My Bird Story! Devoted Female Cardinal Tapping At My Windows And My Childhood Parakeet

My Feathered Friend! This image is a look-alike, not really her. The other images are look-alike's too. I can't get her and her mate to stand still long enough to snap a shot... they're both camera-shy I guess. Me too actually, so I "get it". LOL

Not rain, nor wind, nor sleet, nor snow will keep (not the postman but…) this bird from her appointed rounds! This bird has a zealous nature and seems particularly devoted!

Today, there’s a diversion from my normal posts with divination messages that are inspired by tarot cards and astrology. I can’t hold back writing about her any longer! Maybe I’ll make two blog posts today, pulling a card from the deck later, but for now I’ve got to get Ruthie out of my system—yeah, I named her (after my mother).

She’s a female cardinal who is accompanied by a very quiet and laid back companion named after my dad. They are like family now having been a noisy part (her not him) of my life since well before the first day of spring.

Ruth hasn’t missed a day, even when it snowed and froze over a few times or in a heavy rain event like this very morning, from her self-appointed job—tapping on my bedroom window in the morning, the kitchen window when I make coffee, the living room window when I sit at the computer or the sliding glass door in the back when I’m in the den.

No, REALLY.  This bird actually knows which room I’m in and follows my steps throughout the day! At first, I thought it was co-incidence. After all, how can a bird be so aware of my movements inside the house? All I know is that she is.

And when the phone rings or I’m on the line with a client, she hears my voice and hangs on the screen door for long periods or she flies directly up and down repeatedly parallel to the sliding glass door. Now, I have to say that I don’t know all that much about bird behaviors or what’s normal or what isn’t, but I’ve lived in this house for over 5 years and never had such companions!

Yeah, I know what they say (I spent a little time googeling a while back).  About female cardinals they say that they are seeing their reflection in the glass pane and, thinking it’s another bird, they are trying to frighten it off.  (Supposidly, its a territorial protection thing.)  I actually bought that for a while, but this has been going on way too long and consistently for that to be the real case.

As she engaged in her daily tapping on my bedroom window routine again this morning and I talked to her as I usually do (she stops tapping with her beak, tilts her head, listens to my voice and chirps back), I got to thinking about names. It’s always been my belief that even though parents think that it is they who name their babies, that the soul of the baby telepathically communicates their chosen name to their mother’s consciousness while in utero.

I was considering that while thinking about how I named this bird after my mother because of her incessant tapping.  It reminded me of how my mom used to tap her fingernails on the table—both types of tapping fall into the category of irritating. Yeah, my mother could be and this bird sometimes is too!  Yet I miss Mom and if this bird decided to move away, I’d miss her too.

My mother crossed over in December of last year and in the late days of winter, this cardinal showed up along with her very quiet and polite companion. With his demeanor being so much like my father’s, and since he’s Ruth’s companion, I named this bright red feathered friend after Dad. So this morning, she tapped and I talked and after a bit of that, I walked to the kitchen to make the coffee. She flew along the side of the house landing, as she usually does, outside the kitchen window so we could continue our conversation.

Waiting for my coffee I wondered to myself if she didn’t name herself like babies do! My mom promised me that she’d get a message to me after she crossed over and maybe this is one way she’s doing it—who knows? Go ahead and color me crazy if you’d like… I’m quite used to it. I talk to this bird like I talk aloud to my spirit guides half the day—it is what it is. Anyway…

You know, this feels like I’m writing an article for that old “True Confessions” magazine—remember that one? I wonder if it’s still around. This is probably boring stuff, and who knows if maybe all my blogs are, but I’ve just got to write about Ruth and her companion today.

Did you know that cardinals mate for life? He’s a hoot, you know? She’s all excited tapping on the window and flying up and down along the sliding glass door and he’s grabbing seed from the bird feeder and putting the seeds in her mouth which calms her down a moment or two and then she’s back at it again–and then so is he. It’s comical. Google says that this is normal bonding behavior. But I have something else to tell you about regarding Ruth and her bright red companion.

I am going to see if I can scan the picture. You see I had a bird when I was let’s say around 10 years old or so, a parakeet. My brother and I both had one. I loved my bird. I actually did managed to drag out the photo from an old album… I was so happy about those birds when our parents bought them for us!

Anyway, as these things go, sometimes during full Moon times my psyche seems to want to do these life reviews—go figure. And various memories pop up, mostly things I regret or memories of stupid things that I’ve done in my past rear their ugly heads!  And then I end up apologizing to the ceiling for them!

This bird event was one of them. There I was yelling up toward the ceiling and out to the ethers, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” You see, about this bird:  I took the cage outdoors, with the bird inside no less, and placed it on the porch to clean the bottom of the cage.

You know how you slide out the bottom, replace paper and slide it back in again, right? Well, the bottom wasn’t in correctly and I lifted up the cage and my pretty light blue bird flew out!

I loved my bird and was devastated!

There I was during a full Moon at 2 in the morning flashing to a scene where I’d just learned the bird was found dead and was laying on my bed crying. My brother in his effort to comfort me is at my bedroom window outside with my dad and he calls to me, “Don’t worry, Dad is burying him right outside your window.” I cried even louder!

Usually when full Moon memories like this haunt me, I get up and meditate. On the worst occasions I’ve had to take 2 Advil PM’s to knock myself out! On the night of the full Moon bird drama memory, I threw off the covers, marched down the hall toward the kitchen and headed for 2 PM’s. I’m NOT going to lay here apologizing to a bird from 50 years ago!

In the days that followed, I found myself wishing for a bird. Trust me, the feeling was so strong that if there’d been a pet store anywhere within driving distance that sold parakeets, I’d have been there!

And it wasn’t but a heartbeat or two away from when I had those feelings that Ruth, the female cardinal, and her companion showed up. And they’ve been with me ever since.  Did I attract them through my desire?

I got to thinking not long after that how I’d actually feel sad to see a bird in a cage. Birds should fly free!

Ruth does and she’s a nice feathered friend to boot!

PS—it wasn’t the bird feeder that attracted them in the first place. (And, I hear her out there now actually chirping while I type this line.) I didn’t buy the bird feeder until long after they moved in, so-to-speak.

Also, I wanted to mention that my mom has communicated with me a number of times since her crossing, but hasn’t mentioned the bird.   And I have duly apologized from my little girl self to the pretty light blue parakeet–quite a number of times actually.

Anyway, that’s my story and now my story is done!