Daily Divination 7-21-11 Innocence, Intuition, Spontaneity in Walking One’s Path – I CHING Kua 25; Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Pisces, Justice, The Emperor, Judgment, Death, Hanged Man, The Chariot

Innocence is the ability to pay attention to the inner voice of intuition and to spontaneously respond to life unfolding in the now. The members of the psychic class group are currently having a big discussion on diet and foods and fasting and onward—pulling this rune for today’s cosmic communiqué relates (I believe) to trusting the body’s wisdom in each moment which was my contribution to discussions on the topic.

Today’s message comes from Kua 25 of the I CHING, called “Innocence” –human nature directed by spirit. This Kua is also called “Simple Purpose”—following the true inclination of the heart.

The Wilhelm/Baynes Book of Changes says this about Kua 25: By devotion to the divine spirit within the self, innocence is attained that leads to do the right thing with ‘instinctive’ sureness without any thought.

I can’t help but think of babies and their diet. Moms tend to worry about what their children eat. Maybe I’m old fashioned (probably, I’m getting old… ) but ‘back in the day’ the pediatricians would say to offer the child a variety of healthy foods and the child’s body wisdom will direct them. I noticed that this was true overall—lots of noodles one day and the next day lots of carrots. It seemed to balance out without me  injecting any food anxieties.

Children have not been programmed to have preferences, to be fixated on ideals, or strive to achieve ego-goals. Children, in their natural innocence, can be such beautiful teachers.

Because of our training as we move into adulthood, the mind can be forceful in trying to convince the “innocent self” of certain beliefs under the guise of improvement. Sometimes that’s a good thing but…

… today’s message is gently reminding us of the wisdom gained when we trust the innocence of our own natural spirit.

Renew your acquaintance with your natural, childlike, innocent self—there is wisdom there.

BOTTOM LINE: Today’s message is to approach each situation as it comes and to be responsive to subtle influences that are the result of sensitivity and enthusiasm. Life is a moment-to-moment flowering, not some problem to be solved. Look at life today through the eyes of an innocent child. To function most effectively (in any situation), it is important to ‘be present’ in each and every moment. Release complex issues in favor of a simple approach. Find the balance you need between childlike confidence and the wisdom of experience.

The Astrological Correlations to the I CHING Kua 25, Innocence are:

Cancer – nurturing with food

Leo – childlike; Leo rules the 5th house of “children”

Aquarius – being a “group of one”; breaking free from a need to conform

Pisces – mutability; willingness to be flexible; being aware of subtle energy; innocence; openness

The Tarot Correlations to the I CHING Kua 25, Innocence are:

Justice – energy being balanced; need for equilibrium; need to discriminate what is best for self

The Emperor – the need to balance the strong male qualities with the feminine; being too rigid or too fixed with a desire to bring order and control into one’s life

Judgment – realizing one is not just a body or mind, but a divine being; receptivity to the ways of one’s spirit; living one’s inner truth

Death – rebirth; rejuvenation; being open to change;

Hanged Man – being non-resistive; reversal in thinking; relaxing about things; surrender and letting go; softening of fixed viewpoints; looking at things from a different point of view

The Chariot – using one’s body as a vehicle of one’s true self-expression; separation from “race consciousness” or “consensus” thinking; seeing the big picture; working with a larger reality; receiving direction from ‘within’; taking the “middle path”

As always, I hope that the Tarot and Astrology archetype correlations help to further clarify the message inspired by today’s I CHING Kua 25, Innocence.  See you tomorrow….

Daily Divination 7-19-11 Progress! It’s going to get better; success is assured – Kua 53 Development; Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sag, The Magician, The Hermit, Judgment, Hierophant, Temperance, High Priestess

I CHING Kua 53 has to do with DEVELOPMENT, gradual progress, slowly but surely or as my grandmother used to say, “little by little”. Another one we often hear is “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

This is the second time I’ve received a message about progress; the last time it was “progress over the next few months”. Today, the message has to do with success being assured.

Where or how do these messages apply to you in your own life? The answer applies to your own question around life conditions.

I think economically when I think of this message; the condition of our economy in the United States is of grave concern to many.

 My prediction, if you want to call it that is that things will get better and success will be achieved. Yet, there is a caveat and that has to do with the message of this Kua today and the associated Tarot and Astrology correlations.

Essentially on must keep one’s attention in the present moment and avoid dreaming about future. The reason being, the more we can stay with “what is”, the less likely it will be that we will be thrown off-balance by the unexpected. We must all keep our cool despite current delays or setbacks.

We cannot throw up our hands and say, “I quit” because we need this time as a vital learning experience. We must accept current challenges and not lose ourselves in a future that is not yet manifest.

Today the message is to be willing to look truth of the moment straight in the eye and feel supported rather than fearful.

I can’t help but think of the word “psychic” whenever I see the word “development”. Development is the name of this I CHING Kua… actually, some books call it “Gradual Development”.

Things that develop slowly become more strong and enduring—perseverance and determined effort is required. Yet, too much determination can sometimes be detrimental—it is rather a matter of uniting with energy and dancing gently with it.

While it is an easy energy or gentle energy merging that I’m referring to, and while it is important to be in the now with it and not compare it with past or future, it does require focus to detail. Yet, the idea is not to hurry or force.

Progress comes from giving attention in the moment to detail but without undue pressure or stress. This is much like it is when speaking with spirit guides or communication from the other side as part of psychic development.

The key phrase today is like air over mountain (the elements of this Kua), gradual progress. It is gradual so that details can be perfected and so patience is required now.

It makes me think about walking or biking through an area rather than driving in a car. I used to drive to work and then began jogging to work instead for a while being amazed at all the small details of the area I missed while driving. It’s like that—there is much more to be seen and integrated when working at a slower and more detailed pace.

The Astrological Correlations of Kua 53/Development are:

Leo – putting one’s “heart” into it; creative actualization; self-expression; and the opposites… giving power outside of self; seeking outer world acknowledgments

Virgo – details

Scorpio – getting to the bottom of the matter; the heart of the matter; coming face to face with limitation; commitment

Sagittarius – optimism; seeing the cup half full; keeping one’s sense of humor

The Tarot Correlations of Kua 53/Development are:

The Magician – creative actualization and transmutation; moving inward for inspiration

The Hermit – Inner seeking; truth within self and not the outside world

Judgment – flowing consciousness; uniting with a higher power; struggle has been over ____, and the heart won so a new day is begun

Hierophant – the inner teacher; inherent talent; tenacity; practical application of wisdom; meaningful ritual

Temperance – patience; 6th chakra opening; blending of opposites; moderation

High Priestess – unity of all things; answers within; paying attention to the cycles of life; letting go of tension and nervousness

Hopefully, the bits of astrology and tarot above have solidified or added to the meaning of today’s divination message from Kua 53 of the I CHING.  As I always say, no matter what day or time you read this blog post, with the understanding of simultaneous divine timing, it applies to your now moment.

See you tomorrow…

Daily Divination 7-15-11 Societal Judgments Towards Psychics; Leading and Following with good intentions; Kua 17 – Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces, The Lovers, The Fool, The Star

I regret saying that I feel a vent coming on! I’m going to try to keep it in check—that ole’ ego stuff, you know? The ego took a hit this morning while I was talking to my sister. It’s her boss and his judgments about me and my work as a psychic.

According to what my sister said, he pretty much has me pegged as some kind of freeloader and someone who takes advantage of others—it his own paranoia; but it still triggers that old stuff of my own wounds.

He doesn’t believe in psychics (you see?) and has some judgment that psychics take advantage of weak people—this sets my tail spinning!

My clients are the most educated, intelligent, professional and brilliant people who happen to believe that there are higher levels of mind! Teachers, nurses, psychologist, people who work on Wall Street even; to name a few! Hold on a second, I have to unwind my tail.

Yeah, I can get worked up about someone who doesn’t even know me making these types of judgments when they don’t know anything about me or my work! Baaaaah, Humbug to him!

Yes, it is parasitic to prey on others in order to fulfill one’s own ambitions. That’s true but this is not even close to who I AM; as a matter of fact, if I feel that a client is contacting me too often, I discourage co-dependency.

My sister’s boss has no idea how many hours I’ve worked to build my website and teach and share knowledge—NOT AT ALL for the purpose of preying on other people. Humbug to him again!  But this vent does relate to today’s Kua 17 believe it or not.

Today’s I CHING draw is Kua 17 and it relates to leading and following. It is about loyalty, adaptability, cooperation, trust, sensitivity to others, service and receiving guidance.

But it goes deeper…. The message today is about teaching or leading in a way that always keeps in mind that the ultimate goal is to set people free (not create co-dependency) so that they can follow his or her own course.

This is the highest calling of my work both as a psychic, soul astrologer and as a psychic educator–teaching and leading in this way is also what is pulling me toward offering services in past life regression in future.  It’s about setting people free or helping to facilitate that process.

It’s all about helping to liberate others and has nothing at all to do with anything else self-serving. This is also why the people take my psychic class–to evolve spiritually and to be able to help others.

Like everyone else I have bills to pay and societal obligations and responsibilities, but that is secondary to what I do. I feel this gentleman of the ‘corporate world’ who was born with “a silver spoon in his mouth”—an expression referring to being born into wealth—has never been in a situation where he left a bad situation with $6 in his pocket to start over (as I have). Humbug! Got to grab my spinning tail again—hold on a second. Deep breath!

My sister asked him for hotel points (or something  like that) for an upcoming family reunion and he asks if I’m going to pay my share of the hotel (of course I will!) He assumes that I’m a freeloader simply because I was helped in the past with housing assistance! There goes my tail in a spin again!

Back to Kua 17. Here we look at the opposites of a leader or teacher who exploits people for their own end and followers who avoid responsibility for their lives. Gathering followers for self-aggrandizement and personal power is the worse side of the polarity. The positive side is stretching and growing realizing one’s full potential as a teacher or leader and giving good example in that role in order to give others the courage they need to make the stretch for themselves. Also, being willing to learn from students; we are all students and teachers.  I continue to remain inspired by my students and learn much from them–a fantastic group of spiritual individuals for whom I am very grateful.

I’d like to think that this is where my heart is and what I am actually doing—encouraging others to make the stretch to connect with higher mind in order to affect their liberation from fears and old wounds. I guess that is strange to say as I am, through these paragraphs, airing mine—my old wounds visa vie my sister’s boss. The ego, the pride—becomes offended and this we battle all the time, don’t we?

But back to Kua 17; a good leader or teacher must also be a good follower and student. I am continually learning and following higher teachings as most readers of this blog are doing. Without the teachers and guides that I look up to—without those role models—higher aspirations would be more difficult to attain. The teachers and leaders that I tend to follow are those who are selflessly devoted and this is what I wish to emulate in any role that comes before me to teach or lead in any way, as humble as that may be.

That is the core message of this Kua. Experimenting with different philosophies and teachings while taking different approaches to life is the only way to evolve and grow spiritually. It has nothing to do with any type of manipulative sales pitch and all to do with following one’s heart.

Today’s message is about service and being sensitive to others with a pure heart. The best way to know that you are following the truth in your life is to check out whether what you are doing provides a deep sense of meaning and purpose to life—even if you are challenged at times by the prejudice and judgment of your sister’s corporate boss!

To thine own self be true, as Shakespeare once wrote. Cooperate with others, with society and be adaptable but always true to YOU! (Despite criticism and judgment from society.) That is the lesson of the psychic’s path!

Another lesson for me, received today, via my sister’s boss!

Of course, he did not speak this to me directly but behind my back to my sister as cowardice and judgments go.

The Astrological Correlations to Kua 17 are:

Taurus –self-reliance, being true to self

Gemini –communication and truth

Aquarius –liberation and freedom; working on one’s own (as in being self-employed)  in a unique-to-self  kind of way

Pisces –Universal Mind and Spirituality


The Tarot Correlations to Kua 17 are:

 The Lovers –separating from dependent situations; balancing the male/female energy within; staying true to YOU; refusing to let the end justify the means; determining what you truly care about

The Star –optimism, hope, inspiration; reaching a higher level; generously giving to others; sharing with others in good will

The Fool –proceeding with joyful innocence; being true to yourself (similar to The Lovers card in that respect); being willing to follow different rules and standards than the majority of society; taking the path of personal growth; believe in yourself even if the majority of society doesn’t because a good minority will believe in you; follow your heart

With the astrological correlations combined with the tarot, hopefully this gives a deeper (greater) feel for today’s message from the I CHING Kua 17.

It is up to you to see how this message applies in your life today—with my ‘tail spinning’, I’ve given you my own personal example.

Daily Divination 7-12-11 Today is a good day to strengthen bonds in your group – I CHING Kua 13 Leo, Cancer, Aries, Taurus, Justice, The Emperor, Judgment, The Star, The Sun, The Magician

Be cheerful and nurturing to others today. Companionship, Socializing and Group Activity is being encouraged.

I’m flashing in memory to an old notebook that I found in the glove compartment of my old car. As soon as I see today’s Kua 13 message from the I CHING, I think of this. Within the writing of that little notebook were directives to create a psychic development class. I smiled when I saw that remembering how repeated messages came to do so and finally it was created. Frankly, I’d forgotten that.

The words “group” always makes me think of the psychic development class group and the Kua 13’s main message of friendliness, mutual respect, shared goals and strengthening bonds. The message today is to remember that we need one another. There is special warmth that comes from combining forces, or gathering together with others of like mind.

Today is a good day (no matter what day you read this with the understanding of simultaneous divine time) to spend time socializing with others in friendliness and with good will.

The astrological archetypes of Leo, Cancer, Aries and Taurus relate to Kua 13’s message. Leo is about being child-like and self-expressive. Cancer is about a family atmosphere and nurturing. Aries is about having the courage to embrace inter-dependence. And Taurus is about being self-reliant while merging with others. We can now see the astrological influences and how they relate to the “companionship” of this I CHING Kua.

The Tarot archetypes that correlate with this Kua are Justice (fairness), The Emperor (achievement), Judgment (opening up), The Star (optimism/meditation), The Sun (Light, joy and creativity), and the Magician (magical manifestation and communication).

BOTTOM LINE:  Work in a spirit of harmony or shared vision with others today in the spirit of shared goals. Ask the self how doing so could benefit both yourself and the group, family or community.

Daily Divination 6-2-11 Relationships with Other Souls on Planet Earth! My Mercury in Cancer, 3 of Cups Story

Maybe it’s because I have 3 daughters, but every time I see this card, I think of them and the happiness they have added to my life. People do that if you let them. All relationships have the potential to add happiness or sorrow to our lives. We have a choice as to which of the two we experience or memorialize.

Besides, it’s not anyone else’s job or duty to assure whether our relationship with them is happy or sorrowful. We can choose to enjoy the company of others and to celebrate them or not; the potential is there either way. Even to the extent of someone who is sad or emotionally compromised and happens to be in our life, even ‘that’ connection can be experienced differently based upon our view of choice.

As it is with most other empathic people, there is a tendency to sometimes have complete strangers begin a dialogue with you about their problems or troubles. I used to want to get away from these people, but I don’t anymore.

I’m flashing to one memory of a lady in the grocery store who began a conversation with me in the canned tomato section.

She had a cast on her arm and began to tell me what happened and from there unfolded the sorrowful story of her life. As she relived her life backwards emphasizing one sad experience after the next talking about crisis after crisis, I smiled at her and simply sent her love and healing energy.

I could convey more about this experience, but wish to stay with the message of today’s card. The point is that even those who are distressed souls and who may not be fun to “hang around with” so-to-speak can add depth and dimension to our life—just like the happy, carefree souls can.

Awareness comes to us in the closest moments of unconditional love, self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. The human connections that we have with other souls here upon this plane, no matter if that connection is one of joy or sorrow, is potentially healing and consciousness expanding.

As we spoke over the canned tomatoes, I found myself listening less to her words as a part of me rose up and above us both and that part of me smiled down at the both of us lovingly. This happens when I work with my clients too. I didn’t try to take away her story or anything like that, but by the time we were finished with our connection and after she said, “I have no idea why I told you all that—I don’t even know you!” she had a smile on her face.

Somehow she seemed happier and even began to laugh a bit as we took our cans of tomatoes and moved along with our carts down opposite side of the aisle.

My connections with my 3 daughters bring me as much a feeling of soul connectedness and the same is true of my students and friends.

Yet, I’ll have to admit that the closer the connection—such as with family—the more difficult it is for me to handle things like I did with the lady with the arm cast in the tomato section.

I tend to want to engage and fix and advise and manipulate (in what I believe is a helpful way of course) when it comes to my daughters. This card reminds me that I could (and they could) benefit more by me being more like my interaction with the tomato lady.

The 3 of cups is about dancing in life to each moment no matter if you happen to find yourself dancing in the dark woods of sorrow or in an open flower-filled meadow. We must remember not to take life too seriously.

Our connections with other souls can be joyful no matter what state we find other souls to be in and the less attached we are to manipulating their energy and the more we can just be ‘present’ with them sending them love all the while, the more healing , joyful and celebratory our soul connections with others can be!

If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, you may know that I sometimes have a bit of difficulty bottom-lining some of the divination messages that are so multi-dimensional.

How could I summarize a message in one or two lines on this blog post for today? I already have and the message may be different for you than it is for the reader next to you. We tend to extrapolate that word, phrase, sentence or paragraph taking what we need for the moment.  If you have found something positive here to add to your day, for me that’s mission accomplished!

And with that in mind, I will close today’s post wishing you a day of being in the flow of high spirit!

PS– there always seems to be a post script!  I just realized that the forgotten astrological correlation.  The archetypal energy of this card is the same as Mercury in Cancer.  I will (due to time constrictions) use keywords here and they are pretty self explanatory as they relate to this post and the 3 of Cups.  Mercury (as most everyone knows!) rules communication and conversation as well as what we’d call lower mind, intellect and left brain.  Blend well with nurturing, mothering Cancer energy and you can see the correlation–nurturing communication. I have to fly for now…  see you tomorrow.

Daily Divination May 4, 2011 Can a Psychic Remove Your Blockages? Judgment/Pluto/Scorpio


The struggle is over.  The heart has won.  There’s been a rebirth.  A new day’s begun

Do you know those search word reports that some websites give through their own internal tracking of some kind?  I’ve never cared much about that, but some sites—like WordPress (this blog website)—will automatically lists that information whether you ask for it or not.   I noticed someone who found my blog did so by typing in the search phrase “can psychics remove blockages?” 

Today’s message correlates with Pluto, the astrological representation of the soul itself—at least that’s what the folks in the circles that I move within believe.  The inspiration for today’s cosmic communiqué comes from the tarot card Judgment. 

Release fear of deep soul-like examination, don’t turn away from the pain, look it straight in the eye and investigate it at its depth and do the deep Scorpio work (Pluto ruling Scorpio is the same archetype).  That’s what today’s topic is and that’s the area that our search term questioner was broaching. 

Isn’t it just like human nature to give someone else responsibility for our own well-being?  Can a psychic change, grow, progress, advance or evolve your own soul?   People engage this type of question in the medical theatre of their lives too.  They hold the doctor fully responsible for their healing.  The doctor “practices” healing techniques (that’s why they call it a practice) and facilitates healing—same with other practitioners, psychic’s included. 

It begs the question–who heals you?  I understand the temptation to throw money at doctors, healers, therapists, psychics and expect them to take charge of your life; but as we all know (or should realize), they don’t do it alone and if they are working in integrity they’ll let you know that up front.  They need ‘your’ participation and cooperation; it’s best to think of them as facilitator’s or perhaps guides of your own deep inner process.

I can hardly keep from tossing my head back in roaring laughter.  Can a psychic remove blockages? 

Oh, I’m sure there are enough unscrupulous ones who will claim that they can—just give them enough money to cast a spell for you or purchase their enchanted candles!  Isn’t it the lowest aspect of human nature to empower someone else to do the work that you need to do?  Some people will try to buy or manipulate their way out of most anything given the opportunity I suppose.  If some folks could pay someone else to die for them, they’d do that too!  

Hubble Telescope Image of PLUTO, the cosmic archetype of the soul

I’m describing the energy archetype having to do with today’s message which is the Judgment Card of tarot and Pluto.  Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8thhouse.  If someone asked what part of the zodiac has an association with death, there’s your answer.  Rebirth always follows, so really, there’s no death… only transition into another dimension. 

We all experience the parameters of who we are, as opposed to that which we are not, through the archetype of Pluto, 8th House, Scorpio and that’s another meaning of the Judgment card of the tarot.

Power and powerlessness, that’s what we’re getting at here and the tendency folks have to want to merge with or form a relationship with energy which (they believe) will take them beyond personal limitation. 

And there we have it—someone feels limited by a blockage and starts to seek a form of power outside of self to remove it. 

Makes me think of the story of the inebriated man who lost his keys inside the darkened bar but looks for them out under the street light where he can see better—you’ll never find them there! 

Can a doctor, therapist, healer or psychic help facilitate the process or point you in the right direction?  Yes, but they’re YOUR keys and you’ll find them inside where you left them!

Many who chose one of the professions that were just mentioned have done so because of a process of their own in which they were first the patient which motivated them to become the physician.  Thus, the common phrase, “Physician, heal thyself.”  (I know that phrase has various meanings, but for the purpose of this writing, I’m going with the one I just mentioned.)

We hear these stories all the time in which folks choose a profession because of their own need led them to it—for example, many psychotherapists become interested in that field of study after searching for solutions to their own psychosis.  There are always exceptions to rules, but it’s a common theme.  Or there’s someone who becomes a doctor or nurse because of a past experience of feeling powerless to help a family member with an illness—these types of scenarios.  Perhaps the individual who typed in the search phrase, “can psychics remove blockages?” will someday become some type of facilitating practitioner to assist others to change their limiting beliefs as he or she continues to search for the answer to their question. 

Emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical inner confrontations serve the purpose of creating a metamorphosis or transformation in order to propel us on the journey of personal evolution.  Releasing blockages has to do with penetrating the core of the soul to understand the source of “blockages” that prevent growth.  And there you have a descriptive meaning of the Judgment Card and Pluto energy archetypes.  

Negatively expressed, this energy can express as co-dependency; i.e. “I will pay you money to remove my blockage for me– I’ll pay you to cast a spell or buy your candle and give you my power to you so that you can do the work for me.” 

How transformative power is used depends on one’s evolutionary condition but the higher expression is self-reliance and using one’s inner resources—taking responsibility for one’s own healing and becoming self-motivated to reach into the depth of their soul.  In reaching for the higher expression over time one learns a great deal and is then in a position eventually to help others once their own transformation is affected.  But they will know firsthand that they cannot do the work for others; they can only help facilitate the process.

I “get that” about some of the students who take the psychic class. I’ve sensed that there were a few who thought I could wave a magic wand and presto-chango, you’re now a psychic!  Getting students to practice is something I cannot do… I can only facilitate the process.  Just like a meditation teacher or yoga teacher cannot do the work for their students, they can teach and the rest is application requiring the self-determination and effort of the student.  Can you imagine going to a yoga class and paying the teacher to do the yoga exercises for you so can receive the mental, spiritual and physical benefits?

Can we pay someone or ask someone else to do the forgiving that we ourselves need to do?  No, but we can talk with a counselor who will guide us to a place in the mind and heart where forgiveness is doable or possible, but it is only you who can do the forgiving. 

That last paragraph brings me back to a few conversations that I’ve had with my catholic sister this week.  She is struggling with the whole idea of going to priests to make a confession.  It’s the same principle.

Today’s message is about being willing to take self-responsibility, being willing to move toward self-mastery and employing facilitator’s (healers, therapists, psychics) properly so that a full awakening of the inner self can occur.  Don’t look outside yourself to do something that’s an inside job.  Be willing to go into the dark places in your soul/psyche to discover the hidden treasure.  We can help, but you have to be willing to see.

Remember the man who looks under the street light for keys outside—the light may be better there, but that’s not where the keys are located. 

They’re inside. 

Go within. 

A psychic, therapist or healer can help you get there…

 but it is only you who can do  the work!

Daily Divination April 13, 2008; Inner Identity Theft and Taking a Breather;4 of Swords is Jupiter in Libra

It’s time to take a breather!  Give yourself time to rest and recuperate today and be open to the guidance that comes to you. Rest:  is that with or without physical movement?  Today’s message also relates to “identity theft” –inner identity.

I’m struck, first of all, as I look at the inspiration for today’s divination message (4 of swords, tarot card) of the contrast between meditative prayer or meditative contemplation and its opposite–movement and action.  Sometimes, it’s better to engage in physical movement than to become immobilized.  Besides, some of my best meditations and dialogues with higher mind have occurred while gardening or hiking here in the mountains.   Yet, sometimes we have to sit quietly at first until our body and higher mind tell us what to do next.  That’s how it works for me anyway.  When it feels like I’m vacillating or in a confused state about what to do, I sit quietly and then either remain that way because that’s what’s needed in that moment OP (and this is more often the case) there’s a burst of energy accompanied by a knowing.  And then spontaneous action occurs with an inner, “NOW, I know what to do!” and off I go and do it and usually that involves some sort of action—taking that walk, or working in the outdoors or maybe even writing a blog post!  When there is too much disharmony, thinking, restlessness or confusion, the best way (IMHO) is to put down the sword of the moment and take a breather—switch out the energy in other words.  When you don’t know what to do next,  first center which helps you gain strength and enables you to make a new plan.

Do you just need a moment today (or in the spirit of divine order—whenever you read this) to regroup and notice where you are not allowing yourself to have freedom of expression in positive ways?   Deep breathing can help to open up and feel free to express yourself  in new (and more productive) ways.  Opening up the lungs and letting the life force flow in helps to release negative thoughts and re-energize if you have been involved with an inner struggle or conflict.

You may kindly say that the struggle or conflict has been outer world “stuff” having nothing to do with the inner world—and if that is the case, the suggestion coming with today’s divination message is to consider that the outer world actually ‘is’ a reflection of the inner or what is going on inside of YOU!  And right away, we get out of any blame-game or victimization and take responsibility for our lives again.  And it’s vital (IMHO) to do that without guilt–no guilt or self-recrimination.

If you feel like you need to get something off your chest today, you probably do—and the best way to do that is through the breath first.  Deep breathing in meditation or a vigorous walk outdoors first and then you will feel clear and balanced so that the next action you take will be coming from a place of centeredness.  (That’s my own plan for the day actually—it’s a beautiful spring day in the mountains and I’ve planned a hike followed by a trip to the grocery afterwards.)

This card relates to the archetypical energy of Jupiter in Libra.  Jupiter:  big, wide, and expansive.  With a side order of Libra:  a need for harmony and balance.  Libra is about fairness, but also about taking action.  When Libra energy is afflicted, especially in relationships with others, sick Libra energy manifests as a “fear to take action” because of not wanting to “rock the boat” and this results in trying to fulfill expectations that others have of us (people-pleasing) while one’s own needs are ignored, and this creates a false-identity.  After many years in a relationship, it amounts to “living a lie” and not knowing who one ‘is’ anymore.   Jupiter is about truthfulness and honestly and when we combine the two energies, relating it to this tarot card 4 of Swords, this message would also have to be given today:

Sometimes it is necessary to withdraw or step away from situations in which we, for way too long, have not been true to one’s own self-identity.  It’s time to stop living the lie in any areas that you have been doing that and re-examine your belief’s (Jupiter) about your life.  Reclaim your Self!  You don’t have to kick everyone out of your life permanently to do this—just take a breather, get clear and ask where you may have been giving too much of yourself (Aries polarity to Libra)  away simply because you were avoiding confrontation (Libra). 

If  identity theft has occurred in your relationships (and it’s YOU who has allowed that) it’s time for you to file a claim and recover it.

Divination the Tibetan Way – Dough Ball Divination & Money Worries

I struggled with it half the day.  The truth is that I tend struggle with $money$ issues when I let myself think about them.  My usual method is not to think about them.  It seems to work out much better this way, all things considered.

That reminds me… I made a tweet today about fear–with me, you see, fear and money limitation have seemed to go hand in hand.  My tweet was, ” The only way to overcome fear is to look directly at it… move right through it. Look it in the face and it will cease to trouble you.” And that’s from personal experience!  And applies to any kind of fear…  trust me.

The other thing that helps me  is astrology.  My birth chart validated my other approach with these struggles.  Here’s what I mean.  Many years back, I decided to adopt a new belief system.  I don’t share it with many people–it’s more or less one of those inside jobs if you know what I mean.  It goes like this.  I work for The Universe and I let The Universe take care of my bills. (If you’d rather say God instead of The Universe, suit yourself; but you get the idea.)  To drive the point home and to remind myself of my belief, whenever a bill came in, I’d intentionally put it beneath a few spiritual statues (Angel and Buddha) and say, “There ya’ go–here’s another one for ya’.”  And then I simply put it out of my mind completely, and in this ‘learn-as-you-go” method, it worked!   And the more I energized that belief, it seemed to ground within me more and more,  becoming a natural feeling.  I work for The Divine and The Divine takes care of my bills and all of my other needs–end of story.  Well, you may ask what this has to do with Tibetan Dough Ball Divination.  I’m getting there.

I have to tell you about the astrology part first.  That whole belief system that I just mentioned is pretty clearly seen in my birth chart.  That alleviates any second guessing about my belief, should I become weak or falter.  It gives me strength to remember that my natal North Node in Taurus is  in my 10th house (Career) with Sun/Neptune/Moon in Libra in the 2nd (money; self-reliance) house.  Well, I can readily see that to go too much further with astro-babble, I’d have to write a book to explain all the connections.  It’s just  that Mars/Pluto/Saturn  in the 12th points to the 6th house polarity of bringing spirituality to the earth doing service/work (Pluto’s Polarity Point).  My past life SN Scorpio conjunct Mercury/Jupiter indicates that I’ve worked in these areas before but have failed to do the work publicly and in a way that I can provide for my survival needs. ( I tend to think that past lives have been either in a monastery setting or maybe an institutional environment where I didn’t have to deal with money and survival needs, never learning to be self-sufficient in that way.)  And with Neptune hanging out there with Sun and Moon in the 2nd, my sense is that my prior life or lives were in spiritual settings, which  seems validated by the 12th house planets, giving the double-confirmation.

OK, so long story short… I’m supposed to be doing this work doing and charging money for it.  I need to, as much as I’d rather avoid the money/survival part.   My North Node in the 10th in Taurus says that I need to!  I failed to do that in the past… I’ve a few “skipped steps” (as they’re called in Evolutionary Astrology).   And to recover those, I have to use my spiritual and psychic past to do work that is 6th house-ish… spiritual service work.  This  helps me to be self-sufficient financially/materially also.  That evolutionary intent of the soul is blatantly clear in my birth chart.  So, let’s just say my life is a co-creator type thing with The Divine–so is yours!  This whole idea of  ‘do spiritual work and  while you’re at it, become self-reliant so you can grow and evolve’ is mostly to help others (that 6th house of service polarity to 12th house Pluto).   It’s actually a bit more complicated astrology-wise than that; but let’s stop while we still might be ahead.

If you followed that bit above, then you probably know some astrology.  Hope I didn’t lose you there.  Anyway, there I was the other day with a dilemma about money.  You’ve no idea how many times I wished to go back to that past life where I didn’t have to worry about this survival stuff and could just ‘do the work’!  Actually, a few times in this current life, I’ve actually considered that.  I thought of becoming some sort of  Nun!  But as we all do–deep inside–I knew it wasn’t supposed to be that way this time around.  One of my challenges is to take the emotion out of  issues with money and survival needs and simply think of money as energy–period.  And as energy does, it flows and moves and my goal is to try to move with it and relax!

Okay.  So after I’d dealt with that whole bit again–reviewing my natal chart and remembering my belief,  I’m still faced with a decision.  You see, it’s only a simple thing really.  I have some audios that I’m editing which contain instructional psychic class material.  What to do with them?  If I make them available free on the podcast page, that doesn’t seem fair to students who paid for the online class.  I finally resolved that I must ask a fee for them for that reason.  But how much?  All day long I had numbers in my head and couldn’t settle on a  single one.  There’s no hurry to make the decision since I still have more editing work to do on them, but it kept gnawing at me to settle on some dollar amount.

Dough Balls used in Tibetan Divination

Suddenly, I remembered the divination method that I’d seen the Tibetans use.  Balls of dough are placed in a bowl after ceremonial work is completed. And choices of the answer to a question are written on papers and placed inside–one in each ball of dough.  They weigh the dough and measure the balls so that they are all the same.   Once they’re all in the bowl, the lama (or oracle) creates a centrifugal force by rolling them along the edge of the bowl, faster and faster until one falls out.  Obviously then, that one ball of dough is opened to reveal the answer on the paper.    This method is practised mainly in the monasteries or by individual lamas when an important decisions needs to be made, such as in the search for the reincarnation of very high lamas. A number of possible answers to the enquiry, such as the names of likely candidates for a reincarnation, are written on slips of paper.  For a period of three days monks remain in the temple reciting prayers day and night. During that time no one is allowed to touch the bowl. On the fourth day, before all those present the cover of the bowl is removed. A prominent lama rolls the dough balls round in the bowl before the sacred object until one of them falls out. That is the ball containing the answer.

In all deference and honor to the lamas, the Buddha and Tibet… I didn’t happen to have any dough balls and wanted to settle this so that the rest of my day could happen 

Dalai Lama of Tibet

without distraction.  I think the Dalai Lama would say it’s alright to wing it!    It was affecting my ability to concentrate.  So in the most spiritual and honorable way, the method was adjusted slightly based on the aforementioned factors.  On the papers I put the various dollar amounts that were under consideration.

Please don’t laugh at this next line and again, apologies to the lamas and everyone, but I took out a small frying pan from the cupboard, held it by the handle and placed the folded papers inside.  The handle helped a good deal with the centrifugal motion and sure enough one paper jumped out.   Worked great!!  And actually I thought it was the prefect number!  The Boss and I agree– Done deal.
Now I have to finish blogging and get back to audio editing… although I think I’ve had enough for one day! I’ve been working on my website and audio editing nearly all weekend.   I’m the web master, accountant, appointment maker, teacher, newsletter and blog author, tweeter, astrologer, and psychic… flying solo here,  juggling the whole affair on my own.  Oops… did I actually just write that? I work for The Universe, remember?   And we have an awesome  partnership going on.  You’ve got that same partnership!   As HGTV’s Candice Olson would say, “How Divine!”

PS — I’m still loven’ that dough ball divination method!  I’ve seen it done so many times while watching DVD’s on Tibet…