Here’s Help for Earth Living Irritations and Frustrations from the Oracle! Noise, gentian, mastery, 3 of pentacles and mufflers all relate here!

Here’s Help for Earth Living Irritations and Frustrations from the Oracle!  Noise, gentian, mastery,  3 of pentacles and mufflers all relate here! 

Today I’m dreaming of… not a white christmas… I’m dreaming of a world of lawn mowers with mufflers!

Why in the world do those machines have to make such loud noise?  If we can put a man on the moon, we can make mowers that don’t break the sound barrier!  Can’t we?  I’ve asked myself the same question about motorcycles and 4-wheeler mountain bike things.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is possible to quiet those machines but the men who make them and ride them (I suppose we should say people—it’s not always a gender thing)…. Anyway, they like the noise, the sound, the motor revving and all of that.

I mean just look at the NASCAR thing and I rest my case.  It is what it is.  But what about the rest of us who relish the gentle sounds of nature instead and feel invaded by these monster noises?  I’ve got to come up with a plan—spring and summer and stupid mowing season is just around the corner.

It actually arrived here yesterday and after dark and in the field across the street from my living room where the muggle man who massacred all the trees there last summer (his property – or so he thinks – so his choice).   I laugh at those who own property for all of this land was stolen from the American Indians who really couldn’t understand how anyone could own nature in the first place.  I’m of that mentality but back to the problem of the non-mufflered mower and the muggle man who is going to ride upon his all spring, summer and fall (thank goodness humans don’t mow snow!) and how I’m going to handle it!

Yeah, okay.  I’ll admit being spoiled by my peace and quiet here.  It’s been heavenly here—like I said quiet and peaceful—for the past eight years.  Now that’s changed!  And bless her heart!  I do wonder about the old lady who owned that house and property before the master muggle bought it–is she cringing from heaven itself!  As a medium I know that the who cross on the other side release attachments to earth possessions (for the most part anyway). Let us hope she does not see or care; her son told he how she loved her home and garden and the trees and flowers.

It used to be a shady and enchanting English bungalow or Tudor type architecture home and landscape until the muggle (who bought it after the elderly lady died) changed the whole look of the place.  Her beautifully landscaped trees and flowering bushes are ripped away and the house front is shingled with wood shingles that do not go along with the brick and the whole English Tudor look—gone. 

Well, how he changes the look of the house is not my concern really; I’m thinking about how I’m going to handle the…. Well, to quote the Grinch, “”Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise, noise. There’s one thing I hate, all the noise, noise, noise, noise!”


Now, we all know that what we focus upon expands!  The more we put our attention upon something, the more we experience it and not only that—the more real it becomes and then to top it off,  the more of it shows up in our mind!  Like weeds, it grows, like weeds!  (and muggles mow weeds–so this has to stop!  ha ha)

Knowing all that, I’m looking for guidance about how to deal with it within my own mind and heart.  “Nip it in the bud”, I say. It’s going to be a long and miserable mowing season for me unless I do!  The guy is already mowing his mud out there!  It’s just now turned March and we just had a snow storm last weekend.  Talk about early! It’s been raining like crazy and even if it wasn’t, the ground is soft–muddy this time of year!

Never mind that.  It’s a fact, they don’t make mufflers for those things because if they did nobody would like to ride them (riding mowers) and nobody would buy them.  They’re loud and they disturb the peace—it’s a fact.  Now, how am I going to handle it?


I need to turn to the oracle—need some inspiration, some guidance, some advice.  Well, guess what card I just drew?  I thought of the question and shuffled my tarot cards and what do we have but the 3 of Pentacles!

Let’s start with the basics.  It’s and earth card—pentacles equals earth and involves practical and earthly matters.  And this card is about (to me) lessons, earth lessons, and life lessons.  The person on the card always has me thinking of the word “apprentice” or someone who is still learning.  I suppose that would apply to both the muggle and me.

I will leave what he is learning to himself, his soul and the nature spirits. Not my business except for the fact that I need to remember that he is here learning as much as I am.  It’s obvious that what I’m still learning is non-judgment and tolerance. I must use this as an initiation or spiritual test—that’s what I’m getting so far as the oracle message goes as it applies to my question about how I am going to handle the muggle’s marathons mows.

Tolerance, patience and those things and mastery over myself in those areas.  I should feel thankful for the opportunity to practice every time the muggle’s un-muffled mower makes its mark on my ears!

After all, I am here to master my emotions.  This is the card of “work” and in that sense, his noise won’t really interfere with it—I work in the den which is a room farther away from the invading, intruding, insidious, irking…. Okay!  I need to stop that!

And yes, of course I know that blogging about the problem is going to add energy to it; yet, better to get to the core of it now and find a way to deal before a molehill becomes a mountain if you know what I mean.  Besides, if I share this with others in the cyber world maybe it inspire them regarding handling their own frustrations and irritations.  (That’s always my intention in sharing these things.)

Gosh, suddenly I’m remembering the good ole’ days when I used everything as grist for the spiritual mill.  Once when I was getting new tires put on my car (this was years and years ago) at a Wal-Mart, I was sitting in the little waiting area.  I’d already completed what shopping needed doing and besides, walked to the point of fatigue.  So I sat down to rest in the automotive waiting area.  There was a door that mechanics and were coming in and out of and each and every time they did the door slammed louder than any door I’d ever heard!

Each time I jumped even though I knew the slam was coming ahead of time.  There was some sort of motor that closed the door after someone went through it.  Anyway, I utilized the whole affair as a test for myself to see if I could not flinch and jump whenever it slammed.  It was a challenge!

Look at the card of the 3 of Pentacles; we see someone there holding a diploma with what appear to be (perhaps) spiritual teachers behind him.  Could I integrate the concept that the muggle is, in some way, a spiritual teacher that I’ve somehow called forth to help me… well, to help me graduate.  In looking at the 3 of Pentacles tarot card, I keep focusing on that diploma that he seems to be holding in his hand.

Patience and tolerance for people of earth! And their loud machines!  I need to develop a tougher outer skin especially where my sensitive ears are concerned.  I think that being psychic and “a sensitive” is something that plays into the equation.  I am very accustomed to listening to every single sound that comes to my ears which is part of being clairaudient in my profession as a psychic.

I will use this as a test so that I can retire into the west – I am suddenly thinking of that line from the movie, Lord of the Rings.  The Lady of the Wood was put through an initiation by the power of the ring and said, “I passed the test, I shall remain Galandriel and will diminish and go into the west.”  She passed her initiation and I will use that memory and the 3 of Pentacles to inspire me to pass this new test put before me.  I shall not fail this initiation.

The 3 of pentacles is also about the cycles of nature, reaping what you sow and working in the fields; in other words, doing your spiritual work on earth. 

And that spiritual work involves working with the reality at hand—whatever that reality happens to be.

As I think of ‘reality’, I am reminded of the Buddhist teaching about the nature of reality and no matter what challenge I have in life and of all of the teachings I’ve come across, these teachings are what always bring me back to balance and restore harmony.

We can, in fact, persevere through obstacles by remembering the true nature of reality—it is the combination of illusionary energy that is both real and an illusion at the very same time.  Ahhh, that though alone helps us lose our grip on temporary frustrations.  It helps us loosen our grip on any event, person, circumstance or experience that we tend to make too real and consequently causes suffering.

Gentian is the purple flower in the image to the right.

My Herbal Tarot deck (image above from Herbal Tarot and also the Connolly deck) recommends the use of GENTIAN which is a herb that helps to release frustrations and irritations.

As a tonic GENTIAN is used to treat hepatitis, jaundice and liver disorders.  As a FLOWER ESSENCE it is used for those who become deterred by setbacks.

Meditate with GENTIAN and it will help to open the 6th chakra so that a deeper appreciation and insight into the mechanics and skill or situation will be revealed so that one can see one’s way through a difficulty.

Essentially, the 3 of Pentacles has a lot to do with releasing frustrations and irritations.  It was THE most appropriate card to pull today in my consultation of the oracle about my mowing muggle neighbor and those associated frustrations and irritations. 

When next I hear the muggle’s mower motor, I will remember the oracles advice and think of the 3 of Pentacles.  I will also think GENTIAN and perhaps order some of the flower essence to add to my drinking water!


Change in the Communication Connection to “Spirit Guides”

I get this question a lot and received another one again today!  People write to me expressing that their connection to their “spirit guide” has changed and suddenly apparently they have problems “getting through” or receiving a communique’.  There are so many variables we could apply to addressing this type of question but in this post you will find a few along with comments for your consideration.  This post isn’t all inclusive or intended to be–this would be best addressed in a 500 page book, but for now here are a few (hopefully not too scattered) thoughts….

Like I said, I get emails from people who want to control their “spirit guides” and the communication they have with such energy.  It’s like trying to control the weather—can we?  Even the cosmic weather… do we have control over how quickly the Moon moves or what aspects Neptune makes when?  Some of that can be predictable… we can know the patterns of movement thanks to astronomers and astrologers who have mapped probable aspects. 

But there are many factors involved in exactly how weather patterns (whether those are on earth or the heavens) will affect one person, in one place at one moment of time.  Tornadoes will move through an area and take out a block of houses but leave one of those standing and untouched.  Could that have been controlled?  Could that same event happen the same way, be duplicated exactly so, each and every time a tornado comes through? The answer to that is obvious.  Yet, people will always try to take what are divine mysteries and want to capture, control and direct that energy in some way and in the meanwhile hold an expectation of how experiences should be repeated and evolve in logical left-brain linear ways. 

I think we’d be doing our younger generations a service if we could teach them more than a, b, c and 1, 2, 3.  What about the right brain stuff?  What about the nature of the divine energies, how the intuition works and acceptance of the divine mysteries—to honor and revere, to observe and  respectfully venerate them—instead of trying to be manipulating, controlling and placing the universe in a box like some sort of personal pet! 

Like any relationship, when it becomes out of balance, the wiser of any two will adjust position to bring the relationship into a healthier balance.  Of course, in a human situation, unhealthy connections can be maintained over a lifetime but usually at some point, one person in the relationship will force the change that’s needed to honor ‘the self’  which has been denied for the sake of keeping the relationship together.  That happens. 

People will remain in an unbalanced relationship where one party is beneath the other (and most times it is the woman via societal and religious conditioning in which female is subservient to the male).  And even if one party realizes what is happening, they can deny their needs for the sake of appearances, the children, the possessions and many other things.  No so with our relationship to ‘the divine’ or what people call ‘spirit guides’. 

When we transpose human relationship patterns onto our relationship with ‘spirit guides’, it’s a whole different ball game!  People will write that they had it all under control, they had the connection and then it seemed to disappear.  What a great lesson for the human ego! 

It would be much better, if we’re going to transpose or transfer one relationship style onto another that we do so the other way around! 

Instead of expecting your relationship with ‘the universe’, ‘the divine mind’ or ‘source’ or even a part of all that called ‘spirit guides’ or even one’s own ‘higher self’ for that matter to mimic your human relationship pattern, how about going about it in reverse?

And of course, that actually does happen but most people are not aware of it; that’s all.  Our relationship with our self is the same relationship we have with others and with that which people want to call ‘spirit guides’!  

Is it not true that some days you don’t even communicate with yourself very well? Feel out of sorts?  And even if you try, some days you tend feel like an ‘air head’ or feel more down in the dumps?  Other days, quite the opposite is true.  Yeah, it’s like the weather; Earth weather, Cosmic weather—it changes. 

So what do we do?  We grab the umbrella or the sun lotion in regard to earth weather.  We have a good cry or throw a party in regard to cosmic weather.  Some days we feel like we absolutely must meditate and other days, we are completely drawn to work in the garden.  Yeah, so my point being that  we go with the flow and adjust according to the weather. 

We don’t call into a psychic and say, it was sunny 2 weeks ago and everything was so clear and at night I could see all the stars but now, it’s all cloudy and I’ve not seen an evening star for weeks.  What am I doing wrong?  How can I fix this? How can I change it, manipulate it, control it?  You see my point.

Personally, when someone is being very needy and trying to control the energy or the situation, my response is to do something like, “Oh, my, look at the time.  I’d better be running along. See ya’.”  Did you ever have that happen?  It’s painful to watch.  But you know that if you disconnect, you are actually helping the person out—helping them shift and rebalance. 

I think it’s very possible that the energy which we call “spirit guides” do the same or something similar.   

And have you considered that any and all ‘connections’ and communique’s that you have with others whether in spirit world or in your own back yard are simply a reflection of the connection that you have with YOU in the first place?! 

 Psssst… Mercury, right now,  is Retrograde in an exact opposition to Saturn.  The communication planet (Mercury) is opposing to the EXACT DEGREE  (12 degrees) the “get real” planet (Saturn) today! 

 (April 23, 2003)

Divination Message April 15, 2011 Power of Concentration for Inward Inspiration Leading to Outward Manifestation—is it Magic?

Power of Concentration for Inward Inspiration Leading  Outward for Manifestation—is it Magic?

The Magician!  Today’s message is about aligning the ego with the soul or aligning the will of the ego with the will of the divine.  Don’t like that terminology? How about aligning the left brain with the right? The Divine Messengers today say:  Balance all areas of life and then surrender.  That last bit may be easier said than done.  My job is to disseminate today’s cosmic broadcast, but in the spirit of divine order, whichever day you come across this post doesn’t matter.  It will always apply to NOW.  On to the divination message…..

If a person is aware in the least bit and paying attention to Life at all, there absolutely positively have to be moments when something undeniable happens to clearly communicate that there are mysterious forces at work in their life—unexplainable events or circumstances—which clearly demonstrate that there’s… well, “magic” and we could call that divinity if we’d like.

Essentially, there are two types of magic that most people talk about—white and black.  What are the differences?  It’s about who’s got the power.  Ego or Soul? Higher will or lower will?  Left brain or right?  Earth or the Heavens?  Who has the control?  How much can we control and manipulate energy or manifestation exclusively from ego?  I’d bet that followers of “The Secret” or “Law of Attraction” who are not working with “white” magic will tell you of their limitations. 

Personal will and divine will intersect—and it’s the age-old story of light and dark, good and evil, separation and return as we walk in this world of duality.  Here’s a good phrase to exemplify my meaning:  “The power of love trumps the love of power”.  So when we talk about manipulating and controlling others or any energy, this could be considered black magic since we are not coming from the “power of love” when our intentions are self-serving or when we are stealing energy from another… no matter which kingdom we’re referring to—plant, animal, human, etc.

When we, as humans, betray one another intentionally for our own self-gratification or ego-inflation or in any way try to pry power away from another [and we do this all the time and disguise it with a myriad of excuses], then this, too, could be considered a type of black magic.  Again, it goes back to that simple line and to do a reality check about this, one could ask oneself, “Are my intentions and actions coming from the power of love or the love of power?”  And then watch how the ego jumps in with the litany of excuses and “but’s”.  Listen carefully and you will nearly hear yourself say it—“I know this is wrong but I want what I want because _______________.” 

Whether we’re trying to manipulate energy for the purpose of proving our ego power using the so-called “Secret” or the so-called “Law of Attraction” or we’re stealing it from other people through manipulative tactics which interfere with their free will in order to empower ourselves with their energy—it’s a form of black magic.  However, when we surrender and release our own control over outcomes simply by aligning within with the power of love and the inner intention that however the energies play out, whether you get what you think that you want OR NOT, that the outcome be what is natural, what is divine, what is in alignment with the souls of all involved, then the alignment the other force, the force of love, is activated [white magic].  That last part, people really have trouble with that letting go and surrendering part—and right there we have it!  Have what?  Have the core of meaning that is being conveyed in this writing here… that age-old struggle of good and evil and light and dark and so on. 

The Magician Card in Tarot relates to Mercury which is associated with left brain, communication, writing, speaking, thinking, information, messenger, logic, opinions, intellect, paradox and interesting enough “trickster”.  Looking at the image on the Magician Card itself, we see the concentrated effort of manifestation but with the symbols of the four elements of earthly life—water (cups), air (swords), earth (pentacles), fire (wands) and with one hand raised to the heavens and the other lowered to the earth, the Magician himself is but the channel uniting the two forces of heaven and earth.  Yet, giving recognition to the power above him is depicted and many times that power connection has to do with being joyful, loving and accepting in certain ways.  I’ll give an example…

joyful, loving, simple acceptance while being the best human being possible

I remember one of the first times that I was aware that I manifested a desire. Perhaps it would be more correct to say I was blissfully UN-aware.  I was a late bloomer an didn’t begin to really awaken until my late 40’s and at that time I had a strong desire to be able to give my daughter’s a computer although I had no money to purchase one.  That’s when computers were much more expensive than they are now and were just beginning to become available for individuals in the home.  I had no idea what I was doing as far as the manifestation process is concerned.  All I possessed was a strong desire that was heavily laced with emotion and because I, the “little me” could not see any way to make such a purchase there was no choice but to release my attachment to the outcome and surrendered to the way things were.  Yet, and I think this is the important part, at this time in my life, I was also very balanced and very joyful otherwise.  I had accepted how it was and otherwise my simple focus was to be the best human I could be.  Self-improvement was my focus and I was beginning my spiritual journey in that sense as I felt great love for life and other people and began to devote myself to daily meditation.  I wasn’t trying to manifest anything or manipulate energy—I was simply being accepting, joyful and loving.  You might say that I was balanced and trying to live that “heaven on earth” lifestyle on the inside, despite the outer world and was living in a state of surrender.  I still had the desire to be able to provide a computer for my daughters, but I surrendered to the way things were.  I wasn’t trying to manipulate or control energy, nor did I ever realize I could.

One day, a friend of my daughters arrived at the door with computer in hand; and gave his computer to my girls because he purchased a new one for himself!  In was a moment of awakening for me—I made the connection!  In other words, I realized that wasn’t happenstance and there was no accident and it all hit me like a ton of bricks!  That was my personal example of how manifestation works.  My letting go and surrendering was out of blissful ignorance, but now I can do it with awareness. 

Concentration (Mercury relates to The Magician) is required to hold all of those energies in balance while at the same time surrendering.  Keeping an inner attunement that is both humble and powerful while aligning with the power of the cosmos—this is today’s message.  Do this and the universe will handle the rest of the details.  Create through a joyful and loving heart… keep this attitude and surprise manifestations could happen at any time! 

The power of concentration in today’s message has more to do with concentrating on efforts to remain joyful and loving in the mind and heart… concentrate efforts there and the resulting balance creates an open and receptive channel.  I’ve said it about 10 different ways in this post; hopefully, I’ve been successful at conveying the gist of today’s cosmic broadcast; it’s one that’s not always translated easy into Mercurial words.