Meaning of the New Moon in Aquarius January 20, 2015 and the Aquarian in Your Life and The Chariot with Queen of Cups

New Moon times.  Could these be times in which the door to the psyche is open for us to enter and redirect our play just a little bit–at least emotionally?  And is it a time for us to create and debate and elevate as well as fixate about our emotional nature?  New Moon times could be  the most important part of our creative nature since it sets the tone for how we interpret the world.  Each month the dye is cast so-to-speak by our response to life at the New Moon time.  If we could mark the time and be aware of it, we could control the nature of the dye we cast for the upcoming 28’ish to 30-day lunar cycle.

If you happen to know  the house that the New Moon is in (for you), you can derive more insight from the vibes but even if you don’t know that information, it’s still beneficial to open to setting a new tone for your emotional responses to life.    (If you should happen to know what house 0° Aquarius falls in your natal chart, this will give you an idea for the areas of your life that will be activated and in what life categories the potential for renewal will be natural and beneficial to cast your emotional die for the next 30-day cycle.   But even if you do not know which house your 0° Aquarius is located, you can still benefit from simply knowing the sign itself.

So we have a New Moon in Aquarius!  This sign rules the 11th house of hopes, dreams and also carries a humanitarian and “friends” as general meaning archetypes.  Innovative thinking is part of the Aquarius vibe as well as freedom seeking qualities being a part of this energy.  In evolutionary soul astrology, it also links with “the wound” of the past lives.

So in any of those ways we can cast the dye for this next month–changing our emotional responses to life in those areas.

(Again, if you know the house of your natal chart that holds 0° Aquarius, you can factor in that information as well.)

I just had a brilliant idea!  (Now that’s the stuff that Aquarius is made of actually–brilliant ideas.)  Anyway, why not draw a few tarot cards to add insight to the Aquarius New Moon meaning here?  Why not?  It’s my blog and I can do what I want!–that last sentence (too) is very ‘Aquarian’ in nature.  🙂

Let me first reiterate that a New Moon relates to heightened sensitivity to a particular energy for the purpose of casting new dye for the purpose of renewing the potential of that part of your psyche.  Using emotion to rededicate yourself in some way–that’s another way to say it.  We can toss in “desire nature” as well here in that what we desire usually has a rather significant emotional derivative so using that energy to create something new in our lives.

Let me draw two cards now to help us to know more about this month’s New Moon in Aquarius, asking how we can best use this time for our highest benefit and therefore highest benefit of all.  I’m going to use the Hanson-Roberts tarot deck for this one; here we go.  (By the way, I love the images on this deck and the cards are small and fit nicely in my hands during the shuffle.  This is a deck that I used to program meanings from the divinitory method using my own memories.)


Chariot with Queen of Cups

Well, first impression:  male image/female image so a hint at balance confirmed by the yin and yang on the Chariot.  All those stars on the Chariot card really do remind me of the sign of Aquarius and now the Cup the Queen holds, definitely relates to emotions (cups equal emotion in the tarot system).

The Chariot also speaks of using one’s will, directing one’s energy and being determined; it is also about practice and practice making perfect.  Practicing what?  The Queen holds that answer–understanding your emotional reactions.  Satisfaction comes from practicing using one’s will to understand emotional responses and to keep on that path and exerting control in some way to achieve a goal.

Sometimes we let our emotions spin out of control.  Yet, these cards speak of the suggestion that this New Moon cycle the directive is about making it a goal to control emotions so that they do not spin out, causing us to break down, go off our intended path and by failing to maintain our balance and by neglecting to keep the positive/negative pull of our nature (yin/yang) under control.

I think of the Queen of Cups always as it relates to intuition and also empathy/compassion — those energies, too, need to be balanced so that emotions don’t spin out.

The Queen sits by an ocean and this hints, to me, that water can help in our endeavors this month and if there is a goal that you believe you’d like to reach regarding water in any way, this New Moon in Aquarius would support that.   Many people feel very “at peace” near water or even in water.  Aquarius, after all, is the “water bearer” (despite it being an ‘air’ sign.  The Chariot does relate to the Sign of Cancer and Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Moon energy always relates to water.

The New Moon
The Sun and Moon are joined together to create something new during the New Moon time

So on all levels I do get that a message for this New Moon time relates to emotion and the goal of harnessing those in some way that relates to Aquarius energy — friends, hopes, dreams, humanitarian causes, group energy or perhaps it relates to a person with the Sun sign Aquarius with the understanding that the Sun and Moon are neck-in-neck right along side one another at the same degree when there’s a New Moon.

Give it another go here–what I mean is to consider reading this post over again with what your intuition tells you Aquarius means to you!  Cast the dye consciously.

Final thought:  is there a way that you can balance emotions for a new cause, a new reason in this new lunar phase?



 What does the hungry Moon want when it’s in the sign of Aquarius? What are the emotional needs of the moody Moon in Aquarius? What does the Aquarian Moon need to feel happy and secure?

Aquarius energy doesn’t desire wisdom or safety necessarily–this energy seeks freedom and must not conform, not at any cost. Aquarian energy takes orders from no one and seeks, above all else, individuality.

Like Steve Forrest says, “Aquarius and conformity mix about as well as peace and nuclear warheads!”

When the Moon is in this sign, we’re liable to say what we see (and feel), regardless of the consequences, especially if it involves protecting our autonomy. And if that involves some sort of temporary exile, so be it. Aquarius is the truth sayer and revolutionist in us all and expresses itself in uncompromising ways. Aquarian energy does not compromise–no deals, especially if involves conforming to the expectations of society/culture, and even more especially if involves betraying one’s own personal identity.

Freedom at all costs is the name of the game and if it causes hurt or broken hearts, so be it–that’s the mood of the Aquarian Moon.

We may find that we think in different ways when the Moon is in Aquarius and we’re all the more apt to defend what we believe is truth. If the perceptions are valid, fine. But sometimes there can be a stubbornness that is not only unwarranted but is excessively eccentric and ridiculously rebellious.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, people may come off to others as being cold or indifferent. But it’s probably just a mood prompted by the sensitivity toward maintaining a sense of freedom and individuality. Unless we’re with a group of like-minded individuals who see the world the way we do.

Aquarius rules (is the natural ruler of) the 11th house of community and friends… it is also associated with hopes and dreams (goals). The 11th is about aspirations that give meaning to daily life and it’s also about connecting with people of like-mind. Some of those themes could come into play when the Moon is in Aquarius. Sort of like hungry to be with people who support our dreams and aspirations–this will satisfy the emotional needs of the hungry Aquarian Moon.

How to work in harmony with the Aquarian Moon? Be aware of how other’s may be sensitive to maintaining their sense of freedom and individuality. Give your partner or family their space if they need it. And take space for yourself too if necessary–and don’t feel bad about it. You may not feel like conforming to the expectations of the clan. Know that any rebellious or eccentric behavior (on your part or others) is likely to be temporary; for the next few days. Hang out with like-minded friends and work on your dreams and aspirations–the Moon will help you out with all that!

These are just a few thoughts… maybe you can think of more.  Opps, well I just did; forgot a few.  The Moon in Aquarius would likely trigger our sentiments toward anything or anyone with a “humanitarian” calling.  And one more, and it’s a big one (how did I forget?)–OBJECTIVITY!  We see the opposite in the polarity to Aquarius (Leo), which is very subjective energy (it’s all about me).  The opposite then, has to do with the ‘others’ and usually the others in the clan or community–so this may be an emotional calling when the Moon is traveling through Aquarius and the internal (albeit sometimes subconscious mood) could involve humanity or humanitarian causes.