Personal Tarot Traits – I was the Knight of Swords!

Personal Tarot Traits – Relating Personal Daily Experiences to a Daily Tarot Card

Knight_of_SwordsI was the Knight of Swords.  This card is about obeying one’s own Spirit!  I was the Knight of Swords yesterday… well, at least there was me personifying this archetype.  I spoke my truth.  I was brave.  Someone (like me) with a lot of “people pleasing” and “confrontational avoiding” Libra in a birth chart finds that a challenge.

I took some action involving communicating something that represented my personal truth yesterday.  We could say that I defended my own truth which took a bit of courage in a way that is untypical of me.

(By the way, I’m not referring to anything having to do with yesterday’s King of Swords–I’m writing about an entirely different life experience.)

Sometimes when we do this kind of thing — speak our mind  honestly or make a decision that is in alignment with our inner wisdom — especially if we’re not accustomed to doing so — we may feel a pang of concern about it afterward.  Did I create karma or set into motion something that may come back to bite me?

When I drew this card yesterday,  I had no idea what it could mean for the day ahead. My own habit when I see a knight of any suit is to think “change” in some way. Perhaps “change” was true to some extent yesterday as well since, one thing leading to the next, I ended up changing my office arrangement again!  Which in this small apartment is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  LOL   As I was moving things around the apartment I thought of the Knight of Swords and of my usual tendency to think “change” with this card.   And of course “action” is another keyword that comes to my mind.  So those things fit with my office rearranging.

Yet, the other archetype here has to do with words, verbal stuff, communication — we’re talking about swords after all associated with air and Gemini energy.

The day before we had the King of Swords giving his speech at the local YMCA, but the Knight speaks more in personal terms, expressing personal opinions and ideals and … simply speaking his own mind in a more personal or one-on-one manner.

Yet, the Knight of Swords has to be careful not to be self-serving in his communication and aggressiveness has no place when speaking one’s truth either.

Upon self-examination I don’t think aggressiveness applies and the self-serving part is still up in the air (pardon the pun),  but I call following my intuition, even though it was rather impulsive, something that is fair for all concerned.

How do I know it was my intuition guiding me to speak my truth?  Well, first of all there was a feeling and secondly, there was that familiar thing that happens when I sort of watch that energy that comes in and takes over.  Overpowering confidence and calmness cover the whole scene as well.  That’s how it is when a higher part of me takes over.  It’s happened before, and I recognize it.  The reader may have to take my word for that one.

Moving bravely in pursuit of one’s ideals and honest truth despite any cost and allowing the higher mind and intuition to work without fear or apprehension are descriptions of the Knight of Sword’s energy.  That’s how it acts in the psyche and the world.

Allowing one’s self to be “daring”–that’s a good way to express it.  And that’s what I did yesterday.  Daring myself to speak my truth in way that wasn’t forceful, just matter of fact.

This Knight of Swords doesn’t control his horse but allows himself to lunge forward ‘with’ the horse.

When one obeys one’s own Spirit (my personal experience correlates this fact), the gift that comes is one of avoiding ugly and unnecessarily unpleasant situations.

In astrological terms (if you are an astrology buff) we could think of the Knight of Swords as the aspect called the “opposition”.

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In the morning when I first awaken, I let guidance come in and do a waking dream for the day ahead.  On one of these occasions recently I received a directive in the form of an idea laced with intensity.   “Draw a card at the beginning of the day and reflect on its meaning and then revisit it at day’s end correlating the day’s experiences with the card.”  That’s the treasure at the end of the rainbow so-to-speak.  Doing so gives insight into the world of divination for the purpose of adding layers or additional traits to the tarot card meaning.  This deeper understanding to the cards can be applied for use when doing future readings.  It’s like letting Life Itself teach us the cards.  

Personal Tarot Traits – I met the King of Swords yesterday

Personal Tarot Traits – Relating Personal Daily Experiences to a Daily Tarot Card

King of  SwordsThe King of Swords stood before me in all his glory.  So much so that I wanted to turn my eyes upward and say aloud, “Good one guys!  Perfect in fact.”

I drew the card that morning and then nearly forgot about it entirely until I stood before the guy.

His sword was ready for action and act it did!  What sword?  Well his mouth of course, his words–cutting, direct, and analytically attuned.  He did not roll his eyes or shake his head because we didn’t understand the “rule” that he was  delivering… I’ll give him credit for his stone cold facial expression throughout our entire conversation.  He spoke in a calculating way without a hint of empathy.   But was he actually taking pleasure in his adamant conveyance of the rule?  He was very goat-like in his delivery too.

Swords are associated with words and this guy was the King of Swords, remember?  I’m not sure if all King of Sword types are this way but there was little to no body language along with lack of facial expression with his words.

I didn’t have to stretch very much to relate the card that I drew with the male before me.  He seemed to be flaunting his experience working at the desk and while he did appear to know the rules inside and out, he seemed a bit arrogant about his intelligence as it applied to this one question we were asking.  Really?  Geeze.  (You had to have been there I guess.)  The King of Swords personality does usually include descriptions like:   intellect with poor delivery (no bedside manner so-to-speak).

The King of Swords types of the world want to create and maintain order and seek authority positions of one type or another.  Sometimes we see professionals like surgeons or lawyers carry this kind of energy in their persona.  This man was nowhere near carrying that level of authority yesterday (I like the image on the Herbal Tarot deck *(above) what seems to indicate that–King of Swords sitting down); he was at the local YMCA  after all…  pointed out by another employee as “the man in charge”.

Many times we associate King of Swords energy with someone who is the “defender of truth”–but at the level he was working at yesterday it was more comical than irritating. Manipulating people is the M.O. (modus operandi) of the King of Swords.  The energy of someone who sticks to their guns and is difficult to get around.

No matter which way I posed the question or the scenario, this guy had an ego that was unbend-able.  King of Swords!  There he was standing before me giving me today’s blog fodder!  The King of Swords is not prone to bending rules or accommodating the concerns of others and can get a certain pleasure out of saying “no”.

PS — since our family has two memberships we were asking about my granddaughter coming to swim with either her aunt or grandmother  🙂  Thanks to the guy and the universe working in harmony with my intentions for the experience though.  🙂  I may ask again some other time when I run into a Cup — any will do… King, Queen, Knight or Page. 🙂

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The other morning during my usual wake up routine (no longer hit the floor running like in the good ole’ days) when I let guidance come in and do a waking dream for the day ahead… well, there was a directive in the form of an idea laced with intensity.   Draw a card at the beginning of the day and reflect on its meaning and then revisit the day-card combo at day’s end.  That’s the treasure at the end of the rainbow so-to-speak.  It gives insight into the that world of divination for adding layers or additional traits applying meanings and deeper understanding to the cards, all of which can be drawn from those layers when doing future readings.

Daily Divination April 18, 2011 Clarity of Purpose Staying True to Your Path with King of Swords Integrity

Determine what you want, pursue it with integrity, remain civil

If you know where you’re going, it’s easier to get there. 

Begin with the end in mind. You can do it!

Clarity of Purpose; knowing exactly what you are doing and being sure of your path–that’s the theme for today’s cosmic broadcast.  It’s okay if you’re not completely clear, there are those who can help; you can turn to associates or other knowledgable people who can be the “king of swords” for you today.

  The universe will handle the details if you back up your own plan within your own mind being certain what it is that you want. 

It’s true that sometimes we have to do the ‘not this, not that’ before we’re clear or we gather information and in the process of that gathering, clarity begins to form. 

Even if what we know we must do will have effects upon others, still we must do it once we’re clear about what that is; but, we don’t have to trample on others in that process.  It can be tricky especially if you’re the wishy-washy type and give up your rights too easily. The tendency is to go 100% in the opposite direction and be vindictive when you finally do stand up for yourself.  As always, with everything–balance and the middle path is best for all concerned!

 Let’s say, you know the direction, the path, and the outcome you desire regarding a major issue in your life right now but you’re not exactly sure how you’re going to pull it off yet; just be okay with that for now and stay committed to your direction or goal.

  Don’t give up or turn back but don’t be overly righteous either—kindness and consideration for others (even if your judgment is that they don’t deserve it) is always best for all concerened. 

An inner emotional attitude that is at least not spiteful or vindictive is best for you and for all concerned—that way you won’t feel bad about yourself later and will not be creating  karma. 

 Keep to your path with an apex or height of integrity while you clearly speak your truth and intentions.  Stay clear! 

And if you must judge something today; be an impartial judge of your own life, not another’s.   Keep an atmosphere of reason, honesty and high standards yourself. And if you have a choice of whom to work with, connect with those who hold the same standards. 

Be firm, be clear but there’s no need to whack anyone with that sword either.  Today’s the day to continue to work toward true clarity of purpose and committment to your path.