Day #22 Going Past Fear to Embrace Vulnerability – Standing in the Eye of the Storm with the Protective Roof Blown Off

Well, it’s one of those days here on Day #22.  I seem to be caught in what feels like “the eye of a storm” as far as progress goes today but it is a little bit of a relief, considering the blazing electric train pace of the past week or so!  I can’t seem to connect with the people by phone for making a reservation and also someone who says they will be here can’t seem to be here when they say they will.  This results in me having down time and puts a kink in the flow so-to-speak.  While I am waiting to “call back in a half hour” to reserve equipment and on stand-by for the someone to show up at the door, I hesitate to get involved in a project.  So, I will blog here in the eye-of-the-storm.  I just realized that I’m hungry but that can wait.

I am asking the universe what I am supposed to know right nor or learn through these delays; however, I must say its a bit delightful not to be rushing about right at the moment.  I honestly do feel like a nice long nap — if truth be told and I’m a truth teller so there it is.

It occurs to me just now that it may be a good time to make a personal inventory and to consider prioritizing a bit with this unexpected down time.  I’m at a place of hurry up and wait if you get my drift.  O, what about if I toss a few coins here?  Let me ask what I should consider or what it is important for me to know right now.  So, here we go….

“The Arousing/51” changing to “Progress/35” … ha, well here we have the guidance that the protective roof of certainty has been blown off.  Oh, how totally true THAT is!  But the good news is the worst will soon be over and there will be an acclimation to the nakedness of the protective roof being blown off.  That has already happened–I’ve seemed to have gone past fear! I get the acclimation reference.  Additionally, chaos around me disintegrates my idealism.  Yes, indeed this is also true for the time being!  Only essentials are remaining in place–all the rest is chaos and this i-ching message is absolutely exactly true for today.  Further it says that a slight retreat is in order while I nourish myself.  Wow, didn’t I just write about how I felt like a nap!?  so right on! 

Now Kua 35 called “Progress” indicates that the outlook is bright and all signs point toward increasingly more rapid progress of events.

Well, its time for me to make that call now.  So much for Day #22 except to say that things seem to be ahead of schedule for the most part.  By days 38 through 40, we’ll be home free; at least as far as this particular committment is concerned.

PS– this thing I’m doing, this committment I’m making, believe it or not is taking a lot of courage on my part! It’s a long story, so you’ll have to just trust me for now.


Progress and Clarity Today! When the Spotlight Shines on Us, What Will Others See? Examine your pose—yoga. I-CHING Kua 35 Daily Divination 9-30-11

The contemplation question for today is: what is the mental and physical posture that I am holding? Today the prediction is to expect an increase in clarity! It’s Kua 35, Progress!

I’ve had a bit of a challenge lately with the huge disturbance in the force-field around where I currently reside. And a few other minor “issues with my issues” lately and today’s I-CHING toss results in a confirmation or validation of what I’m internally feeling—that progress has been made. What about you? What’s the guidance and prediction for you at the exact hour and day that you read this post?

As I look at the image for this Kua, it appears as if the individual is holding a pose, applying focus and feeling satisfied about it based on the expression on the face.   And so it’s about inner stuff here too; see the eyes are closed?

PREDICTION:  Where life has been complicated or intense lately, if there has been an effort to hold a particular pose or focus—perhaps to apply a certain set of principles—progress has been made and advancement has occurred.  Or it will today if it hasn’t yet!

As with any Hatha Yoga posture, the strength-building occurs at the core, based on the extent of the hold. (My apologies to any Hatha Yoga instructors out there for that awkward sentence.)

This image for Kua 35 reminds me about doing yoga today—the universe is giving a gentle nudge. I’ve been hiking/walking increased distances and not doing yoga; and today I need some stretching of the muscles and to practice my asanas (poses). I love the tree pose (Vrksasana)! If you’ve follow this blog lately, you know exactly why too. 🙂

So there in the paragraph above you can find another potential message for yourself—ever think of taking up  Hatha Yoga?

The common predictive meaning of this divination tool has to do with things “coming to light” –the ability to see what was not there before such as when the light is turned on inside a darkened room or better yet like when daybreak comes.

That makes me think of the times we used to take the pop-up camper and pull into a campground late at night. My daughters were children then and as soon as my husband got home from work on a Friday, I’d have the camper loaded and we’d be ready to go. Yet, we’d arrive at our destination after nightfall and not know how the place looked until daybreak when we could look out and see what was around us. Such fun!

So this Kua predicts such a thing for today—being able to see what was previously not able to be viewed. And this can be literal (physical) or metaphysical, such as a new awareness “dawning”.

And if turns out that the spotlight is upon you today—if it is YOU who is dawning upon others or if you suddenly find that spotlight on you, there is no concern if you’ve been true to yourself and in integrity all along.

Another angle on the message of this Kua has to do with continuing application and effort just as before even once recognition has been received. Once we get the applause for any efforts, it is tempting to either slack off or to continue seeking the applause by continuing to try to impress others with our achievements. That, we can see, is an easy trap of the ego and a huge distraction that takes us off the path. So with this Kua today, we are given this subtle teaching and more to contemplate to see if it applies to our life in any way.

 So stay alert and don’t take a nap under a shade tree when you should be remaining aware of when it is time for your next move when the dawn happens.

Other divination keywords for today are advancement, gaining recognition, appreciation, achievements, acceleration, steady gains and of course, increased clarity and progress.

So like the tree stay grounded! In divine timing, I came upon a t-shirt that my sister gifted to me many years ago. In fact, so long ago that I forgot that I had it! She must have recognized my love for trees from so many years ago by selecting this t-shirt as a gift for me. And written upon the shirt under a beautiful image of the tree are these words…

Advice from a Tree

Stand tall and proud ♥ Sink your roots into the earth ♥ Be content with your natural beauty ♥ Go out on a limb ♥ Drink plenty of water ♥ Remember your roots ♥ Enjoy the view!

Until next time,  hold your pose, keep your balance, get ready to welcome October 2011 and remain  joyful…  

Cosmic Communiqué 6-21-11 Opportunity for Progress Today to Teach and Lead Others; Kua 19 – Ace of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles

Today, make hay while the Sun shines—make the best use of your time when that opportunity is available while setting aside the mistakes of others or even what you perceive as their intentional transgressions.

Joyful and hopeful progress occurs today if effort is applied and opportunities are recognized.

Let nothing hold you back for today a good day for action.

Even if something is perceived to be that which is temporarily holding you back, exert patience and recognize that it is for your benefit and persevere where you are able.

Today is a good day to do teaching if this is in the spectrum of possibility and opportunity, especially if this is done through good personal example and in the spirit of lovingkindness.

The Ace and Knight of Pentacles archetype relates to this message from the I CHING Kua 19 which inspires today’s divination. The Ace of Pentacles message is to proceed without worry (read more on the Ace of Pentacles here) and the Knight of Pentacles (Air of Earth) relates to teaching through actions, accomplishments and words.

The archetype of the Knight of Pentacles is one that represents… well, we could say that he knows “When to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em” and has the patience to study the situation and know what action to take when.

However, being overly critical of others in part of that nature of energy and so here there is the admonition that goes something like, “Physician, heal thyself”.

In other words, the more the Knight of Pentacle part-of-us has healed our own wounds and balanced the consciousness of the self, the better prepared we are to help, lead or teach others.

So while one shouldn’t hold back today, one must use care not to project one’s own inner issues onto other people in the actions that are taken.

Speaking in realistic and grounded ways is part of today’s guidance.

Again, both the I CHING Kua 19 and the Ace and Knight of Pentacles suggest working as a teacher and leader today by demonstrating the example of one’s own life—teaching by example.

There will be an opportunity to do so in a very grounded way (Air of Earth, Pentacles) if one remains alert to those possibilities.

Approach has supreme success.

Perseverance furthers.

New life is awakening and signs of transformation are visible everywhere.

Opportunities presented now are for the purposes of growth.