Archangel of Intuition, Joy, Venus, the Moon and Astrology – Meet Haniel

Archangel Haniel by Joy Star
Archangel Haniel

Recently, I was inspired (from the Angels?) to write about them in this week’s newsletter which was about the association of Archangels with Planets, Sun signs, and then obviously with the astrological signs.  That’s when I thought to look up the Archangel associated with my own sun sign. This blog post is the result of that data search and my thoughts about it….

Archangel Haniel is considered to be the Angel of Intuition and clairvoyance and is linked through the planet Venus ruling Taurus and Libra.

She also oversees astrology and spiritual healing.

She is also, it is said, thought to be the angel of “JOY”.

The lantern of joy has the power to bring light into any circumstances, no matter how dark they may be.  Haniel is sometimes pictured holding a lantern.

Haniel “brings harmony and balance wherever she goes” (Libra is always seeking harmony and balance), she is the Angel that, it is also said, reminds you to find fulfillment from within rather than trying to find happiness from outside yourself.

I am a Libra Sun (Haniel rules Venus and therefore the signs Taurus and Libra).   I relate and feel a connection (very much so) to Archangel  Haniel.

Thinking back, its no wonder that my spirit guides assigned the name “Joy”  to me decades ago; long before I knew anything about archangels. It makes perfect sense now and that realization gives me chills!

I was born with many planets in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra including Venus itself along with my Sun, Moon and Neptune.  Is it any wonder that this “joy angel”,  who is so often depicted with a smile on her face, is linked so strongly to me with my birth occurring with so many planets in Libra, imprinting my soul with Haniel energy?

In my psychic class I mention that everyone has a “joy guide” –this whole “joy guide” thing being something that I was taught by my own psychic trainer from the beginning.  My instructor never mentioned the name Haniel,  but I was enthralled and enchanted by the idea of a joy guide back then and now pass on the information about having a “joy guide”  to my own psychic development students.

If you see green or turquoise light around you, Haniel may be nearby, say believers.  Looking back at the colors on my website and newsletter now, I do wonder if Haniel may have had her influence when I chose those colors for my web pages. 

I am her, she is me, we are one.

Turquoise is a balanced blend of green and blue. It helps to develop our unique individuality. It is the New Age of Aquarius that encourages us to seek spiritual knowledge.

Haniel is said to have a special connection to the Moon (me too!)   If there was an Archangel associated with ASTROLOGY, it would be her–or at least this is the case based upon the numerous websites and books that I’ve referenced.

I feel her smile and joy growing within me today and will carry her on my shoulder today by thinking of her often and asking her to penetrate my life with more of her energy.

Daily Divination 10-9-11 Use Daily Earth Experiences and Effort to Ascend into Light I-CHING Kua 46 Pushing Upward, Advance

Much can be accomplished today one step at a time with consistent effort–the conditions are exactly right for that (no matter which day you read this–divine timing, you know.)  This NOW is the moment to reach for the stars. Be courageous, make effort but anchor yourself in the rich soil of the earth while doing so.  Effort—always! This is Ascending (Ascension); it is pushing upward and using every small action, everyday life itself, in an important way. This is how we rise to higher levels not only in consciousness but also in our day-to-day affairs; there’s no difference between the two anyway. Energy of the psyche must act—it is ‘never not’ acting in one way or another, either to our detriment or benefit. It’s like in astrology—those trine and square aspects.

Trines are opportunities to act but we can be lazy and not take advantage, but no matter because eventually the square comes and then the pressure is on and something’s got to give. It’s our choice–do it the easy way or be forced to do it.  Today I’m doing housework and if I didn’t keep up with it, that’s my choice–but eventually I’d be forced to, right?  Think of that TV show about hoarders and you’ll get the picture; its like pay now or pay later, but eventually it catches up.  And NO, I’m not a hoarder just in case you are thinking that but we all have to go through rooms and do deep cleaning and tossing periodically–that’s my meaning.  Life gives us opportunities and supports certain actions and if we don’t make best use of the opportunity, eventually we’ll be forced.  Observation and correlation, right?  That seems to be how it works if we just look around us.  Anyway…

The message for today is that this is a positive day (no matter what day you read this!) wherein things can be easily achieved but EFFORT is necessary one needs to push steadily toward the light just like the plant anchored in rich soil pushes up and breaks through to reach new heights. If we sit back on our haunches and wait for a jezus to save us or the spaceships to land, we’re wasting the opportunity that this time has for us to make progress, gain confidence—we are guided to accept the challenge of the moment and keep on working. Effort—always!

The I-CHING Kua 46 is called “Pushing Upward” or “Advance” brings forth the message that even the most difficult goals can be achieved if we break them down into simple easy steps. But we must take those steps!

We ‘are’ on earth after all and being grounded and applying steady effort is the name of the game in this reality—there’s no escaping it. So, what applies today is that old adage “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”; we must not become discouraged.

Everyday Life Itself is our teacher and we must not turn away from it trying to escape or wait for someone to save us—we have to keep moving one step at a time while examining each step and where it takes us and discovering if that’s the direction we should go being aware and conscious in each moment so we stay on the right path.

Effort ~ one step at a time, focusing on each step and where it is leading you

It is a time of action and all past struggles that have been part of your journey have led you to this opportune moment. Remain empowered and keep applying effort until you push through to birth a new part of yourself. If you wait for the spaceships to land or for a god to save you, you will be missing a valuable opportunity to use earth experiences to ascend into light.

We all can become overwhelmed with the challenges of earth living from time to time.  Sometimes when I look at my financials I feel that way and in other mundane examples the lawn full of leaves that need to be raked as more come down by the second! (That exact thing with the leaves  is happening right now as I type these words.)    I have closets to clean and a garage collecting some minor clutter (but still!) that needs to be gone through and cleaned, things tossed and tidied up; the thought of all that can be overwhelming.  There are times that I become triggered and a flood or worry or fear will swoop in showing me that I still have such a long way to go to achieve that continual state of peace that I desire–this can leave me feeling discouraged if I let it.

These earth experiences can be exactly what I need to use, to examine, to vow to use at that one-step-at-a-time pace using applied effort to Ascend into Light.

Steady progress helps us to gain confidence on our journey toward light, and examining our steps and making conscious effort is what helps us live that heaven upon the earth (unless you are waiting for jezus or the spaceships that is).

Reaching for the stars with our feet firmly anchored in the rich soil of everyday life experiences of earth–that’s a formula for ascension. 

 BOTTOM LINE:  Remain encouraged; apply continued effort, one step at a time.  All conditions are supporting you.  Hang in there!

Daily Divination 8-30-11 Is it ever appropriate to subdue our light and keep a low profile? Bide Your Time Today. I CHING Kua 36

Use today to work on your inner strengths until any current obstructions pass. Keep a low profile and bide your time while strengthening you resources. Are there some times in life when it is best to maintain a low profile? I do think there are times when it is appropriate to subdue our light. Let’s say that “light” is optimal cheerfulness/happiness, is it appropriate to approach someone in the grips of death’s mourning with some type of glee? Perhaps you have just manifested that abundance on some level, is it good form to go into a poorhouse and flaunt your newly manifested wealth? Now you get the idea. There are times when we need to moderate our light and subdue its brilliance. That’s the gist of today’s message.

Share your light with others as it is appropriate. Would you visit the sick and bask in the light of your own good health? There are times to subdue our brilliance and use our energy in a moderate way. In order to “be” with another, we must adjust our energy to their vibrational level in order to make the connection with them—otherwise we may as well not be there at all since no connection is made. Can we moderate and adjust our light on certain occasions? We should be able to. Once the connection is made, then we can bring others into our vibration a bit more, uplifting them gradually if that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Just as sunlight begins to fade at the end of the day, everything in life has a cooling down period. As humans, if our energy was going full throttle 24-7, we’d burn ourselves out very quickly.

For my own personal life I find that drawing the I CHING KUA 36 (Darkening of the Light) to be meaningful. It is validating the energy regrouping or recouping that seems to be happening after a rapid-fire two weeks with family—a week with my grandson and another with the rest of the family. The sudden shift from a solitary, quiet and serene life on the mountain to 24-7 group energy dynamics with large expenditures of energy… well, let’s just say that I am recovering from a head and chest cold right now.

In the Book of Changes, The I CHING, by Wilhelm/Baynes, it is written about this Kua, “One must not unresistingly let himself to be swept along by unfavorable circumstances, nor permit his steadfastness to be shaken. He can avoid this by maintaining his inner light, while remaining outwardly yielding. With this attitude he can overcome greatest adversities.”

I shared a hotel room with a mother and teenager who’s arguing and bickering with each other resulted in numerous daily emotional explosions. Did I fail to maintain my inner light? Was it simply that I was out of my normal routine and exposed to people and places that my immune system wasn’t used to? Or is my current cough and cold the result of a combination of both—or neither?

The Book of Changes says, “In such times one should not fall in with the practice of others; neither should one drag them censoriously into the light. One should let many things pass and not try to be all-knowing.”

How will this information apply to your own life today? What comes to mind at the moment is that song (The Gambler) by Kenny Rogers “… you got to know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em.” For me today, I’m thinking that for two weeks I was out of my routine and not getting a lot of rest and vibrating like mad to take my out-of-town family members to as many waterfalls and mountain top attractions as I could cram into a day and then hustling down to join the rest of our group to the outdoor center and me at 63 keeping up with teenagers and 30 and 40 year olds… well, my moderate life went into overdrive and now my body is forcing the time of rest and regeneration. My style is to hastily push to restore balance; yet, disengagement and down time is what the body is calling for.

There are various messages woven through today’s cosmic communiqué; you will by now know which one was for you.

Keep the yin/yang symbol in mind today. We would not know light if it wasn’t for the dark. Strive to maintain the light.

Many myths and traditions teach us to equate light with “good” and dark with “bad.”

Approaching life from a rounder and holistic point of view observes the two as irrevocably joined–sustaining, relieving, and complementing one another.

TIP:  Here’s what I do when I need to heal or rebalance or clear energy.  I vow to sit in a meditation and breathe until it all is restored.  This is what I plan for today.  It’s best if you can do this in the SUN, and luckily the Sun has just come out here…. some days it’s not until Noon until the Sun burns off the fog.  I sit and do re-birthing type breaths–long and deep and slow, moving no other muscle in my body but my breathing apparatus until I feel healed and restored. I vow to do this all day long if necessary–but usually an hour or two does the trick.  Yet, I put no time limit upon it.  I started doing this many years ago where I used to live, in Florida where Sun was plentiful, but even without the Sun, it still works. 

Yeah, tha’s my plan… stillness and deep breathing and Sun…. that’ll work! 

PS–lots of water in conjunction with the above stillness, Sun and breath work helps too!

Talks with Trees

This picture reminds me so much of one of my old tree friends from many years ago

Maybe if I had a Native American Indian name, it would be “Talks With Trees”.

I really can’t blame some of you who might think I’m a little bit off my rocker talking with trees.

Frankly, I’d have thought the same thing 15 years ago.

But then if Kevin Costner can get away with Dances With Wolves, why can’t I believably talk with trees?

The Times They Are A-Changin as Bob Dylan would say. People these days are generally much more willing to admit that they not only talk to their plants, but to their trees too.  Fifteen years ago? Not so much.

I’m remembering my early conversations with a tree.  One time, after having one of many daily chats, a particular old tree told me that it was going to be cut down.  And, yes, trees converse just like humans do–believe it or not.  At least that’s been my experience.  I used to stop for a shady rest under this one particular tree half-way through my daily walks in those days.  That was back when I lived in heat-ravaged Florida.  This tree was like an oasis in a desert for me, located at just the right point in my walk where I needed the cool relief it provided.  Its trunk was huge and its long, leafy arms seemed to be trying to reach across the empty field in which it was centered.  Its name!  I can’t remember its name right now, but it definitely had one.  Maybe by the time I finish this post the name will come to me.  How could I have forgotten it?

This tree was my friend and we both enjoyed our daily visits.  I’d purposefully lean up against its trunk as some of its lower willow-type, leafy arms shielded me from view of the street.  It was like this tree’s lower branches would embrace me and I felt safe beneath its protective limbs.

As I approached it from the distance of my walk, I could see its magnificent aura reach outward and upward toward the heavens.  What was his name?  Well, anyway he told me that he would be cut down and I didn’t believe it.  I wrote it off to my own fear-thoughts and denied what I heard.  I’d have been devastated if it actually happened.  Besides, there was no reason for it; the field had been empty for years and there was no construction anywhere in sight.  I argued. The spirit of the tree comforted me explaining that it was ready to return.  Just like a human at the end of a long life, it was ready for a change.

Years later, after moving away I returned for a visit.  It was painfully clear that the tree had spoken the truth.  I’m glad I wasn’t around when it happened.  A road was put in across that field connecting a new bridge–he was gone.  Evidently, trees can know their future.  Pretty amazing.

This tree used to give me messages from Spirit.  A tree that channels!  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Yeah, I hear ya’.  But I promise you I’m not making this up.  I wish that I could remember his name–darn it!  Anyway, I used to lean against his truck and could feel a surge of energy and something like an exchange occured.  It was as if he was drawing out energy into the earth on my behalf somehow and then re-energizing me. Sometimes, I’d pour out my problems to my friend and then integrate the wisdom from nature that he offered in return.  Of course, I never talked about this to anyone.  And actually, now that I think of it, this is the first time I am.   I guess that it just never came up before.  What brought it to mind was a recent conversation I had with my maple trees.

Years later, after having moved to the mountains, I came across a cute little book in a metaphysical bookstore. Talks with Trees; A Plant Psychic’s Interviews with Vegetables, Flowers and Trees by Leslie Cabarga.  After reading it, there was no doubt that I wasn’t the only person having these types of conversations.  An adorable little book by the way.

Anyway, now I can finally get to the point of what I wanted to blog about in the first place.  The other day I was trimming the overgrown grass around the feet of one of the 3 maple trees located in the front yard.  It was a dreamy and untypically cool July day brimming with gentle summer breezes.  As I was well into the task and enjoying the weather I heard, “thank you” coming from the tree.  I was a bit surprised, not expecting a conversation to ensue. “I didn’t realize you cared about this kind of thing”, I said.  The tree replied that it liked to be trimmed and looking nice just like the rest of the yard.  “What do you know!  Really?  Well, you’re very welcome”, I said. This particular tree spoke to me once before, complaining a bit that the other 2 trees had ornaments of some kind. It wanted something special beneath its branches too.

You see, one of the trees has a solar light on a shepherds hook underneath it and the other has wind chimes dangling from a branch. But that particular tree had nothing special to adorn it. I promised to take care of that.  Today I bought a little decorative bird house and hung it on one of his lower branches, finally fulfilling his request.  I didn’t hear him say anything, but I’m sure he appreciated it.

I don’t know why I am using personal pronouns in the masculine when referring to trees.  I don’t necessarily consider trees as either male or female.  It just seems easier to pick a gender with the telling of this tale.

But I didn’t finish telling you about these 3 maple trees.  Let’s go back.  When I got to the middle tree to clip the grass and sapling shoots from around its base I heard, “I’m the closest to the road!” And there seemed to be some enthusiasm with that statement.  Before hearing that I was pretty much caught up in my own thoughts, clipping away.  Again, the sudden dialogue startled me.

I stood upright, stepped back and looked at the position of all three trees with a surveyed glance.  And sure enough, this tree actually was a little closer to the road than the others.  I’d never really noticed that before.

I thought something like, “Well, that’s nice but what’s your point?”  The tree explained that since he’s little closer to the road than the other 2, he does a better job of absorbing the carbon monoxide from the cars going by on the highway.

One thing that I realized through my years of conversing with trees is that they take their service to humanity pretty seriously–just like a human counterpart would with their profession.  And they are so happy to be recognized or acknowledged when a human walks by and says hello.  And they especially like it when they overhear a human remarking how beautiful they are.  Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re talking about their ego in any way.  I’m not sure if trees have egos in the first place.  It’s just that they’re thrilled when they’re acknowledged by the humans that they serve.

Once, after the remnants of a hurricane turned tropical storm came through, a group of trees told me how they worked really hard all night long absorbing the wind.  Accompanying that was the feeling that taking up the wind (and the rain too) was a really important job.

The name of the tree in Florida that was cut down is beginning to come to my mind. I remember the word “light” in the name which I believe was associated with this tree’s huge white aura.  Well, it’s after 3 am.  I began this post because I was unable to sleep.  Besides, it’s been on my mind to make this post all week anyway.  Ring of Light–that was that tree’s name! Ring of Light!  I’m so glad I remembered.

Anyway, next time you pass by a tree, consider saying hello–won’t you?   You don’t have to say it out loud, just speaking it in your mind is fine–they’ll hear you!  Nothing makes them happier than when a human acknowledges them.  Trust me on that–I know because they told me.  Besides, the psychic who wrote that book says the very same thing.

If you stop a moment and listen the trees will talk to you too!

I THINK that I shall never see  
A poem lovely as a tree.  
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest  
Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast;  
A tree that looks at God all day,          
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;  
A tree that may in summer wear  
A nest of robins in her hair;  
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;  
Who intimately lives with rain.   
Poems are made by fools like me,  
But only God can make a tree.     –Joyce Kilmer
PS — Another tree name is River of Dreams — another old friend of mine who told me his name… another story for another day.