Personal Tarot Traits – I was the Knight of Swords!

Personal Tarot Traits – Relating Personal Daily Experiences to a Daily Tarot Card

Knight_of_SwordsI was the Knight of Swords.  This card is about obeying one’s own Spirit!  I was the Knight of Swords yesterday… well, at least there was me personifying this archetype.  I spoke my truth.  I was brave.  Someone (like me) with a lot of “people pleasing” and “confrontational avoiding” Libra in a birth chart finds that a challenge.

I took some action involving communicating something that represented my personal truth yesterday.  We could say that I defended my own truth which took a bit of courage in a way that is untypical of me.

(By the way, I’m not referring to anything having to do with yesterday’s King of Swords–I’m writing about an entirely different life experience.)

Sometimes when we do this kind of thing — speak our mind  honestly or make a decision that is in alignment with our inner wisdom — especially if we’re not accustomed to doing so — we may feel a pang of concern about it afterward.  Did I create karma or set into motion something that may come back to bite me?

When I drew this card yesterday,  I had no idea what it could mean for the day ahead. My own habit when I see a knight of any suit is to think “change” in some way. Perhaps “change” was true to some extent yesterday as well since, one thing leading to the next, I ended up changing my office arrangement again!  Which in this small apartment is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  LOL   As I was moving things around the apartment I thought of the Knight of Swords and of my usual tendency to think “change” with this card.   And of course “action” is another keyword that comes to my mind.  So those things fit with my office rearranging.

Yet, the other archetype here has to do with words, verbal stuff, communication — we’re talking about swords after all associated with air and Gemini energy.

The day before we had the King of Swords giving his speech at the local YMCA, but the Knight speaks more in personal terms, expressing personal opinions and ideals and … simply speaking his own mind in a more personal or one-on-one manner.

Yet, the Knight of Swords has to be careful not to be self-serving in his communication and aggressiveness has no place when speaking one’s truth either.

Upon self-examination I don’t think aggressiveness applies and the self-serving part is still up in the air (pardon the pun),  but I call following my intuition, even though it was rather impulsive, something that is fair for all concerned.

How do I know it was my intuition guiding me to speak my truth?  Well, first of all there was a feeling and secondly, there was that familiar thing that happens when I sort of watch that energy that comes in and takes over.  Overpowering confidence and calmness cover the whole scene as well.  That’s how it is when a higher part of me takes over.  It’s happened before, and I recognize it.  The reader may have to take my word for that one.

Moving bravely in pursuit of one’s ideals and honest truth despite any cost and allowing the higher mind and intuition to work without fear or apprehension are descriptions of the Knight of Sword’s energy.  That’s how it acts in the psyche and the world.

Allowing one’s self to be “daring”–that’s a good way to express it.  And that’s what I did yesterday.  Daring myself to speak my truth in way that wasn’t forceful, just matter of fact.

This Knight of Swords doesn’t control his horse but allows himself to lunge forward ‘with’ the horse.

When one obeys one’s own Spirit (my personal experience correlates this fact), the gift that comes is one of avoiding ugly and unnecessarily unpleasant situations.

In astrological terms (if you are an astrology buff) we could think of the Knight of Swords as the aspect called the “opposition”.

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In the morning when I first awaken, I let guidance come in and do a waking dream for the day ahead.  On one of these occasions recently I received a directive in the form of an idea laced with intensity.   “Draw a card at the beginning of the day and reflect on its meaning and then revisit it at day’s end correlating the day’s experiences with the card.”  That’s the treasure at the end of the rainbow so-to-speak.  Doing so gives insight into the world of divination for the purpose of adding layers or additional traits to the tarot card meaning.  This deeper understanding to the cards can be applied for use when doing future readings.  It’s like letting Life Itself teach us the cards.  


Fear of Initiating Change? A Reading: Inspiration and Guidance from Tarot Knight of Swords, 2 of Swords and Ace of Cups

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Lately under intuitive guidance when doing a reading, I’ve watched myself add a step to my preparation.  Three tarot cards–one for the issue and two for the guidance.  Usually, I have guidance ready to go already prepared before I get the client on the phone that comes through my meditation time beforehand.  But I’ve gone to adding another step lately–who knows why.  Its just something I’ve been doing.

I felt like writing a blog post today and usually I have some topic in mind based on some recent life experience.  Today, that corner of my consciousness is empty; so I thought to draw those 3 cards to just manifest a topic or be inspired about something to write.

KNIGHT OF SWORDS is the topic/issue/concern and the TWO OF SWORDS and ACE OF CUPS give the insight/advice/guidance.  Ready? Go!

A Knight of Swords topic involves change that comes from action.  Did you ever have times in life when you had to do “something” and sometimes we will say the phrase that comes from the desire to just get things moving.  And so we may something to a friend that goes something like this, “Look; I can’t just do nothing–I’ve go do ‘something’ even if it’s wrong!”

Initiating something just to get the ball rolling.  Suddenly what comes to mind is those pawn shop TV shows where they negotiate over the price of an item for sale or an auction–someone’s got to start the bidding.

The Knight of Swords  represents a time when one takes action and perhaps begins the communication, the dialogue ensues–that is what (my intuition has decided) the issue is that this blog will address.

It takes courage to make the first bid at an auction or begin a difficult conversation with someone or… just had an image of someone who has something like agoraphobia which is that fear of going outside of the house.  Just initiating that first step takes great courage.

What added advice or guidance can we derive from the other two cards?  (The Two of Swords and Ace of Cups)

Two of SwordsTwo of Swords reminds us of something.  We’ve got to open the heart to the process and look directly at anything that may cause us fear.  Take the blinders off and open the heart is what the Two of cups tells us.  So many times we let our minds run wild with imaginings of what could happen, projecting into future with a good many “what if’s” which keep us trapped.

Personally, with fears I’ve found the best way is to invite them in for tea and cookies–meaning this.  I run through the worse case scenario– what’s the worst that can happen?  Here is a good place to recommend “The Work” which is a system of challenging one’s thought which is a whole program of awareness based on ancient teachings and coined by Byron Katie.  I suggest to Google the name/term if you’re not familiar and want to know more.  Basically, challenge the fears, listen to the wisdom of the heart and don’t let fears inhibit your decisiveness.

ace of cupsAce of Cups echoes this sentiment, nearly validating my interpretation of the other card. The deck I use the most (Herbal Tarot) pictures a lotus flower, a cup overflowing with light held by a hand in the clouds with the dove of peace nearby and  all these symbols speak to me about finding the peace of spirit through devotion in some way.  One may ask what devotionals such an individual who has such concerns or issues described by the Knight of Swords subscribes.  Where is there any level of devotion that one can draw from?  Some are devoted to their spirituality, their family, their own self-improvement but we all have some level of devotion.  If we don’t the guidance is to find that something that you’re devoted to and use that to help with courage and decisiveness, keeping in mind that we all have help available from… well, what’s the usual expression people use?  Help from above is how most would say it.  So one can draw upon that.

Big decisions are difficult but small one’s are not.   And sometimes just taking one step or making one small decision to get things started (with the understanding that it doesn’t have to be permanent) is what frees up the energy enough to brings new ideas.  And it strengthens faith in the universe as a good place to be and of course enhances self-trust as well.

Just sayen:  I’m a psychic and of course I love divination!  Just had to go there just now. Anyway…

So take that first step out your door or initiate the communication or action!

Daily Divination 6-7-11 Watch It, People are Speaking their Truth! Are You? – the Sun is in Gemini – Knight of Swords!

Watch It, People are Speaking their Truth! Are You?  The Sun is in Gemini and this archetype relates to the Knight of Swords!

How do we speak our truth, say what we feel and express our opinions (expressing what we feel that we need to) in order to be in integrity with our self without being manipulative, controlling, overly willful, impatient or unkind? It’s a pickle! If we suppress or repress what we feel we need to say or express, this creates more problems in our own spirit. Yet, sometimes we can go too far and express from our own hurts and disappointments instead of our authenticity. For example, take this situation with someone who is very close to me… it relates to the Knight of Swords tarot card that I pulled today. Maybe there is something here that you can relate to or draw something from for your own path.

I am working to resolve some strong feelings of disappointment and perhaps even anger around a situation with someone regarding a situation from many years ago. At the time, I repressed and suppressed my own feelings. My sense of it is that at the time, I was on overdrive selflessly helping this person, putting my own feeling aside.

Recently something happened in this individual’s life and it feels (for me) like the past repeating itself to some extent—at least to the point that the previously repressed feelings are triggered. In my soul-searching as I ask myself where my recent feelings of anger toward this individual are coming from, it is clear they relate back to events from many years ago.

It’s like the picture on the tarot card—the energy is coming right at me! All of it, I’m certain, relates to my own shadow—parts of myself that I’ve been not willing to integrate. I asked for some help around this situation and had a dream last night and within the night reverie, I woke in the midst of it and said, “I did the same thing!” My take on it is that the soul-mind was showing me that which I’m disturbed with this person about is part of my own past somehow.

This integrative process was helpful and since then my feelings have softened—yet, that doesn’t change the fact that yesterday I spoke to this person firmly and directly expressing my thoughts and feelings without holding much back. I wasn’t unduly unkind; yet without premeditation (it just happened) I simply could not suppress or repress.   I gave voice to the anger that I’d held down for so many years without realizing it was there.

I’m finding lately that I’m able to stand in my truth and express it but am also on guard to not overdo it or not respond from a place of hurt or not out of an intention to control or manipulate. Rather to speak in a way that I am being true to my own self—in integrity with ‘me’ so that there is no conflict in my spirit afterward. It’s a pickle, as the saying goes. And one does not wish to create further karma but again one must be true to one’s self while not being unduly unkind to others.

That’s sort of the calling card of the Knight of Swords and I hope that my little example has given this archetype additional meaning.

Additionally, Knights are protectors and what I spoke to this individual about did involve protection energy. “Take good care of yourself and parent yourself wisely!” were some of the words that I spoke. My heart was coming from a sense of wanting to protect, but I was also expressing some frustration and anger that simply could not stay silent any longer. It was purely impulsive and I know that the transiting Moon yesterday that was sitting right on top of Pluto and triggering my natal Mars/Pluto/Saturn 12th house stellium helped what was subconscious to become conscious in that moment.

I have not spoken with this individual for many weeks and I received a phone call right when the Moon was triggering Pluto, et al—to the exact degree, mind you! And out it came—energy coming right at you! And that’s the Knight of Swords energy all over! Knights, after all, in addition to being protectors are defenders of truth and honesty and have no problem cutting to the chase.  Frankly, neither did I yesterday.

I would not normally blog about this kind of thing with a personal relationship but what happened yesterday relates so well to the Knight of Swords that I knew I that I had to. The Knight of Swords is willing to speak his ideas and opinions! And I did that yesterday. But he must be careful not to do so at the expense of others while he is so brave and aggressive in speaking his mind.

It’s a pickle and it’s not easy to know how we are affecting others when we speak our truth, but sometimes when the energy cannot be held back and the time is exactly right (like it was for me astrologically yesterday) the subconscious spills its stuff.  And sometimes the chips have to fall where they may while we hope that it’s in divine order and will be more helpful than hurtful.

Maybe something with me is changing – I feel more willing to speak my mind than ever before. There is a need to modulate the best I can and to do a systems check in the middle of it all to be sure that I am not speaking from a place of an old unresolved wound of my own.

The astrological correlation is “the firey part of air” so any combination of an air and fire such as Mars in Gemini or Mercury in Aries is the idea. The planets that are associated with Air are Mercury, Venus and Uranus. The air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. As far as fire energy goes, the planets associated with fire are Mars, the Sun and Jupiter and the signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Currently, at the time of this post Mercury is in Gemini *(double air) and the Sun is in Gemini (fire and air).

Yesterday, the Sun in Gemini was making a sextile to all that Moon conjunct stellium stuff in my chart which made it easy (sextile) to speak (Gemini) with fire (Sun). Hey, I’m not blaming it on astrology but as above, so below—what can I say? The cooperative nature of the sextile made it easy to engage the Knight of Swords archetype of my psyche.

Since my message to this individual was to protect, parent and take care of the self; I simply have to, if I’m to be honest, look within and ask how well I am doing that very thing myself? And, if I’m honest, I can see that lately I’ve not been doing such a good job of it. I’ve not been eating properly, using the heat to excuse myself from my normal routine of exercise and some other things.

Bottom line? Sometimes when we repress our own feelings they come up when the karma is ripe or when the planets are in the right alignment. In order to resolve additional self-conflict later, speak your truth by being true to yourself and keep emotions in check, stand in self-integrity and express yourself when necessary by being direct but not blunt, authoritative but not overbearing, incisive but not cutting, expressing knowledge rather than opinions, and be logical but not unfeeling. And then don’t forget to look within and take your own advice on whatever matter it is you’re talking about. Trust your own inner authority and keep your motives in the realms of creating positive change without being self-serving. These are all good things to keep in mind especially now that the Sun and Mercury are in Gemini.  The Sun is at the midpoint of Gemini right now which is where it is said to be the peak-point or to have the strongest effect.