Perceiving the Minds and Inner Truth of Others – Kua 61 Emptiness, Openness

You could, if you wanted to, observe a good deal by observing any group of people—either in person—or on the Internet in any of those group settings and those observations would give you a fairly good feel for that person’s INNER TRUTH which is being projected outwardly. The heart’s feelings and wisdom (or lack thereof) will eventually make itself known to the careful observer—it is about consciousness. And it is amazing to see it in action. It also helps me realize my own which is why we are here with each other, I suppose, rather than wing it completely alone. Yet, we’re still alone even in a group of other consciousness’es in bodies or in twitter land or other internet gathering places.

If you think about it, the Internet is a perfect example of how it REALLY ‘is’. What I mean is there you are on your computer, alone on your keyboard; yet, in some way still having interaction with various other levels of mind who show up on your screen through your Internet Connection. A perfect example of life.

We can hang out in Facebook-ville or the local train station and we’re just as much alone and interacting with other minds around us; it’s just that at the train station those minds are within a physical body. But, we’re still just as much alone—and this is true even if we have our family in the mix of minds and bodies. We’re still one mind observing the rest and sometimes interacting with them (relating to them) so that we can determine who it is we are and what it is we believe. Our Inner truth, their inner truth and sorting it all out and that takes, if you don’t mind me saying, a good deal of humor. Human nature really is pretty comical if one gives it half a chance to show itself by standing back and watching instead of participating. And we can also laugh at our self in the process too.

It makes me think of times when there’d be someone at a party or social event that others would think of as a wall-flower and sure as rain someone would come along and try to drag the person into the heart of the activity only to hear them protest that they were really enjoying watching. Why does no one ever believe that this could be true? Anyway, these thoughts are the precursor to more serious consideration of the KUA of the day which is 61, “Inner Truth”—the gentle, wind above the joyous, lake. VISUAL: the wind blows over the lake and stirs the surface of the water.

A heart/mind has to be free of prejudices in order to be open to truth; therefore, dogma has no place in observing the truth in self or others. In fact, it’s a hindrance. Truth is not found by adopting certain beliefs from the local preacher or priest-like cult or by any type of social conditioning. It comes from the silent voice of the intuitive heart.

The problem with social conditioning and dogma is that a person is deeply influenced without knowing they are conditioned and dogmatized—it’s all very subtle but it does not miss the careful observer. There are those who find joy in the victimization of their religious figures and model themselves right along with that and let us not omit the new age white lighters who find the multi-million dollar bandwagon to jump on by repackaging the dogma into a new form. It’s all plainly there in front of the eyes of a careful observer with the open, intuitive, free of dogma and unprejudiced heart. And it’s really hard not to laugh about it all until one realizes that people are serious and have created their own specialized hell out of it—and this elicits a certain compassion but at the same time acceptance knowing that someone’s truth is what it is until it isn’t anymore. And some minds with bodies find joy and freedom in obeying those that they deem to be their superiors with their books of writing to stand behind.

It becomes a struggle some days to know if one should smile or cry at what is clearly observed without influence—just simple observation with unattached emotionalism that is always available but often ignored. It’s sometimes insidious but often obvious. Like, there it is—there. Obvious. And it isn’t difficult to see it and know it, for people will bend over backwards to pour out their inner truth to you without even trying to do so.

What the difference is between the truth attained via dogma and social conditioning is both vital and spiritual. The inner voice of one’s own spaciousness is serine and based on love—that love has nothing whatsoever to do with victimization or suffering and all to do with inner peace.

Heaven and hell are both seeds in the mind that are just waiting for you to think them into being and there are many of those seeds planted upon this earth—which ones will you nurture? Which ones are being nurtured by the other minds around you? Do you have a belief ABOUT truth (call this religion) or are you more interested in inner truth?

When anyone has had ENOUGH of the truth that’s been handed to you; when you begin to awaken from the spell of religious and social conditioning and when you can duck and dodge the new-age white-lighters and their multi-million dollar businesses made from repackaged christianity, you will enter an entirely new territory which in spiritual terms is known as “walking the path”.

What does that mean? It has to do with abandoning the prior conditioning and then questioning life. And this leads you within and helps you get in touch with your own inner truth. And that, ultimately, comes out in your attitude eventually whether you want it to or not.

BOTTOM LINE: Once you achieve a state of emptiness and openness, you will be open to receiving wisdom and knowledge from inner sources and the Universe Itself. It requires an open mind and that starts with releasing dogma and beliefs based on old paradigms and patriarchies.

Eventually, you will be able, then, to perceive the minds and inner truths of others.