Mercury Retrograde June 2014

mercRetro2A little earlier  today, my sister asks me if this is a Mercury retrograde (things going wrong at work).

Mercury stations in 3 days…. no movement on Saturday when Mercury stations retro… communication standstill. But right now it’s communication mis-fires and confusion.I’ve heard it said and it seems true that just BEFORE Mercury goes retrograde the energy is the most intensified. Anything that can go wrong, will — Murphy’s Law.

As for me, I should have checked my transits before i left the house for if I had, I’d have stayed home today! (The Leo Moon is aligned with my PLUTO and MARS in the 12th and squaring my nodes).  It pays to pay attention to your intuition–but I didn’t.  (Some psychic, eh? But nobody’s perfect or at least I’m not.)

Nearly had a car accident twice and interactions with some humans sucked!

Good news is that I got a mile swim in at the Y and had positive interaction with a storage rental guy who was ultra-kind and super-helpful, despite some other stuff that definitely went south.

Oh, well, ‘mama said there’ll be days like this’ as the song goes!

Hope your day is going well. And as for me… time to meditate! (It’s probably best if I avoid further contact with any humans today… LOL)

I’ll be on meditation vacation the rest of today!! 

Your Evolving Purpose |Week of Feb 10, 2014 | Astrology Prediction for the Week!

Psychic Astro Predictions for the Week

February 10 – 15, 2014


The Sun as it moves through this sky is now (week of Feb. 10th through 15th, 2014)  making CONTACT with other moving heavenly bodies! — namely Saturn, Mars and Mercury.  So what does that mean for us?  Generally speaking (and it must be thus because these moving bodies will relate to how the sky was at our birth which is individual) we have to start with the meaning of the transiting Sun.

We can go really far down the rabbit hole if we compare this weeks’ Sun to the Sun located in each individual persons birth chart (based on date, place and time of birth of course) but we’re not going down that far here; so let’s just stick with transit to transit surface stuff.  Anyway…

Moving Sun is the evolving purpose–one’s own light on one’s own path we could say.  The Sun is how or where we shine.  In each one’s chart this week’s Sun will appear in a differing house–and so might Saturn, Mars and Mercury; but that’s the rabbit hole again and we’re going to have to stay out of there since we were all born at different times, dates and locations.  Despite that–we all still have the Sun (as it is this week) connecting with (transiting) Saturn, Mars and Mercury.

Our true purpose, our core essence (Sun) as it evolves and grows is going to be affected by those three energies this week (Saturn, Mars an Mercury).  But how?  And what does this really mean?  How can it out-picture or manifest for this week?  Here goes–I’m about to answer that now.

SUN (in Aquarius) squares SATURN (in Scorpio)    This is a “last quarter square”.  The last time these two came together there was talk of getting on with it!  Progress has been made most likely regarding “it”–whatever it is in your life that represents your evolving purpose and core identity.  Shining your light and doing what needs doing to really do that!  (for each of us that’s going to be a bit different–but you reader should know what I’m talking about).  Yet the square represents a bit of challenge–not insurmountable but there’s some pressure building to get on with it! And it’s going to help you to be more independent and nobody can do it like you can, it’s unique!  (hint, hint)  There may be a challenges and minor frustrations but you can do it–for society, for others.  This about building new foundations and will involve breaking through cultural norms.  What a week!

SUN (in Aquarius) trines MARS (in Libra)  This is a “disseminating trine”.  There’s a high degree of socialization with Mars to the Sun–the conscious desires are easily connected to the evolving purpose.  It’s going to be easy to move right along with things this week and you will shine in your leadership ability–it will be easy to take initiative.  Others are going to reward the efforts that you put out this week–you’ve learned how to “work the system” so to speak and you will use that system to create more “shine” so-to-speak.  You should be able to relate well with others as your drive continues to  be about carving out your own niche in some way.

SUN (in Aquarius) conjuncts Mercury (retro in Aquarius)  You become what you say this week.  You also go back and revisit some communication thing that you didn’t finish or complete; something you’ve been meaning to get back to really gets infused with all your true essence this week.  You will really want to express your true identity to others this week.  What you do this week (especially with writing and communication) will be well received by others of like mind.

There it is then.  A quick psychic-astro synopsis of the week–an astro head’s up!  Make it awesome!

A Change of Mind and Heart – Intuitive Interpretation Meaning of 11-11 in 2012

Photo of Snow Covered Porch of a Mountain HomeWell, here it is and so we’ve arrived at the famous, happy date of 11-11.  All the ducks are lining in a row flapping their wings about these numbers.  Does anyone REALLY know what this 11-11 means except for what other people have told them it means?  Dogma?!  I’m always on the lookout for it – and watch out, I’m going to get bare-bone’s honest – well, it seems like a good old human rumor as most consensus consciousness belief system’s probably are in the first place.  Now if we simply look at this day astrologically, then I can relate!  But then it seems like I look at ‘everything’ astrologically lately–like I’m wearing a pair of astrological glasses (if there was such a thing) and can’t take them off.  Maybe astrological contacts would be a better comparison.

I won’t go into the Mercury retro in Sag and Neptune direct (and of course in its own sign) and the total solar eclipse new moon next Tuesday and hold on, nearly there, nearly there—today on the famous, happy 11:11 the Moon has just crossed over (practically, like right now as I’m typing) ‘love me/love me not’ glorious Venus in her own sign, Libra (potent stuff).  If you know astrological language, then you realize what I just said.

If I gave all that 11:11 astro-babble a bottom line (and apparently now I do haven boxed myself into my own blog corner here) then that basic one-liner (or maybe two) would have to do with a new way of seeing things and processing our experience here.  Some folks call it a star gate or other new-age lingo for the fact that the heavens (as above, so below) are supporting a change of mind and heart.

I’ve been soooooooooooooooooooooooooo working with that whole process in my personal life.  Maybe if you follow my blog you know.  Yeah, and lately it’s as if my thoughts, words and deeds are not in alignment—they’ve been distinctly incongruent.   Like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, parts of me are here and there and everywhere.  (Except when I’m doing a reading for someone or involved in their counseling session–I’m beyond the realms of my own life then.  What a relief!  ha ha)

Take the photo in this blog post—that snow-covered chair and footstool on the front porch there.  (Before you ask, I don’t know whose place that is.)  It’s beautiful and brings up those “Oooooh, I love that and it reminds me of once upon a happy time” feelings.  Yeah and that’s the Moon-Venus in Libra conjunction that just spoke.  But another part of the scarecrow straw (if you will) is somewhere else saying things like, “Are you kidding?  You KNOW how much colder everything is with snow layen’ on the ground like that!  Get real there girlfriend!”  So that’s an example of mental/emotional incongruence—as scarecrow consciousness tries to resolve itself.

But the whole “words” and “speech” thing—that’s a bit ‘here and there’ too.  Have you ever noticed how it wasn’t until you opened up to speak to someone that you realized your mood wasn’t a very flattering one?  I’ve done that so many times being that I’m a quiet person who lives alone and before you project how that could be a problem, it’s (for me) heaven.  I love my solitude.  Anyway, I sometimes start talking to a friend or a family member and realize that I’m feeling happier than I thought or perhaps a bit short-tempered or whatever.  It isn’t until we hear our very own words, our speech, that we get more deeply in touch with how we ‘really’ may be feeling!  That’s the only drawback in living alone but that’s why god made telephones!  And why people like me happily talk to themselves.

Then again this is why counseling is so helpful—many times people know intuitively that there’s incongruity between their actions, their words and their consciousness.  But it isn’t until trying to pull those all together while talking to someone else that one realizes this—except if one is totally out of touch with one’s self.  In that case the individual has no idea how distinctly contrasting parts of themselves really are!

On another note, lately I’ve been AGAIN turning in the wrong direction– how many times does it take before I “get” this one and stop trying to do this?  An astrologer would understand it if they saw my natal chart.
The bottom line is that certain people (and I’m one) simply cannot turn to another for solace or understanding or even mild sympathy for even a moment!  And this is not me going into a pity party—rather, I’m stating what ‘is’.  For some of us the door gets slammed in our face so that we can develop that relationship with the (for lack of a way of saying it that won’t offend) a Higher Power or Inner Divinity.

There are times that it feels like other humans even mock the  feeble attempts of people like me to turn elsewhere for solace and understanding.  Turning toward others seems to get us the big wagging finger of god in our face–figuratively speaking of course.  For some of us it’s clear and simple.  That kind of stuff is to be found within the self and that’s where we must go for understanding—no other human can possibly understand us, much less console us!  This past week I’ve received a few more reminders of this, mild but there nonetheless.

I can find myself reaching toward another lesson in those areas whenever I find that I’m trying to explain myself to another person—it simply doesn’t work.  I forgot.  I received a reminder.  Good old Mercury retrograde helps me out again! And its polarity partner, Jupiter who is also retrograde–they give wake up reminders to our belief and communication scarecrow parts.  Hey, it’s all good because when I get those reminders it brings me back into myself—and I pick up those scattered parts, get real again, and begin to feel more congruent.  It’s all good like I said.

I went for a walk yesterday and instead of looking at trees and creeks and mountain vistas, my view (since I’ve moved) encompassed cars and concrete and apartment buildings.  But I really do like being able to just lace up my sneakers, open the door and with no muss and no fuss and put one foot in front of the other without having to drive a few miles.  That’s what I had to do in the mountains—walk at a designate place by the creek.  It was quite scenic actually.  Otherwise, you walk at your own risk on mountain roads.  People have dogs running free on their land (as they should be) and they bolt toward any stranger walking by in their protective efforts.

So its all  ‘6 of one and half-dozen of another’ as the saying goes.  So now I try to look at the sky and clouds as I walk, ignoring the concrete and cars as much as possible.  There is a little pond/lake body of water on campus here with a large grassy area around it and a fountain of water shooting up in the center with park benches and picnic tables around.  If you can get over that fact that you are surrounded, albeit at a fairly good distance, by rows of apartment buildings and in view of a good number of human eyes, then this is a nice place to get away from the concrete and cars for a stint of time.

The common-link expanse between this Hogwart’s-like apartment complex in the foothills and my heart-home in the mountains is the sky.  I do think that where we live or reside (or the places that we’d like to) actually describe that which our own soul or the energy that is most compatible with it.

I have been thinking about the reversed Lunar Nodal Return I’m approaching (within orb now).  If you read my posts, I’ve mentioned it before.  The axis that is triggered is 4 -10 in Scorpio-Taurus respectfully. 

If you understand the natal lunar nodes, this whole post may make astrological sense.  Although there are ‘family versus career’ issues being intensified, how it is playing out for me in another area has to do with the inner world (4th house) and the outer world (10th house).  They say we are supposed to ‘balance’ our nodes and maybe that’s what I was doing a bit of when walking in the concrete car-park-human-jungle while gazing up at the sky; and remembering the same sky and clouds look down upon the mountains—common area, balance.

Yeah, I can see that I’m doing it again.  I’m blogging about this in an effort to be understood—AGAIN.  But, as always, it’s not the only motive.  I work through ‘my stuff’ –yeah, my stuff is an illusion but there it is anyway—here so that maybe another can see they are not alone in working through theirs.  Besides, something here may help another while, yes, I’m involved in this selfish attempt to gather up my Wizard of Oz scarecrow stuffing and unify.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”—I loved that part of the movie!

Thinking of it again right now, it reminds me of those folks we all know who are like the frantic frightened man cranking the wheel behind the curtain, afraid of being ‘found out’ or being seen by others as less than all-powerful with their face to the world huge and… well, suddenly I had the thought of that Christian preacher who was on all the talk shows (Larry King, CNN et al) lecturing the public viewers about the ‘abomination’ as it relates to ‘gay’ folks.  And then it turns out that this preacher has been gay from the get-go was totally exposed!

In sort of the same way, I turned to someone recently in a weak attempt to be understood and got the powerful image of the wizard of Oz—the man behind the curtain was well hidden and the words being to me in response were like “The All Knowing Powerful Oz has spoken!”   My bad for knocking on the door of the Emerald City and following the Yellow Brick Road in the first place!  There was that same lesson again!  (Yeah, but all I want is a bit of understanding and the universe replies, ‘you may give it all you like but do not look for it outside of yourself and most importantly not from another human.)  I don’t think everyone is working with this lesson but some of us are.  And if you’re one, you can totally relate to what I’m saying here.

After all, there’s no place like home and like Dorothy folks like me are here to remember and then help others to recall, we’ve never left in the first place and not to go looking for anything outside of ourselves for it.

Yeah, so there’s an 11-11 message for anyone who is looking for one.  If you’re a numerologist or inclined to look for meanings in numbers, all those 1’s have got to do with individuality, new beginnings and most of all INDEPENDENCE.  The number one is associated with Aries and Mars and fire and directness and the warrior – the number one calls a spade a spade and really doesn’t deal well with hypocrisy.  With all those 1’s we’d naturally think about the ‘masks’ we put on:  like the image of the Wizard of Oz and the man behind the curtain.   And we’d with all those one’s we think of creating some sort of unity with individuality.  Anyway with 4 one’s or 2 eleven’s we’ve got that one meaning magnified.

I don’t have a big finish or a theatrical conclusion.  I’m sort of disappointing myself because of it because I sort of like big finishes when I can find them.  But maybe that’s part of the 11-11 thing too, who knows?

All I know is today is November 11th and intuitively I’m feeling like the energy of starting over in somehow and in some way around all of us.

But what do I know?   Nothing you may say.  And I’d have to agree.  I’m in the middle of changing my whole mind and heart right now which is my interpretive intuition of what this 11-11 is about.

Excuse me, I see a part of my straw just over there and I need to go get it so that I can continue on down this illusionary yellow-brick road in tact.  All the while I’m remembering that there actually ‘ is’ a great and powerful wizard but the outer world has nothing to do with that one’s location.

How could I have forgotten AGAIN by turning to another human for understanding!  Nobody (and I do mean body) can understand us and where we’re coming from—not really.  The soul and beyond—can we find it there?  Yes but we have to go to the heart of the soul and beyond.  I could say that we have to go somewhere over the rainbow but like Dorothy found out (so many morals to that story!), it’s futile to go looking for any heart’s desire (whether it is to be understood or consoled by anther human) or whatever it is outside of one’s self.

For if it isn’t in the mind and heart of your own soul (your own your own back yard) — because if it isn’t there, then you never really lost it to begin with!   Take the word of a psychic who temporarily forgot — or not.

Oh and don’t write to me–I know 11 is a ‘master’ number; hopefully I’ve given a partial explanation as to why.

I’m really about “who said so?”  a lot more than I ever was before.  I live more or less by observation and correlation.

One final thing—I really feel that the soul relates to “somewhere over the rainbow” even if the intellect doesn’t.  I just had a memory flash of my daughters, sister, niece and I at a recent high school band concert.  One band started to play ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.  I looked over at them and everyone had teary, watery eyes and that smile that comes over one’s face when the heart has been touched.

Well, gotta’ go now.  I have a to-do list and need to get my walk around campus in before the day ends.  Night time comes too soon on these progressing-toward-winter days. Buh-bye for now…need to be out in the sunshine.  I won’t have a change of mind or heart about that one, 11-11 or not.

Mercury Stations Retrograde at 15 Scorpio

Two blogs in one day?  I don’t’ know what in the world’s gotten into me!  haven’t blogged in ages before today.   Could it have anything to do with Mercury stationing and ready to go retrograde any second now?  To me that looks like Earth and Mercury hanging in the heavens neck-to-neck.  Is that literally true?  you’d have to Google an astronomer and ask him or her.  As for me, I’ll go with my intuition, Mercury seems close.  And that could account for two blog posts in one day and my recent anxiety about getting going on my astrology class.  Something’s come over me and I don’t think it’s the election.

Here’s a excerpt from a recent email on Sabian Symbols for this time of Sun at 15 Scorpio.  BLain Bovee wrote about the energy right now as follows, “Mercury stands still. The messenger god is about to return to some matters that have perhaps been dropped along the way. Check your messages, examine all documents. There is more going on than just the lips flapping election results.  Trust valid instincts that bring you to a change in mind, heart and action. Even where there appears to be nothing, a foothold can and will make itself manifest like a world emerging around mounds of sand upon which children play.”

Mercury rules Gemini.  Gemini and Sagittarius are on opposites sides of the zodiac — polar opposites.  Yet Mercury is in the sign Sag right now–that’s go to open up some things for us as far as mind (Mercury) and inspiration/beliefs (Sag) are concerned.  Maybe people will suddenly realize what they thought was true…. well, how could I have been so wrong and not considered that before?  That would be a typical Mercury in Sagittarius retrograde inner dialogue!  You may be asking yourself that question as the little mind suddenly opens to see a wider picture.

Or on a very lowly mundane level it could out-picture as going out and buying a big screen TV with a vibrate-the-plaster-on-the-walls-loose-sound-system.  Who knows?  Sounds like what my downstairs neighbor did.  Yeah, the good news is that at least nobody walks on my cathedral ceilings except the birds or an angel or two!

Speaking of birds, I have to be up long before the birds even dream of chirping!  I’m sure I’ll mumble and stumble my way to the coffee pot finding it as usual in my sleep, speaking of which I don’t know what it is with people and old age–what is that?  but then the plan was have your kids when you’re young and getting up in the middle of the night to start your day isn’t a problem.  I must have bad karma or something–I’m having to do it when I’m old too!  If I don’t complain (forgive me, I was) maybe the karma will be balance and in my next life this won’t be necessary.

On a positive note, when I am working–actually doing readings, I get to get out of all this.  The great escape–better than any drug you could name.  My work keeps me going and if any of you reading this are clients of mine–thank you!   and Bless You!

Alright; Mercury and his winged sandals have had their due!   Hope this Mercury retrograde is a good one for you!  goodnight


Change in the Communication Connection to “Spirit Guides”

I get this question a lot and received another one again today!  People write to me expressing that their connection to their “spirit guide” has changed and suddenly apparently they have problems “getting through” or receiving a communique’.  There are so many variables we could apply to addressing this type of question but in this post you will find a few along with comments for your consideration.  This post isn’t all inclusive or intended to be–this would be best addressed in a 500 page book, but for now here are a few (hopefully not too scattered) thoughts….

Like I said, I get emails from people who want to control their “spirit guides” and the communication they have with such energy.  It’s like trying to control the weather—can we?  Even the cosmic weather… do we have control over how quickly the Moon moves or what aspects Neptune makes when?  Some of that can be predictable… we can know the patterns of movement thanks to astronomers and astrologers who have mapped probable aspects. 

But there are many factors involved in exactly how weather patterns (whether those are on earth or the heavens) will affect one person, in one place at one moment of time.  Tornadoes will move through an area and take out a block of houses but leave one of those standing and untouched.  Could that have been controlled?  Could that same event happen the same way, be duplicated exactly so, each and every time a tornado comes through? The answer to that is obvious.  Yet, people will always try to take what are divine mysteries and want to capture, control and direct that energy in some way and in the meanwhile hold an expectation of how experiences should be repeated and evolve in logical left-brain linear ways. 

I think we’d be doing our younger generations a service if we could teach them more than a, b, c and 1, 2, 3.  What about the right brain stuff?  What about the nature of the divine energies, how the intuition works and acceptance of the divine mysteries—to honor and revere, to observe and  respectfully venerate them—instead of trying to be manipulating, controlling and placing the universe in a box like some sort of personal pet! 

Like any relationship, when it becomes out of balance, the wiser of any two will adjust position to bring the relationship into a healthier balance.  Of course, in a human situation, unhealthy connections can be maintained over a lifetime but usually at some point, one person in the relationship will force the change that’s needed to honor ‘the self’  which has been denied for the sake of keeping the relationship together.  That happens. 

People will remain in an unbalanced relationship where one party is beneath the other (and most times it is the woman via societal and religious conditioning in which female is subservient to the male).  And even if one party realizes what is happening, they can deny their needs for the sake of appearances, the children, the possessions and many other things.  No so with our relationship to ‘the divine’ or what people call ‘spirit guides’. 

When we transpose human relationship patterns onto our relationship with ‘spirit guides’, it’s a whole different ball game!  People will write that they had it all under control, they had the connection and then it seemed to disappear.  What a great lesson for the human ego! 

It would be much better, if we’re going to transpose or transfer one relationship style onto another that we do so the other way around! 

Instead of expecting your relationship with ‘the universe’, ‘the divine mind’ or ‘source’ or even a part of all that called ‘spirit guides’ or even one’s own ‘higher self’ for that matter to mimic your human relationship pattern, how about going about it in reverse?

And of course, that actually does happen but most people are not aware of it; that’s all.  Our relationship with our self is the same relationship we have with others and with that which people want to call ‘spirit guides’!  

Is it not true that some days you don’t even communicate with yourself very well? Feel out of sorts?  And even if you try, some days you tend feel like an ‘air head’ or feel more down in the dumps?  Other days, quite the opposite is true.  Yeah, it’s like the weather; Earth weather, Cosmic weather—it changes. 

So what do we do?  We grab the umbrella or the sun lotion in regard to earth weather.  We have a good cry or throw a party in regard to cosmic weather.  Some days we feel like we absolutely must meditate and other days, we are completely drawn to work in the garden.  Yeah, so my point being that  we go with the flow and adjust according to the weather. 

We don’t call into a psychic and say, it was sunny 2 weeks ago and everything was so clear and at night I could see all the stars but now, it’s all cloudy and I’ve not seen an evening star for weeks.  What am I doing wrong?  How can I fix this? How can I change it, manipulate it, control it?  You see my point.

Personally, when someone is being very needy and trying to control the energy or the situation, my response is to do something like, “Oh, my, look at the time.  I’d better be running along. See ya’.”  Did you ever have that happen?  It’s painful to watch.  But you know that if you disconnect, you are actually helping the person out—helping them shift and rebalance. 

I think it’s very possible that the energy which we call “spirit guides” do the same or something similar.   

And have you considered that any and all ‘connections’ and communique’s that you have with others whether in spirit world or in your own back yard are simply a reflection of the connection that you have with YOU in the first place?! 

 Psssst… Mercury, right now,  is Retrograde in an exact opposition to Saturn.  The communication planet (Mercury) is opposing to the EXACT DEGREE  (12 degrees) the “get real” planet (Saturn) today! 

 (April 23, 2003)

Daily Divination Message March 31, 2011 Virgo Sun Relates to 8 of Pentacles;Mercury Retro in Aries; Change and Freedom!

8 of Pentacles Relates to Sun in Virgo; Start Where You Are and Give What You Can. Mercury Retrograde produces new self-dialogue around change and freedom

Today’s divination message has to do with being present, available and willing to work with the details of life and Life Itself.  That’s Virgo energy all over! Today I drew the 8 of Pentacles.  That tarot card relates to the Sun in Virgo archetype energy.  The essence of service, in other words, and further the idea of releasing the unwillingness to use one’s skills and self-critical attitudes in that regard—this is the focus of today’s divination message. 

I’m feeling the synchronicity of drawing this card because earlier today I created and sent out my weekly newsletter which contained this same theme.  I had to write it fast today because the schedule is getting busy.  And here I see the card that I just drew a second ago carries the same theme as the newsletter I wrote a few hours ago.  It’s sort of like what we, in astrology, call a “double signature” or repeating signature in a chart.

The Virgo (6th house) archetype relates astrologically to our job as well as our health.  Interesting how those two are linked together to the same life area (house). The health has to be balanced in order to work efficiently, thus the link with the two areas.  Virgo also relates to self-criticism and perfecting skills as well.  Humility and self-criticism may be two pieces of the same pie so-to-speak but a little bit goes a long way.  Too much self-criticism can be too self-effacing; we can’t be overly bashful while still being effective in our work, no matter what that work is.  Like I said, a little humility can go a long way when we’re dealing with Virgo energy.

I think the overall message for today’s divination delivery is that we must continue to strive for perfection in life and good discipline helps—determined effort like I wrote in a blog a few days ago—and as long as we do our best, it isn’t necessary to be so self-critical that we are afraid to used our skills.  We continue to learn, grow and evolve.  We don’t have to be “perfect” to use our talents, we just have to start using them.

I remember hearing my favorite astrologer say something once.  He asked an astrology student how long he’d been studying astrology.  The student replied, “Over 20 years.”  And the student was then asked when he thought he’d be ready to use what he knew to help someone.  And the student said, “Maybe in a few more lifetimes!”  Take what you know, he was told, and begin to help someone with just the very basics, just explaining someone’s Sun Sign to them can be helpful to someone who knows nothing about it.  The same thing applies to any endeavor. 

BOTTOM LINE:  Teach what you know, share what you’ve learned even if it isn’t in a perfected state yet and release any of those Virgo-type feelings that you’re not yet good enough or don’t know enough.  Give what you can and start where you are!  When you offer yourself in service, it’s always more than enough!

The other part of the message is that sometimes it is necessary for us to isolate ourselves from others temporarily in order to concentrate, and to make determined efforts without being distracted.  But at some point, even if we are still studying to apply a skill, we can take what we know and help others with that knowledge.  Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury; the planet of communication.  Mercury has just turned retrograde.  It is in the sign of Aries now which sort of turns up the heat on communication, but the retrograde is about inward energy.  This feels to me like inner dialogue and communication, as in our talks with ourself, may take on some intensity.  Self dialogue may involve words of courage (Aries) and new ways of conducting our inner dialogue–even as we may have to go over past territory, reviewing the past–and changing the patterns of self-talk that include more passion. More freedom and independence may be part of the inner-dialogue also. Perhaps less self-criticism and a new willingness to create a new self-image.  Aries rules that first house of self-image.  You may find yourself having inner discussions in your meditations in these areas too.