Patterns of Thought, Neurons, Psychic Development and Spiritual Evolution

Neurons Gossip
Neurons Gossip

Patterns of Thought, Neurons, Psychic Development and Spiritual Evolution

How do all those things relate?  Patterns that I’m referring to have to do with what sometime’s I’ve heard called “gossipy neurons” or “ground consciousness” — either way, karmic repetition.  I really appreciate how the Dalai Lama of Tibet has joined Buddhists theory with scientific theory to understand the mind and how it works.

So patterns of thought and neurons that react to stimuli (see What the Bleep Do we Know?) — gossipy neurons!  I love that image of neurons gossiping and we could then see how and why the work of Byron Katie has been helpful to so many–i.e. question that thought and who would you be without it?

Neurons gossip — stimulus happens (some life event or experience) and then old dialogue begins accompanied by old pictures.

In my work as a psychic I’ve learned how to listen to observe to create a space for information to come through and I can’t have any neurons gossiping in the background when i do this.   I think meditation and working in those areas with the mind enables one to recognize when ground or karmic consciousness takes over or said another way, when the neurons start gossiping and firing and kicking up those old connections.

When we notice those neurons gossiping we can become aware and break those old patterned connections through intention–creating a new pathway, one that includes compassion and love instead.

I often point out how psychic development (I offer an Online Course) is an aid to our personal spiritual evolution.  This is yet another example!  Awareness rocks!

Ego at work in Spirituality and in Psychic Development

Ordinary Mind or Special and therefore separate?

Do you think that sometimes we need a good head cold or otherwise run-of-the-mill flu or virus to get ourselves to slow down a bit and contemplate life a bit more?  Last week was the first week of school and half of our family has the sniffles, headaches, body aches, stiff necks and all that jazz.  Toss in a weather shift along with early morning rushes to catch the school bus and it’s no wonder! 

There’s a change in the air in more ways than one and for some of us, when we stop rushing around and are forced to put our bodies into a slumbering position simply because we cannot stand up anymore, it is then that we grab a book and hot cup of tea.

Not that I need a cold or flu to contemplate life—it seems like I do that a lot anyway, but lately I’m thinking about how the ego works and especially how that applies in our attempts to be more spiritual and intuitive. 

I’ve got some ideas that I’m flushing out for this week’s newsletter about how we make moments of merging with higher mind some sort of special and sacred event which keeps it at a distance—we don’t think of it as normal and every day, which it is and should be!

I’ve got to find a good way to express that with some examples and I’m toying with it as my own inspiration kicks in while I’m grabbing for the Kleenex and flu medicine.  Why should these moments of transcendence and clarity and light be deemed so sacred and special when they should really be seen as ordinary and normal?  The Buddhist refers to it as ‘ordinary mind’ in order, I feel, to keep it close to our experience rather than profanely distant. 

The ego, you see, wants to shout it out to the world, “I had this magical spiritual experience!  Majestic and spiritual and special and look at me and how unique I am” and this brings one the separate identity that the ego needs to feel special.   This happens as we intentionally try to develop our intuition and in psychic development too. 

We keep the memory of the momentary flash of insight that we receive in meditation or the unique vision or merging with higher mind as special, unique and therefore separate from who we really are which is mimicking patriarchal religion which purports that ‘god’ is outside of us somewhere else.  We keep our spiritual communions the same way calling them abnormally sacred when they are simply part of what the Buddhists call ordinary mind. 

Well, I have more work to do on these ideas as drink my tea to soothe my sore throat.  I’m thinking how even my cold and flu is being grabbed up by my ego in order to reinforce my identity and I laugh!

Day #10 – Divination Tools Help Ease Uncertainty or Doubt During Times of Change

I totally get to live it now (again!).  I get to apply firsthand all the advice that comes from the higher levels of mind about change, impermanence, transition, letting go/holding on (an interesting dynamic!) and all the rest.  O, not that I haven’t lived it in the past—it’s a refresher is all. 

Anytime we make a decision that is going to obviously out-picture in a major life change, we have moments—call them temporary moments of insanity if you’d like.  I may have had a few of those this week.  I am laughing inside as I reflect on that last line; there’s a part of me that’s still a bit numb and consequently unsure if I’ve been completely sane the entire week.

I think it’s normal as a portion of life unravels and then begins to reassemble due to the necessity of change that moments of “crazy” happen and there again come those old buddies of worry who is crazy’s cousin.  Those buddies are doubt and anger.  What’s there to be angry about you may ask—don’t worry, I’m asking myself the same question. 

Maybe it’s my rebellious Aquarius energy in my 7th house—who knows?  I really have to get over a certain amount of resentment about jumping through other people’s hoops and dealing with “THE almighty RULES”.   Yeah, I’ve always been a fringe dweller, an outsider.  I’m examining that now; that frustration and resentment. 

But I got through the week and with regard to this project, this commitment, this change–the ball is continuing to roll with or without me because things have been set irreversibly into motion.  Last night I had as moment of angst.  Now this is where divination comes in handy!

Maybe it was me just tired from a long week of bumping heads with… let me be kind.  Let’s just say maybe a certain fatigue set it that wasn’t necessarily physical.  Mentally I am living (in my mind) within the new way of being that comes from this change that I’ve chosen (did I really choose it?) and  physically there is chaos in the realm that I’m still disassembling as part of the change. 

Holy chaos!  What am I doing?  Am I doing the right thing?  I keep getting flashes of the transiting lunar nodes about to come to merge with my natal lunar nodes—once I heard an astrology teacher say that this is… well, she said, “The past becomes the future and the future becomes the past.”  I really do feel like something quite similar to that is going on with all of this!

You know how you get that sinking feeling when you are just about to go walk the aisle to say, “I do”-?  Did you ever do that?  Sometime before you take that walk you say to yourself, “Really, do I?  OMG, am I doing the right thing?”  OR maybe you are about to close on that house whether you are selling or buying—there’s a moment that happens when you ask yourself, “Do I REALLY want to do this?” 

And you’re at the point with it where it is way too complicated to change your mind now!  You know, like you just strapped your body in the roller coaster and it begins to move and you really wish you could get off the thing and it’s way too late to turn back now!

Okay, so I had a moment like that last night you see?  Those kinds of moments can be sort of immobilizing—everything freezes and you feel like you have to go put your head on the pillow for a while and consider everything one more time.

If you’re experienced with life—it’s familiar territory.  You just want someone to come down from some heaven somewhere, float down through the walls and tell you that you are doing the right thing.  That didn’t happen exactly, so I grabbed a few divination tools and did ‘my thing’.

It is calming to shuffle those cards or toss those coins—if nothing else, shuffling the cards is a centering activity in itself. 

It was helpful is all that I can say—very helpful—calming, reassuring, peace-provoking and enabled me to breathe easy once more. 

I’d say the whole affair took maybe a half hour and I was back on course again emotionally.  I was still physically tired but got a lot of good rest last night and today I’m ready to go back at it again.  And the chaos of change I must make peace with until the 30 days is over.  Around this same time next month, I should have totally different view of life; stay tuned.  But my greater point is that divination tools, used properly and with confidence in the tool itself, can be so helpful in the heat of the moment when guidance and an elevated, unbiased view is needed.

It’s worth learning about tarot cards or runes or i-ching and to take a psychic development class before you consider a major change; they can help you.  As a matter of fact, now that we are thinking of it, I’ve noticed that many people who take the class are also planning something huge in their life at the same time—some life changing event like a job/career change or divorce or a relocation.

I’ll post again when there’s time.

Daily Divination 7-15-11 Societal Judgments Towards Psychics; Leading and Following with good intentions; Kua 17 – Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces, The Lovers, The Fool, The Star

I regret saying that I feel a vent coming on! I’m going to try to keep it in check—that ole’ ego stuff, you know? The ego took a hit this morning while I was talking to my sister. It’s her boss and his judgments about me and my work as a psychic.

According to what my sister said, he pretty much has me pegged as some kind of freeloader and someone who takes advantage of others—it his own paranoia; but it still triggers that old stuff of my own wounds.

He doesn’t believe in psychics (you see?) and has some judgment that psychics take advantage of weak people—this sets my tail spinning!

My clients are the most educated, intelligent, professional and brilliant people who happen to believe that there are higher levels of mind! Teachers, nurses, psychologist, people who work on Wall Street even; to name a few! Hold on a second, I have to unwind my tail.

Yeah, I can get worked up about someone who doesn’t even know me making these types of judgments when they don’t know anything about me or my work! Baaaaah, Humbug to him!

Yes, it is parasitic to prey on others in order to fulfill one’s own ambitions. That’s true but this is not even close to who I AM; as a matter of fact, if I feel that a client is contacting me too often, I discourage co-dependency.

My sister’s boss has no idea how many hours I’ve worked to build my website and teach and share knowledge—NOT AT ALL for the purpose of preying on other people. Humbug to him again!  But this vent does relate to today’s Kua 17 believe it or not.

Today’s I CHING draw is Kua 17 and it relates to leading and following. It is about loyalty, adaptability, cooperation, trust, sensitivity to others, service and receiving guidance.

But it goes deeper…. The message today is about teaching or leading in a way that always keeps in mind that the ultimate goal is to set people free (not create co-dependency) so that they can follow his or her own course.

This is the highest calling of my work both as a psychic, soul astrologer and as a psychic educator–teaching and leading in this way is also what is pulling me toward offering services in past life regression in future.  It’s about setting people free or helping to facilitate that process.

It’s all about helping to liberate others and has nothing at all to do with anything else self-serving. This is also why the people take my psychic class–to evolve spiritually and to be able to help others.

Like everyone else I have bills to pay and societal obligations and responsibilities, but that is secondary to what I do. I feel this gentleman of the ‘corporate world’ who was born with “a silver spoon in his mouth”—an expression referring to being born into wealth—has never been in a situation where he left a bad situation with $6 in his pocket to start over (as I have). Humbug! Got to grab my spinning tail again—hold on a second. Deep breath!

My sister asked him for hotel points (or something  like that) for an upcoming family reunion and he asks if I’m going to pay my share of the hotel (of course I will!) He assumes that I’m a freeloader simply because I was helped in the past with housing assistance! There goes my tail in a spin again!

Back to Kua 17. Here we look at the opposites of a leader or teacher who exploits people for their own end and followers who avoid responsibility for their lives. Gathering followers for self-aggrandizement and personal power is the worse side of the polarity. The positive side is stretching and growing realizing one’s full potential as a teacher or leader and giving good example in that role in order to give others the courage they need to make the stretch for themselves. Also, being willing to learn from students; we are all students and teachers.  I continue to remain inspired by my students and learn much from them–a fantastic group of spiritual individuals for whom I am very grateful.

I’d like to think that this is where my heart is and what I am actually doing—encouraging others to make the stretch to connect with higher mind in order to affect their liberation from fears and old wounds. I guess that is strange to say as I am, through these paragraphs, airing mine—my old wounds visa vie my sister’s boss. The ego, the pride—becomes offended and this we battle all the time, don’t we?

But back to Kua 17; a good leader or teacher must also be a good follower and student. I am continually learning and following higher teachings as most readers of this blog are doing. Without the teachers and guides that I look up to—without those role models—higher aspirations would be more difficult to attain. The teachers and leaders that I tend to follow are those who are selflessly devoted and this is what I wish to emulate in any role that comes before me to teach or lead in any way, as humble as that may be.

That is the core message of this Kua. Experimenting with different philosophies and teachings while taking different approaches to life is the only way to evolve and grow spiritually. It has nothing to do with any type of manipulative sales pitch and all to do with following one’s heart.

Today’s message is about service and being sensitive to others with a pure heart. The best way to know that you are following the truth in your life is to check out whether what you are doing provides a deep sense of meaning and purpose to life—even if you are challenged at times by the prejudice and judgment of your sister’s corporate boss!

To thine own self be true, as Shakespeare once wrote. Cooperate with others, with society and be adaptable but always true to YOU! (Despite criticism and judgment from society.) That is the lesson of the psychic’s path!

Another lesson for me, received today, via my sister’s boss!

Of course, he did not speak this to me directly but behind my back to my sister as cowardice and judgments go.

The Astrological Correlations to Kua 17 are:

Taurus –self-reliance, being true to self

Gemini –communication and truth

Aquarius –liberation and freedom; working on one’s own (as in being self-employed)  in a unique-to-self  kind of way

Pisces –Universal Mind and Spirituality


The Tarot Correlations to Kua 17 are:

 The Lovers –separating from dependent situations; balancing the male/female energy within; staying true to YOU; refusing to let the end justify the means; determining what you truly care about

The Star –optimism, hope, inspiration; reaching a higher level; generously giving to others; sharing with others in good will

The Fool –proceeding with joyful innocence; being true to yourself (similar to The Lovers card in that respect); being willing to follow different rules and standards than the majority of society; taking the path of personal growth; believe in yourself even if the majority of society doesn’t because a good minority will believe in you; follow your heart

With the astrological correlations combined with the tarot, hopefully this gives a deeper (greater) feel for today’s message from the I CHING Kua 17.

It is up to you to see how this message applies in your life today—with my ‘tail spinning’, I’ve given you my own personal example.

Daily Divination 7-12-11 Today is a good day to strengthen bonds in your group – I CHING Kua 13 Leo, Cancer, Aries, Taurus, Justice, The Emperor, Judgment, The Star, The Sun, The Magician

Be cheerful and nurturing to others today. Companionship, Socializing and Group Activity is being encouraged.

I’m flashing in memory to an old notebook that I found in the glove compartment of my old car. As soon as I see today’s Kua 13 message from the I CHING, I think of this. Within the writing of that little notebook were directives to create a psychic development class. I smiled when I saw that remembering how repeated messages came to do so and finally it was created. Frankly, I’d forgotten that.

The words “group” always makes me think of the psychic development class group and the Kua 13’s main message of friendliness, mutual respect, shared goals and strengthening bonds. The message today is to remember that we need one another. There is special warmth that comes from combining forces, or gathering together with others of like mind.

Today is a good day (no matter what day you read this with the understanding of simultaneous divine time) to spend time socializing with others in friendliness and with good will.

The astrological archetypes of Leo, Cancer, Aries and Taurus relate to Kua 13’s message. Leo is about being child-like and self-expressive. Cancer is about a family atmosphere and nurturing. Aries is about having the courage to embrace inter-dependence. And Taurus is about being self-reliant while merging with others. We can now see the astrological influences and how they relate to the “companionship” of this I CHING Kua.

The Tarot archetypes that correlate with this Kua are Justice (fairness), The Emperor (achievement), Judgment (opening up), The Star (optimism/meditation), The Sun (Light, joy and creativity), and the Magician (magical manifestation and communication).

BOTTOM LINE:  Work in a spirit of harmony or shared vision with others today in the spirit of shared goals. Ask the self how doing so could benefit both yourself and the group, family or community.

Daily Divination 6-2-11 Relationships with Other Souls on Planet Earth! My Mercury in Cancer, 3 of Cups Story

Maybe it’s because I have 3 daughters, but every time I see this card, I think of them and the happiness they have added to my life. People do that if you let them. All relationships have the potential to add happiness or sorrow to our lives. We have a choice as to which of the two we experience or memorialize.

Besides, it’s not anyone else’s job or duty to assure whether our relationship with them is happy or sorrowful. We can choose to enjoy the company of others and to celebrate them or not; the potential is there either way. Even to the extent of someone who is sad or emotionally compromised and happens to be in our life, even ‘that’ connection can be experienced differently based upon our view of choice.

As it is with most other empathic people, there is a tendency to sometimes have complete strangers begin a dialogue with you about their problems or troubles. I used to want to get away from these people, but I don’t anymore.

I’m flashing to one memory of a lady in the grocery store who began a conversation with me in the canned tomato section.

She had a cast on her arm and began to tell me what happened and from there unfolded the sorrowful story of her life. As she relived her life backwards emphasizing one sad experience after the next talking about crisis after crisis, I smiled at her and simply sent her love and healing energy.

I could convey more about this experience, but wish to stay with the message of today’s card. The point is that even those who are distressed souls and who may not be fun to “hang around with” so-to-speak can add depth and dimension to our life—just like the happy, carefree souls can.

Awareness comes to us in the closest moments of unconditional love, self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. The human connections that we have with other souls here upon this plane, no matter if that connection is one of joy or sorrow, is potentially healing and consciousness expanding.

As we spoke over the canned tomatoes, I found myself listening less to her words as a part of me rose up and above us both and that part of me smiled down at the both of us lovingly. This happens when I work with my clients too. I didn’t try to take away her story or anything like that, but by the time we were finished with our connection and after she said, “I have no idea why I told you all that—I don’t even know you!” she had a smile on her face.

Somehow she seemed happier and even began to laugh a bit as we took our cans of tomatoes and moved along with our carts down opposite side of the aisle.

My connections with my 3 daughters bring me as much a feeling of soul connectedness and the same is true of my students and friends.

Yet, I’ll have to admit that the closer the connection—such as with family—the more difficult it is for me to handle things like I did with the lady with the arm cast in the tomato section.

I tend to want to engage and fix and advise and manipulate (in what I believe is a helpful way of course) when it comes to my daughters. This card reminds me that I could (and they could) benefit more by me being more like my interaction with the tomato lady.

The 3 of cups is about dancing in life to each moment no matter if you happen to find yourself dancing in the dark woods of sorrow or in an open flower-filled meadow. We must remember not to take life too seriously.

Our connections with other souls can be joyful no matter what state we find other souls to be in and the less attached we are to manipulating their energy and the more we can just be ‘present’ with them sending them love all the while, the more healing , joyful and celebratory our soul connections with others can be!

If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, you may know that I sometimes have a bit of difficulty bottom-lining some of the divination messages that are so multi-dimensional.

How could I summarize a message in one or two lines on this blog post for today? I already have and the message may be different for you than it is for the reader next to you. We tend to extrapolate that word, phrase, sentence or paragraph taking what we need for the moment.  If you have found something positive here to add to your day, for me that’s mission accomplished!

And with that in mind, I will close today’s post wishing you a day of being in the flow of high spirit!

PS– there always seems to be a post script!  I just realized that the forgotten astrological correlation.  The archetypal energy of this card is the same as Mercury in Cancer.  I will (due to time constrictions) use keywords here and they are pretty self explanatory as they relate to this post and the 3 of Cups.  Mercury (as most everyone knows!) rules communication and conversation as well as what we’d call lower mind, intellect and left brain.  Blend well with nurturing, mothering Cancer energy and you can see the correlation–nurturing communication. I have to fly for now…  see you tomorrow.

Change in the Communication Connection to “Spirit Guides”

I get this question a lot and received another one again today!  People write to me expressing that their connection to their “spirit guide” has changed and suddenly apparently they have problems “getting through” or receiving a communique’.  There are so many variables we could apply to addressing this type of question but in this post you will find a few along with comments for your consideration.  This post isn’t all inclusive or intended to be–this would be best addressed in a 500 page book, but for now here are a few (hopefully not too scattered) thoughts….

Like I said, I get emails from people who want to control their “spirit guides” and the communication they have with such energy.  It’s like trying to control the weather—can we?  Even the cosmic weather… do we have control over how quickly the Moon moves or what aspects Neptune makes when?  Some of that can be predictable… we can know the patterns of movement thanks to astronomers and astrologers who have mapped probable aspects. 

But there are many factors involved in exactly how weather patterns (whether those are on earth or the heavens) will affect one person, in one place at one moment of time.  Tornadoes will move through an area and take out a block of houses but leave one of those standing and untouched.  Could that have been controlled?  Could that same event happen the same way, be duplicated exactly so, each and every time a tornado comes through? The answer to that is obvious.  Yet, people will always try to take what are divine mysteries and want to capture, control and direct that energy in some way and in the meanwhile hold an expectation of how experiences should be repeated and evolve in logical left-brain linear ways. 

I think we’d be doing our younger generations a service if we could teach them more than a, b, c and 1, 2, 3.  What about the right brain stuff?  What about the nature of the divine energies, how the intuition works and acceptance of the divine mysteries—to honor and revere, to observe and  respectfully venerate them—instead of trying to be manipulating, controlling and placing the universe in a box like some sort of personal pet! 

Like any relationship, when it becomes out of balance, the wiser of any two will adjust position to bring the relationship into a healthier balance.  Of course, in a human situation, unhealthy connections can be maintained over a lifetime but usually at some point, one person in the relationship will force the change that’s needed to honor ‘the self’  which has been denied for the sake of keeping the relationship together.  That happens. 

People will remain in an unbalanced relationship where one party is beneath the other (and most times it is the woman via societal and religious conditioning in which female is subservient to the male).  And even if one party realizes what is happening, they can deny their needs for the sake of appearances, the children, the possessions and many other things.  No so with our relationship to ‘the divine’ or what people call ‘spirit guides’. 

When we transpose human relationship patterns onto our relationship with ‘spirit guides’, it’s a whole different ball game!  People will write that they had it all under control, they had the connection and then it seemed to disappear.  What a great lesson for the human ego! 

It would be much better, if we’re going to transpose or transfer one relationship style onto another that we do so the other way around! 

Instead of expecting your relationship with ‘the universe’, ‘the divine mind’ or ‘source’ or even a part of all that called ‘spirit guides’ or even one’s own ‘higher self’ for that matter to mimic your human relationship pattern, how about going about it in reverse?

And of course, that actually does happen but most people are not aware of it; that’s all.  Our relationship with our self is the same relationship we have with others and with that which people want to call ‘spirit guides’!  

Is it not true that some days you don’t even communicate with yourself very well? Feel out of sorts?  And even if you try, some days you tend feel like an ‘air head’ or feel more down in the dumps?  Other days, quite the opposite is true.  Yeah, it’s like the weather; Earth weather, Cosmic weather—it changes. 

So what do we do?  We grab the umbrella or the sun lotion in regard to earth weather.  We have a good cry or throw a party in regard to cosmic weather.  Some days we feel like we absolutely must meditate and other days, we are completely drawn to work in the garden.  Yeah, so my point being that  we go with the flow and adjust according to the weather. 

We don’t call into a psychic and say, it was sunny 2 weeks ago and everything was so clear and at night I could see all the stars but now, it’s all cloudy and I’ve not seen an evening star for weeks.  What am I doing wrong?  How can I fix this? How can I change it, manipulate it, control it?  You see my point.

Personally, when someone is being very needy and trying to control the energy or the situation, my response is to do something like, “Oh, my, look at the time.  I’d better be running along. See ya’.”  Did you ever have that happen?  It’s painful to watch.  But you know that if you disconnect, you are actually helping the person out—helping them shift and rebalance. 

I think it’s very possible that the energy which we call “spirit guides” do the same or something similar.   

And have you considered that any and all ‘connections’ and communique’s that you have with others whether in spirit world or in your own back yard are simply a reflection of the connection that you have with YOU in the first place?! 

 Psssst… Mercury, right now,  is Retrograde in an exact opposition to Saturn.  The communication planet (Mercury) is opposing to the EXACT DEGREE  (12 degrees) the “get real” planet (Saturn) today! 

 (April 23, 2003)

Being Sensitive / Being Psychic is about more than telling the future

Being Sensitive / Being Psychic is about more

than telling the future

I think, I believe, and my intuitive impressions are as follows.

This is not one of those “convince and convert ” pieces of writing.

This may be more or less about me venting. But on some level isn’t that what blogging can be about at times?

Many of those reaching for the psychic realms are truly looking to dissolve all barriers within consciousness that present a direct connection to All That Is.   If you would like to use the words Source or God or Universe or Divine Intelligence or Divine Love instead of All That Is, feel free.

Those who have an interest in psychic development are usually trying to understand their life’s purpose from a spiritual point of view.  Often there is a need to merge individual ego with Creator or Source or as we would say in natural law terms, all of creation.

Natural law or laws explain the existence of creation by the sheer fact that creation exists in the first place.  For those with an interest in understanding natural law on deeper levels, I would suggest studying the teachings of Nargajuna and Chandrakirti on the Middle Way.

The development of intuition occurs through merging with natural laws which are, again, principles that are the foundation of creation itself.

If this writing, thus far, sounds a bit stern perhaps it is because I am a bit irritated at myself for having overreacted to something that just happened a moment ago. This was something which touched a nerve within me with regard to everything I’ve written thus far in this blog entry… natural law, spiritual foundations, and intuition as well as psychic sensitivity.

As we intentionally attempt evolution in these areas we quite naturally break free from external conditioning patterns and societal ideas and propagandists. There is a heightened awareness to all energy that occurs within consciousness as evolution and growth progresses… this includes sensitivities to the energies of trees, rocks, flowers, animals, fish.

When barriers in consciousness are dissolved, a more direct connection to all energy can be experienced and this is part and parcel of being psychic or intuitive or sensitive.


As part of its natural evolution, Soul no longer identifies itself as a separate entity as it merges ego back with source or creator.

The analogy of a wave upon an ocean may be apropos since soul must enter its consciousness within the cosmic ocean not the wave of individual ego.  As that happens soul becomes aware of the ocean of All That Is.

Because of all of this, the soul or individual seeker on the path of psychic development and spiritual evolution develops a heightened sensitivity to everything in nature (natural law). Therefore, it is not unusual or un-typical that those who are “psychic” feel the energy of trees, for example.

I do. When the chainsaw’s attack, I feel the energy just as you might imagine if you truly believe trees were alive and conscious. Fear, panic, screams, and deluge… Not a happy scene.

I have come across fishermen who upon seeing me pass by will hold up a squirming fish at the end of the hook at the end of a string at the end of a fishing pole smiling gleefully and proudly as the fish panics and pleads for its life – at least on energetic terms. How can a fishermen hold up the fish that is flailing its tail and smile and be proud?

There are those reading this who may think I am quite the drama queen!  But, if you felt the feelings of deer, bear, trees, flowers and fish, you would never catch of fish or slay a tree!

I’ve heard it said that a name for people like me is  “Damon soul” – – not to be confused with the Christian perversion of the word: demon.  (Damon is spelled with an a.  Demon with an e.)  It is fairly well-known that Damon souls are very sensitive to nature.

I “lost it” a while ago and this is my “true confession”.  I love walking in nature; however, at my ripe old age of 63 years and living alone in the mountains, I tend to walk in more public areas, even though I’d love to take off into the forest alone.

Today, along the creek-walk where many local residents get their exercise, there were some types of handwritten signs all over the decorative light-posts along the walkway. I have no idea what these papers taped to the light posts had anything to do with – – perhaps there was a party or a gathering of some type over the weekend and they were leftover hanging there.

I almost had to laugh because many of the papers taped to the lampposts were one or two-line comments of some type – – almost looking like tweets like on What the heck?

I barely noticed what the handwritten messages on the paper’s said.  I was much more “into” listening to my music and enjoying the sunshine and vigorous exercise – – as vigorous as I could make it, walking in a fast-pace.

Then I looked up and directly in front of me at an angle aligning with my eyes where it could not be missed was a paper upon which it was written, “It is okay to eat fish because fish have no feelings.”

Actually, as I tell it now in this blog what I’m about to say seems fairly comical, but at the time my blood pressure shot up, I was overcome with shock, and without thinking about it in the least, and without missing a beat in my steps with the music, I grabbed the paper off the light post, wadded it in a ball and threw it on the ground and kept on marching to my music!

I felt guilty for littering.

I also feel guilty for an expression of intolerance for the — shall I say it? — ignorance of those who believe… that fish have no feelings.

They do! (See ‘Memory’ below)

Okay. I’m done venting. I feel better. I apologize to fishermen, hunters and loggers for calling them ignorant.  I apologize to the person who wrote the paper for ripping down her sign.  I apologize for calling people who think that fish have no feelings ignorant. I apologize to the city for littering.  But most of all, I apologized to Nature Itself for the insensitivity of humans!

Memory…  I was a little girl, this lifetime.  I can’t remember my age exactly, but perhaps around 5 years old.  My dear father was going out in a little boat, fishing.  I was excited (so happy!) to be going somewhere special with my father–an adventure!  Fishing.  I don’t even think I knew what that was or what it meant, exactly.  I just felt special to be allowed to go with my father.  I’d never been on a boat before either and thought that I was going to have great fun!  My brother always went off with my father, but this time they let ‘me’ go!  I was thrilled!

I was just enjoying being outdoors and away from my very intense mother.  There we were rocking with the waves gently in the boat on the water in the great outdoors!   I don’t have full memory like if there were other people with us or what size the boat was–those details I do not remember.  What I ‘do’ remember is my father being very cross with me and all the fun ending dramatically.  I specifically remember his words, “I will NEVER take you fishing with me again!”  This was after he kept telling me to stop, over and over.  He was instructing me to stop screaming, and I didn’t seem to have any control over it–I couldn’t stop.  I wanted to obey my father, but couldn’t.  I was overwhelmed.

He had just caught a fish and I was feeling the panic of the fish and uncontrollably imitating the sound that I was hearing in my head.  Have you seen the movie, E.T.?  If so–remember the scene when Elliot and E.T. first see each other and they both scream at the same time?  It was like that.  The fish seemed to be (inside my head) screaming and I was screaming too!

Poor Dad; he was a Pisces Sun (Sun sign) and really wanted only harmony and peace.  Mom didn’t have much of that to go around for either of us which is probably why we were out fishing to start with.  There he was yelling, “Stop! Stop!  What is the matter with you?  Stop your screaming!”  I managed to screamed back, “You’re killing him!  He can’t breathe!”–I could hardly breathe either.

I was a little child dumbfounded as to why my kind, gentle father would do such a thing!  When the fish came out of the water, at first I was thrilled to see it up close.  But as I just described, it all went downhill really quickly after that.

Dad took the hook out of the fish’s gill (or mouth or however you say it) which horrified me even further (not to mention the fish’s agony)–the fish and I both screamed louder.

I looked on with horror, maintaining my cry.  Finally, with the hook out of the mouth my father tossed him back into the water.  We could breathe again.  I stopped screaming and crying.

“There!  Are ya’ happy now?”, he said.  I was not happy.  But I was relieved.  And I was confused by what my father had just done.

“I will NEVER take you fishing again!”    And he didn’t, which I’m sure suited us both just fine.

Like I said, being sensitive/psychic is about more than telling the future.

PS–when I see a fisherman, I try my best to send telepathic signals to the fish nearby to swim to the other side of  the stream.  Not sure if it works or not, but I do.