Calling out to Kwan Yin and Goodbye Facebook! 

Prayer to Kuan Yin


Calling out to Kwan Yin and Goodbye Facebook! 

Don’t look for me on Facebook anymore.  I deleted my accounts.  While Twitter won’t allow Trump to profess lies, apparently Zuckerberg made some sort of deal with him that appears highly questionable.  I cannot do much about Trump except cast a vote. But maybe I can do more?   I can refuse to be part of Facebook.  This is just me being in integrity with myself.

So I deleted my accounts.

Aside from that, yes don’t we all know it!  This year, so far, has challenged us to remain present in each moment.  This is difficult for me as I’m sure it is for many at this time.

My heart breaks for those who feel fearful and oppressed – my soul remembers these feelings.

Does this recent police killing take our mind off the health concerns with the pandemic? Or does it add to the turmoil in the mind?

We should all be walking with protesters like some police officers are . . . oh how the protests and rioting take me back to the 60’s!

There are many questionable, highly suspicious, happenings these days.  But that’s always the case in one way or another.  The least we can do is follow our conscious and stay in integrity with ourselves and at least in spirit walk alongside the peaceful protesters.

I wonder how all of this appears from the view of the International Space Station?

I think to my self:  be peaceful as you can be within our own mind and heart at all times.  This, I feel challenged to do – to be present in this chaos especially when you feel it overwhelmingly encompass you, mind/body and soul, and it makes your heart begin to cry for the confusion, fear, and suffering that are such a part of our nation and our world right now.

I think of the Blessed Mother of my Catholic heritage at this time and to Kuan Yin.

May we turn to hearts and minds Kuan Yin, the embodiment of compassion at this time, and remain in integrity with our greater, wiser selves.  May the prayer above from the Sravasti Abbey be helpful to you at this time ( as it was for me).