Afraid to be psychic? Is there something to fear? Seeing ghosts and hearing voices? What to do

Hearing Voices and Seeing Ghosts
Hearing Voices and Seeing Ghosts

This isn’t quite a vent and it may get recycled into this week’s newsletter so you may see this topic again soon depending upon how inspiration this week goes.  It’s about ghosts and people hearing things and feeling things and seeing things that cause them to be afraid, fearful.  I get this all the time along with people who ask if I can rid them of ghosts or they want me to identify or confirm which ghost seems to haunt them.

What gets me most is when they say that some other psychic was able to rid them of a ghost or stop a haunting.  The mind can be a wild and crazy apparatus and here’s the thing:  anything can happen there if you’re not present there, minding the store so-to-speak.

I once heard a eastern teacher say that learning to meditate is to connect with the one that abides within, the presence.  I liked the way he described this whole business of being in control of one’s mind.  He said think of the mind as being a room that has only one chair in the room.  He said as others come into the room they have nowhere to sit.  Anything that disturbs the mind is a mental affliction and these afflictions have nowhere to sit down, so they have to go on their way.

Essentially, if we are present and have mindful awareness of ‘self’ then when anything that is undesirable shows up—whether it is a ghost or voices or anger or any other conflicting emotion or delusion–there is no place for them in the mind if “YOU” are present.  If you are there occupying your mind, then nothing else can!

Of course, many people don’t understand that all that is heard, seen, felt and so forth is in the mind–everything we experience is mind projected outward.

If no one is sitting in the room of the mind being present (if you are not there) and if you don’t have that ‘presence of mind’ then delusion can take a seat and cause all types of fear and suffering.

If there is no one home in the mind, unwanted guests can come and make themselves comfortable–they can sit down and eat and make a mess.  These ‘hauntings’ and crazy fearful ‘mentalizations’  happen because people don’t understand their mind and are not present there, believing they have no control over mind,  This is because they have not spent any time with ‘the one who abides within’ which becomes known during meditation and because they don’t recognize the way the mind reacts to fears which push them all over the place.

People come to me to ask about these things and I can feel how they are spinning around because they don’t understand their mind and don’t know how to be present within it; there fore they not know how to separate out what is there and what isn’t–the mind of the individual who comes to me in this way is lacking discernment and awareness of the inner self or what we could call ‘the self who knows’ or the inner wisdom.

How do you find the inner self or contact the self who knows?  You can start by visualizing that chair in the mind and sit in that chair during meditation.   Then post-meditation you carry that Presence with you wherever you go.