Daily Divination 7-22-11 Today Maintain the Connection to Your Buddha Nature – Be Still in Cosmic Unity – Kua52/Stillness; Scorpio, Sag, High Priest/Hierophant, High Priestess, Temperance

While preparing for today’s I CHING divination, my attention kept going to the nearby statue of the Buddha and thinking of “the middle path”.   I then turned to the I-CHING and received Kua 52–synchronisty! (my intuition at work)

The Image for today’s Kua 52 is very Buddha like. The name of this Kua 52  is “Keeping Still” and the archetypal keyword associations are: meditation; self-renewal; composure; detachment; self-acceptance; equanimity; serenity and yes, the middle path!

Today’s message is about our innate “Buddha Nature” and withdrawing from “thinking” entering the world of “being”. Another way to said it is moving out of the ego-mindset of “me” who is many times overly involved in the world of “doing” and “grasping” with the mind.

Meditation is a way of stepping out of the “me”-mind and connecting with one’s essential Buddha-nature; we accomplish this by “Keeping Still” which is the name of Kua 52. The keeping still that comes from meditation is not anything difficult to achieve—it’s our essential nature and is as natural and easy as breathing.

Shifting into this natural state of being is like waking in the morning to the fresh mountain air of a spring morning. In fact, in the Wu Wei Book of Answers, Kua 52 is called,’ “Mountain”, Stopping, Thoughts Coming to Rest. ’

Whatever your greatest concern or question is today, the answer is to stop and rest—take no action. Know that everything is as it should be—be relaxed and confident. If you have a quiet heart, you will be sensitive to the subtle promptings that come from the world around you, and this in turn, will allow you to move effortlessly and smoothly through life, rather than to push, struggle and stumble.

It is said that in many traditions, mountains are a symbol of the stillness of our Buddha Nature. Perhaps this is how I find myself here in the Appalachian Mountains and have such love for these mountains. Mountains are the symbol of rising above the mundane world of daily earth living. Mountains are earth representations of stillness, non-movement as well as peace and quiet.

Today it is not so much about focus as much as it is non-focus… how well can we be our natural, peaceful, joyful self? — that’s the question for contemplation today (and always).

Mountain over mountain—this is the image that the lines of this Kua create. One solid line over two broken lines; mountain on top of mountain!

I live on a mountain with mountains above and surrounding me. Today after just now drawing this Kua, I am feeling even more grateful for the grace to be able to live here. Embraced within the arms of Mother Earth as I am here in these quiet, peaceful mountains full of crystals, it is the ideal setting to achieve and maintain meditative equipoise.

The Astrology Archetype Correlations to the I-CHING Kua 52/Stillness are:

Scorpio – going into “the depth”; meditation; awareness of the larger forces of the universe; little death release of the ego; shamanistic energy

Sagittarius – right brain; natural laws; nature; seeing the ‘big picture’; optimism; animals, plants, nature itself; philosophy

The Tarot Archetype Correlations to the I-CHING Kua 52/Stillness are:

Both the High Priest (Hierophant) and High Priestess as well as Temperance

Hierophant/High Priest: The ‘inner’ teacher; Buddha; guide; sage; inner wisdom

Temperance: Sagittarius; Divine Light; the 6th Chakra; Healing; patience/moderation/middle path; blending of opposites

High Priestess: Unity consciousness; being in touch with Universal Mind; Divine Feminine and magnetic/heart energy; silent equilibrium; exploring the subconscious; Scorpio

Daily Divination 7-18-11 Patriarchal christian law versus Natural Law and the Conflict – Kua 6; Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Justice, The Emperor, Judgment, The Tower, The Devil, Wheel of Fortune


Oh boy, here we go! Kua 6… Conflict. I know what this one is about… I wanted to forget about it but apparently drawing this kua today the universe is making me address it!

This has got to be about the bible-thumping self-righteous christian from yesterday.

Sunday morning I’m out in my yard clipping the overgrowth out front and a car pulls up. Nobody ever comes here and I pretty much knew—in fact, I recognized her. She’s been here before with her bible.  Geeze!

I’m usually polite but say thanks, but no thanks and close the door. Last time she was here with some man accompanying her and he says, “Oh, we got you up didn’t we?” Ticked me off a bit; it was around 9 am and I was blogging and hadn’t gotten dressed yet—nor combed my hair. Nervy enough to bible-thump at my door much less making a comment about my appearance!

Yet, I was still polite.

But yesterday there she comes again. I was having a quiet, peaceful Sunday morning, listening to the birds while in my own peaceful thoughts—but I lost it after she gets out of her car and says she will join me if I didn’t mind.  I said I did mind but nevertheless she goes on about her bible!

Today’s message (mostly for me I’m sure—but maybe you too?) comes from Kua 6 the I CHING of “conflict” as well as adversaries, disputes and arguments.

The message is to settle things peacefully—but if that’s not possible then quickly.

Sometimes when there is a clash of wills both parties feel strongly about their idea. I’m sure she felt just as strong about jezuz and the bible as much as I did about my right to live my life without being periodically approached by pushy, arrogant bible thumpers!

Then the chic tells me I shouldn’t be working on the “lord’s day” and starts to quote the bible. I was pretty much walking toward her at this point with large yard clippers in my hands.

No, it wasn’t pretty. She had a man and child in the car and I didn’t spare them my sentiments as I walked toward her with my clippers while she walked backwards toward her car.

I don’t knock on your door or bother you about my beliefs—you have a lot of nerve, I say.  And she tells me that I could talk to her about my beliefs and that would be perfectly fine with her.  And she said it with that self-rightous x-tian smugness.  I assured her I wouldn’t be so ill-mannered, rude and arrogant to do so!   And told her to leave and not come back.

Usually I retreat as politely as possible from these nut cases.  But maybe it was the heat and humidity… this time there was fight, not flight. I’ll be darned if I’m going to give in to someone who approaches me un-beckoned into my own yard…. my peaceful sanctuary.

Later that afternoon, they guy across the street (apparently another heathen like me) mowed his lawn—On Sunday! That’s unheard of around here—nobody mows on Sunday! I’m sure “the lord” cares less if I pull weeds and clip with a pair of hand clippers on the last day of the week!  I don’t think there’s any “lord” who cares about the guy across the way either.  I loved hearing the guy crank up his riding mower later in the day! You GO Dude!

I stood in my power and that involved a certain amount of conflict… unless you close the door in these people’s faces or go at them with a pair of lawn shears and a raised voice, they won’t go away!

I was actually calm and clearheaded yet was not going to put up with this x-tian lady’s unwelcome interruption on a peaceful, quite Sunday morning. I had no intention of letting this go on for any more than a minute—and the moment she was in her car with the door shut, I told her driver, Now GO—get out of here.

Her parting words were wrapped around a smug, x-tian, Sarah Palin type of smile (you know what I mean), “I really do wish you a nice day”, she says

I repeated myself inviting them one last time to leave!

(Apologies to readers for the image to the left.)

The message of this Kua 6 is about a clash of wills. This lady’s will to interrupt me in my sanctuary while I was minding my own business doing yard work clashed with my will to be left alone.

If you follow my blog, you will know that this happens all the time in this neck of the literal woods—usually, I’m polite but curt. This time I left out the polite part and stuck with curt.  Since she’s been here before maybe this time she’ll get the message!

In the Wilhelm/Baynes Book of Changes it is said about Kua 6 that “conflict develops when one feels himself to be in the right and runs into opposition.” I was her opposition apparently.

This unsolicited and unwelcome visit into the womb of my spiritual space by the most disdainful of characters while I honored nature by enjoying the birds and the quiet of the day while beautifying my yard and loving nature was a jolt to my senses and sense of Libra-fairness.

Her right to believe what she wants (about me, jezus, the bible or anything or anyone else) ends with my right to work in my yard on a Sunday without being approached by a bible thumper with her opinions of my observance of “the lord’s day”.  And I stick to that!

The astrological correlations are:

Cancer – emotional self-reliance of the soul; the womb

Leo – bossiness, pride

Libra – projection

Scorpio – coming face to face with limitation; also, obsession

The Tarot correlations are:

Justice – discriminating what is best for self

The Emperor – patriarchal christian god

Judgment – judging someone’s actions

The Tower – outmoded ideas; being knocked from a position of arrogance

The Devil – hanging on to things that have no truth


Doing Prostrations

Footnote: in thinking about the situation from a Buddhist perspective and with the Dalai Lama in mind actually; I didn’t show much compassion to the bible thumper.

I lost my patience and usual tolerance.

But there I was squatting and bending to deal with weeds et al and wondered if…. well, I imagined if the Dalai Lama was doing prostrations in his garden on a Sunday morning and the same thing happened to him! In his very own garden, minding his own business,  doing prostrations… hmmmm…. one wonders.

(Okay, so I’m no Dalai Lama and still have some work to do on myself!  Mea Culpa )

Daily Divination 5-6-11 It’s NAture! Obliterate Lack through NUrture! Ace of Pentacles, Earth element

It’s NAture! Obliterate Lack through NUrture!  Ace of Pentacles, Earth element

Ever notice how some things seem to work out better the less you focus on them?  That’s the way it is sometimes—not always, of course.  When one has done all one knows how to do, there comes a point of letting go and that’s not as easy as the effort part.  Example:  money.  Attracting it and managing it, spending it and attracting more.  We all have ideas how to do that but once we implement the idea and given it all the effort, can we let go of it and allow the seed we planted to grow?  The part involving letting it go in order to give it time to grow seems much more difficult than the effort we put into planting the seed in the first place.  What is it that causes it to grow?  What is it that causes anything to grow or advance?  Take the example of a one year old baby.  A little child would never learn to walk if his mother carried him around all day and night, never giving him the opportunity to try it on his own.   I don’t think we could compare children with money but I do notice that when I carry my worry around, it causes me to be out of balance—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  And that imbalance of consciousness keeps me out of balance with earth energy—like I said, money ‘is’ earth energy.

Today’s cosmic communiqué is inspired by the tarot Ace of Pentacles—an earth energy card if there ever was one.  Here’s how it plays out with me time and time again.  When I keep myself balanced (by not being worried or concerned about money at all) in consciousness and with earth energy itself (spend time in nature), the money situation seems to handle itself!  I cannot begin to count the times that I’ve wondered if I was going to make the rent or monthly bills.  When the bank balance looks bleakest, I may implement an idea to stimulate more income, but that’s not always necessary I’ve learned.  It’s happened so many times that it’s a clear message—I go out in nature for a hike or a play date with myself and when I return to my computer, work has come in.  Or I do some other activity, that involves my complete presence which in effect distracts me completely and the same thing happens—work comes in or money arrives in the most interesting ways.  It always feels like the universe is going to what it does—and that is to support me—and all I have to do is get the heck out-of-the-way.  That’s the message of the Ace of Pentacles today to apply wherever it can be in your own life at this moment.

Keep the feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon, stay grounded and balanced and happy, remember you are part of the process of life itself expressing in abundant ways and your earthly material needs will be taken care of.  Do what you can… make your best effort but then be willing to let go and remain balanced as you do so.  Look the other way and when you look back you will see that magic has happened.

Walking the talk isn’t always easy; many of you may be thinking, “Your preaching to the choir Joy”, but you’d be amazed at how many ‘lightworkers’ or service workers in alternative fields (like me) know this stuff, teach this stuff but then have to work to apply it just like everyone else.  Many will say, “Of all people, I should know this!”—knowing it an applying it are two different animals.

If you are harboring a non-supportive situation or habit such as worry regarding your manifestation efforts, the message for you today (on the day you read this, no matter what the date) is this.  You’ve planted the seed and can’t seem to let it be because you’ve got too many weeds in the garden of the mind (weeds called worry).  Gently pull those out if you simply cannot stop the process of apprehension or concern—and you do that by redirecting your thoughts. A perfect way to do that is to go out for a walk, or go for a swim or sit on the porch and read a book—anything you enjoy will do!  Look for a project around the house or even on your computer to engage in and take the mind off it.  If something more comes by way of idea or inspiration, follow it but with an adventurous and joyful attitude. 

Eat well, sleep well, and enjoy the fruits of life and the funny thing is that while you’re busy doing THAT, the worry you had about money or any other earthly concern seems to take care of itself.  You sort of advance yourself forward on the game board of life without trying (you were having fun, remember) and then you look back and see that the thing you were worried about took care of itself. Why and how did it happen?  Your consciousness became balanced and you nurtured yourself and when you take care of you—it is supported by the life force energies and you receiving even more nurturing!  Like I said, magic.

That’s the way to deal with earth energy—that’s all I’m sayen! 

By the 15th of this month (May 2011) many planets will have moved into the Earth Sign of Taurus.  Our Sun is in Taurus now and will be joined by Mars, Venus and Mercury.  Taurus is all about earth pleasure and also about material needs being met through self-reliance, one’s inner nature.  Issues regarding material needs may surface with so many planets in Taurus and I’m sharing with you through personal experience–those needs fulfill themselves once I know I make all the effort I can and then go out in play in nature and balance my energy! 

I’ve gone on too long and hope I’ve delivered the cosmic memo effectively. It’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to a visit from my daughters and grandchildren this weekend!  Until Monday… the recommendation is to nurture your desires by releasing worry and playing out in nature!