Betrayals of Trust and Emotional Devastation — How to deal with that

nature devasTAROT INSIGHT:  sometimes we feel that people we love betray us or turn against us and it can feel crushing.  From a Buddhist perspective this can be a problem of self-cherishing and also attachment to particular expectations of people.  In both cases, life gives us what we need to course correct–painful and disappointing as it may be.  I thought to ask the Tarot to give some guidance or insight about these types of emotional gottcha’s.

First though whether people have actually betrayed us or not (sometimes they do unknowingly or sometimes, yeah, it’s intentional) but either way we still have our own emotional feeling to deal with as the residual.  I’m asking for guidance or insight from the tarot about how to deal with the emotion.  Ha!  sometimes I have to laugh at the divination process and how literal it can be!

What card did I draw to pull insight from?  PAN or in some decks the card of  THE DEVIL.  Instantly one thinks of being caught in the hell realms, chained to a person or an idea.  In any case, the card is an indication of being out of harmony with natural law and relates to the need to break old patterns.

Past lives comes right along with the word patterns in my way of seeing things.

They did it in the past–the betrayal.  Maybe not that person or that group of persons but it’s some old wound we’re still carrying around more than likely.   Pan is thought to be the nature god and the world “panic” comes from this source word “pan”.

Pan suggests we laugh at our selves and our life-predicaments instead of falling back into addictive behaviors, unconscious attachments and self-imposed limitations.  Pan says to laugh and be joyful about our lives.

What type of insight does this card offer?  To lighten up, not take one’s self  so seriously, let goes of cares and worries and play more.  Divination rocks!  Especially if you can follow the advice.

Go out and play in nature and try to lighten up–it’s hard (I know) but try to find some humor.  And if all else fails:  Valerian!  

Daily Divination Message April 4, 2011 PAN Says Lighten Up the Capricorn Energy!

Ouch!  I don’t like this card—for today’s divination message, the card that I drew is “the Devil card”.  I drew this card a lot when I was in a very unpleasant relationship, feeling trapped.  Looking back now, I really wasn’t; but it sure felt like I was at the time! 

What I learned:  I just want to say that it is we alone that holds the key to our own freedom—really, in any situation.  We do have control and it is never hopeless, nor are we helpless. 

Any type of incarceration doesn’t last forever and we have choice, always, about how we deal with anything—no one can imprison our mind, unless we allow it. 

In some traditions, this card is called Pan—I like that better.  It is ruled by the sign Capricorn.  The word “Pan” means “all” and relates to having freedom even in apparent restrictions (Capricorn is often associated with control, restrictions and that type of energy.)

Pan, relating to a nature entity in mythology, brings a message to stay in harmony with natural laws—the rules of nature not only apply to nature (birds, bees, trees and all of nature) but these rules apply to our inner world as well.  Pan is known as “The Green Man” and/or The Nature God in some mythology.

This card brings the message to look at how we may be disconnected from an inner harmonious state due to addictive behaviors, unconscious attachments and self-imposed limitation.

Pan, Green Man, Nature god

Did you know that the word “panic” is derived from Pan?  And as we must relate everything to the opposite polarity, what is the opposite of panic?  Humor and mirth!  That makes me think of something a friend used to say to me during tumultuous times of the past.  He’d always say, “Rule number one is don’t panic!”  Pretty often in those days, I’d hear him say, “What’s rule number one?”  “Yeah, right, I forgot”, I’d say, “It’s not to panic.”

No matter how intense life gets at times, if we can find a moment here and there to laugh about something, then we’re working with the positive side of Pan energy.

That Saturn/Capricorn influence in our lives (we all have it somewhere in our natal chart!) can deal us those guilt, sadness, hopelessness type cards in life.  But we can’t turn them upside down!  What are those sayings?  If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.  And it’s so ridiculously intense that it’s actually funny.

So there’s a need to lighten up today so that any constrained (Saturn/Capricorn) energy can be released.  Yes, we need to take a look at patterned behaviors, some of which might even be called addictive in nature; but we have to realize how things got that way (addictive).  Could it be that we we’ve been letting ourselves hang on to things that have no truth or reality?  And then when we realize it,  letting the situation create panic in us?

Remember rule #1, Don’t Panic!

And rule #2 is Lighten Up.

Do something to break the intensity (lighten up) and don’t forget to laugh. 

 It’s only Life after all; better days are ahead; they always are!