Petrified Wood Metaphysical Reflections and a Past Life Stone

Petrified Wood Collage

What a combo!  Trees and crystallized quartz! PETRIFIED WOOD was once a living, breathing tree.  Some kind of powerful, special energy has to be in those stones, right? 

I once visited the Petrified Wood forest in Arizona; amazing place, that! They say that over 200 million years ago, trees and logs washed into an ancient river system and were buried quick and deep by massive amounts of sediment and debris. Minerals, including silica dissolved from volcanic ash, absorbed into the porous wood over hundreds and thousands of years crystallized within the cellular structure.

The Petrified Wood in the national park in Arizona is almost solid quartz!

(no more tree left but for the shape)

Very earthy!  Makes sense then that petrified wood crystal stones are connected with the root chakra.

Doing PAST LIFE readings?  I like to hold Petrified Wood and also Amber–both known for being formed so far in the past.  Petrified Wood makes you think how sudden dramatic and sometimes frightening change can happen so quickly but result in such magnificent beauty.

Some say that if you have an aging issue, concern or problem that petrified wood can help.  I like to hold this stone when I am working with the intention to create a change that is quick yet permanent—fossilized and cast in stone so-to-speak.

Sometimes in life we do bury things quickly and deeply such as traumas in the same way those trees and logs were quickly buried into the earth but then became uncovered or rediscovered eons later revealed to be such a beautiful stone, changed permanently.  Petrified stone reminds me that some of the most beautiful aspects of humans resembles crystallized trees or petrified stone—one form changes to another—something that happened quickly and was buried deeply results in something really beautiful when it surfaces.  Yeah, okay, the opposite is true–certain other attitudes and behaviors can become crystallized too.

Speaking of which, I think in psychological terms about everything–or so says my teenage niece who thinks way differently!  I’ll leave those details mercifully aside.  She, her mother, and I went to dinner the other night and 2 minutes into the dinner conversation she sighs, rolls her eyes and says “Do we always have to talk about deep psychological stuff Aunt Joy?”   

I can say what I want on my own blog however, and just did! So go petrify that you br___  (bright and beautiful child!)  Thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you? (…  talk about burying emotion)

Anyway, I enjoyed remembering my visit to the Petrified Forest in Arizona.  Being there was like being in a huge outdoor church—yeah (sorry) was raised Catholic, nuns and all.  

But you know?   You felt like you should whisper as you went through the forest—awe inspiring and sacred place for a psychic like me!


A Change of Pace Blog Post Today AND Family Past Life Regression Material — My Grandson Explained is Natal Chart While in an Altered State!

The washing machine, by the sound of it, is in its final rinse, the rain outside is unceasing; yesterday I took the last antibiotic tablet for a bronchial infection (I think) although I don’t think the ER doc knew for sure what ailed me, exactly. Why? She said it sounds like asthma, presents like bronchitis and while I don’t think its pneumonia, we will treat it  like it is pneumonia. (go figure)  In the end, I suppose it’s just another reminder that I’m getting older and recovery from these minor setbacks takes longer than it used to. Anyway, so much for the lament about the physical (my temporary illness and the remnants of a tropical storm that’s dumping inches-upon-inches on us here in the mountains) as I refuse to think the word “flood”. Let’s move on and talk about the “meta” physical. I want to switch it out today and write about something a little different.

I did work on a little bit of the time (with PAST LIFE REGRESSION PRACTICE) that I had with the family during the family reunion—not as much as I’d have liked’;  but, I tucked away what I did learn and experience. I wanted to write it down here today and get it out  for whatever it may be worth. I told some folks that I’d write about it; so here goes.  Hopefully it will hold a bit of interest for the reader—you’ll have to judge that part for yourself.

A while back I wrote about my own brief glimpses into regression for myself—there were quite a few and I did mention the “light Bulb Factory” worker insight I got from my last past life and was able to validate that such a place did actually exist in the early 1900’s and was operated by Thomas Edison. You know it wasn’t long after that past life regression information came to my mind that I remembered how much I loved (in the current lifetime) going to the Thomas Edison Home tour in Ft. Myers, Florida. He used to live next to Henry Ford there, you know?

Anyway, I don’t know how I could have forgotton this, but we used to go to Edison’s home every Christmastime for they would have it especially decorated—and for Halloween too, now that I remember! We took the full tour a number of times… back when I was married—my husband, children and I. Being infatuated with the place would be an understatement, for I loved going there!

And the light bulb part of his invented things was always where I stood around the longest. Funny how one forgets those things but then when I had the past life regression memory/insight that was linked to Thomas Edison, it felt right. But it wasn’t until weeks later (am I slow, or what?) that I remembered how I used to love to visit the Thomas Edison Home and his Workplace there… I couldn’t seem to get enough!  The point being that my past life memory of working at the Thomas Edison Light Bulb factory in Brooklyn NY in a prior lifetime connects with my current life love of taking the tours of Thomas Edison’s Home and revisiting it at Christmas and Halloween every year while we lived in Florida.  My kids were pre-teen and teen back then (this life).  Anyway…


Oh, and then I  had the past life memory of the horse all of which got retriggered again when watching the movie HIDALGO with my grandson while he was visiting here last month.  I purchased the DVD of that movie long ago and loved it.  My grandson and I watched it together recently—doing so totally re-activated my past life “love for my horse”  feelings.  I blogged about the horse regression a while back.  Anyway…

Here are a few brief insights from various family members regarding their past life recall work.  Only one of  my three daughter’s participated –there wasn’t enough time to regress my other 2 girls.  One of my sister’s participated and so did my niece.

My daughter chose to work on eating issues and her past life recall was to a lifetime where there was no more bread to eat and her mother in that life said the bread was gone—she was a little child in that experience, approximately 3 or 4 years old. As she told about the experience, she cried deeply reliving it (she was starving); it gave her insight into her current eating patterns. She was deeply moved by her memory.

My teenage niece (14 years old) chose to work on issues around getting along with other females at school and vividly recalled a past life in which her husband in that lifetime was seeing other women. One of those women was the girl who she has had trouble getting along with ever since graded school.  My sister was the most difficult one to actually regress—she had a lot of resistance to bringing up any memory. I think some people are just not ready to delve into the subconscious and that is okay and I respect that.  She kept seeing a huge battle ship floating in white light and nothing more.

I really wish I’d had more time.  I know we’ve all reincarnated together before and would have loved to get more information on that.  I already know one of my current life daughter’s was my sister in a prior life and also that another daughter was a mother to me in a prior life.  I know my grandson and I have had a lifetime together in Tibet.  But I would have liked to get more detail.  Why?  I think one reason is that I’m getting older now and approaching the age in which we realize the end is getting closer; it brings great comfort to have these past life validations for it helps to remember that it is ‘not’ goodbye, but rather its ‘see you next time’.  Anyway…

MY GRANDSON’S REGRESSION — I REGRESSED my grandson and he explained his BIRTH CHART while in an ALTERED STATE:

My grandson however—a completely different story! He’s the one that I had the longest time to work with since he stayed with me for a whole week. One night when he couldn’t seem to sleep and neither could I, we decided to have an astrology lesson. He is always asking me about his chart. I admitted to being a bit befuddled about the past life meaning of the symbols.  Then I had the idea to put him into a trance and ask his higher mind (subconscious, unconscious or super-conscious or however you want to name it) to help us understand his natal (birth) chart–specifically, the past life meaning of the locations of planets, houses, etc.  He agreed and said he thought it would be interesting.

I coached him into an altered state (he was an easy subject as he is very calm and intuitive) and we went back into a previous life that would help us understand his chart. He knows very little about astrology and is barely learning the house meanings and the planetary symbols.  During the regression work itself, I didn’t have the chart in front of me.  In fact, I was barely familiar with it aside from knowing his Sun, Moon and Ascendant.  It wasn’t until later (after the regression) that I looked again at the chart and what I saw was pretty amazing.  I’ve included the astro info below for those readers who are familiar with astrology.  I bolded the astrology references–if you have no interest in astrology, you may want to skip over that part, but I hope you will find it interesting anyway.

He was able to get into an altered state easily.  He was in such a  deep trance  state that I had to strain my ears to understand his words—the deeper the state, the more difficult it is to talk.  I totally understood it because I was in the state with him.  However, he did speak.  He was able to tell me how he was a chef in that lifetime and gave details of his work and his private life (non-married and about his family).

Later, I had to laugh a bit about the fact that he was a chef in his past life.   A week or so afterward,  we all went out to a Mexican restaurant and from where we sat it was possible to see the chef bring up the food for the waiters to carry out. I barely noticed that area… what with all the commotion and conversation at the table. But when I looked across at him, I followed his gaze and saw that he was watching the chef. He must have felt my eyes on him because he turned to me and mentioned that the chef didn’t seem very happy and then went on to explain how the mood of the chef affects the food. After having learned about his past life recently, his reason for eyeing the chef in the restaurant made perfect sense to me.

His aunt (my daughter) upon hearing of his past life memory told me how he is always working on his own little food creations in the kitchen at home.

Anyway, back to the regression with my grandson… I took him forward to his death in that lifetime, coaching him that he will not feel any pain and will be able to tell me what is happening. He said that he was confused about how he actually died at first. This made immediate sense to me since he has a SOUTH NODE of the Moon in PISCES – that could, indeed, be the signature of such an event of confusion.  The South Node equals Past Life and Pisces equals confusion as one of its archetypes.

He then described something coming through the windshield and that’s all he knows aside from the fact that he was driving a car, he said. I asked what year it was and 1955 was the answer from his higher mind (currently my grandson is 13 years old).

I asked him to go out of his body at this moment of death and to tell me what he sees and he described being between two cars; a car in front of him and one behind.  Something from the car in front of him came from through the windshield causing his demise.

Now, before I go on, let me say that I’m still learning this process and putting things together—both with astrology and with past life regression.  And in life you could generally call me a “seeker” rather than one who is firmly established in truth and stuck. Therefore, I don’t have all the answers and hope to always keep learning.

And so while maybe I can’t draw any major conclusion, the fact that the intention for the regression was to have the natal chart explained, I find this next part even more interesting. My grandson’s chart does show signatures of a prior life death in an auto accident. His Mercury (a planet that denotes transportation/travel and thus could relate to an automobile) is in his 8th house of death. And very near his South Node (it would have to be a very , very wide conjunction) he has Mars conjunct Jupiter. Being near to the SN (in the same house), this could definitely link to a sudden death (Mars near to or in close aspect to the SN often indicates sudden death) and that Mars conjunct Jupiter (4 degree orb) can be another signature of a sudden death from something to do with transportation since Jupiter relates to travel. Jupiter also relates to education and learning and it seems that this sudden death by auto accident could maybe have something to do with learning. Looking for more clues, I wanted to see where Sagittarius was (since Jupiter rules Sag, thus making a link that could give us a clue) and there in the 7th house was PLUTO in Sag and squaring the Nodes no less!

One of the questions that I asked my grandson was to see if his spirit guide (whom he had previously described as a woman in a white dress with a crown on her head) could tell him what he was supposed to learn in that lifetime so that he could be sure to apply it in this current one.

Now, remember this child is only 13 and I totally can’t imagine these words coming from his mouth in this way if he were not in an altered state.  I believe, therefore, that he actually was talking with his guide when…

 he said, “I wasn’t open to taking advice and because of that I made some bad decisions. In this lifetime I need to be more open to taking advice.”

[ADDED ASTROLOGY:  His Moon/Sun opposition is from houses 3/9 respectively, making the T-square to Saturn in Aries in the 11th.  He will have to work with Venus and Libra to balance that T-square. Also, it looks like he maybe (?) has the “Finger of God” (the Yod)–?! He also has a lot of aspects to his Moon on the  3/9 axis.  Venus rules the chart.  The ruler of the NN is Mercury in the 8th and while I probably need more time to reflect on the evolutionary intent, with the NN in the 4th ruled by Mercury as the resolution node to the skipped step…. well, one thing that jumps out with Sag on the cusp of the 8th there and Merc in Capricorn, it seems that controlling or learning to control (Capricorn) speed (mercury) and enthusiasm (Sag on the cusp of the 8th) might be good overall advice for him.  And this seems correlated by the ruler of Cap, Saturn, in Aries in the 11th–the combination of Saturn and Aries is about controlling fire or controlling impulsiveness perhaps–this being part of the evolutionary intention and resolution of the square from the Nodes to Pluto.  I need to study this chart some more and i am typing this a bit impulsively and intuitively…  but actually what comes to mind is that advice you often hear that goes this way, “Never drive when you are angry”  might be good advice for him too.] 

I find that last bit about what his ‘spirit guide’ said quite interesting with Pluto in Sag in his 7th squaring his nodes. Squares to the Nodes meaning that he is in a re-do and re-live situation with “teacher types” in relationships which is a meaning of Pluto in Sag.

His 9th house is pretty active with the Moon (from the 3rd) opposing the ruler of the SN (Neptune).

By the way, the Mars and Jupiter are in Aquarius and so is Uranus in Aquarius (a strong Uranus as it is in the sign it rules). Uranus and Aquarius are associated with trauma and with Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in the 9th; well, it’s all a validation of the very strong signature of past life travel trauma.

Interesting too, we see Saturn in ARIES in the 11th linking to Uranus in Aquarius thru the 11th house and that Saturn is  squaring the Sun/Moon opposition! The famous T-square! 

Clearly there is more to my grandson’s chart and I won’t bore the reader with too many more  astrological details. It just seems like he did explain his chart for me and was also reminded to be more open to taking advice—this will prove hearty to him when he learns how to drive which he has always been anxious to know how to do! His aunts are always answering his questions about the car and the gears and the traffic laws and so forth.  Mars is about going FAST and so is Mercury in that 8th house…. maybe he was speeding, not listening to advice about not driving fast… one wonders!

In thinking about this, I just recalled how much he ♥ loves ♥ mountain biking–going fast on downhill switchbacks– being daring on a mountain bike. 

His aunt (photo of both of them to the left) fell of the mountain bike downhill twice while he, on the other hand, led the way and yelled back to his aunt what to watch out for!

I will remind him again of all his past life regression memories before he starts driving a car in this lifetime and how he’s supposed to be more open to taking advice so he doesn’t make bad decisions… just like his spirit guide said through his own mind and lips!

So, it is time to take the laundry down to the dryer and move onto other low-key chores for today…..

Before I close this post down and move on for the day, I thought to share something a bit comical *but not funny!*  about a recent blog post in which I bragged to the world about my method for healing is to breathe deeply and to sit in the sun.

Yeah, well, the recent family reunion was too much for my immune system apparently and just after it was over, I had cough and cold symptoms.

My daylong breathing in the sun made things worse and caused my need to get help at the hospital emergency room that night.  Not being one for ever having  allergies in the past, I did not recognize the multitudes RAGWEED growing out back on the ridge only a few feet away where I spent a good part of my day breathing deeply (and coughing more!)  Duhh, No wonder I couldn’t breathe well that night, driving myself to the ER.

Thanks to Google, NOW I know what ragweed looks like!!–it sure didn’t help that I sat next to ragweed breathing deeply alot that day!

Geesh!  Live and learn!–as my mother used to always say.

See what I mean by comical but NOT FUNNY?!

By the way for any interested astrologers out there, here (below) is my grandson’s chart…. Porphyry house system… birth data  omitted intentionally for privacy purposes. 

See anything interesting? Would love to hear any insights from other astrologers out there if you’d like to share them.  What am I missing?  What did I get wrong?

Email me .. comments welcome

Anyway, see you tomorrow….

Daily Divination 5-19-11 Disappointments in our Relationship to Anyone or Anything – 3 of Swords; Saturn in Libra

Appalachian Mountains

First of all, it’s a beautiful day here in the Appalachian mountains! Cool nights lately too.  There’s nothing like brisk mountain air! I’m wishing you an exceptionally great day! Deep breathing, fresh air… It is so helpful to disconnect from our heart connection attachments and get some space, get some air. Our connections to others sometimes cause congestion in our own heart and clearing is needed.  I’m thinking of a break up–when two souls go their separate ways.  Recently, in the news, we have the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.  There are going to be a lot of old (and even new) emotions that will need digesting and clearing out.  It will take some time.  But even in milder relationship issues, sometimes deep breaths of fresh air, space and separation are required to clear the heart energy. 

Broken hearts and disappointments–who hasn’t had them?  The question is have we cleared them, released them and forgiven them?  Today’s message is a reminder to consider that we have to create distance and separation for these types of resolutions to occur.

I remember reading somewhere that colds and chest congestions are the body’s way of manifesting feelings of loss and grief.  When my mother died in December of last year our entire family (every single one of us!) had very deep chest colds after the funeral—and I really hesitate to use the world cold because none of us had ever had that type of deep chest congestion and chest pain ever before.  We all commented that we had never had such a deep cough!  We were clearing from our bodies feelings of loss and grief.  By the way, I also hesitated to type the word “died” just now too because, as you know, technically there ‘is’ no death.  But back to today’s topic.

The inspiration for today’s message is the tarot 3 of Swords which is the same archetype motif as Saturn in Libra.   

As it so happens, the transiting planet Saturn is moving through the constellation Libra currently.

One of Saturn’s many archetypes is “boundaries” since it is associated with the boundary of the mind that separates the conscious from the subconscious or unconscious levels. Or we could say the boundary between universal consciousness and mundane or ego-consciousness.  Phrasing it another way, I believe it could rightly be said that Saturn represents the boundary between ego and soul.

When we factor in Libra, since this motif relates to Saturn in the sign of Libra, this relates to relationship issues since Libra, as most people know, is the sign associated with relationships. 

Saturn began its march through Libra in March 2009 and has gone retrograde and direct a few times and will keep dancing back and forth in Libra until fall of next year.   So we’re not through these relationship boundary issues for a while. 

Saturn will remain retrograde in Libra until mid-June this year when it goes direct again for a while. 

Since Saturn  represents the boundaries of consciousness, anytime it is retrograde, we can expect (or so my teachers say) that we will be able to receptive to other levels of consciousness, the barriers are dropped and so we may be more aware of past life connections or soul memories as they, in this case, apply to relationships with people but also with places or things–relationships of all types.

We may have awareness of relationship patterns that our soul carries and we could tap into other lifetimes where we have experienced disappointments or sorrows in relationships.  My thought about it is that anytime we become aware of memories or patterns, it is for the purpose of healing and releasing.  Current relationship issues (even with parents, children, co-workers or whomever) may be triggering these memories. 

And then we can recall our true connection to the Divine Heart for the purpose of rebalancing and healing and getting a newer perspective. 

As the Buddhists tell us, attachments create suffering and isn’t it true that when it comes to relationships, we have certain ideals, expectations and fantasies?  It is our attachment to these that create the disappointments and suffering.

Today’s message reminds us that any sadness, depression and memories of difficult separations that come up in your thoughts are asking for space to be released–they are asking for freedom.  Once we create the space to deal with the pain, acknowledge it since it’s coming up anyway, having that newly created space enables a new vision for a new beginning to be created. 

As this manifests in the outer world, we may find ourself releasing others, letting them go to some extent, if not fully.

I didn’t know that I would draw this card today, but my subconscious must have known.  Here’s why I say that.  Earlier today, I came across these familiar words from Blake that I’ve always related to and I happened to tweet this:

  “Man is made for joy and woe; When this we rightly know; thru the world we safely go. Joy and woe woven fine, clothing for the soul divine.” 

Why do our ideals become shattered?  Why is it necessary? I’ve mentioned some reasons already.  Here’s another. Sometimes it is about getting the priorities straight.  Many of my own soul triggers involve money and issues of survival and security.  I had this idea once that god him/herself was giving me an opportunity to become wealthy in order for me to achieve freedom—back then I was starting to awaken to life beyond the mundane and the ego. 

I came across an opportunity—one of those fantastic get-rich quick things earmarked for light-workers to achieve their great purpose here.  I invested a lot of my energy and time into believing this was a personal answer to a personal prayer and was very attached to this idea.  When  I was able to finally “get real”–another archetype of Saturn is about getting REAL–disappointment and sorrow ensued (I felt betrayed), but it did serve to realign me and further awaken me.  Perhaps it represented that last big separating desire that needed to exhausted and released from my system so that I could fully direct my energies to the inner world, not the outer.  That’s my personal take on it for now anyway.

So then,  whatever the relationship happens to be with—a person, a career, money or whatever it is–the Saturn in Libra and 3 of Swords message today has to do with understanding the attachments and patterns of the soul to that particular relationship.
And to integrate the idea that sometimes those disappointments and sorrows help us to create new visions and released attachments that are no longer serving us. 

I hope that something written here today will bring you a personal message of understanding and hope and encouragement and add something golden to your “clothing for the soul divine.” 

PS – it may be helpful for you to know what house Saturn is currently transiting in your personal astrology chart.  If you go to, you can bring up your personal natal chart and also do a transit chart for yourself to see.  For example, interestingly enough, Saturn is transiting through my 2nd house of self-reliance, self-worth and “money”.  And so in my case the Libra (relationships) issues regarding my relationship (Libra) to money, self-worth and self-reliance (2nd house) are being triggered by Saturn.   I’m going to be giving this more thought today.  I recently had a past life memory during a regression that I did which explained a few things for me regarding my relationship to loss around money and security issues.