The Nature of the Mind – The Nature of Reality – The Fascinating Study of Enlightenment and the Karma of Ego

nature of the mind

This is IT for me, you know?  Contemplating the nature of the mind and reality makes it all bearable.  No.  Not right.   Much more than bearable; it makes life a total celebratory event.

You see, we all think (or feel) that we have our own personal single mind that is so very real because it experiences and recognizes things.  Yet, how often (if ever) do we stop and examine those experiences that the mind thinks are so real?  Break them apart, open them up, see what’s there at the core–do people do that?

Trauma or crisis can help us contemplate this type of thing (or not)–happiness too; any intense experience.   Many times doing that drives us to addictive distraction instead of some level of enlightenment and joy.  But if we really examine the experiences that the mind is having and we do so carefully, and we really contemplate this experience that this mind has and we look for that mind that has this crisis or happy experience, we cannot find a single thing!  Not one single thing but a blend of many components that we call “consciousness’.    It’s NOT YOU!

Here’s what I mean–there is no solid mind or self at the core of the experience or no real experience-ER.  I know, it sounds crazy if you’ve never thought about it but give me a chance to explain.

Consciousness has many various components–parts!  You know like a car, a vehicle has many components, parts–engine, tires, frame, door and so forth.  Is not our mind and our consciousness the same?  Consciousness has awareness of visual objects (forms, shapes, colors) and then there is awareness of sound, touch (tactile consciousness), taste consciousness and all these are separate parts or functions of the mind.  It’s like the car analogy–separate parts, gas tank, gas pedal, speedometer, steering wheel and so forth.

Consider the experience of anything for a moment–it doesn’t have to be crisis or trauma.  Anything.  Happy experience let’s say.  If we consider that each type of consciousness recognizes a particular field of experience (sound awareness or consciousness recognizes sound and visual consciousness is aware of shapes and colors of forms)… if we consider this as part of any experience we see that each of the types of consciousnesses function in an independent way from the others.

So the mind is a blend of consciousnesses and not one single unit or not one single, unitary thing.  Rather it is a compound object just like the car, the vehicle.

There are said to be six consciousnesses and in some books I’ve read there are eight.  And one of those eight include the consciousness which clings to the notion of EGO or “I”.  And another consciousness that is part of what we think of as “me” is called ground consciousness — and I wrote about this a week or so ago.  

The ground consciousness  stores information from all other levels of consciousness and accumulated past lives.  You can see how this level of mind would easily support the idea of an individual identity called “me”.  It would seem so ‘real’ but it is a grouping of consciousness; a grouping of experiences.

To explain further, it is fairly easy to grasp that the visual consciousness perceives objects–that’s the potential of the visual consciousness.  If you look at a red cloth, you see red.  If you look at snow on a mountain, you see white.  We are able also, quite obviously, to see things in succession–first seeing one thing and then the next with one thing disappearing and the next thing appearing in consciousness.  So visual consciousness is multiple and successive and has the potential to see many things at once and so is not single or solitary or one thing.  Nor is it one single solitary unit of time.

strawberry fields foreverEven if we could isolate a single solitary unit of time, it would only occur within the framework of ongoing consciousness because awareness is never static–its fluid.  So every moment has to relate to a previous moment and a future moment—meaning, it is not any more singular than we ourselves are.  The future moment is the present being the past in relation to it.  Yeah, I know that last sentence is pretty deep; but the point is that time is not solid, solitary and static and neither is consciousness and neither are we!  

There is no single unit of identifiable reality in either the external world of appearances or in the subjective mind.  Even space does not have a fundamentally real, inherent existence. Space is not a compound, and does consist of various parts like the car or like our mind.  Space is not a thing–it seems to exist but it is the negation of a particular appears of anything else.  Even the space in a room only exists because of the walls–take away the walls and the space that you thought existed in the room is not there and only depended upon the walls around it to appear as if it existed.

So the whole point in this blog post brings me to the point of liberation–even if I can’t fully understand it all in a way to describe it in words; in an experiential way I’ve known this truth from meditation…   it’s all true.

For example, in a contemplative meditation last evening, I tried to find… well, I asked, “Where is Joy?  Where am I located?”  It took less than a nano-second to realize I’m not my body and once you get past that basic truth, look for the location and you will find it’s everywhere!  And now here!  and nowhere!

And this, my friend, helps me to chill-ax (chill out and relax) and to see the humor in it all…. appearances are empty forms!  And again, quoting the Beatles once more, in the Strawberry Fields song, “Nothing is real; and it’s nothing to get hung about.”  

DEDICATION:  May this post help another in a way that is in divine order when they come upon this post–for this is my true intent in writing it today!  

Karma, Ground Consciousness, Habituation and Meditation – mindfulness can create happiness

Karmic imprints

Karmic imprints.  They accumulate and are latent in ground consciousness or base mind.

This area of psyche gathers up or collects  (through the many layers of it’s nature)   all the karmic latencies that are gathered over eons of lifetimes.

And the responses to those tendencies create more imprints and here in this reality, on the earth,  they are able to be stimulated.

I used to think that we were completely in control of moods via our thoughts–and while that is partially true, the karmic imprints that settle into consciousness awaken in us as experiences of suffering or experiences of happiness which sometimes are seemingly out of our control.  I’ve been thinking about  karmic latency and habitual tendencies.  Do we say something like, ‘Oh that’s just how I am an I can’t help that‘ or what?  Just how does it all work anyway?   These thoughts that follow are influenced by Buddhist views by the way and they make perfect sense (to me).

Positive or negative karma ,it is said, does not always  immediately express itself. These karmic latencies resting within ground consciousness can arise later, even in future lifetimes.

Sometimes I can correlate karmic events to the Nodes of the Moon (North Node, South Node)  in an astrology chart–imprints remain in ground consciousness to ripen under the appropriate circumstances.  And we can correlate that to aspects to the birth Nodes and the transiting Lunar Nodes.  Anyway…

Negative and positive qualities increase due to habitual patterns–if a person tends to be angry again and again then becomes habituated to anger, it creates an increase of anger-latency in the mind.   The same is true with positive qualities such as love and compassion.  These qualities (either positive or negative) creates the foundation for the mind–ground consciousness.   Even in remembering some experience of the past, the remembering of it strengthens the latency.

For these reasons, we should be ever-aware and mindful–otherwise our disturbing emotions gradually increase from day-to-day and lifetime-to-lifetime.

We can create mindfulness latencies in the ground conspicuousness (habitual pattern of mindfulness).

Through meditation we can create positive latencies of love, wisdom and compassion which does overcome negative imprints when meditation is increased to focus on that love, wisdom and compassion.

We are born with a particular proclivities or latent tendencies developed in previous lifetimes.  We see this within seconds, minutes, hours of a baby’s birth.  Not all babies have the same newborn tendencies—some are restless, some are peaceful, etc.  Some children are naturally very kind due to positive latencies developed and imprinted in previous lifetimes into their ground consciousness.  Other children are very aggressive due to their own latent tendencies.

Some people are unable to deny themselves their desires and cannot say no to themselves–others can deny themselves but have difficulty saying no to others. Yet, we can change through cultivation of mindfulness or being aware of our tendencies and developing positive virtues where needed.

It seems like another lifetime ago when I asked higher mind/spirit guides [_____ fill in your own preferred word (s) here] a question. (Divination)

I really wanted to know why we were here and what we’re doing here and what the whole bottom-line point to our lives here were about.

And I was told that we are here to develop virtue.  And now, many years later, I see how true that answer was; although at the time I wasn’t satisfied with it.

With the correct understanding and with mindfulness in life and developing good qualities through  meditation we will be able to develop new latencies, new habitual  patterns, new tendencies.

Is that easy?  Is being mindful and conscious of our latent habitual tendencies at all times easy?  It’s as easy as that — or as difficult.  It depends on us.

We can develop positive or negative tendencies throughout life!  They come and they go depending upon our own awareness and contribution to the habitual patterns.

Our experience of happiness is based upon ground consciousness no matter which realm we are in.  Creating karmic imprints in the present reality results in experiencing their results in the future.

Just like a child who goes to school and studies hard creates an imprint in the mind that allows the child to later on do something with the imprint like become a teacher or a doctor.  If there was no type of imprint to start with (no schooling, no education) there would be no possibility of becoming the teacher in the future.

Well, this is all I have time to write on the topic for the moment.  I hope some of these words will find their way to the right person at the right time out there in cyber world and in doing so be helpful to that other.  


Betrayals of Trust and Emotional Devastation — How to deal with that

nature devasTAROT INSIGHT:  sometimes we feel that people we love betray us or turn against us and it can feel crushing.  From a Buddhist perspective this can be a problem of self-cherishing and also attachment to particular expectations of people.  In both cases, life gives us what we need to course correct–painful and disappointing as it may be.  I thought to ask the Tarot to give some guidance or insight about these types of emotional gottcha’s.

First though whether people have actually betrayed us or not (sometimes they do unknowingly or sometimes, yeah, it’s intentional) but either way we still have our own emotional feeling to deal with as the residual.  I’m asking for guidance or insight from the tarot about how to deal with the emotion.  Ha!  sometimes I have to laugh at the divination process and how literal it can be!

What card did I draw to pull insight from?  PAN or in some decks the card of  THE DEVIL.  Instantly one thinks of being caught in the hell realms, chained to a person or an idea.  In any case, the card is an indication of being out of harmony with natural law and relates to the need to break old patterns.

Past lives comes right along with the word patterns in my way of seeing things.

They did it in the past–the betrayal.  Maybe not that person or that group of persons but it’s some old wound we’re still carrying around more than likely.   Pan is thought to be the nature god and the world “panic” comes from this source word “pan”.

Pan suggests we laugh at our selves and our life-predicaments instead of falling back into addictive behaviors, unconscious attachments and self-imposed limitations.  Pan says to laugh and be joyful about our lives.

What type of insight does this card offer?  To lighten up, not take one’s self  so seriously, let goes of cares and worries and play more.  Divination rocks!  Especially if you can follow the advice.

Go out and play in nature and try to lighten up–it’s hard (I know) but try to find some humor.  And if all else fails:  Valerian!  

My Spiritual Challenge! Issues or Illusions? And Patterns! Clarifying Yesterday’s Repello Muggletum Blog Post?

Spiritual Issues or Illusions?  And Patterns!  I posted something yesterday — the muggle protection charm.  This blog post is an email that I wrote to a friend.  Part way through it I decided to make this a blog post… for whatever it’s worth to those who also struggle with questions around spiritual issues and illusions.

This is part of my spiritual challenge or how would you say it?–just one of those lingering issues that I still have an issue with–Ha! I have “an issue with an issue”;  and both issues are an illusion–so, really there are no issues, except for within my own mind.
And I have a feeling that one or the other will work its way into the blog or newsletter this week.

It’s like this issue is everywhere I go, it’s a pattern.  You remember, right?  I moved from the last place I rented because they cut down all the trees on the property next door–you know how disturbed I was about it.  Remember?  The family of deer lost their home too (they covered a pit wherein the deer lived under the berry bushes) while they massacred each and every single tree along with the berry bushes simply to put in a stupid trailer and a few horses.

When I first started to awaken or attempt to be conscious or to be aware there was an awareness, it was somewhere in the 80’s… No, wait, it goes farther back than that even. I just had a

flash of a similar troubling “issue with my issue”when I was a child. It was forgotten until this very moment. I do recall that it troubled me a good while but like these other issues there

Hey Brother if you are reading this... remember those trees when we were kids?

was nothing whatsoever I could do about it–hand’s tied; out of my jurisdiction; not my area as John Travolta would say in his movie role, playing Archangel Michael.

Trees, always trees and animals; the cruel and thoughtless death of either disturbs my spirit deep, deep, deeply. We were kids, you see? Oh, around 7 or 8 up until around 12. There was this huge tree at the entrance area to the housing section–there were two actually… Ficus trees, one on either side of the entrance to that neighborhood of houses–in the middle of a plot of land, smack in the middle and then on the edge of the land on either side of the road a half-high brick wall with the letters of the name of the area proudly displayed. It was a middle class area actually and eventually turning to lower class long after we moved. Not that this last sentence has anything to do with the story of the trees. They grew as we did and it was “THE” play area and gathering spot of all of us as we grew up, you see? We’d walk along the half wall and climb the Ficus trees as they grew–larger and larger they did as we were growing as well. Until finally, they were large enough to climb and climb we did! These trees became massive, their trunks nearly a car length wide with lots of branches and places to camouflage and hide.  We played as many childhood games as we could imagine there beneath and inside those trees. Those two trees were “IT” for us kids, you know?

And as I recall at times there’d be up to two-dozen of us gathering there to play with not a swing-set or sliding board in sight. No matter, the trees were “IT”and our minds imaginations made up the rest of it—it, the games.

One day one of the trees was gone, missing, out of there, nothing but a hole left and stretching my mind to the memory of it now, the recollection comes. We were told it was diseased and had to be removed.  I knew it was a lie.   And next thing you know a house starts to be built right upon the very spot that our old friend’s large trunk once sprung out of Mother Earth.

And then, years later, the same thing happened to our other friend, the other Ficus tree on the other side of the road. I was older by that time as I recall, perhaps ready for middle school or even high school–that part is a bit blurry. The half-walls were taken down and the tree gone suddenly. And that plot of land, too–our old gathering spot, taken over by house construction right in the middle, over the top of the roots of our friend, the Ficus tree. Ha! One can almost imagine the owners of the home being haunted by children’s gleeful, playful voices in the middle of the night. Of course, that brings up a whole other area of speculation, doesn’t it?

Cherokee mounds are usually located (I am told) inside the forks of 2 or 3 creeks and up as high as possible.

What once stood or was on the land where you live? Around here it was all once Cherokee as most of the ‘born and raised’ locals inherited land that was stolen from those Native Americans.  That’s not prejudice, it’s fact–even the “local born” teacher at the college who teaches a course in Appalachian Culture will tell you that–I took the course and used my intuition to discern truth versus lies.  But on that point, even she did not differ.

On THIS property where I now rent, on the ridge right above me and to the left, I’m told (by the property owner who used to live here as a child) that on that ridge above the house is an Indian “Mound”–a burying-place for the Native American ancestors.  I’ve never gone up there to look but next time my grandson comes, I’m going to ask him go up there with me to see.   He’s always wanted to go back behind the major tree line and I wouldn’t let him go without me.  Now, for some reason, I feel called to go and try to find it.  We will take an offering.

Usually, so I’ve been told, mounds can be found nearby where 2 or 3 creeks come close to each other or perferrably meet up.  They are considered power spots.  I’m just realizing that I live near a power spot! Here where I live there is a creek across the way and also behind me to the left.  I remember now.  This actually would be the right place for a mound here where the creeks fork and where it is highest elevation on that ridge out back.

I rent from the lords of the land around here.

In the last place I lived there was a church that I was behind and I was concerned that the old house that I rented was on top of a grave yard (they are almost always behind churches here). Then I saw the graveyard up on the side of a nearby mountain and was relieved. Baptists as well as Cherokee like to bury their dead where there is a beautiful view, usually up high. In fact, the house I was renting before was an old school-house which actually made me pretty happy as far a vibes go. I’ll take living where an old school-house was over living over a graveyard most any day of the week!

So I was remembering this morning — and this came by way of me just trying to get a handle on this mystery, the sadness, the whole business of trees and so forth — the lack of reverence for the sacredness of nature from humans, etc.  And the memory was about how devastated and heartsick I felt when… Well, let’s start with the yellow brick road that I was walking down (ha ha) and when looking for a job (physical therapy), I chose a facility that was located in a wooded area; yet it was still in a city.

There happened to be trees all around the place and this is where I thought it would be great to work — because of the trees you could see looking out any window there. So I’m working there a year or so when right outside the window in the therapy office where we’d write our notes in the charts–and the window was nearly ceiling to floor and our desktop faced the window, anchored to the wall. So it was like you could not avoid looking out and on that side of the property just after the little parking area there.  And it was that we were forced to watch them massacre the trees and there they lay one atop the other–just a field of dead bodies and day after day more fell and it was horrible and affected me deeply. No one else seemed to care or notice but I became sick over it.  That was Florida where they love concrete jungles.

Most all the places I’ve rented here in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina have had graveyards nearby–this house is the first without a graveyard within a stone’s throw. When I lived and worked south of here by a few hours (but still in the mountains), where I worked (I found out much later) was the actual place where they gathered the Cherokee — the outdoor prison — where they held them before they began to march them away on the famous journey known as the Trail of Tears. Imagine that!

Cherokee Native Americans used to gather for their tribal games

And about 5 miles from where I worked was once the area that the Cherokee gathered once a year for their “games” like the Olympics. I found all this out  later after I moved.  The vibes in those areas absolutely correlated!  And on a past life level it made perfect sense that I ended up in those places and even where I am right now.

Since those things and others that make me certain that I have reconnected with a Cherokee past life here, I googled the trail of tears and most information gives 1830 – 1850’s.   A shiver!

Gosh, I’m laughing a little bit thinking that maybe an old body of mine is buried up on the mound behind me and I am here returning to the place I once lived and died actually. LOL

I wouldn't be surprised if an old Cherokee body of my own is buried in the mound on the property where I rent the home where I currently reside. I seem to have lived in places connected with Cherokee history and do remember those lifetimes and am remembering one right now! Deja Vu! 🙂

Oh, so who knows…?  Maybe this is why I am so disturbed to the depth of my soul about the trees being cut down across the street. One tries to figure these things out you know? Something so deeply disturbing can seem mysterious especially as it happens or recurs… persists–this trauma I always go through at the thoughtless death of trees and killing of animals.

You as my friend remember the weeks–nearly a month or more–it took for me to get over the time I stumbled upon the group of hunters who had killed a beautiful black bear! And of course, I know you remember the time that I stood with my own body between a deer and a hunter up here in these mountains.  That was one deer that did not get shot (least the hunter shoot me too) at that moment in time!   You know how I feel, the deer  and bear are my brothers (and sisters) and I must stop writing now or I will allow the tear that is forming in the corner of my eye.


I will just add that there are many past life memories from around here and I know that I made a vision quest atop of Grandfather Mountain which is always why I call that mountain ‘my grandfather’ and why the first time (in this current lifetime) that I went there, I felt I was home and did not want to leave–ever!

Grandfather Mountain Profile

I was very sad yesterday and nearly ill in my stomach and had to leave here for most of the afternoon so that I could not see the destruction of the earth across the street which once was so beautiful and now it is awful.   I had to get away for the day.  I have asked for help from higher mind–an insight to help me understand the patterns… I have experienced these devastating feelings numerous times in the past.  Pattern!

I did blog post quite a number of Moons ago about a tree friend of mine who had to leave to make way for a highway bridge… (link below).

As a matter of fact dear friend, I may go ahead and cut and paste these words into a blog post.

And since I’ve just decided that I’m doing so, I have a line or two to add then… additions below….

Here goes:

Long time karmic history can take years and lifetimes to overcome and the process of surrender is to the emotionalism and in my case the intense sadness in these cases with the bear, and the trail of tears and the land and the trees and all such other issues in the psyche. The physical body is transitory and all worldly phenomena (the world of matter, of form) and eventually even the illusion of the witness and the observer is because it will also dissolve and return to pure awareness or pure consciousness Itself. And the illusion of time also dissolves into the Allness of Divine Oneness or Concordance. And so at the time of ‘release of form’ (death) of any kind whatsoever–death of trees or bears or deer or our own self, the Presence of the Allness of Creation as Divinity radiates and all is joined together again. So now then, what is the point of lamenting the loss of a tree or a bear or even the self–our own or others or the many–since all form eventually returns to Source. 

Sitting atop Grandfather Mountain ~ Me in Center back with grandson in front of me ~ very windy up there! 🙂 My sister in the red shirt and my niece to the right of me.

And these are the few Tao-like  thoughts today  via an ego  that is doing its best to allow the higher self to have free reign of the consciousness, thoughts and the keyboard in order to help me realize the possible source of my emotional patterns with these issues of illusion.

Ha!  and a final thing.  I mowed the lawn a week ago and as the locals here do all the time, trash was up on the lawn–they throw things out of the car windows without thought as their usual way of doing.

So as I bent down to retrieve the paper,  and in doing so saw it was a candy bar wrapper and the name was MOUNDS; and right away I thought that this was some sort of message for me and didn’t know a connection except one.

My mother told a story of when she took her mother-in-law to the funeral home.  My mother’s father-in-law had recently crossed over and on the drive home my mother stopped for gas and asked her mother-in-law  if she wanted a snack and replied that a candy bar would be fine.

So my mother chose that kind (a Mounds bar) and the old lady went berserk accusing my mother of rubbing it in her face associating the Mounds bar with the death of her husband! She was going a little loco at the time.

I remembered that as I was picking up the candy bar wrapper and disposing of it properly.

And now I find here that a week later I am writing a blog post which contains references to “mounds”–the native american burying-grounds.  Interesting, no? 

Your Friend,  Joy

PS– Here is the blog post about that other tree friend of mine and a few others…  I hope you will like to read it and if so, just  CLICK HERE

Regression into Past Life, Childhood Experiences and the State in Spirit Prior to Birth in Human Form

My PSYCHIC tells me I was a glass of water in a PREVIOUS LIFE

Last night while reading a Regression Therapy book, I closed my eyes for a moment and asked to be taken back to my last lifetime.  It was rather a quick flash but as I recall it… I was working in a “light bulb factory” in Brooklyn, NY.  One of my current life sisters and my brother were my children in that life.

Interesting.  But a light bulb factory in Brooklyn?  Really?

I thought about that a moment ago and so I googled to see if there actually was such a thing and lo and behold…

I found this on a page about Lewis Latimer, “In 1883, Latimer went to work for Thomas Alva Edison, who owned Olmstead Electrical Lighting Company in Brooklyn, New York.”  Apparently, he helped the famous Thomas Edison make light bulbs last for longer periods of time and after many experiments with different methods and materials, they made inexpensive bulbs so that people could afford them.  Then everyone bought light bulbs for their homes, offices, and many other places, including streets.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying that I was Lewis Latimer in a previous life or anything.  I’m sure I was just a worker in the light bulb factory.  The point is that I was pretty amazed to  find out that there actually was a lightbulb factory in Brooklyn, NY!

Latimer died in 1928, so my last lifetime (if my information is correct) was late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

Like I tweeted earlier today, “Each of us retains all unconscious memories of all we’ve ever experienced, there’s no limit to the details we can recover in an altered state.”

Before I got into that past life, I regressed back to my current life childhood.  I recalled having had measles and the mumps and eventually had my tonsils taken out.  I remembered how being home from school and reading books was a special pleasure!  ha! And it STILL IS–a day spent reading a book remains one of my greatest pleasures.  I remembered how I didn’t mind being sick and may have even created (who knows!) the childhood illnesses so that I actually could be home–and read.  I had to laugh at this apparent pattern carried into my adult life.  Years ago when I had a 9-5 job, there were certain days that I’d “call in sick” because I wanted to just stay home a read a new book that I’d gotten.

That’s the reason for regression work–to locate and isolate patterns.

Thinking now about working in a light bulb factory in my last lifetime–a smile comes across my face.  I can understand why I would  have had  an attraction to wanting to work in an area that contributed to bring light into dark places!

I still try to do that, but in a much different way. 🙂

In Spirit BEFORE birth into human form

What I like best about regressing is to go to the times before birth while still in spirit. 

That feeling of being truly who I AM without hindrances, without problems or heavy feelings like fear or worry.  Beautiful.

The lightness and happiness is how… well, its like how my mother felt to me after she crossed over.  She came to me a day or two after she left her body and her energy was happy and light–so, like that.

I feel that so many times in my work as a medium as I connect clients with loved ones on the other side; that feeling of lightness and joy is…. well, there aren’t too many words to describe it.

I find that as I think of myself before being born into a human form, that I am filled with that state of being and can tap into it at will just through thought an intention.  Oh, it’s very true that sometimes for days, weeks or months-on-end I can be in that state without disturbance… I just mention it here so that maybe the reader will try it themselves to see what I mean.

These just a few thoughts coming up today… thought I’d blog them out.  🙂 Meanwhile, I’m preparing to do regression work with any of my clients who are interested sometime in the near future.

Wishing you a joy filled weekend…


Daily Divination 6-5-11 Paradox; The Double Edged Sword of Life; Healing by the Integration of Light and Dark; Past Lives; Ace of Swords

Ahh, the double edged sword! Paradox! Clarity that comes from seeing both sides and integrating the light and dark—as my dad used to often say, “There are two sides to every story!”

Integrating the shadow! Self-acceptance, acceptance of others and knowing the Truth. What is the Truth? —more on that later.

Clarity of mind involves integrating both sides or dealing with the double-edged sword or something that has drawbacks and benefits–both

That last part—drawbacks and benefits—seems to be the story of our lives here upon the Earth.

Many of our judgments here—as well as anger and guilt and these types of patterns—are exactly what today’s message epitomizes.

I really love that quote from the Buddha, “You will not be punished for your anger; You will be punished BY your anger.”

It’s Sunday and a beautiful day today and I want to drive this blog post directly to the point so that I can spend my time outside. So let’s get to it.

In a recent post, I wrote about a break-through regarding a matrix or pattern of energy that I carry from a past life sub-personality who was wounded or traumatized…. its common in all souls.  I believe that integration is occurring because I’ve been working with integrating the shadow side of it all or have been willing to look at the other side of the sword, doing what my dad used to suggest and that is to find the other side of the story.

Uncovering the past is only the first step when we begin to make a connection between our patterned emotional responses and a past condition or trauma. Insights need to be worked with if we are going to achieve inner growth and healing. We need to probe at length for the range of meaning and implication when we have a flash of understanding about patterned emotional responses that we recognize within ourselves.

Insights can be very compelling and obvious and sometimes you would think that this alone will seal the deal and result in new emotional responses. It is those day-to-day experiences that will enable us to do the further work of integration. If we are not re-triggered regularly, what can happen is that new awareness can be pushed back into the unconscious. So they must be exposed again. I had to laugh a little bit as I wrote that last line. I’ve had christian people come to my door to offer me the good news of the bible or invite me to their church—so it seems to me, at least in my case, that when we choose to resolve these things the universe works in harmony with us. I don’t go out and about much but like that saying goes, “if Mohammed won’t go the mountain the mountain comes to Mohammed.” They show up at my door to trigger my pattern into awareness!

Understanding the reasons for the reactions to specific people in one’s life experiences encourages dealing with them in a different way. The more patterns that are understood and integrated, the more options open up for new ways of dealing with both the world and one’s self.

What helps, I believe, is to work with that double-edged sword and to look for the other side of the story. I’ve had to ask myself to consider that I may have victimized as much as being a victim, perhaps from another lifetime which has helped me to let go of judgments and to forgive. Forgiveness loosens up the encrusted emotional energy fields allowing for transformation.

I used to try to consciously forgive the persecutors but emotionally it was too strong a pattern to deal with intellectually—I had to work with the energy in an altered state to go back into the scene and feel their feelings, not just my own. And then asked to be shown lifetimes when I was over zealous so that I could integrate a more balanced view.

And most of all, the Truth I had to integrate is this: that my emotional responses to bibles and christian zealots was part of a sub-personality and little-by-little the energy field of a former lifetime could be released, diffused and transformed. So, again, associating the patterned responses in our life to a karmic complex is only the first step. It takes time and humility to realize that working through these patterns can be a lifelong process and we are continually re-contextualizing these experiences—putting these awareness’s in a different context.

And we finally come to the greater Truth when we identify more strongly with the Higher Self as we develop that relationship while we ask to understand these patterns. It’s a beautiful thing really!

And in the end we look upon the personal self with great compassion and then the great Ah-ha! Ace of Swords clarity comes. We realize the personal self is simply a vehicle for learning and is not supposed to be perfect to start with and from this we become truly transformed. We become the witness to the journey and in this we have now expanded it all. We can witness the personality moving upon the earth with greater comfort and ease—again a beautiful thing and part of what I saw happening the day that I had my tire changed. (I wrote about it a few blog posts back.)

I will add a quote of past live regressionist, Roger Woolger, who said,

When we can achieve such a consciousness, all is seen as both one AND many, and everything is in its place in the ever-transforming play of creation. The human comedy of all lives past and present is then seen from a perspective of understanding, compassionate acceptance, and non-attachment. We are simply called to know and embrace our part of this whole, to know that this part is perfect in and of itself.

I am all that I experience, but I am not that either.

Today, the cosmic communiqué is that nothing is as it appears to be and to know that life mirrors paradoxes. See the function of roles as part of spiritual development of the soul and release investments or attachments to rigid roles. Free yourself by choosing to integrate the opposite part of the self that you have previously chosen not to see. There are two sides to every story, like the double-edged sword.

PS — The Suit of Swords relates to Air or Mind and that’s where it all takes place; yet it does affect the body (and the 4-body system) and healing takes place on all levels when it does.

Daily Divination 6-1-11 Seeking Other Realities and Jewels for The Journey – 6 of Swords, Mercury in Aquarius

Riding the inner boat of faith and opening the inner eye, seeking other realities.  That’s what’s covered  in today’s Cosmic Communiqué as well as guidance about any upcoming summer trips you may be taking.

In the study of past life regressions, I’ve also learned about “progressions” which means seeing future lives.

I’ve read the life-between-life and past life regressionists’ views on progressions. Most all say that from any point in time there are parallel realities—or this is their finding after attempting progressions with their clients. From the experiences in my own work, I’d have to agree with their theory. We can see this idea of alternative or parallel realities demonstrated in that movie with the strange name, “What The Bleep Do We Know?” The best part of that movie, by the way, are the special feature interviews with quantum physicists at the end—at least in my humble opinion. Today’s cosmic communiqué is inspired by the tarot card that I drew—the 6 of Swords.

The archetype of this card, I believe, relates to incorporating or integrating experiences and memories while remaining open to their meaning—notice all the swords in the boat with the traveler?

Swords are associated with Air and Mind. The feeling with at least one message today is about being willing to acknowledge the memories and experiences while continuing the journey of integration and meaning. We see the water in the card and that relates to emotion—the emotion associated with the Air energy, the intellect or recollection.  Intellect can help us get above emotion.

The astrological correlation of this tarot archetype is Mercury in Aquarius—both relating to Air. Intellectualizing (Mercury/Aquarius) the emotions or journeying above the water (the boat)—above the emotions.

Theravada Buddhism has been called Little Boat Buddhism or the individual path and the Mahayana form of Buddhism is more related to the Big Boat or Great Vehicle of humanity and compassion and inclusion. The Dalai Lama epitomizes Mahayana Buddhism.

In both forms of Buddhism, the study of the mind and the nature of reality is the focus and it is quite intellectual—using the intellect to understand the emotional nature of man and the mind. That’s one way to say it as it relates to the card—using the “boat”, if you will, of the mind and intellect to ride above the emotional nature.

The ideas and concepts of Buddhism (whether one is ‘officially’ a Buddhist or not) represents a different way to journey and a new perspective of life. Studying the nature of reality and the nature of the mind from a Buddhist perspective enables one to step back from problems and situations so that clarity is achieved.

This use of intellect is another way to open the inner eye to attain a calmer, clearer perspective of life.

Buddhist teachings are valuable when one is faced with the need to look at things from a different perspective or to see things from a different dimension of reality.

Traveling this way, in the Buddhist boat, helps us relax during our ride here upon the Earth because we are above the water (the emotions). There are various methods and teachings available to us suitable for various times. Buddhism is just one and if we integrate Buddhist teachings on the nature of reality—put those in our boat as we travel, just like the picture on the card—it is helpful. At least it has been for me. Toss into the boat a copy of “What the Bleep…” and that will help the journey too.

The archetypal motif of these energies relates to a message about avoiding highs and lows—and as the Buddhists suggest, taking the middle path.

The 6 of Swords can represent travel, speaking of which it looks like I’ll be able to get around okay with my car. (See yesterday’s post.)

This morning, just as I was getting up from my desk after thinking that it was time to go and take the car to the garage, I said aloud to myself, “This is going to go fine!” I actually answered myself and said, “I know it will.”

While last night the car would barely start and I had to flood the engine with gas to get it to turn over, this morning it started fine. I took it in anyway and the mechanic who was in my dream the night before (again, see yesterday’s post) said that the alternator belt was loose and it wasn’t giving the battery the right charge.  Thus, the problem.

He tightened the belt and tested the battery and that was that.  Except to say that unlike previous times, I had absolutely none of the emotional push-back like I used to when my car had an issue. Throughout the whole episode, I was like that guy in the boat in the picture on the card—and for me this represents progress on my journey.

The relationship issues that I’ve had with myself which have been triggered by this car have made the car-karma part-of-my-journey interesting.

Yesterday, The Tower card and today the 6 of Swords.

The common divinatory meaning of 6 of swords is that problems (The Tower) resolve and troubles subside and peace after a struggle is restored.

And that is my wish for you dear reader—that your struggles be over and your problems subside! And that easy times are ahead for you!

And if you are going to take a trip soon—its summer vacation time after all and you might be—here’s some guidance from the 6 of Swords:  stay in your boat, travel above the emotional waters and always take the middle path! But most of all, remember that the future contains more than one parallel reality—the choice of which one you experience may well be based upon your attitude and beliefs.

PS – here are some books on Buddhism that I’d recommend if you’re interested:

The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way by Jay L. Garfield

The Moon of Wisdom: Chapter Six of Chandeakirti’s Entering the Middle Way with Commentary from the Eight Karmapa Mikyo Dorje’s  Kagyu Siddhas by Chandrakirti, et al

The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality by Dalai Lama

Daily Divination 5-12-11 Past Lives, Old Souls, the Eternal Now – Queen of Pentacles, Virgo, Earth and Water

The Practical Use of Emotions

The Water and Earth element combo of the Queen of Pentacles inspires today’s cosmic communiqué brings to mind the practical application of emotion—discovering what’s beneath the surface of any emotional response to life and using that wisdom in a way that serves to reach an enlightening stance regarding a current life purpose or problem. 

 Helping (Earth/Virgo) others with emotional issues (water) in a practical and down to earth manner—that’s the focus.  Nurturing others in a way that assists them to understand deeper levels of their soul, their consciousness, is what today’s reminder is about. Experience is a valuable teacher and our life experiences enable us to share wisdom and help others find their own; and it is so often underestimated.     

Lately I’ve been re-experiencing my keen interest in the subconscious and unconscious and have always had an interest in past lives—which by the way aren’t past but in the spirit of simultaneous time exist here and now as the scientists of the new physics are demonstrating.  This information is not helpful if one does not use it for evolutionary soul growth, self-understanding, especially as it applies to the current life.  That describes the Queen of Pentacles and Earth/Water energy.

The first impression upon drawing this card today was about aging and the wisdom gained from aging.  I even had a flash of wrinkles upon the face being a sign of maturity—and even class in that respect.  Mere facial lines don’t indicate whether that individual has gained wisdom, awareness or knowledge from a density of experiences however.

It makes me wonder if our souls have wrinkles or signs of aging too!  We hear about old souls and young souls.  Usually depth of wisdom is associated with people who demonstrate qualities that we relate to an “old soul”—we see these qualities, many times, in young children.  People are often startled at the very perceptive and astute comments that originate from those who haven’t had the life experiences in one lifetime to qualify such insight. 

And there are others who seemed closed down in their thinking, ignore their spiritual nature and pay little or no attention to their growth and development who we often term a “young soul”.  These younger soul types are those who may have chosen to shut down due to prior life trauma, pain or fear. 

You are the stalk; each lifetime is a leaf. It's all happening now

Many years ago, while channeling, I was shown in my mind’s eye what much appeared like one long, tall stalk like you imagine or what artist draw to accompany the old fairy tale of Jack and the Bean Stalk.

And I was told or given the concept that this is how our lifetimes exist—each lifetime being like the leaf of the stalk. 

I understood (was given the concept and instruction) that all lives were occurring all at once just like the single stalk. 

 It wasn’t until nearly a decade later that I read what others were writing about simultaneous time—the eternal now.  Back then, it boggled my mind to realize that a lifetime of the 1400’s was actually occurring in the present!  These days concepts of this nature are no longer novel.

The contemplative question for today is this.  Are you willing to look beneath the surface emotions to the depth to find the wisdom there and to help others do the same? 

And more importantly, do you ground that knowledge for practical application and use in the current lifetime?