Examining beliefs about reality and taking refuge, July 1/2 price 30-min. Psychic Readings

July 2 2014 sunrise

Hello to you and hello to July!

As the curtain opens on the 2nd day of July 2014, life is but a dream.  I’ve been saying this a lot lately, doing my very best to instill this truth more deeply into the psyche.  My new living arrangement with my sister and niece is going very well; we all agree.  It seems a type of  heaven to me not to hear human voices or guitars in my space but I remind myself that life is changeable, constantly changing and shifting and not to become particularly attached to or have aversion toward anything whatsoever.
Finances.  Always it is the finances!  Warning!  Astro babble:   Saturn is conjunct my lunar nodes and squaring my natal Saturn really challenges me to look closely at reality and deeply questioning some aspects of my life where I have been treading water.  If this sounds vague, it’s meant to.  I share way too much personal information here… TMI as they call it.  :0

Jupiter is trining (making a trine aspect to) my natal Jupiter — and I’m examining my goals, my beliefs and ideals, looking at what is really important.  And today while there is a huge lack in one area, the challenge is to feel balanced, peaceful and secure despite that, taking refuge in my Jupiter/beliefs–the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.  (Always when saying the combination of those words the image of the Dalai Lama appears before me.)

The month of June was quite the blur with the moving frenzie;  but I’m so happy to be settled into the new apartment that I share with my sister now.  It’s nice to have companionship for a short while in the evenings as we tell about our day in the shade of the back porch near the pine trees.  And there’s the company of her cat all day long (my niece is gone a lot and my sister has a job outside of the home so it’s me and kitty).

I’m considering some sort of reduced rate or special for readings in July.  Several people have asked me about having another reduced rate reading special lately, so I will take that as a “hint” from the universe.

Physically I am not ready to go back to the Y for a workout yet… well, I’m toying with the idea of a treadmill workout later today at the Y if I get some things done that need doing…  I’ve some clients to contact and student communications to reply to.

Anyway Happy 4th of July 2014 to America!!

If you see this blog but do not receive my newsletter and would like the half price 30-minute phone reading or mp3 audio reading, you can email me, joystar777@gmail.com or I will come back to this blog post and add the paypal button for the reduced rate later.

We can make the appointment for you anytime throughout the month of July; you won’t have to have the reading this weekend.


Wishing you a happy July 2014 and amazing day today!

I came back to insert the paypal order buttons:

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Regular price for years has been $65 for half hour sessions; so I made the half price amount $33 because 33 is a Master Number (numerology).  The MP3 audio session is handled this way:  you email me your questions (3 to 5 in number) by email or by filling out the form you are directed to after the purchase.  I record the reading and send you an email with a link download from the FTP server… you simply click, save, listen.

Crystal Divination – Botswana Agate for focus on detail and toxin release

Botswana Agate collageBotswana Agate!  I drew a stone today as part of a divination exercise for my life.

This particular stone is known for its ability to energize the auric bodies and helps the body rid itself of toxins.

It is said to be able to counteract poison no matter if those happen on the physical, emotional or intellectual level.

I find this divination right on–in view of my recent (and still a bit current) physical symptoms of headache, body ache and nausea.  Some sort of toxin sounds pretty plausible to me.

Living alone in the mountains for 15 years not exposed to humans or places living in or around many humans habitats, it’s not all that far fetched that my immune and nervous system is still trying to adjust to living in so-called civilization now.

Quiet mountain seclusion meets big city and when they mix… toxic?!

Anyway, the Botswana Agate… this stone also has qualities of energy which aid a person to concentrate and focus; that’s good because for my next trick I’m going back to work on the new, soon to be website.  I like the waves in this stone; makes me think of swimming!  The water!  I do miss the water right now.  We swam before we talked and before we walked and breathed but we forgot!

Anyway, all agate stones (and there are many varieties) are believed to generally balance the emotional, physical and intellectual bodies.  I think of all agates as good stones to have around when one is doing any kind of writing.

Anyway, this stone helps one when paying attention to details is a must!  Oh and it’s usually purple and gray.  By the way, psychics do readings for themselves all the time and this has just been one for myself.  I asked why I’m dealing with these certain physical symptoms right now (headache, nausea).  I’m going to put this stone in my little pouch and wear it around my neck for the rest of the day.  No more eating out for a while, and I’m going to wash off my veggies and fruits better–just in case.  For now, going to get more water–whatever the toxin is, I’m trying to drown it! LOL

What Kind of Psychic Are You?

Do Psychics Give the Kind of Readings that They’d Want to Receive Themselves?

there are typesWhat kind of psychic are you?  Someone asked me recently what kind of psychic I was—and I was taken back a moment by the question because I hadn’t given much thought to “types” of psychics before.  On my way to pick up a Chinese dinner take-out order this evening I thought of that question again, thinking that we must bring our own personality to the process in some way.

I don’t know much about other psychics really and so psychic “types” never occurred to me; which is funny if you think about it really.  I give readings and teach what I’ve learned through the process of taking classes and communicating with my own “guides” and that keeps me so on-my-toes that I never go to a psychic for a reading myself.

But if I did, I’d want to have a reading like the kind of reading that I give.  And I know that sounds highly egotistical and I’ve just risked you thinking so from typing that sentence just now.  But maybe every psychic would say the same thing because don’t we all sort of give to others what we ourselves would want to receive? Anyway, I was asked if I was a “counseling psychic” and maybe its a silly question but, “Isn’t that the only kind?”  But again maybe that’s just me–my own viewpoint.

I like bottom lines and if I went to a psychic myself, that’s what I’d be looking for.  I like to know what are the causes of feelings and experience.  and I want to know why, why, why and how to handle whatever may be troubling me at any given time.  I go to my inner guide for help problem-solving and for ‘splainen—pardon the slang.  I want to know if I need to change something or if I’m on course  [on the right track]. I want additional insights and inspirations to my concerns.  That’s why I turn inward for a “reading” in the first place–its what motivates me seek communication with higher mind.

Also, I may turn inward because of a desire to tune into the energy of another human and see if I can understand them; or I want to connect with a loved one on the other side; or I want to insight on a pending decision.  At different times I tune inward for different reasons–those are a few.   And I suppose that influences the type of readings that I give  to others–that’s the kind of psychic that I am.  Predictions?  Yeah, those come but mostly as part of the explanation to the problem or issue at hand.   I don’t look for fortune telling per se’ when I turn inward for a reading; mostly I need help–not a prediction.

I think maybe some folks like predictions because then they can kick-back and wait for it to happen; but of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it doesn’t work that way.  Anyway, maybe there’s a list somewhere out there in big ocean of cyper-space of the various “types” of psychics.  I’ve never really thought about it.

That’s  the trouble with thinking of course; lots of times it results in a blog post like this one! Oh and my Chinese dinner was great by the way— I do love shrimp sauce and ginger dressing on my salad.  Yum!   I’m that kind of psychic too! 🙂

Compassion for Loud Downstairs Indian Neighbors and Happy New Year


The photo is a recent one December 2012 High Country of North Carolina — my destination!  my home!  I’ve got to get back~ ET phoning home!

Compassion is the only way around this situation.  Resentment is poison. Try to stand in their shoes Joy!  Strange country, perhaps even a strange language–they do not seem to be speaking English down there.  Both of them maybe afraid, fearful — clinging to one another.  He talks and talks over the vacuum cleaner and she to him nearly as if they’re fearful that the vac will come between them and separate them even for a moment.  They may cleave and cling to one another to away their own personal, individual fears.  Perhaps they feel as though they made a mistake to come here.  I don’t believe they have a car and someone picks them up on week days; and i know personally how horrible that feeling is–very limiting and feeling trapped.  I can now begin to feel deep compassion for their lives and situation and find more patience and tolerance for their non-stop and lively conversations.  I imagine maybe they are both deaf… partially.  This could be possible.  Maybe they could have met one another at a place for the deaf as children and have known one another for many years.  In this case they suffer a handicap and this helps me to feel more compassion for them.  Couldn’t his be why they speak so loudly? They do not know, do not realize.

I did not realize how paper-thin these walls are.  When I moved here I do not think neighbors were there–I did not hear any sounds, noises.  I imagine that they do not hear me and thus do not know how thin the walls are.  O the poor people –perhaps blaming, clinging, not knowing many others, alone without transportation in a strange country!  I feel compassion for them and want to give them a hug because of what imagined suffering they may be experiencing.

I, too, feel great compassion for myself.  I am working on my astrology class–trying to!  I do not have family responsibility currently and planned the time between Xmas and New Years that I would do extra meditation and writing of my astrology course.  Its been nearly impossible to feel alone enough in my own sanctuary, such that it is, to be able to do this.  I feel compassion for myself too for those reasons.  Every New Year Eve, my habit is to spend the entire day in quiet contemplation and then in the evening to go deeply into meditation.  It is then that predictions for the New Year come in; but this year I do not know how quiet this environment of apartment dwellers will be.  Judging from just the downstairs folks alone not to mention the conglomeration of humans here and the residential homes just on the other side of the trees beyond the balcony… well, there is also compassion for myself.  New Years is bound to be different this year.

Oh, the poor people downstairs–those poor people–this is where i must be in my mind and heart–it must be so difficult for them too.  And for myself, there is humor in this too.  I remember when I had small babies, when my children were small, and I would do my work when the babies were sleeping.  Finally it would be nap time and then I’d get to do what I needed to do!  This is how I am beginning to do with this Indian couple.  If they quiet down that is when I get out my work or do a mediation!   Can i feel more compassion and love for those humans if I think of them as my noisy children?  Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they fight, sometimes they are quiet and then a sudden outburst of voice–just like children playing in their room!

I am blogging to help myself to adjust to the changes around me.  Shhhhhh, it seems quiet down there; maybe the babies have fallen asleep or are playing a quiet game.  I am grateful.

I found the library around here yesterday; it was of course closed but it is somewhere to go–not that libraries these days are necessarily quiet either.  But is a change, to get out of this environ and into another!  O the poor  Indian people downstairs; they seem to have only each other to entertain themselves and how happy I am for them because they have each other so that they are not lonelyLet me feel happy for them when I hear their loud voices–please let me rejoice for them.  And maybe their ears are not properly functioning and this is why they call out loudly in their non-stop conversations–they cannot help their afflictions.  And even if their ears are fine, I still feel compassion for them–especially for her since he talks non-stop at her for hours on end.  She must have great tolerance; perhaps i could admire her since I would not be able to have such strength.  I’d have shoved a sock into his mouth and taped it over long ago!  Opps, there came my cynicism and sarcasm slipping in!

Dogs bark you know?  they do.  Why?  I will have to think more of it… they want to be heard I suppose.  Oh, these poor people like dogs who neither one feels heard and keeps barking and barking.  I could turn up my music louder but then I distract my own thoughts worse than the barking.  I am feeling compassion now for myself again.  I wanted to spend this time writing my astrology class and not typing out another diatribe on the blog!

Yesterday, I left and went to a store, a walk and dinner with my daughter.  Last night they were so loud i didn’t try writing, I just put a movie on to drown them out and balanced my checkbook and paid bills.  Oh, what can I do? what can I do?  I think with no furniture in their apartment the sounds cannot help but echo.  Most Indians just somehow come up with a used mattress or sleep upon the floor since some are here only 6 months and others 2 years; depending on their contract with the Lowe’s headquarters here I suppose.  T”hey sit on the floor–with their computers — this you see as you pass by if their blinds are open and lights on at night.

“My body is the garden of my soul… “these words come over my TV set  on low volume.  The voice is Deepak Chopra who is also Hindu and from India on the meditation channel in Pandora.

I wish that … well, when i do a reading for someone… i go somewhere even when I am clearly here…. i do not hear noises … barely, slightly…i am in trance devoted to the work of the reading and receiving the psychic information… and in fact while doing a reading recently, the Indian couple came home below me there…. and as usual they seem to argue and vent … perhaps things they hold in all day around others… other Indians come to drive them to work i think…but then they are very, loud and at each other in a way that sounds like venting…. and several times I am in the middle of a reading and i realize they are there in the background with their ruckus but it is like I’m not here to fully hear it because i am working and when I work I’m not here.  Does this makes some sense?  so I wish i could do that now… achieve that high state of concentration and focus…. this i must do… and I will try.  I’ve worked around with and within so many distractions when doing readings; it’s really pretty amazing now that I think of it and i remember doing readings at parties where there was a great amount of voices and noise and sounds. 

The voices are quiet now…again.  I am going to end this and open back up the word document containing the astrology course that I’m vowing to get done, by hook/by crook.  The voices below motivate this in a way.  I hope that if i have enough students that I can set aside some dollars… i am very motivated to save money for the purpose of moving back to the mountains!

Oh, the poor Indian couple and poor me!  Let me have great compassion for us all and feel more love and peace because of us! Om mani padme hum!

And   “…for as long as space remains, For as long as sentient beings remain, Until then may I too remain, To dispel the miseries of the world.”


May all beings everywhere
Plagued by sufferings of body and mind
Obtain an ocean of happiness and joy
By virtue of my merits.

May no living creature suffer,
Commit evil, or ever fall ill.
May no one be afraid or belittled,
With a mind weighed down by depression.

May the blind see forms
And the deaf hear sounds,
May those whose bodies are worn with toil
Be restored on finding repose.

May the naked find clothing,
The hungry find food;
May the thirsty find water
And delicious drinks.

May the poor find wealth,
Those weak with sorrow find joy;
May the forlorn find hope,
Constant happiness, and prosperity.

May there be timely rains
And bountiful harvests;
May all medicines be effective
And wholesome prayers bear fruit.

May all who are sick and ill
Quickly be freed from their ailments.
Whatever diseases there are in the world,
May they never occur again.

May the frightened cease to be afraid
And those bound be freed;
May the powerless find power,
And may people think of benefiting each other.

For as long as space remains,
For as long as sentient beings remain,
Until then may I too remain
To dispel the miseries of the world.

“Today i will notice the good things in people and today i will let go of my body mind and today i will see beauty as tenderness.  Today i will nurture the world in all my relationships…..” –-The voice of Deepak Chopra again over Pandora from his “healing meditations”.

Happy Full Moon New Year!

Happy New Year

The Merry Old Land of OZ, on to Platform 9 and ¾ and Dealing with Difficult People: Ducks! Ego versus Essence

Dealing with people who think they're a mother duck!
Dealing with people who think they’re a mother duck!

From the other side the view is different—back to Kansas.  Kansas, the land of traffic jams, double turning lanes i.e. “Get in the far right lane to turn left!  — What?”  But first things first!  My body is black and blue and every muscle seems to ache and if I drop one more thing on my foot…. Well, the physical part of moving is heavy-duty!  How we got it all in a truck that was a few sizes too small, that’s a miracle in itself.  A van and two cars in addition were filled to the roof tops, including the trucks.  Ahhh, the joy of moving!  And I’ve still a good deal of boxes to open but for now I can find the important things and my office is assembled and so my shop is open so-to-speak.

I’m taking the time to write this blog post since my air conditioner has gone out and I’m waiting for the maintenance man to show up—perhaps it’s the way the “universe and I” are forcing a rest.  In this summer heat, it is no time to increase body heat by opening boxes and doing heavy lifting.  The mood of the moment goes like this:  stay cool!!!  So blogging requires the least amount of effort.

There have been quite a number of surreal moments since last Saturday—move-in day.  Every day this week was filled with either clients or kicking, pushing, pulling boxes out-of-the-way.  One dreamlike moment was yesterday when my daughter and I went to the pool—something I’d not have done on my own but with the air conditioner out and her insistence, I took the plunge!  A very pleasant experience that was!  When we got back, the air conditioner was working but that was only for a few hours then it went out again.

I love the trees just beyond my balcony and can almost reach out and touch them—glorious maples mixed in with a few other unknown varieties.  From my bedroom window as well as the sliding glass door I can watch the birds hopping along in the branches and many will lite on the balcony railing from time to time.  I don’t have to imagine too hard that I am a bird myself!

A peculiar moment during the first reading that I did here had to do with those trees. And before you think it, this part does sound a little bit ‘mashugana’ (crazy)–I’ll admit it.  My experience is what it is—mashugana or not.  In my old place (back in the ‘Merry Ole’ Land of OZ’) I would look out the window when doing readings.  Now you may not understand this next part or it may be perfectly understandable to you (dependent upon your own level of consciousness I suppose).  I draw informational energy from between the branches and leaves of trees.  I’ve always realized this and in fact once cried special tears for the loss of a beautiful hemlock who was a muse for my work.  They (previous landlords) cut her down, but I kept a small cut branch in memory of her—actually it sits on the balcony mixed in with other foliage right this very moment. 

Anyway, in the maiden reading that I did here, I found myself looking at the blank wall for a moment or two during the first part of the reading and it was exactly like the expression used when no information comes, “Drawing a blank”.  Suddenly, I realized that my gazed was fixed upon the white wall in front of me.  When I switched my eyes to looking out the window, all kinds of information seemed to come through the trees! 

So being at a pool while knowing that this is not a motel but I actually live here—that was a bizarre moment.  Having dinner with my daughters a few doors down yesterday evening was another dream-like moment too.  All very positive.  🙂

PacmanYet, talk about an awakening!  Traffic!  It feels a little bit like playing that old video game, Pacman.  Duck and dodge and drive like a NASCAR driver to avoid the hungry ghosts that seem to come out from every corner—how can I watch all 12 possible directions from which cars can come all at once!  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I’d have to ‘resolve or make peace with’ the fact that I will have to trust that people will stay in their right places while I manage to do what is necessary in my own little corner of the chaos.  Total overstimulation! 

I’ve lived in small towns out in the country for the past 20 years and big city driving is something I’d nearly forgotten how to do.  Driving like a speeding bullet or like I’m some NASCAR driver like Toni Stewart or Junior is going to take more than a day!  My daughter kept saying, “Mom, you have to keep up with traffic.  Go faster.”  Rome wasn’t built in a day and this too may take a while.  I will say that toward the end of the day I felt proud of myself.  Maybe I can do it in a day after all.  I was whipping in and out of traffic with the best of them but my heart was in my throat and it took all the concentration and focus that I could muster! But talk about pure adrenalin! (see my last blog post in reference to adrenalin)

I just need to learn to trust other drivers here the way I used to trust other drivers back in the mountains to stay in their own lane on those single-lane, hair-pin, switch-back curves!  Yeah, it’s that middle path isn’t it?  Trusting other drivers and then driving defensively while at the same time intuitively! 

Whew!  It’s getting hot in here and it’s just after 8 AM.  Do I really want another cup of hot coffee?  Excuse me while I go and get a fan to plug-in! [pause].

Okay, that’s better.  Now to the telephone adjustments!  Back in the Merry Ole’ Land of OZ, we didn’t dial an area code when calling a local number.  I had a Twilight Zone moment this morning when I realized that it is “not necessary to dial a 1” but it IS necessary to dial the area code even if the number your calling is the person next door!  Go figure! 

That one took me longer to figure out than the “get in the far right lane to turn left” did.  I have to feed my daughters’ cats next week—they are all going out-of-town together.  Two of my girls live here but one is several Interstate Exit’s away and the directions to and from her place include, “Whatever you do Mom, don’t miss this exit because it’s too hard to get back on if you do.”  So, it’s that and it’s get in the left lane to turn right in some places and the right lane to turn left in others.   Wish me luck! 

When I moved to the Appalachians it was very much like “You’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy” and it seems that as soon as I’m comfortably infiltrated and merged with that culture (and it took 15 years!), now I’m back in Kansas i.e. the land of traffic and humans galore!  It’s a nice switch and an exciting one at that.  And I’ll be fine as long as I keep saying my “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”’s while I’m driving.  I’ve lived in bigger and busier cities than this!  I can do it!  I will not be intimidated!

My office and living room need more tweaking in the décor departments but that can’t be done until the rest of the boxes are unpacked.  Those and also the kitchen boxes are still piled in a corner but considering my work, I’ve accomplished a good deal this week.  O and yay! The maintenance man is here about the air conditioner—seems the fan relay goes out and then the unit forms ice and freezes and whatever.  Anyway…

Most of the time I pretend not to live in either Kansas or OZ–neither one!  Truth be told and I’m a truth-teller, I’d much rather prefer to pretend that I’m a bird up in one of those trees that are only a few feet from my balcony!

Well, turns out we have a few hours to wait before the air conditioner can be turned back on; the ice has to melt.  I get a little frosty myself (so there may be a connection) when relating to the duck in the rental office here!  But that’s another story for another day if at all.  Some things are best left unsaid or in this case un-typed.

Meanwhile, I release those frustrations and offer them up to The Protectors which has become frequent on certain days—but it’s all ‘part of the path’ and ‘spiritual grist-for-the-mill’ as they say.  Then I go back to the trees and the birds, becoming ONE with that energy.  Human lower-mind consciousness can then fall back; the connection to bias, opinion, resentment, preferences and judgments dissolve and peace is restored. 

Boy O boy this coffee is good-tasting today!  Same coffee, same coffee pot, prepared the same way each day—but today is the first day that I’ve actually slowed down and relaxed enough to enjoy it! 

In 38 Days my life has changed a great deal.  I’m back to the future again in so many ways–back with the kids and back with mass humanity.  I’ve come down from my hermitage.  There’s a whole new set of challenges, experiences and adventures in this new setting.  Appalachia is like being on another planet, in another galaxy—far, far away.  Yet, I’m only an hour or so from the Appalachian Mountain top from whence I came. 

The vibe here is great really and the outdoor Buddha on my lattice-work balcony with the tree branches reaching toward the statues and plants, including my Angel statues, is actually much prettier than my house in the mountains.  My granddaughter pointed out a vine coming from the closest maple branch that has heart-shaped leaves–she points that out like they are growing especially for me.  I’m so glad I will have more time with her.  My mother’s favorite flowering tree was a Rosebud tree which has HEART shaped leaves–I taught that to my little granddaughter and now she notices the shapes of leaves.  She wanted to show me something special about the apartment that only she noticed. 🙂

 I’ve heard no human sounds from neighbors and I’m on the other side of the parking area, so do no hear the sounds of cars either.  My apartment is on the end and so this, too, is conducive to more quiet.  It feels very good here all-in-all.  I have sage and sweet grass to burn to cleanse the place, but do not feel the need.  The energy of my daughters and grandchildren were here before my presence to decorate with “welcome home” signs and stock the refrigerator and pantry, etc. infused the vibe in here with love!

Previous tenants were from India as many residents here are and I feel a special connection to that country and their people.

Well, its late enough in the day now to contact clients for appointment-scheduling so I’d best stop typing and move along in that direction.  The maintenance man who was very nice and apologetic about a burnt relay switch will be back in an hour or so to check on the melting ice on the central air unit and to replace the cover.  It will be back to unpacking boxes later today between clients, once things cool down a bit more in here. 

 Just a final thought.  It was 44 days ago that I inquired about an apartment here and am now actually here in one of those apartments typing this blog today!  I moved in on Day 38.  Here on Day 44,  looking back at everything that was achieved in order to pull-this-off seems miraculous! 

Getting all my ‘stuff’ around the back of this brownstone and up the stairs was another miracle that my daughters made happen!  They called it “Operation Move-Mama-Bear” in their text messages and each car driving up the mountain to get me and my things was assigned a unit number for the ‘mission’! 

I couldn’t be happier or feel more loved by my children!  O and PS, a while ago I heard a lawn mower out back and smiled one of those inner smiles realizing that I no longer have to mow the lawn but can, instead, go in the pool to swim for my exercise.  At least that’s true for the summer months anyway!

One last thing—I’d like to turn to the i-ching to ask for guidance for how to handle the issue of resentment and attitude that I have with the duck in the rental office here.  I have very few ‘issues’ with others and in this case it seems that I get to review how to deal with difficult people—or at least my perceptions around that person.  Maybe we have a past life to resolve or maybe I just need to get over myself!  Or maybe it’s just a reflection of my own issue with authority figures generally and/or the representative of the “Lords” of the land, landlords. 

 I would like the i-ching to give me guidance and advice about how to handle this or what I should consider in regard to that duck situation.

Duck versus non-duck amounts to

Black-and-white, quack-quack-quack  rule-follower


Get-real , able-to-see the-grey,  anti-establishment rule-breaker (that’s me)!

So what do you say I-ching oracle?  Okay, it’s Kua 10, called “TREADING”.  It is also called “WALK YOUR PATH”.  That alone—just those kua titles—gives you the idea that my connection with the duck is to be a part of my spiritual path, just as I said.  But then again—everything is! 

In the Wu Wei Book of Answers this kua is depicted as “treading the tail of the tiger”, meaning a powerful person can cause you harm.

  Yeah, I get that! 

 This person is in a position that can hold some “Kansas” power and this person knows it and flaunts it–or so goes my perceptions.  This is why the oracle brings up the treading issue. 

When I see or perceive what seems like insincerity in another human,  I have to ask myself if this is something within myself which I deny on some level?  Yes, in a perfect world all humans would be sincere and authentic; this is what I liked about most mountain people–they are. 

Mind games, power plays and ‘putting on airs’ was not—well, let’s just say that most mountain people are earthy and honest and that’s how I’d like to see myself too.  Not so with the duck in power and in question.

Anyway, this kua indicates that I know how to behave properly around people who could cause me harm.  It goes on, “Pleasant manners win over bad-tempered people”. 

Ego Consciousness versus Essence Consciousness:

In my other I-ching book we have sharp contrast of human conduct emphasized.  One conduct acts from essence and the other conduct arises from ego.  I think we could say that people who are “fake” or “inauthentic” or “insincere” or are not of-the-earth or ‘put on airs’ are working from ego-driven consciousness.

When working from essence-consciousness there’s no putting on of airs and one relates to others with awareness and sensitivity to all variables in play and to the demand of the moment.  Therefore, grey areas are visible and thus possible to integrate. When you act from essence-consciousness you understand that marching to the beat of your own drum is not a contradiction.  Every orchestra needs the sound of an oboe! 

Essentially, I need to tread the waters with these understandings as I relate to the mother duck around here who wants all the tenants to fall in line behind her!  O, that image really makes me want to laugh.   Mama Bear versus Mama Duck! 

  The Merry Ole’ Land of OZ has gone bye-bye.  Back to the Future includes playing those duck games again.  A small price to pay in order to play and work in my tree house and be near my family! 

By the way, the “Platform 9 3/4” reference connects to a blog from the first Days that I began blogging about my committment to move. 

At the moment of COMMITMENT – the Universe conspires to assist you! 

O, and did I mention that dinner with my daughters yesterday was great!?

Day #20 Value System Shock and Awe – North Node Taurus and Electric Train Goes Back to the Future

Electric Train
When Life Starts Moving Like An Electric Train!

May there be something here in this writing to somehow help another along their path….

Before we get started catching up from Day #11 to now, let me just say how much I love my work!  It’s intense—this project, this commitment, this change—but when I do a phone reading for someone, it is like drinking cool water from a pure source on a hot day.  O, I’m sure there are better analogies to use—so let me just say it straight.  When I do a reading, it is the highlight of my day and a healing of my energy; it’s great!  And with the recent intensity of my life, the contrast is plainly and acutely pronounced.  Healers know this—when they do a healing for another they are channeling healing energy through them and so they too become healed.   It is the same in my work as a psychic and medium. 

And now to continue from Day #11:  whenever one makes a commitment for change, it will affect others and in my case I had to give that kind of notice or head’s up.  I had no idea how it was going to go.  Would I meet with any rage or resistance or resentment when I told others who would be affected about my commitment to this change?  I held my breath (held my nose) and jumped in and did it.  I had to because the persons I had to tell needed to be involved in the change itself.  I had a moment or two of the heart beating fast and then holding the breath in anticipation until I received the response.  It was surreal actually as much of the last 20 days have been. 

Sometimes I will program ahead for the response I want from another—or I have done so in the past.  You know—visualized it happening the way I wanted it to and then seeing that it did.  That can be a very empowering thing to do by the way!

This time, however, I was more ‘in the moment’.  What I mean is there was a level of confidence beforehand that no matter the response, I will deal with it as it happens moment by moment.  And I did and it went as well as could be expected—well, actually in some cases better than could be expected. 

The feeling was like I’m on this train and it isn’t stopping and so people will have to step aside because the train is coming through—yet, I am not driving the train as much as being a passenger. 

Once those people were told about the change and that was accomplished things really took off… moved much faster… like the train was on one of those electric tracks that goes 110 mph instead of 40 or 50.  It makes me think of how it goes from Washington, DC area to Philadelphia whenever I’d travel there from North Carolina.  Through North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland the train was slow as molasses but once we got near DC, we hooked onto the electric track and flew!  Well, that’s how it’s been… I’ve been flying for the past 9 days! 

And I’ve had help!  People help; family help; physical help and emotional help and so there’s the further evidence for the support for this commitment to change. 

Yet, emotionally or within me there’s been an issue triggered by value systems—mine versus theirs!  Or we could say fringe dweller spiritual and metaphysical values VERSUS big-city, Corporate America impersonal and “it’s all about the money mentality” and besides “you are just a number consciousness”—it’s been (to use their terms/words) just like “shock and awe”.  I won’t go into that too much more because it is just me having to adjust to being in Rome and doing what the Roman’s do—at least externally.  It’s not been pleasant on certain days and there’ve been times that I’ve sat on the floor and cried it out for a few minutes due to the ridiculous irony alternated by other moments on the floor laughing at levels of near-hysteria for the same reason. 

Overwhelmed isn’t a strong enough word to describe certain moments but I’ve got tools and have “been there-done that” enough times emotionally that I know how to use them!  So… it’s okay and I have in my 64 years upon the earth learned a good deal and have developed excellent coping and healing techniques!

So while the past 9 or 10 days have been moving quickly and have been intense mentally, physically and emotionally… the highlights have actually been when I’ve ceased in this project and helped another by doing my work, giving a reading.  It is when I am being my truest and happiest self!  And it’s not that I needed to make this change or commitment to know that—not at all; because I’ve always known that actually. 

In 18 days my life will change and I will be walking into an area that is semi-unknown to me on certain levels.  I have so many projects in mind after that which involve my work as a psychic, medium, astrologer and teacher!  I feel sure my focus will be sharper and I will have more time and energy to devote to those endeavors.

Until then, this update must end.  I know I just typed 18 days but I think of it more in terms of two weeks actually.  I hope lots of people will want a reading over these next two weeks… and that is what I am asking the universe for!

I’ve just got to tell ya’ though, in the meanwhile, that it is so strange watching the events of my life and watching myself go in directions that I said to everyone that I’d never, ever go!  and it’s not the first time this has happened!  Shows to go ya’ or goes to show ya’ that you probably should never say never–especially to The Universe!  Well, if you’ve lived life at all you already know that!

I will update again when there’s another opportune moment to sit down and gather myself and my thoughts.  My North Node Taurus is being triggered by my approaching transiting South Node and while I’m starting this whole “Back to the Future” thing in some ways in my life… it should get even more interesting as the conjunction becomes more or less exact at the end of the year triggering and electrifying the 4th/10th house axis even further!

Hoping that there was something here in this writing to somehow help another along their path….

See you next time…

Day #11 The Best Way is Pushing Through – When is the Perfect Time to Do a Psychic Reading?

If we wait for conditions to be perfect before we engage in what needs doing, we may have a long wait.  Besides, we learn so much about ourselves and about Life by pushing through. 

I remember once upon a time quite a number of years ago I wanted a reading from a local psychic.  It was a time when I was just opening up to those types of things.  I was working at my career as a physical therapist back then and could feel some kind of change coming on.  It just occurs to me now (as I type here) that the change that was coming at that time is the current reality that I am living now—at least in part.  So anyway, the metaphysical store where I was asking for a reading had just relocated.  And to me the store appeared perfectly in order and seemed fine–at least the front room did anyway.

Yet, the psychic pointed to a side room which contained a number of boxes, some opened partially and some not at all.  She said that those boxes and the state of her life at that moment were reason she could not do readings at that time.  I walked away a little bit disappointed.  I never had a chance to go back. 

Looking back on it while actually being a psychic myself now, as I did this morning for some reason, I think, “Really?”  Well, we all assume that we function differently I suppose based on our individual past experiences and preconceived notions. 

Personally, I seem to work better under that type of circumstance—perhaps because doing a reading for a client is healing and energizing for me (the energy from the higher dimensions filters in, you know?) and I’ve actually done some of my very best work in circumstances and situations like the one in which the side-room psychic said she could not work. 

Funny how memories come flooding through.  I just remembered something from my past relating to this.  I did 15 minute readings for an entire office once in someone’s home.  It was a very nice home; however, in order to give me privacy to do the work, I was sent to the homeowner’s teenage daughter’s bedroom.  You want to talk about chaos!  Everything was everywhere but I had my card table, my cards and my vortex of energy and the rest was faded background material.  Everything but the card table became a non-issue. I don’t remember thinking it was an issue in the first place.  The room did not exist for me at all when I was working with the client–in fact the whole house and everyone and everything in it seemed non-existent.  It’s still that way actually.  My own life goes away for the period of time in which I am doing someone’s reading and that can actually be a pretty wonderful thing sometimes.  LOL

On to another topic—yesterday I made great progress with my project of commitment to change.  Not that I’m there yet; but I took a GIANT STEP closer (Mother may I?  Yes, you may!) to eventual completion.  I plan the same for today but I paused to make this blog as my form of play; otherwise, it is head down, engaged and power through!

One final note–and this is more a private thought but let me put it out to the ethers anyway.  I am calling on the Divine Mother for help daily ion this project of committment and change and I want to express gratitude for the assistance I am receiving and to open my heart even further to that energy with Love.  Thank YOU!