Difficulties and Tensions Happen to Spiritual People and the Truth about the Number 11! Spiritual Flaccidity, Hunger Games and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Hunger Games
Hunger Games

Difficulties and Tensions Happen to Spiritual People and the Truth about the Number 11!  Spiritual Flaccidity and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Maybe it’s the Aquarius or Uranus part of me, but I’ve always gone the opposite way of the crowd.  And in this instance I’m talking about the crowd that thinks or believes that if you have a difficulty in life or tension in any way that you’re doing something spiritually wrong!  Natural Law, you know?  Nature as an example:  the flower, in order to grow, requires the resistance of the earth to push against in order to find the light, the Sun.  Of course, how often do we hear of the other example of the lotus pushing up from the mud to symbolize our life on earth—without the mud the lotus couldn’t grow!

Tension!  There’s been a lot of that this year so far but this is (for me) and 11 year after all – numerology.  Anyway, the soul needs the tension, the strain, the stress, the pull within caused by life on Earth for growth and development just as flowers need rocks in their soil against which to push in order to reach the sun.  If we avoid tension at all costs—the way that the spiritually elite white-lighter population does—we become flaccid of spirit!  And live in yet another delusional state!

We seem to learn and to grow though tension:  maybe that’s what an 11 personal year is all about.  Does the tension and stress of earth living keep the spirit from going flaccid or getting fat and flabby?  Don’t we have to keep in shape (even spiritually)?  And so don’t we need challenges or some sort of oppositional energy (Ha! Thinking in astrological language now) in order to draw us out of our otherwise sleepy white-light delusional haze?  I’m just asking, contemplating—that’s an 11 year thing.  The word “tension”, interestingly enough, is used in describing the vibration of the number 11; Google it, you’ll see.  Other “T” words associated with the 11 vibration are these:  trials and tests.  Surprised?  If so then you might be a white-lighter in need of some 11 “T” vibe reality.

I mentioned at the start of this post the Uranus/Aquarius aspect of psyche and guess what the number 11 is associated with in astrological terms?  Yeah, Uranus/Aquarius is the answer.  And in soul astrology when we look in a chart to find where the soul has experienced trauma or wounding, we usually have our eye scanning for the location of Uranus and what where Aquarius is located.  Anyway…

Any trauma or crisis creates divine possibility and probability for spiritual growth—right?  We can’t have a flaccid soul or spirit now, can we?

Like I was saying, we need that tension in order to grow—or so the theory goes.  Tension is the key to growth; we learn through tension and we exist through tension here on Earth.  Tension creates that oppositional energy that pulls our lotus-flower-self right up out of the mud!  Light does that, sun does that and who says that the light or the sun (the 11 energy) doesn’t come right along with exactly what we need to grow, including crisis and all those T words mentioned earlier?  I’m just sayen’—just contemplating the idea of the necessity of opposition, of the right amount of necessary tension to shape our souls, our hearts, our minds, and our spiritual journey here.

Take the Yin-Yang; within the light there is darkness and vice versa.  And as the white-light crowd goes one way seeking spiritual flaccidity and I go the other contemplating the necessity for oppositional tension, life goes on as it will despite our theories.  Are our experiences in life on Earth all about haphazard odds? Or is there a divine force of intelligence guiding those odds?  As they say in the book and movie The Hunger Games, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Meanwhile, if any of those T words are part of your experience (tensions, trials, tests, and trauma), don’t immediately jump to the conclusions that those white-lighter’s push about creating your reality and positive thinking and all the rest of that.  You don’t need a crash course in the Law of Attraction (gimmie’ a break!) and you don’t need to escape into the white-lighter nihilistic delusion either.  Simply realize the true 11:11 vibrational message:  there needs to be balance, yin/yang and avoid the flaccid spiritual extremes.

White and black are the colors of the numbers of 11 which is reminiscent of the yin/yang symbol—two sets of opposites, the world of duality—light in the darkness and darkness in the light.

The number 11 represents challenges; do people know this?

Here’s something I found online [http://www.professionalnumerology.com/chaldeansystem.html] about the number 11:  This is an ominous number to occultists. It gives warning of hidden dangers, trial, and treachery from others. It has a symbol of a “Clenched Hand”, and “a Lion Muzzled”, and of a person who will have great difficulties to contend against.   [Based on Chaldean numerology]

My greater point is that great difficulties happen even though we wish that “the odds be ever in your [our own]  favor” …  despite that, sometimes struggle, strain and striving happens and like the flower pushing against the rock and soil or mud, that’s how we grow.  Don’t let those white-lighters make you feel bad – it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong! It’s only life on earth; it’s soul growth and maybe it’s the odds!  😉


I just remembered a few things.  First, I’ve not been blogging regularly and with this recollection, I (once again) vow to be more consistent.  Secondly, what ever happened to the 37 Verses of the Bodhisattva that I said that I was going to start doing?  Opps, see all of the above; it’s an 11 year!  However, with the above in mind, I did draw a verse number out of the basket here to add to rectify my delinquency.  I drew vow #23 which has to do with attachment and impermanence.  It talks about not holding on to anything — yin or yang, light or dark and those rainbows in life and not being attached to anything.  What do you think about how this verse applies to what I’ve written in this post?  Here it is:

When you encounter attractive objects,

Though they seem beautiful

Like a rainbow in summer, do not regard them as real,

And give up attachment.

The Little Deer, a Cherokee Legend – Deer Hunters of the Western Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, Hunting Season 2011

Think Before You Shoot (or if you must, for you own health, think after… read on and you will see what I mean; it can’t hurt to know these things 🙂

This post was motivated by love for both human and animal kingdoms.

One With The Earth; are you awake or asleep?  A myth is a legend and as many historians will tell you, the power of the myth (See: Joseph Campbell) is…. well, powerful and it holds a truth that is deeply engrained in consciousness.  That is, if one is conscious enough of consciousness to ‘be’ conscious of it.  Either you get that or you don’t.  Let’s move on…

Do you find hunting, the hunter—sport hunting with no reverence for the animal—emotionally upsetting? Are you a hunter who is looking forward to the upcoming hunting season and one who has never considered the spirit of the animal and its connection to your christian god?   Do you believe nature and its inhabitants are on the earth for the sport of serving your destructive pleasure?  On the other hand, you might carry the memories in your soul of the early days when man was merged with nature as one.

Perhaps, like me, you dread the start of the upcoming hunting season.  May you find some comfort or balance with your emotions with that by reading this post.

Whether you have an aversion/abhorrence to hunting OR an attraction to killing animals (either way), my intention in writing about this whole issue of hunting and killing animals is that it be of service to the reader.

If you’re a hunter with no conscious awareness of your spiritual connection to your animal brothers and sisters, maybe you could develop a-little-bit-of one by reading the story of the Little Deer below.  You may want to think about what you are doing when you shoot to kill in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina–you are on sacred ground, the Cherokee Ancestral Home where animals were considered ‘relatives’ and their clans respected.

This information comes from some writing by Warren Jefferson who compiled such information on beliefs of the North American Indian.

The lives of the  North American Indians were infused with the supernatural and there was a constant interaction between the spirit world and theirs.

In my recent study which comes from a renewed interest in Indian culture I came across a Cherokee myth or story referred to as Little Deer.  I am most interested in the ancient ancestors, before Europeans came to North America.

Many Indian tribes throughout North America tell of a time when humans and animals ‘shared common ancestors’ and ‘spoke the same language’ with animals.  (See Ted Andrews, Animal Speak)   We see groups with semi-animal and semi-human ancestors in American Indian culture–half-man and half-animal.   But then don’t we see the same thing in the ancient cultures of Egypt and Greece for example?

Pre-patriarchial times is what I mean… the matriarchal days when earth mother was honored have an influence on the consciousness carried forward into some Cherokee myths. 

There were animal totems and certain animals were seen as protectors of the animal clan.  The person would, in those days, enter into the relationship with the spirit of a particular animal species such as the wolf, bear, caribou, elk, deer or other animal and incorporate the animal’s characteristics into one’s self drawing the animal’s qualities, strengths and survival skills.

Perhaps there are many of us who have the memories of living in such ways still alive in our souls?  And we are the ones who would likely shutter at the thought of sport killing and hunting.

Once a totem animal, in Indian tradition, has been acquired, the person is bound to certain actions and taboos regarding that animal.

Christian or non-spiritual hunters today seem to have no taboos other than their enjoyment of the kill as a sport without any consideration for the soul of the animal.

And, Yes.  North American Indians believed not only animals but trees had a soul too.  Living closely with nature thousands of years ago  it was as obvious to them, just as it would be to today to anyone who lives close to nature and who has thrown off patriarchal religious conditioning which poisons the mind to the sacredness of nature.

Often a person could not hunt or kill his totem animal even as a matter of survival and even if the spirit of the animal was honored.  This is because someone’s totem animal is, for them,  in effect a special “relative”.

The Cherokee ancestral home is in the present-day western Appalachian Mountain region of North Carolina.  Today, many (or most) Cherokee people live in Oklahoma, since their forced removal from the region in 1838 known as the Trail of Tears.  I live in the Cherokee Ancestral territory.

I believe the following information comes from James Mooney’s “Myths of the Cherokee” about North American Indians.

Man is the paramount power and hunts and slaughters the others as his own necessities compel, but is obliged to satisfy the animal tribes in every instance, and according to the Indian system, the bones of the dead are covered with presents for the bereaved “relatives”—the other animals of the animal tribe. (I wonder how many hunters stop to think of the bereaved animal relatives of the animal they kill.)

This pardon by the hunter is made easier, according to the shamans, through their knowledge of reincarnation in which it is understood that every animal has a definite “life term”, which cannot be curtailed by violent means.

If the last paragraph above is true, it will help me get through this year’s deer hunting season—the beginning of which is closely approaching.  I find it highly significant that I seem to have drawn in the information exactly at a time when it is most beneficial to know!

According to the shaman, if the animal is killed before the ‘expiration date of the allotted time for that animal’s life’, the death is only temporary and the body is immediately resurrected in its proper shape from the blood drops, and the animal continues its existence until the end of the predestined period, when the body is finally dissolved and the liberated spirit goes to join its kindred.

This belief appears in the story of Little Deer (below).  In that story, certain supernatural personages have dominion over the animals and are therefore regarded as the… well, for the lack of a better word, perhaps the one who disseminates karma.

Here is the short story of the Little Deer from Cherokee Myth (and there are truths in myths!) about a hunter who neglects to do a ceremony for the animal’s spirit after killing a deer.  The following story comes from beliefs of North American Indians regarding their animal “relatives” who they call the “four-footed tribes”.

The Little Deer

Now, whenever the hunter shoots a Deer, the Little Deer, who is swift as the wind and cannot be wounded [the Soul of the animal group leader for the deer], runs quickly up to the spot and, bending over the bloodstains, asks the spirit of the Deer if it has heard the prayer of the hunter for pardon.

If the reply is yes, all is well, and the Little Deer goes on his way; but if the reply be no, he follows on the trail of the hunter, guided by the drop of blood on the ground, until he arrives at his cabin in the settlement [the hunter’s living quarters], when the Little Deer enters invisibly and strikes the hunter with rheumatism, so that he becomes at once a helpless cripple.

No hunter who has regard for his health ever fails to ask pardon from the Deer for killing it, although some hunters who have not learned the prayer for the animal’s spirit may try to turn aside the Little Deer from his pursuit by building a fire behind them on the trail.  (Moony 1900)

Here is another version of the mythical tale of The Little Deer:

In these early days, the plants, the animals, and the people all lived together as friends. As the people multiplied, however, the animals had less room to roam, and they were either slaughtered for food or trampled under the humans’ feet. Finally the animals held a council to discuss what to do.  The deer held a council and decided to send rheumatism to any hunter who killed a deer without asking its pardon for having done so.

When a deer is shot by a hunter, the fleet and silent Little Deer, leader of the deer, runs to the blood-stained spot to ask the spirit of the killed deer if the hunter prayed for pardon for his affront. If the answer is no, Little Deer follows the trail of blood and inflicts the hunter with rheumatism so that he is crippled.

The more you are motivated by L.O.V.E., the more fearless and free your action will be

Daily Divination 8-2-11 Prosperity and Radiance! Are You in The Flow? I CHING KUA 14 with Tarot and Astrology Archetype Correlations

Using resources wisely—ask Washington DC about that! Today’s message is about PROSPERITY inspired by the I-CHING Kua 14. Prosperity has radiance; it is a grace, an energy, which can be used with positive or negative effects. The energy of money can be either nourishing and supportive or small-minded and self-indulgent. Boy O boy! Don’t we see THAT debate being played out in Washington right now?

The I-CHING wisdom states that  fortune smiles upon us when our vision and plans are in harmony with the flow of the Universe. I think the important word in that last sentence is “flow”. Fears about not having enough always stop that flow—trust me on this one! It’s one of my life lessons! (My natal North Node is in Taurus in the 10th.)

When we have ideals that are in harmony with a compassionate and “flowing” universe, the resources are available to us. Miserliness and greed don’t seem to be part of natural law and the flow of the TAO.

On the other hand, we know that with abundance comes the responsibility of being good a caretaker of resources—acting modestly but not selfishly seems like good common sense. The question is whether or not we act in accordance with what is the highest and best within us. What attitude is in honor and in integrity? It involves compassion and sharing what we have with others when the opportunity presents itself.

The current debates in our country (United States) and throughout the world about finances and the economy bring forth an opportunity to examine our own feelings about finances, wealth, personal economic issues.

Today’s message brings forth the suggestion to examine our own attitudes about finances, prosperity and wealth and our relationship to others where money is concerned.

Relaxing one’s fearful attitudes and maintaining a hopeful and relaxed mind while neither hoarding nor being greedy helps us to stay in the flow that supports prosperity.

Today, the message is to take heart and know that we are all abundantly blessed and with that inward inspiration, outward manifestation becomes apparent. Is this a truth that you are living?



Ariesinitiation of action without fear; freedom; creating an identification structure

Taurus – money; value system; relates to 2nd house of “what is valued”

Cancer – feeling secure, safe, comforted (comfortable) and nurtured by life; emotional connections to safety; emotional immaturity

Leo – looking for validation outside of self; seeking outer world gratification and acknowledgment (in this case, through financial success as a validation of self-worth)


The Star – being hopeful and relaxing the mind; staying in the “flow”

The Sun – blessings; success; take heart; joyousness and happiness; universal blessings; the sun illuminates all things without judgment or preference—equality

Magician – outward manifestation of inward inspiration

Justice – making discriminating choices

The Emperor – achievement of goals; being responsible

Judgment – Living one’s inner truth; knowing we are more than our physical body and physical possessions; being receptive to the flow; awakening to over-indulgences


Daily Divination 7-22-11 Today Maintain the Connection to Your Buddha Nature – Be Still in Cosmic Unity – Kua52/Stillness; Scorpio, Sag, High Priest/Hierophant, High Priestess, Temperance

While preparing for today’s I CHING divination, my attention kept going to the nearby statue of the Buddha and thinking of “the middle path”.   I then turned to the I-CHING and received Kua 52–synchronisty! (my intuition at work)

The Image for today’s Kua 52 is very Buddha like. The name of this Kua 52  is “Keeping Still” and the archetypal keyword associations are: meditation; self-renewal; composure; detachment; self-acceptance; equanimity; serenity and yes, the middle path!

Today’s message is about our innate “Buddha Nature” and withdrawing from “thinking” entering the world of “being”. Another way to said it is moving out of the ego-mindset of “me” who is many times overly involved in the world of “doing” and “grasping” with the mind.

Meditation is a way of stepping out of the “me”-mind and connecting with one’s essential Buddha-nature; we accomplish this by “Keeping Still” which is the name of Kua 52. The keeping still that comes from meditation is not anything difficult to achieve—it’s our essential nature and is as natural and easy as breathing.

Shifting into this natural state of being is like waking in the morning to the fresh mountain air of a spring morning. In fact, in the Wu Wei Book of Answers, Kua 52 is called,’ “Mountain”, Stopping, Thoughts Coming to Rest. ’

Whatever your greatest concern or question is today, the answer is to stop and rest—take no action. Know that everything is as it should be—be relaxed and confident. If you have a quiet heart, you will be sensitive to the subtle promptings that come from the world around you, and this in turn, will allow you to move effortlessly and smoothly through life, rather than to push, struggle and stumble.

It is said that in many traditions, mountains are a symbol of the stillness of our Buddha Nature. Perhaps this is how I find myself here in the Appalachian Mountains and have such love for these mountains. Mountains are the symbol of rising above the mundane world of daily earth living. Mountains are earth representations of stillness, non-movement as well as peace and quiet.

Today it is not so much about focus as much as it is non-focus… how well can we be our natural, peaceful, joyful self? — that’s the question for contemplation today (and always).

Mountain over mountain—this is the image that the lines of this Kua create. One solid line over two broken lines; mountain on top of mountain!

I live on a mountain with mountains above and surrounding me. Today after just now drawing this Kua, I am feeling even more grateful for the grace to be able to live here. Embraced within the arms of Mother Earth as I am here in these quiet, peaceful mountains full of crystals, it is the ideal setting to achieve and maintain meditative equipoise.

The Astrology Archetype Correlations to the I-CHING Kua 52/Stillness are:

Scorpio – going into “the depth”; meditation; awareness of the larger forces of the universe; little death release of the ego; shamanistic energy

Sagittarius – right brain; natural laws; nature; seeing the ‘big picture’; optimism; animals, plants, nature itself; philosophy

The Tarot Archetype Correlations to the I-CHING Kua 52/Stillness are:

Both the High Priest (Hierophant) and High Priestess as well as Temperance

Hierophant/High Priest: The ‘inner’ teacher; Buddha; guide; sage; inner wisdom

Temperance: Sagittarius; Divine Light; the 6th Chakra; Healing; patience/moderation/middle path; blending of opposites

High Priestess: Unity consciousness; being in touch with Universal Mind; Divine Feminine and magnetic/heart energy; silent equilibrium; exploring the subconscious; Scorpio

Daily Divination 7-18-11 Patriarchal christian law versus Natural Law and the Conflict – Kua 6; Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Justice, The Emperor, Judgment, The Tower, The Devil, Wheel of Fortune


Oh boy, here we go! Kua 6… Conflict. I know what this one is about… I wanted to forget about it but apparently drawing this kua today the universe is making me address it!

This has got to be about the bible-thumping self-righteous christian from yesterday.

Sunday morning I’m out in my yard clipping the overgrowth out front and a car pulls up. Nobody ever comes here and I pretty much knew—in fact, I recognized her. She’s been here before with her bible.  Geeze!

I’m usually polite but say thanks, but no thanks and close the door. Last time she was here with some man accompanying her and he says, “Oh, we got you up didn’t we?” Ticked me off a bit; it was around 9 am and I was blogging and hadn’t gotten dressed yet—nor combed my hair. Nervy enough to bible-thump at my door much less making a comment about my appearance!

Yet, I was still polite.

But yesterday there she comes again. I was having a quiet, peaceful Sunday morning, listening to the birds while in my own peaceful thoughts—but I lost it after she gets out of her car and says she will join me if I didn’t mind.  I said I did mind but nevertheless she goes on about her bible!

Today’s message (mostly for me I’m sure—but maybe you too?) comes from Kua 6 the I CHING of “conflict” as well as adversaries, disputes and arguments.

The message is to settle things peacefully—but if that’s not possible then quickly.

Sometimes when there is a clash of wills both parties feel strongly about their idea. I’m sure she felt just as strong about jezuz and the bible as much as I did about my right to live my life without being periodically approached by pushy, arrogant bible thumpers!

Then the chic tells me I shouldn’t be working on the “lord’s day” and starts to quote the bible. I was pretty much walking toward her at this point with large yard clippers in my hands.

No, it wasn’t pretty. She had a man and child in the car and I didn’t spare them my sentiments as I walked toward her with my clippers while she walked backwards toward her car.

I don’t knock on your door or bother you about my beliefs—you have a lot of nerve, I say.  And she tells me that I could talk to her about my beliefs and that would be perfectly fine with her.  And she said it with that self-rightous x-tian smugness.  I assured her I wouldn’t be so ill-mannered, rude and arrogant to do so!   And told her to leave and not come back.

Usually I retreat as politely as possible from these nut cases.  But maybe it was the heat and humidity… this time there was fight, not flight. I’ll be darned if I’m going to give in to someone who approaches me un-beckoned into my own yard…. my peaceful sanctuary.

Later that afternoon, they guy across the street (apparently another heathen like me) mowed his lawn—On Sunday! That’s unheard of around here—nobody mows on Sunday! I’m sure “the lord” cares less if I pull weeds and clip with a pair of hand clippers on the last day of the week!  I don’t think there’s any “lord” who cares about the guy across the way either.  I loved hearing the guy crank up his riding mower later in the day! You GO Dude!

I stood in my power and that involved a certain amount of conflict… unless you close the door in these people’s faces or go at them with a pair of lawn shears and a raised voice, they won’t go away!

I was actually calm and clearheaded yet was not going to put up with this x-tian lady’s unwelcome interruption on a peaceful, quite Sunday morning. I had no intention of letting this go on for any more than a minute—and the moment she was in her car with the door shut, I told her driver, Now GO—get out of here.

Her parting words were wrapped around a smug, x-tian, Sarah Palin type of smile (you know what I mean), “I really do wish you a nice day”, she says

I repeated myself inviting them one last time to leave!

(Apologies to readers for the image to the left.)

The message of this Kua 6 is about a clash of wills. This lady’s will to interrupt me in my sanctuary while I was minding my own business doing yard work clashed with my will to be left alone.

If you follow my blog, you will know that this happens all the time in this neck of the literal woods—usually, I’m polite but curt. This time I left out the polite part and stuck with curt.  Since she’s been here before maybe this time she’ll get the message!

In the Wilhelm/Baynes Book of Changes it is said about Kua 6 that “conflict develops when one feels himself to be in the right and runs into opposition.” I was her opposition apparently.

This unsolicited and unwelcome visit into the womb of my spiritual space by the most disdainful of characters while I honored nature by enjoying the birds and the quiet of the day while beautifying my yard and loving nature was a jolt to my senses and sense of Libra-fairness.

Her right to believe what she wants (about me, jezus, the bible or anything or anyone else) ends with my right to work in my yard on a Sunday without being approached by a bible thumper with her opinions of my observance of “the lord’s day”.  And I stick to that!

The astrological correlations are:

Cancer – emotional self-reliance of the soul; the womb

Leo – bossiness, pride

Libra – projection

Scorpio – coming face to face with limitation; also, obsession

The Tarot correlations are:

Justice – discriminating what is best for self

The Emperor – patriarchal christian god

Judgment – judging someone’s actions

The Tower – outmoded ideas; being knocked from a position of arrogance

The Devil – hanging on to things that have no truth


Doing Prostrations

Footnote: in thinking about the situation from a Buddhist perspective and with the Dalai Lama in mind actually; I didn’t show much compassion to the bible thumper.

I lost my patience and usual tolerance.

But there I was squatting and bending to deal with weeds et al and wondered if…. well, I imagined if the Dalai Lama was doing prostrations in his garden on a Sunday morning and the same thing happened to him! In his very own garden, minding his own business,  doing prostrations… hmmmm…. one wonders.

(Okay, so I’m no Dalai Lama and still have some work to do on myself!  Mea Culpa )

Daily Divination 5-6-11 It’s NAture! Obliterate Lack through NUrture! Ace of Pentacles, Earth element

It’s NAture! Obliterate Lack through NUrture!  Ace of Pentacles, Earth element

Ever notice how some things seem to work out better the less you focus on them?  That’s the way it is sometimes—not always, of course.  When one has done all one knows how to do, there comes a point of letting go and that’s not as easy as the effort part.  Example:  money.  Attracting it and managing it, spending it and attracting more.  We all have ideas how to do that but once we implement the idea and given it all the effort, can we let go of it and allow the seed we planted to grow?  The part involving letting it go in order to give it time to grow seems much more difficult than the effort we put into planting the seed in the first place.  What is it that causes it to grow?  What is it that causes anything to grow or advance?  Take the example of a one year old baby.  A little child would never learn to walk if his mother carried him around all day and night, never giving him the opportunity to try it on his own.   I don’t think we could compare children with money but I do notice that when I carry my worry around, it causes me to be out of balance—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  And that imbalance of consciousness keeps me out of balance with earth energy—like I said, money ‘is’ earth energy.

Today’s cosmic communiqué is inspired by the tarot Ace of Pentacles—an earth energy card if there ever was one.  Here’s how it plays out with me time and time again.  When I keep myself balanced (by not being worried or concerned about money at all) in consciousness and with earth energy itself (spend time in nature), the money situation seems to handle itself!  I cannot begin to count the times that I’ve wondered if I was going to make the rent or monthly bills.  When the bank balance looks bleakest, I may implement an idea to stimulate more income, but that’s not always necessary I’ve learned.  It’s happened so many times that it’s a clear message—I go out in nature for a hike or a play date with myself and when I return to my computer, work has come in.  Or I do some other activity, that involves my complete presence which in effect distracts me completely and the same thing happens—work comes in or money arrives in the most interesting ways.  It always feels like the universe is going to what it does—and that is to support me—and all I have to do is get the heck out-of-the-way.  That’s the message of the Ace of Pentacles today to apply wherever it can be in your own life at this moment.

Keep the feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon, stay grounded and balanced and happy, remember you are part of the process of life itself expressing in abundant ways and your earthly material needs will be taken care of.  Do what you can… make your best effort but then be willing to let go and remain balanced as you do so.  Look the other way and when you look back you will see that magic has happened.

Walking the talk isn’t always easy; many of you may be thinking, “Your preaching to the choir Joy”, but you’d be amazed at how many ‘lightworkers’ or service workers in alternative fields (like me) know this stuff, teach this stuff but then have to work to apply it just like everyone else.  Many will say, “Of all people, I should know this!”—knowing it an applying it are two different animals.

If you are harboring a non-supportive situation or habit such as worry regarding your manifestation efforts, the message for you today (on the day you read this, no matter what the date) is this.  You’ve planted the seed and can’t seem to let it be because you’ve got too many weeds in the garden of the mind (weeds called worry).  Gently pull those out if you simply cannot stop the process of apprehension or concern—and you do that by redirecting your thoughts. A perfect way to do that is to go out for a walk, or go for a swim or sit on the porch and read a book—anything you enjoy will do!  Look for a project around the house or even on your computer to engage in and take the mind off it.  If something more comes by way of idea or inspiration, follow it but with an adventurous and joyful attitude. 

Eat well, sleep well, and enjoy the fruits of life and the funny thing is that while you’re busy doing THAT, the worry you had about money or any other earthly concern seems to take care of itself.  You sort of advance yourself forward on the game board of life without trying (you were having fun, remember) and then you look back and see that the thing you were worried about took care of itself. Why and how did it happen?  Your consciousness became balanced and you nurtured yourself and when you take care of you—it is supported by the life force energies and you receiving even more nurturing!  Like I said, magic.

That’s the way to deal with earth energy—that’s all I’m sayen! 

By the 15th of this month (May 2011) many planets will have moved into the Earth Sign of Taurus.  Our Sun is in Taurus now and will be joined by Mars, Venus and Mercury.  Taurus is all about earth pleasure and also about material needs being met through self-reliance, one’s inner nature.  Issues regarding material needs may surface with so many planets in Taurus and I’m sharing with you through personal experience–those needs fulfill themselves once I know I make all the effort I can and then go out in play in nature and balance my energy! 

I’ve gone on too long and hope I’ve delivered the cosmic memo effectively. It’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to a visit from my daughters and grandchildren this weekend!  Until Monday… the recommendation is to nurture your desires by releasing worry and playing out in nature!

Daily Divination April 14, 2011 Extremes in Relationships; Maturing, Fairness; Justice Card Relating to Libra


Emotional extremes or extreme actions and behaviors… this  is today’s topic.

Fairness, self-righteousness, truth, balance and choice-making regarding that which is as good for one’s self as well as good for all concerned…   today’s cosmic message broadcast is inspired by the major arcana tarot card Justice which relates to Libra energy.

So, extreme energy versus balanced and fair energy—that’s the topic that the divine messengers are calling our attention to today–no matter what day you read this.  Anyway, yes… Extreme!  Totally.

Libra energy can be very extreme.

Ever know someone who, it seems, simply  just can’t go down a middle path in life?

What comes to mind is this little verse,

There was a little girl, who had a little curl,

right in the middle of her forehead…

When she was good, she was very, very good,

and when she was bad, she was horrid!  –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My grandparents and aunt used to recite that one to me, about me, when I was a little girl.  That’s Libra type energy all over!  Extreme!  When unbalanced (and Libra is inherently unbalanced, striving ‘for’ balance), “extreme” is a perfect description.  I so very much personally get that with 4 planets in Libra in my birth chart.  Anyway…

I’ve lived out those extremities of energy and have a real sensitivity to “law” which is also related to the Justice card and Libra energy—meaning, I pretty much don’t like laws and authority, especially when they don’t make sense (to me)!  I did my taxes Sunday night—there’s a law for you.  And have been working with understanding marriage and divorce laws to assist someone who is going through that legal process.  So it’s interesting that today’s message comes through the Justice card, associated with Libra (relationship) energy.  Neither marriage law nor tax law makes much sense to me, but I understand the necessity of the guidelines and the attempt at unbiased fairness in both.

Venus, of course, rules Libra and also Taurus.  Taurus is about inner relating (to self) and Libra is about outer relating (to others) and about listening objectively to what others in relationship to you are actually saying—meaning taking your blinder’s off, removing your filter and really objectively hearing other people.  How many of us do that well without self-interest getting in the way?

I think the message today—or here’s a stream of it coming through to my consciousness as I type this right now it this relates to man-made law versus universal law or natural law.  So let us say that today (or any time in future that you read this in the spirit of divine order) that you are feeling like you are in a dense forest of darkness or confusion about something in life and don’t quite know how to handle it.

And let’s say you are searching for truth is some matter.  There’s the law to help guide you. Universal laws have compassion and kindness as part of the package—man-made law doesn’t always carry that same quality.  I’d like to think that laws are guideposts or guidelines rather than absolutes; although I concede that absolutes are needed in some cases.

Can you see how Libra can be?  A phrase often associated with Libra is, “On the other hand… “.  I sort of did that in the paragraph above.  Guidelines and guideposts?  Or absolutes?  Which is it?  Getting the indecisiveness that is part of the Libra quality of energy?   And the answer is, in perfect Libra order–it depends.  This is because Libra energy can easily see both sides of issues and of course this is why many judges of the court and mediators and counselors usually have a lot of Libra energy in their birth chart AKA psyche/soul.  Libra can see all sides to an issue or question and strives to make fair compromises—after lots of deliberation of course!

When we are in harmony with the laws of nature, we are protected via natural “law” through the creation of a healthy body/mind/spirit—and that’s because we have achieved a state of inner balance.  It’s a matter of aligning with what’s natural.

In the man-made system of legal matters and justice, we can see how there can be manipulation due to mis-judgments of what is fair.  Fair for who?  We can use man-made law to force our will upon another and sometimes that works and other times it backfires.  The reason that it does, I believe, is that there is a cosmic law that overrules man-made law–any time we try to force our will upon another person, we have gone to extremes and it can only boomerang.

Taking off the blinders and seeing life objectively isn’t easy, especially when it comes to relationships that are emotionally charged.   Seeing a situation based on only what “you” want and what “you” believe is fair (sometimes we can’t see clearly and this affects our belief about what’s fair) can create additional conflict in relationships—and when that battle occurs, there’s the law.  And it’s either “man-made” or “cosmic-universal” and we can use either one to guide us, protect us and to consult with in order to help us see more objectively.

Our relationships are complex but on a soul level they are such fertile ground for deep personal growth and awareness, especially if we take off the blinder and see the “other” as the mirror for the self.  There can be distortions of course, like those funky mirrors in carnival Fun Houses. And there can be a difficulty in the ability to separate out what it is that belongs to one’s self and what belongs to another.  Sometimes it can seem like a monumental task but… that’s what today’s bottom line message is about and how to lessen the drama.  So here it is…

When there is self-worth and self-reliance in good amounts this inner energy becomes the law for itself and the strength and balance within the self is heightened so that relating to others occurs from a place of strength within the self.  Notice the two objects in the image above on the Justice card… the blinder’s are off, the symbol of the sword for strength and inner authority is in one hand and the scales of inner balance in the other.

As I’ve been blogging about for a while, Saturn is retrograde in Libra and will remain so until June 12th.  We’re all being challenged to look at relationships now.  Saturn is associated with society and through its rulership over the 10th house Saturn is also rules over career issues and so relationships in those areas are affected as well.

It is vital, however, to keenly consider that Saturn is also associated with issues of maturing and maturity i.e. growing up!  There’s a part within each of us that is like the little girl with the little curl who when we are bad, “we are horrid”.

We often times bring unresolved childhood issues into our adult relationships (the 10th house polarity to the 4th).

Any place where we are immature (Saturn retrograde) regarding our relationships to others (Libra), the universal force energies are pushing us to mature.

Questions for inner contemplation:  Are you overly self-focused?  Are you being objectively fair? Or are you doing the opposite, giving in too much in relationships thereby weakening yourself and losing your sense of (Aries polarity to Libra) self-identity?

Daily Divination Message April 4, 2011 PAN Says Lighten Up the Capricorn Energy!

Ouch!  I don’t like this card—for today’s divination message, the card that I drew is “the Devil card”.  I drew this card a lot when I was in a very unpleasant relationship, feeling trapped.  Looking back now, I really wasn’t; but it sure felt like I was at the time! 

What I learned:  I just want to say that it is we alone that holds the key to our own freedom—really, in any situation.  We do have control and it is never hopeless, nor are we helpless. 

Any type of incarceration doesn’t last forever and we have choice, always, about how we deal with anything—no one can imprison our mind, unless we allow it. 

In some traditions, this card is called Pan—I like that better.  It is ruled by the sign Capricorn.  The word “Pan” means “all” and relates to having freedom even in apparent restrictions (Capricorn is often associated with control, restrictions and that type of energy.)

Pan, relating to a nature entity in mythology, brings a message to stay in harmony with natural laws—the rules of nature not only apply to nature (birds, bees, trees and all of nature) but these rules apply to our inner world as well.  Pan is known as “The Green Man” and/or The Nature God in some mythology.

This card brings the message to look at how we may be disconnected from an inner harmonious state due to addictive behaviors, unconscious attachments and self-imposed limitation.

Pan, Green Man, Nature god

Did you know that the word “panic” is derived from Pan?  And as we must relate everything to the opposite polarity, what is the opposite of panic?  Humor and mirth!  That makes me think of something a friend used to say to me during tumultuous times of the past.  He’d always say, “Rule number one is don’t panic!”  Pretty often in those days, I’d hear him say, “What’s rule number one?”  “Yeah, right, I forgot”, I’d say, “It’s not to panic.”

No matter how intense life gets at times, if we can find a moment here and there to laugh about something, then we’re working with the positive side of Pan energy.

That Saturn/Capricorn influence in our lives (we all have it somewhere in our natal chart!) can deal us those guilt, sadness, hopelessness type cards in life.  But we can’t turn them upside down!  What are those sayings?  If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.  And it’s so ridiculously intense that it’s actually funny.

So there’s a need to lighten up today so that any constrained (Saturn/Capricorn) energy can be released.  Yes, we need to take a look at patterned behaviors, some of which might even be called addictive in nature; but we have to realize how things got that way (addictive).  Could it be that we we’ve been letting ourselves hang on to things that have no truth or reality?  And then when we realize it,  letting the situation create panic in us?

Remember rule #1, Don’t Panic!

And rule #2 is Lighten Up.

Do something to break the intensity (lighten up) and don’t forget to laugh. 

 It’s only Life after all; better days are ahead; they always are!