Day #10 – Divination Tools Help Ease Uncertainty or Doubt During Times of Change

I totally get to live it now (again!).  I get to apply firsthand all the advice that comes from the higher levels of mind about change, impermanence, transition, letting go/holding on (an interesting dynamic!) and all the rest.  O, not that I haven’t lived it in the past—it’s a refresher is all. 

Anytime we make a decision that is going to obviously out-picture in a major life change, we have moments—call them temporary moments of insanity if you’d like.  I may have had a few of those this week.  I am laughing inside as I reflect on that last line; there’s a part of me that’s still a bit numb and consequently unsure if I’ve been completely sane the entire week.

I think it’s normal as a portion of life unravels and then begins to reassemble due to the necessity of change that moments of “crazy” happen and there again come those old buddies of worry who is crazy’s cousin.  Those buddies are doubt and anger.  What’s there to be angry about you may ask—don’t worry, I’m asking myself the same question. 

Maybe it’s my rebellious Aquarius energy in my 7th house—who knows?  I really have to get over a certain amount of resentment about jumping through other people’s hoops and dealing with “THE almighty RULES”.   Yeah, I’ve always been a fringe dweller, an outsider.  I’m examining that now; that frustration and resentment. 

But I got through the week and with regard to this project, this commitment, this change–the ball is continuing to roll with or without me because things have been set irreversibly into motion.  Last night I had as moment of angst.  Now this is where divination comes in handy!

Maybe it was me just tired from a long week of bumping heads with… let me be kind.  Let’s just say maybe a certain fatigue set it that wasn’t necessarily physical.  Mentally I am living (in my mind) within the new way of being that comes from this change that I’ve chosen (did I really choose it?) and  physically there is chaos in the realm that I’m still disassembling as part of the change. 

Holy chaos!  What am I doing?  Am I doing the right thing?  I keep getting flashes of the transiting lunar nodes about to come to merge with my natal lunar nodes—once I heard an astrology teacher say that this is… well, she said, “The past becomes the future and the future becomes the past.”  I really do feel like something quite similar to that is going on with all of this!

You know how you get that sinking feeling when you are just about to go walk the aisle to say, “I do”-?  Did you ever do that?  Sometime before you take that walk you say to yourself, “Really, do I?  OMG, am I doing the right thing?”  OR maybe you are about to close on that house whether you are selling or buying—there’s a moment that happens when you ask yourself, “Do I REALLY want to do this?” 

And you’re at the point with it where it is way too complicated to change your mind now!  You know, like you just strapped your body in the roller coaster and it begins to move and you really wish you could get off the thing and it’s way too late to turn back now!

Okay, so I had a moment like that last night you see?  Those kinds of moments can be sort of immobilizing—everything freezes and you feel like you have to go put your head on the pillow for a while and consider everything one more time.

If you’re experienced with life—it’s familiar territory.  You just want someone to come down from some heaven somewhere, float down through the walls and tell you that you are doing the right thing.  That didn’t happen exactly, so I grabbed a few divination tools and did ‘my thing’.

It is calming to shuffle those cards or toss those coins—if nothing else, shuffling the cards is a centering activity in itself. 

It was helpful is all that I can say—very helpful—calming, reassuring, peace-provoking and enabled me to breathe easy once more. 

I’d say the whole affair took maybe a half hour and I was back on course again emotionally.  I was still physically tired but got a lot of good rest last night and today I’m ready to go back at it again.  And the chaos of change I must make peace with until the 30 days is over.  Around this same time next month, I should have totally different view of life; stay tuned.  But my greater point is that divination tools, used properly and with confidence in the tool itself, can be so helpful in the heat of the moment when guidance and an elevated, unbiased view is needed.

It’s worth learning about tarot cards or runes or i-ching and to take a psychic development class before you consider a major change; they can help you.  As a matter of fact, now that we are thinking of it, I’ve noticed that many people who take the class are also planning something huge in their life at the same time—some life changing event like a job/career change or divorce or a relocation.

I’ll post again when there’s time.

Handeling Procrastination Tendencies – Tarot Oracle Wisdom and Inspiration from The Magician – Is it a MARS Thing?

Yeah, I’m doing it – no doubt about it! Procrastination! Dude! Maybe it’s a Mars thing—Mars is stationing as it moves ahead direct, pulling us in a new direction. Maybe that’s IT – blame Mars!  I’m nearly at the final mile in my closet projects—close to the finish line and I am resisting the big finish! WHY is that? And what do we do about procrastination tendencies? Why do we do it? Likely the i-ching would give us a deeper answer but I’m going to pull a tarot card instead and the whole time I typed the first half of this sentence, I was mentally reminding myself (at the same time) that I have bills to pay and a bank statement to reconcile. Ugh! Yeah, and here it comes… more. There’s outdoor projects awaiting too; yet here I am at the keyboard with the coffee. Maybe a little clarity will help—thus, let’s shuffle and draw a card!

As I grab for the cards, I think of my brother—you know something? I haven’t heard from him since last we heard that he was returning with the body of his wife to the village where she was born for the purpose of further burial ceremony. She was a native Alaskan… American Indian; but then most Alaskans’ are and the rest are white who exploit (the funeral home in Anchorage certainly did!) or serve unless they are “THE CORPORATION”. From the layman’s perspective and not knowing much about the culture and observing from way outside, I think all of the talk of “The [mighty] Corporation” may have to do with gas or oil or other exploitive conglomerates. Anyway, one of my other family members said that the tribe she’s from is Inuit but this is wrong and her own family told us (via the grapevine which is apparently how all information in the tribe is disseminated) the tribe is Athabascan which later became Navajo and Apache as they migrated south. Sometimes Athab [p]ascan spelled with a P instead of a B and is pronounced that way. They are very scorpion-ic (Scorpio like) similar to the native local’s around here i.e. private and secretive and suspicious of outsiders. Anyway, while I’d like to project/blame my procrastination on my brothers incommunicado—that’d be wrong.

Let me shuffle the cards and see what the tarot oracle may say about my delay tactics and feelings of procrastination today and meanwhile maybe there’s some wisdom to come for you too on those days when you are putting things off.

Another sip of coffee. Shuffle. Well, well, well. What do you know? It’s THE MAGICIAN. Okay, got it; it’s going to be a ‘personal power’ message that we get from the tarot oracle on this. Whenever I look at this card, it makes me think of (forgive me) but witchcraft – you know? Calling on the elements of the North, South, East and West and drawing down the Moon and that kind of thing. It is totally about focusing one’s energy too but it is about calling on help from the forces that be in order to do that. Okay, so much for my initial impressions. What I’ve gotten for myself so far is that in order to get across the finish line with those projects it is important to envision the outcome—use the mind’s eye. That’s what the magician is doing. All we need to stop procrastinating is a little “magic”.

Suddenly I think of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and that scene where the apprentice puts the brooms and mops to work and then falls asleep only to find he’s created chaos. Anyway, magic. That’s what we need and in order to have it, we call on the big guns. Well, if you’re not a witch or a magician, then what? How about just envisioning the outcome, focusing on the vision and a prayer or two or if that’s not your cup of tea—an affirmation or mantra. How about something like, “I’ve completed my work and it feels so great to have it done.”

The Magician is about creativity and imagination – seeking creative solutions. Visualizations helps with that. And it’s also about the strength of ‘will’….like I said, personal power. “I will do it dammit!” Well, you get what I mean, right? In a way, it’s like the Strength card and also the Chariot but let’s not get lost in more detail—that only puts things off even further. The Magician is assuring us that we have everything we need to get the job done; we just have to focus our desire and will. And most importantly we need the enthusiasm to make things happen—like I said… we just need a little magic. And how does that occur?

Well, how does anything at all occur? Anything that happens in the outer world happens first in the inner world—in the mind! Like I said…. visualization. And earth energy—maybe another cup of coffee or forgive me but maybe something like a 5 hour energy drink (I never had one but saw a commercial the other day) and then there’s always ginseng or ginseng tea.


Well, maybe THAT [pause] was in divine timing! I had a call into my daughters and just got a call back. I’d wanted to know how they did in the race this morning—one of my girls and my grandson ran a half-marathon (13 miles) this morning! They’d been training since winter for that. Talk about being inspired… running for 2 hours + straight! Really? And I am being a wimp about finishing my little ole’ minor projects around here! That pretty much does it! I’m good now. What just happened was a total MAGICIAN moment – inspiration!

My two inspiring MAGICIANS!

The MAGICIAN is about holding your position in time and space and remaining in that flow. If they can do a half-marathon, I can certainly plant a few bushes, finish sorting through a few clothes, balance my checkbook and pay a few bills! Let’s master those elements!

ADDENDUM or FINAL THOUGHT:  In my conversation with my daughters, we talked about the finish line and her sisters said that she nearly turned the wrong way near the finish line. 

HO!  do I remember how that goes!!  I ran a 12 mile race once;  they ran 13 miles today… anyway, I remember how people will yell out how much farther to the finish… and how it always seems soooooooooooooo much longer! 

 One race that I recall in particular in which we were told only a quarter of a mile to go… there was a hair pin turn to the left to get to the finish line but when you’re at the end you know you are looking for it and it just seemed to be the longest 1/4 mile I’d ever run!  If you can ‘see’ that finish line, it helps!  

 My daughter and grandson got to the finish line this morning after running for longer than 2 hours straight–and so will I in my own little way!  C’mon!  WE CAN DO IT.  One step at  time; let’s GO!

Getting REAL about Valentine’s Day

Always and in all ways we give when it is not Christmas and love when it is not a valentine day, feel reborn when it is not Easter or spring … every day is a good day to give gifts, to express love, to celebrate spring and new beginnings!

Why does society have to designate a particular day for it?

Bottom Line: “The I AM” in us is Giving and Expressing Love and Celebrating Hope Always in all ways! That’s 365, 24-7.

I have one daughter who says she wears black on Valentine ’s Day and a sister who said she heard dialogue on the radio on the way to work about valentine’s day that brought a tear to her eye because what she heard made her feel alone and sad. I heard someone talk about how in some recent church service some members of the congregation were renewing their wedding vows for the Valentine Day and some members cried because they lost their husbands in the war.

And then I reviewed some generalized astrological teachings recently which emphasized that we all carry within us somewhere the wound or trauma that has to do with being alone and not having our needs met, not receiving comfort. Supposedly, according to that particular teacher’s theory, this wound of separation from “god” (or from the heavens if you prefer that terminology or separation from wholeness if that’s better for your eyes and ears) is carried within us all and becomes re-triggered again sometime in our early years. I’m not certain about all that but if there is an unresolved wound of separation that exists within us, it would make sense that Valentine’s Day would cause us to feel the pain of the wound which still needs healing.

I love what Byron Katie posted on Facebook recently. She wrote, “No two people have ever loved each other.” You know, if you think about it, it’s true. Love is within us and we send it out but it comes back to us—actually, where else would anything go that we send out but back to us?

I see people searching for the mythological twin soul or soul mate without realizing that it is they themselves that they are seeking. Or we could say it this way—they are looking outside of their selves to find the love that is within. We are born alone, we will die alone too—that’s what some would say. Only we can make our own passage to and from one destination to the next, why do we spend so much time confused seeking outside what has always been within—LOVE.

May you find IT this Valentine’s Day or any day—we don’t need society to tell us when to realize Love. Or do we? I’ve got to add what comes to my mind next and that is:

You are never alone if you love the person you are alone with.

PS – Valentine’s Day is the day for people who are trying to fix what they think is broken. And it’s for the bank accounts and balance sheets of greeting card companies, florists, boxed candy makers and anybody else that makes and sells Valentine paraphernalia which will all be reduced for sale tomorrow.  If you don’t get a valentine and box of candy today maybe its life’s way of helping you to remember the Source of Love; but if you aren’t counting calories, love chocolate and you simply must, then I suggest that you pick your self up valentine candy tomorrow–that and everything else valentine-ish will be 50% off then.

I thought twice before I hit the publish this post’ button.  Will readers think I’m sour grapes on love relationships?  I thought about it a second and then turned to the I-CHING for guidance.  Just for the record, I’ve experienced two long-lasting relationships in my life.  In one there were a lot of cards, candy and valentines and in the other, nothing of the sort.  So, I’ve had it both ways you could say.

But let’s see what the I-CHING gives us as wisdom for today and regarding my concern about hitting the publish button on my anti-valentine message.  Its Kua 49 called “REVOLUTION”… well, that’s no surprise– and the first thought I had is that the universe has a sense of humor!  Haven’t I just been writing here about revolting against valentine’s day?

The oracle’s wisdom is about being flexible and having non-attachment.  We could also say, releasing expectations for having those can lead to the suffering of disappointment.

I think that the oracle is telling me not to be attached to whether I should publish this or not — and also to be non-attached to what people may or may not think of me personally.  And looking deeper for valentine’s day guidance, I am recalling my relationships of the past as they correlate with valentine days of the past.

One relationship partner was alway bringing the flowers and cards and candy and the other one not but I did not have much of a care either way, no expectations.  Neither gifts or non-gifts  defined the relationships for me.  Was that because I was carrying the confidence of love within myself?  I don’t know that I’d go as far as to say that, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?   Maybe it was just that we had ‘bigger fish to fry’ in those days if you know what I mean–that’s probably more the truth of it.

Should the goal of a relationship be to carry the confidence of love which comes from within one’s own self?

If we’re looking for something good about valentine’s day, maybe we could see it as an okay day to pause, take inventory of our beliefs about relationships and use the insights gained as an opportunity to grow and evolve.

It may help to recall that we live life without any guarantees.  And since life itself doesn’t offer any guarantee’s anyway, why should we expect those from relationship partners?   Those expectations lead to suffering.

Times change, seasons change and our demands change too.  We are with others but always ultimately alone; and everything we seek exists within us.

That is the revolution and the transformation that a consideration of valentine’s day can offer us–if we’re willing to look.

 By the way… the GET REAL planet, SATURN, is currently RETROGRADE (narrowly focused inward and looking back as well) in the sign of LIBRA which is the relationship sign itself, plus it is at the 29th degree of culminating energy.  No wonder there’s all this get real talk about valentine’s day–look at Saturn@!  I rest my case.

Great Power from your hara: The I-Ching offers advice on the stomach flu! Who’d have guessed? Kua 34

Well, isn’t this interesting?  I’ve been holding a question/concern on my mind this afternoon about this intestinal flu that’s going around—NOROvirus it’s called.  And with that in mind, I turned to the I-Ching for guidance about it.  And we have this Kua 34 that refers to what in Japanese is called hara in martial arts.  The message this Kua brings is about central power; in our bodies we may think of the immune system or the solar plexus or as the Japanese would say the hara or gut or belly.  I think you’d agree this is an appropriate Kua to correlate with stomach flu.  But where’s the wisdom?

Let’s start with the Sun which is the central power point of the solar system—this one point can affect all the other planets in its vicinity.  Without our central Sun what a cold and dark planet this would be—no growth and just ice and darkness.  Not a very pleasant visual.  Speaking of ice and cold, that’s a major symptom of this virus:  chills.  This virus must attack the correlation of the Sun in our body—the power point.  The need for sleep is pretty prevalent with this virus also; if our central power point goes down or is compromised, it can shut down our whole grid until we re-boot.

Endurance becomes a problem.  Now here’s the wisdom or guidance and it’s what we usually hear when we have the flu.  Avoid extremes of any kind especially if it draws a lot of power.  Use your available energy wisely and replenish when necessary.  Water carries energy in it so when we can’t get energy from the Sun (AKA stomach, AKA hara), we can draw energy from the water.  That water can supply energy to our hara, our Sun, our central power point.

Frankly, I’ve not often thought of the solar plexus area as a center or source of power but I don’t do martial arts either.  But a stomach flu could certainly affect that area in a depleting way.

Well, who’d have thunk it?  — that you could get advice on how to deal with the stomach flu from the I-Ching?!  But there it is.  The image sort of drives the point home too, doesn’t it?

PS:  here’s the link to the CDC information on this virus

I wish you Great Power from your hara!  May your reservoir of power remain strong and protected. May it be protected from Norovirus! And if you will excuse me now, it’s time to get back to my ginger ale and crackers.

Current Energy–Go it Alone or Honor the Whole? Aquarius Leo Polarity of Sun Full/Moon Relates to Communication with Community; I-Ching Kua 37

This message is about effective and sincere communication—and hopefully I can do that here in the paragraphs that follow as this divination message unfolds.  And this message is also about FACEBOOK type teamwork that is respectful so that efforts can be successful with each person understanding the importance of their own role.  It’s been a while and it’s time for another blog post—sometimes I seek clarity by turning to a divination method and more often than not it’s been the I-Ching.  I’ve gone through almost all of the Kua’s now and have only 3 more left.  Maybe we can ask to gain some insight and perspective about the current pattern of energy generally speaking.  There’s astrology as a method but I’ve covered a bit of that lately in on my Facebook Wall, so I’ll let that stand and look toward this other divination method now for some wisdom and guidance.  What should we consider about the current energy pattern now and how to respond to it most wisely?

Well, sure enough this does relate to the Sun being in Aquarius now; it’s Kua 37 and has to do with the clan/community/family/ancestry/heredity archetype.  The human family—how we have so many differences but how we are also all alike; two eyes, a nose and mouth even though there are so many other differences.  Focusing on what we have in common—the common heredity; that is how we can respond most wisely to the current energy pattern!  You can apply that wisdom or guidance in about as many different ways as there are stars in the sky—dependent upon the current question or concern of your life.

Ha!  Just look at the image of the Kua 37 called THE FAMILY and tell me that you cannot help but think of Facebook!  Wu Wei’s Book of Answers calls this Kua THE GROUP and indicates the influence of the family or group is helpful as far as enabling you to accomplish more than you could alone.

I’m still marveling at how today’s Full Moon in Leo is triggering the opposing Sun in Aquarius which is so much in archetypical alignment with this Kua 37.   That’s Aquarius energy—the group, the clan.

The current energy is about everyone fulfilling their duties and functioning for the good of the whole with humanitarian attitudes such as loyalty and dedication and sticking with one another during times of external conflict.  Families and clans, after all, protect one another and they share resources.

Sometimes standing apart and separate just simply doesn’t work if we want energy to move forward—we have to think inclusively.  What do you have to offer the world?  That’s what this Kua seems to be asking us to consider.  This is how we can best work with the current energy—to consider this inner question in some way and then respond to it, finding some way to share what is the best that we have to offer in order to play our part well.

Focus on strengthening mutual support now and we can practice this within the home and family unit if not at work or in organized groups.

Honor the opinions of others and respect your own opinion too while at the same time realizing that they will not always match—they’re not supposed to!  The ideal is to find the common ground and build on that.  Blend the male/female energy of both authority and gentleness.

This is the perfect Kua to draw when the Sun is in Aquarius (and conjunct Mercury today no less!) opposing the Leo Full Moon.

“We are all members of one human family. Faced
with constant threats to their survival, our ancestors–
black, red, yellow, and white–developed family and
tribal bonds. Clans, tribes, nations have fought one
another down the ages to protect themselves and
 further their bloodlines, customs, and beliefs. Now, as
a species, we have finally reached a threshold: we
can no longer afford to base our relationships on
 factionalism and noncooperation. If we remain
entrenched within our collective inheritance of
aggression, fear, and separation, we will bring to a
 standstill life as we know it.” –Ma Deva Padma


How to Move Through February 2012; Divining some Guidance for the Upcoming Month I-Ching Kua 44

The question in mind for today’s divination message here on the last day of January 2012 is about February and how to move through this new month with grace, ease, security, contentment, prosperity and happiness.  The guidance and wisdom reply comes through Kua 44, The Attraction of Opposites. Suddenly, I think of that phrase “fighting fire with fire” and envision how quickly fire can catch and spread.  In the Wilhelm/Baynes Book of Changes this Kua is called “Coming to Meet”.  Fire can fester below the surface, below ground roots can burn without the eye seeing fire and then suddenly the flames spring up and spread.  It feels that we are being guided to keep anger, passion or any type of fiery energy from getting out of control.  Interesting; since Mars (the planet associated with fire) is retrograde meaning fire energy turned inward toward oneself.

Another image that comes to mind is of heaven and earth coming to meet each other but if there is a desire for personal selfish gain at that time, the energy can backfire and disastrous results could occur.  So here is, it seems, a head’s up that we should keep our efforts free of selfish motivations this month especially as we “Come to Meet” the higher energies that are available to merge with us here on Earth.  Sounds pretty esoteric I suppose, but a reminder to keep our motivations altruistic and humanitarian this month can’t hurt.  Careful that all of the efforts in February are not solely motivated by a desire for personal recognition and personal gain—that can get too easily out of control.  As Edgar Cayce once said during a reading, “There is set before thee good and evil.  Chose thou.”

Approach others throughout the month of February from a position of equality and independence with your footing on equal ground.  Don’t let the wind carry the fire creating an out of control situation.  Remain conscious and avoid passions becoming out of control and avoid becoming heavily invested in any particular outcome.

Transiting Mercury is moving through the constellation Aquarius now.  It is nearing our Sun and will merge with our Sun on Feb 7th.

Insights from your Soul about your ‘purpose’ can flash in as this progresses  if you can be clear/open these first few weeks of February 2012.

Today the Moon is in ♉ Taurus… remains until Wednesday Feb. 1st afternoon EST. Taurus ♉ rules the 2nd house of what is valued (AKA House of $money$). It’s a good time to visualize all the bills are paid and a steady stream of money flowing toward you. ♥  People are likely to be in a conservative mood when the Moon is in ♉ Taurus… folks will favor banking, gardening and generally chill-laxing!  PS — the hungry ♉ Taurus Moon feels fed when its feeling secure.


Obstacles, Frustrations, Delays and Highly Evolved Humans; And What is it with Time Lately? Mars Retrograde January 2012

Time – an illusion, a delusion they say and I’m feeling and understanding that more and more these days.  It’s nearly February and here in the North Carolina Mountains it has so far been a wet, soggy and unseasonably mild winter.  So much so that the daffodils are starting to bloom!  Yeah, I hear ya’—way too early!  I glance out the window and see the bird feeder is empty and I will break into my thoughts and typing to go fill it—will be right back.

There.  Done.  So where were we?  Time and timing and delays in timing and wires getting crossed—just before the holidays it started.  It?  Issues with the car insurance and telephone company and a few other things; billing mistakes that I’m still not sure are completely resolved.  People seem to tell you what they think you want to hear just to get you off the phone, and then nothing changes–then  you’re back at square one again.  In the psychic class I’m having to chase after folks to fulfill their obligation to do the project reading – or at least it feels that way to me; everyone seems to wait to the last-minute.  Not that I don’t understand that (I do; everyone’s busy or whatever it is),  but it just seems like everyone is distracted and overwhelmed these days.

In glancing out the window just now I see that my cardinals and the other birds are glad that I noticed the feeder was empty—there’s quite the crowd out there now.  They, too, must wonder why it takes ‘me’ so long to remember to fill the feeder with seed.  I’m distracted too I suppose and then to make the whole darn ‘moving forward thing‘ even more frustrating—yeah, I guess that’s the word:  frustration! The rebounder cord on the pilates machine broke, so there’s been no therapeutic bouncing exercise for me lately!

Frustrating delays around timing and getting things done seems to be the theme. Things are  starting to move forward a little bit now, energy is breaking free.

Life has felt like a rusty old cobwebby wheel that got frozen in time around mid-December and here at the end of January, with lots and lots of effort on my part, is just moving forward an inch or two!  I’ve felt a bit like I’m in slo-mo if you know what I mean and if that slow motion has been how the telephone company people and car insurance people have been feeling too… well, it’s no wonder the frustration.

I’m going to put it out there in the cyber world and yell it out to the universe right here and now:  FEBRUARY IS GOING TO BE A BETTER MONTH!  The timing may be off here and there but overall, we’ve got to break the rusty frozen wheel of time!  Let me consult the I-ching here a moment and ask for some guidance and counsel about how else to get things bouncing again (in addition to the rebounder cord arriving in the mail).  What wisdom comes from the I-ching about this?

Well, here it is:  I drew Kua 39, called  OBSTACLES.  Does THAT sound right on or what?  The themes or archetypes of this Kua have to do with unexpected obstructions, frustrations, difficulties, feelings of hopelessness, struggle and discouragement.  I’ve not felt hopeless but for a few times with that horrid Frontier Communications phone company!  I nearly quit on them entirely but things are starting to clear up a bit—not that I still don’t have so much static on the phones whenever it rains more than one day in a row; but at least I think they straightened out the bill (fingers crossed; time will tell).  And the house still smells awful in places here and there from the work of terminator the exterminater who was here just before christmas—sigh!  Okay, I admit these are not end of the world issues we’re talking about but maybe you can relate on your own level?

Energy is energy and delays in getting things resolved have been a theme I’ve recognized not just in my own life but… well, let’s just say in my work I talk to a lot of people and we’ll leave it at that.

Personally, I relate to the struggle and discouragement part of Kua 39.  Now.  Where’s the wisdom?

Earlier today I was thinking about how people will tend to hide things about themselves that they don’t want others to know because they think it will destroy their image.  We have this image of ourselves and of our lives that we wish to hold up as flawless and streamlined—like we’ve got it all under control and have got it made.  Of course, most people don’t care about these flaws like we do—sometimes we look at our imperfections under a microscope.  And these are things that are  not perceivable by others.  They try to project an image like “spiritual people never get frustrated, deal with disappointment or respond to difficulties because spiritual people don’t have them”—well, that’s just nonsense.

I love the Dalai Lama—that’s no secret.  One of the reasons why is he shares his humanness and doesn’t hide his struggles and allowing others to see his human flaws and imperfections helps the rest of us.

The wisdom from Kua 39 is that we all have ups and downs and we don’t have ultimate control over everything—I don’t care how many ‘law of attraction’ visualizations you do, there are delays, disappointments and sometimes even disasters.

Those things shake our sense of security.  I had such a shake up when my rent went up drastically and I scurried (much like the mice in attic were doing before Christmas) to make some changes and adjustments.  Sometimes a crisis comes at a time when it is hard enough to just keep your head above water in the first place—that is life.

Yet, we can’t panic and it is at those times most especially that our spiritual training is called upon and is extremely useful and beneficial.  Applying our spiritual teachings and following a well-worn path of meditation helps us avoid panic or feelings of helplessness.  I’ve always said that the real benefit of meditation is not as useful in good times as it is in bad; but if we haven’t created the pathway previously… well, it’s more difficult to begin a first time meditation practice when faced with crisis.

More wisdom from Kua 39… It is important not to become a victim or entertain a persecution mentality when faced with obstacles for this drains potential for empowered action.

And from my own point of view, remember humor and use that as much as possible… sarcastic humor isn’t a sin if it helps you get through it. Be dramatic to blow off steam but don’t take your drama too seriously—remember, that it ‘is’ a drama, a movie, a play.

We want progress and we can become fixated upon it to the point of losing a balanced perspective.  Do what you can and when you can and then switch focus to something else; anything else other than the obstacle that is frustrating you.

And don’t keep it all inside; talk to others and let go of some image that you are beyond having a problem—spiritual people have problems too!

And here’s one; some wisdom that came from my mother when I asked her what she had to share from her life perspective at age 82.  I said, Mom what wisdom would you give to those of younger generations who are facing a difficult life problem.  Her answer was this, “Tell them to hang in there.  Whatever it is, it will pass.”

Currently MARS is retrograde January 23rd to April 13th 2012.  Maybe the Kua 39 guidance in this blog post will be helpful to readers who are affected by the Mars retro cycle…  depending on your own personal chart, your life could be affected differently by the cycle.  But it is usually associated with times of frustration–or so the astrologers say.  Personally, I see it as taking action inwardly–Mars energy turned inward can be a good thing many times.  Mars retrograde does not frighten me; I plan to use it!

Kua 39 says to work with what you can in the moment, with what arises and do it the best way that you can.  Roll with the current, turn to the “big picture” and you will succeed.

And we have to remember the lessons of time—that is an illusion and doesn’t exist.  We have only now so breathe in and breathe out; be with it.

When The Law of Attraction doesn’t Attract and The Best Laid Plans – Kua 64 Before Completion – Don’t Lose Faith

It’s like that old saying we often hear that goes this way:  “If you want to make the Universe laugh, tell It YOUR plans!”  Ahhh, yes and “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…” as the Scottish Poet Robert Burns wrote.    No matter how carefully a project is planned, even though we plan to the best of our ability, something may still go wrong with it. And that’s true even if we apply every new age law of attraction there is and use positive thinking ad nauseam, life happens and then we face uncertainty and doubt in the face of unstable conditions.  And the more we try, the more exhausted we can be become until we feel like we’re running on empty.  The Universe seems to laugh in the face of our plans, but sometimes we are right on the verge of success and it is no time to lose faith.

We do what we can and keep the smile on the face because not to is to give up and we must never give up—adjust perhaps but never give up in the face of plans changing by conditions that seem out of our control–like the weather.
Weather, and its changeable nature, helps us to increase our awareness that generally Life Itself is that way — changeable and sometimes undependable without guarantees — there’s nothing like a life storm to help us ground and to see the big picture.  Humbling as it is.  Don’t count the chickens before they’re hatched as the saying goes, yet don’t rule out the unexpected or let it create a loss of faith; Life is full of unstable and changeable conditions. Weather and Life Itself can be like Taurus with Aries… like “push forward with passion while taking your time and relaxing when there’s a storm”  … sort of an oxymoron; but storms do happen. And sometimes the ice is thin or even breaks… don’t lose faith, just adjust to the changes.

I think of birds sometimes and their nests that become destroyed by the hand of man or by nature.  Wind blowing the nest from the tree or man cutting the tree itself down—these causes have taught the bird to build more than one nest, just in case.  And we always hear that other phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  It seems to me that a Life Storm can help us come up with the time or opportunity to figure out how to secure a few more eggs and put them in different baskets.  We can at least think about it or contemplate it especially if we don’t have the energy to carry out those plans for another day.  Let the birds inspire!  Just build some extra nests in case something happens to one, there are others.

Sometimes our plans seem to become destroyed or changed or delayed for good reason—might be the wrong direction which is leading you further away from your goal.  Maybe the goal needs tweaking or we need to reorient to it or review it.

Or maybe you are almost there even though there have been frustrating setbacks!  Go within and ask in meditation what it is that you need to know–turn into your own heart and wait.  When we call upon Intuition, we are already assuming that somewhere inside we KNOW!   You do.