Being Tuned In to a Little Practical Magic and Being Psychic and Reading Energy

Yeah, I know that was the name of a movie (Practical Magic) but lately I’ve been thinking how using intuition—okay “psychic ability” isn’t praised, acknowledged or used. Or maybe it is and people just don’t talk about it much—but let’s do. Now. First, however, fair warning; I have a horrible cough that’s clearing—burdens I’m releasing—and so my writing today may be more foggy-headed than normal. I opened the door last night and it validated what I felt on an energy level and that was…. what? Well, have it your way then, “what my psychic POWER” was telling me. It’s not a big deal really, nothing life-or-death or even significant; it’s only a small example. I could have been important and under other conditions may have been. I was getting a “read” on something that had changed in the energy around me—what professional psychics would call a very strong “hit”.

I’m only writing about it because we all get these reads and hits all the time, but most folks are just simply not tuned into them on a conscious level. Yet, my notion, my theory is that we are still getting the signals and most of the time we act on those signals and we could call that guidance and if you want to give it a name such as “spirit guide”, whatever. The point is that some folks simply can tune into it, read it and act on it more consciously—and this doesn’t make them better than the average man on the street or any more “gifted”. And while I’m at it, when I hear that word (gifted) used in same vicinity as psychic or power or intuition, it makes my skin crawl a bit. Maybe it is because it is such an un-truth to me. I hung for this or was burned for it or had my head removed—maybe all three for this idea that someone is ‘gifted’ in such a way that makes them different and therefore mostly evil. You get the idea. Besides, the greater point is that it simply isn’t true.

People will say to me that I have a gift and I don’t want to offend anyone but it simply isn’t any more of a quality that they don’t have—they perhaps are not being called to be as aware or conscious of it; that’s all. A car mechanic can be gifted too and that is because he enjoys his work and is thus interested in it and keeps it on his mind a good deal and then practices as often as possible. Maybe even studied a bit like most psychics have studied or read or learned from teachers as part of their professional development. We’re all called to different areas of life professions based on our natural interests and okay perhaps we’ve worked in these areas in past lives and developed skills which can be mistaken as natural gifts—who really knows for sure. I took a few classes from psychic teachers and Mr. Goodwrench read a few auto manuals and learned about cars since the age of 8 from his uncle. Mr. Goodwrench the car mechanic is gifted too; but nobody burned him at the stake for it. Sorry, lost my point, so let’s get back to it.

A thousand times a day energy around us is changing and shifting. This is true on so many levels—the moon is moving into a new territory in the heavens (from Gemini to Cancer), the husband/wife or parent or child has a shift of energy and they’re sending out signals, the atmosphere is changing—a weather front approaches. And we adjust to these signals, even if we don’t read them, interpret them—we still adjust to them or they affect us.

I have to add that the less burdened we are with problems, difficulties or life-challenges that we’ve taken on by that inner argument that things shouldn’t be the way they obviously are, the more aware of these shifts we can be. Perhaps as we move into what they call the golden years, although for the life of me I’m not sure why they’re called golden, maybe then we have fewer distractions. Maybe as we have more and more years under our belt we’ve grown wise about taking up burdens that only weigh us down—some of us (me, for example) are still learning about that. It’s easier sometimes when we have a plateful of life already—meaning a plateful of responsibilities for others like our children and spouses. When our children are on their own and if we are blessed enough (as in my case) to live a more solitary life, then we can be really clearer about the energy around us—more sensitive to it.

We still react to it even if we have that plateful is my point but we just may not be able to put our finger on exactly how we do it. I wish I could have been more aware of all of this when I was a young wife and mother—heck, even before that! Yet, looking back, I realize I was guided and had a lot of help even if I wasn’t conscious of the energy signals.

I look at some of the younger generations who are coming in much more conscious and aware and wonder how they will use the energy signals that they pick up on more consciously. I have hope they will pick up on the signals from the earth and from the natural world of plants/trees, animals, minerals and so forth. I fantasize about young people feeling reverent and sacred about the earth and nature because they are reading and responding to the energy signals.

I must move along for the day is getting away from me and I’ve yet to mention last evening’s “practical magic”—just a small thing that happens a thousand times over a day, like knowing who is on the other end of the phone as it starts to ring. One becomes aware of having a knowing about so many things in life in these small ways and eventually one recognizes that they are just part of an energy information field too, participating with it and even effecting it. Before I go into a discussion of quantum physics, let me just get it out.

I knew it may rain, the weather man predicted such a thing. But many times their prediction is wrong or delayed. I was nearly asleep and in my room there was as good deal of purposeful white noise which I used to help me to sleep. Windows were closed and the white noise prevented any sound to give away as clue as to the weather. I suddenly said to myself, I feel that it has just started raining outside; it’s raining. I got up shortly afterward to get some water to drink and opened the door to look out and sure enough it was softly but steadily coming down—not a heavy rain, but not a drizzle either; sort of in between.

So what? I know, a small and rather silly example—I already said that. Just a little practical magic. That is a cute movie by-the-way.