to be able to do that and enjoy every moment of it! (No judgment.)

It makes me think of people who actually enjoy the drama of life. No judgment there either. How can there be? We have multi-million dollar movie industries who bank on our love of drama and movie stars who love their work. And we love their work too.

I wonder if some people like the drama of bailing because if they didn’t keep busy doing that, they’d have the time and energy to do other things and they’d rather bail than to face the challenges of traveling to new shores.  Maybe there are parts of me like that.  Maybe you too?

Like the Chesapeake crabbing lady, she couldn’t go far from her own dock and in some ways, neither can I!  But maybe I don’t want to or maybe I’m not supposed to.

Saturn in Pisces—material things in the ocean.  Material and societal life and cosmic consciousness!  Those two don’t seem to go well together.

Anyway, without continual maintenance—the ocean will eventually cause the boat’s deterioration. Lots of people give up their boats because of the continual maintenance involved.

Our lives can be like that too; some people simply cannot maintain their bodies and therefore give them up and we call that death. But until then, we do the continual maintenance of coming into dry dock, cleaning off the barnacles and treating the rust in our meditation and reflection/contemplation times.

And then back into the ocean of life I suppose and on to new experiences with rejuvenation—isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?

Life is impermanent and change happens and in that adjustment we have opportunities to release old patterns and remove those barnacles in dry dock. One way we know this is happening is when we have a lack of energy (the barnacles are beginning to create a drag) and our boat slows down. It’s time for some maintenance and to clean the bottom of our boat or scrape away attachments to past experiences.

Saturn represents the barrier between the individual conscious mind and the cosmic mind. The cosmic mind is represented by Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.

In my little analogy, Saturn is the material boat flowing on the ocean of cosmic consciousness. How well is the boat moving along? Are you able to reach new shores or are the barnacle attachments slowing down your movement? Has your boat sprung a leak from lack of maintenance and are you spending all your time bailing? Are you fearful about the possible new shores the cosmic ocean will bring you to? These are some thoughts for contemplation from today’s Cosmic Communiqué which is more an encouragement to reflect than a specific message.

PS—in the image of this card we see a woman who turns her back on the cups and heads off alone into the mountains. It sort of makes me laugh as that’s what I’ve done in my life—I am alone in the mountains having withdrawn a good bit from society (Saturn) to help me release emotions (Cups).

“Society” is another archetype of Saturn but how many of us can completely and totally withdraw from society? We have to have some connections to it… we have to remain in the world, don’t we?

I think I’ve put my boat permanently in dry dock and have headed toward the mountain top searching for something higher, the inspiration to find the meaning of life perhaps. I have given up a high paying (relatively so, for myself anyway) career as a physical therapist to be here where I am doing what I do. I walked away from the cups, the past achievements, like the lady in the image of the 8 of Cups card.   I left a lot behind just like the image on the card and I had to scrape a good many barnacles off my boat to get here!

I hope you will be able to find a line or two in today’s post that brings you some meaning and insight for your life today. See you tomorrow…