Tuesday September 3, 2013 Reality, Karma, Spiritual Strength

FlowerAll is very quiet again this day, Tuesday the 3rd and gratitude swells in my chest and pulses out to toward the Sun which has already warmed us up to 80 degrees in the shade. The desire to go out anywhere yesterday was null as I wanted to employ the peace and quiet as long as possible while the neighbors were away. And so in in celebration I switched around the loveseat and chair and put up a large cloth wall hanging of the Sun and Moon.

Coffee this morning is especially good again and now that I moved the large Sathya Sai Baba picture which is a large—doubled a poster size–he looks directly at me when I glance up from my computer to have a sip of espresso.

It will be a full day today and the bright pink impatience flowers blooming in a pot out back remind me of an art project which I’m making as a gift that needs attention today and a secret smile dons as I think of swimming my laps first.

The transiting lunar North Node of the Moon is quite close to my 3rd House Saturn.  When we think of nodes we think of karma and evolutionary purpose and in that the node is applying intensely now and will cross over Saturn in two weeks, I’m hoping that this is a sign that my neighbor karma is about to end or is ending.

Well, there are clients on the schedule here so this will do for now, but in ending….  I came across a quote from a Zen Buddhist Monk that really spoke to me last night regarding spiritual practice and it is still sticking with me.  Suzuki Roshi said that the way to acquire spiritual strength is by practicing through a continual succession of agreeable and disagreeable situations.

Then I came upon this other quote:  “To change reality, let reality change you.”

Hope your Tuesday reality will be very, very agreeable! 🙂

Daily Divination April 26, 2011 Help Arrives! Stay Calm! Sai Baba Left This World – 8 of Swords Jupiter/Gemini

Sathya Sai Baba left his human form to return to the higher dimensions of spirit world on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011 in Puttaparthi, India

 Today’s Cosmic Communiqué has to do with those times—and all humans have them—when we simply cannot see a way out of something or how something can be resolved.  We may feel frustrated or downright frightened like, “How will I possibly get out of this?”  With that comes the feeling of you, in your humanness, not seeing a possible solution feel helpless or hopeless and completely dependent on some outside source of help because your hands are tied.  It happened to me once when I was stuck on the side of the road at 2 AM in a desolate section of the Interstate Highway in Virginia.  The drive shaft pin broke and the car was absolutely dead.  Looking back now, how I even conceived of driving without a cell phone back then amazes me.  All I’d have needed is a basic ability to call 911, but in my defense I’ll add that cell phones were not all that popular back then—can you imagine?   I thought if I made the 4 hour drive in the middle of the night I’d avoid traffic and zip on back home.  Obviously, not such a wise decision in retrospect, but I had not conceived of a car malfunction.  Anyway…

Yeah, there are times in life when we absolutely need help from an outer source because we are just that limited.  I was flashing cars with my headlights when they came by me in either direction which was only about every 15 minutes.   Nobody was stopping to help me and hours went by as I sat there stranded in the dark reviewing any option I had—there simply was none.  It was freezing cold to boot and I had no water or food or even a blanket!  I was on a mercy mission to drive someone somewhere drop them off and drive back and my plan seemed simple and do-able at the time I’d planned it.  There wasn’t much time for pre-planning anyway, but that’s another story. 

Help came, finally when I called upon Sai Baba (an avatar incarnated in India) for help chanting, Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Baba Please Help Me! Not that I hadn’t been sending out an S.O.S. to the universe via prayer before that but anyway…. Long story short, a man traveling in the opposite direction saw my headlights flashing, made a turn around and pulled up behind me.  He said he was in the same position once and nobody stopped for him either.  He gave me a lift to the next exit where I was able to use a telephone to call a tow truck and the rest is history. 

Today I drew the 8 of Swords which is the same archetypical energy as Jupiter in Gemini.  I have to laugh as I reflect upon Jupiter, the BIG planet as it relates to Gemini which relates to communication.  Here’s a basic translation of that—calling in the “Big Guns” so-to-speak.  So it’s like this:  Calling relating to communicative Gemini and Jupiter relating to bigness.  Jupiter is also associated with the right brain and intuition.  Many times we relate Gemini, ruled by Mercury, as the left brain and Jupiter to the right brain.  But Jupiter is also about “belief” as well and I want to write a paragraph on that here—belief.

In my situation, I believed in Sai Baba being about to help me, truly and deeply believed.  This belief was based on a track record that was a pretty good one.  In other words, he’d assisted me before when I was in dire straits—and I believe it pretty blindly because help has never failed to come in a way that the timing and the outcome has always been validating-ly significant. Therefore, it re-enforced my belief.  One of my teachers told me once that if you call upon Sai Baba for help with an earnest heart, help will come within 20 minutes.  Help has always come sooner than that and in the case of my car breakdown, the driver who assisted me was there in 5!  (I noted the time when I started the chant and assured myself that help would come within 20 minutes, and it took 5.)

The 8 of Swords is about patiently waiting in calmness until the situation changes or the way out is clearly shown somehow.  And with that I’d add, it doesn’t hurt to call out for help with confidence through incantation, invocation or prayer in the meantime—let the universe handle the details and remain confident, patient and help will come!

Additionally, today’s message is that sometimes it’s best not to fight the circumstances and to relax, stay calm and be present so that a solution can be provided.  When I first called out for help, meaning when I was calling out in prayer and sending that S.O.S. out to the universe I was not calm, nor confident—it was more like panic and fear praying.  When I remembered about Sai Baba, I shifted into a calm and confident place and had deep belief that help would come, it did! 

The message today is that sometimes we do need help and can’t do it ourselves, and even if we in our humanness can’t see a way out in the time of the crisis or difficulty, if we stay calm and confident, ask for help in our mind and heart, we need only to let the universe handle the details as we wait patiently and calmly with an attitude of trust.  Call in the Jupiter-type spiritual big guns and relax knowing help is on its way.

http://youtu.be/1fs1OBY82b0  <– a little video of Sai Baba, my friend

I just found out in the process of writing this post  via google that Sai Baba left the earth plane on Easter Sunday, 2 days ago.  I had myself a good cry just now as I looked at the huge lifelike 5  ft.  poster of him that I have in my dining room which is my (in Feng Shui) wisdom area (bagua) of my home.  I love you Baba!  Gosh my heart is hurting right now!

After I post this, I’m going to take some vibhuti (sacred ash from Baba) and meditate.  You will see in the video (link above) how Baba manifests it from between his fingers and gives it to the crowd. 

Sai Baba was the manifested incarnation of Divine Love as the Dali Lama is the incarnation of Divine Compassion.  Sai Ram!   I will see you on the other side when it’s my turn to complete my earth business.  Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram!  I love you Swami!


You are seeking joy and peace in far off places.  But the spring of joy  is in your heart. The haven of peace is in yourself.  ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Here’s more on my friend, Sai Baba:

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