When The Law of Attraction doesn’t Attract and The Best Laid Plans – Kua 64 Before Completion – Don’t Lose Faith

It’s like that old saying we often hear that goes this way:  “If you want to make the Universe laugh, tell It YOUR plans!”  Ahhh, yes and “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…” as the Scottish Poet Robert Burns wrote.    No matter how carefully a project is planned, even though we plan to the best of our ability, something may still go wrong with it. And that’s true even if we apply every new age law of attraction there is and use positive thinking ad nauseam, life happens and then we face uncertainty and doubt in the face of unstable conditions.  And the more we try, the more exhausted we can be become until we feel like we’re running on empty.  The Universe seems to laugh in the face of our plans, but sometimes we are right on the verge of success and it is no time to lose faith.

We do what we can and keep the smile on the face because not to is to give up and we must never give up—adjust perhaps but never give up in the face of plans changing by conditions that seem out of our control–like the weather.
Weather, and its changeable nature, helps us to increase our awareness that generally Life Itself is that way — changeable and sometimes undependable without guarantees — there’s nothing like a life storm to help us ground and to see the big picture.  Humbling as it is.  Don’t count the chickens before they’re hatched as the saying goes, yet don’t rule out the unexpected or let it create a loss of faith; Life is full of unstable and changeable conditions. Weather and Life Itself can be like Taurus with Aries… like “push forward with passion while taking your time and relaxing when there’s a storm”  … sort of an oxymoron; but storms do happen. And sometimes the ice is thin or even breaks… don’t lose faith, just adjust to the changes.

I think of birds sometimes and their nests that become destroyed by the hand of man or by nature.  Wind blowing the nest from the tree or man cutting the tree itself down—these causes have taught the bird to build more than one nest, just in case.  And we always hear that other phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  It seems to me that a Life Storm can help us come up with the time or opportunity to figure out how to secure a few more eggs and put them in different baskets.  We can at least think about it or contemplate it especially if we don’t have the energy to carry out those plans for another day.  Let the birds inspire!  Just build some extra nests in case something happens to one, there are others.

Sometimes our plans seem to become destroyed or changed or delayed for good reason—might be the wrong direction which is leading you further away from your goal.  Maybe the goal needs tweaking or we need to reorient to it or review it.

Or maybe you are almost there even though there have been frustrating setbacks!  Go within and ask in meditation what it is that you need to know–turn into your own heart and wait.  When we call upon Intuition, we are already assuming that somewhere inside we KNOW!   You do.

Daily Divination 10-9-11 Use Daily Earth Experiences and Effort to Ascend into Light I-CHING Kua 46 Pushing Upward, Advance

Much can be accomplished today one step at a time with consistent effort–the conditions are exactly right for that (no matter which day you read this–divine timing, you know.)  This NOW is the moment to reach for the stars. Be courageous, make effort but anchor yourself in the rich soil of the earth while doing so.  Effort—always! This is Ascending (Ascension); it is pushing upward and using every small action, everyday life itself, in an important way. This is how we rise to higher levels not only in consciousness but also in our day-to-day affairs; there’s no difference between the two anyway. Energy of the psyche must act—it is ‘never not’ acting in one way or another, either to our detriment or benefit. It’s like in astrology—those trine and square aspects.

Trines are opportunities to act but we can be lazy and not take advantage, but no matter because eventually the square comes and then the pressure is on and something’s got to give. It’s our choice–do it the easy way or be forced to do it.  Today I’m doing housework and if I didn’t keep up with it, that’s my choice–but eventually I’d be forced to, right?  Think of that TV show about hoarders and you’ll get the picture; its like pay now or pay later, but eventually it catches up.  And NO, I’m not a hoarder just in case you are thinking that but we all have to go through rooms and do deep cleaning and tossing periodically–that’s my meaning.  Life gives us opportunities and supports certain actions and if we don’t make best use of the opportunity, eventually we’ll be forced.  Observation and correlation, right?  That seems to be how it works if we just look around us.  Anyway…

The message for today is that this is a positive day (no matter what day you read this!) wherein things can be easily achieved but EFFORT is necessary one needs to push steadily toward the light just like the plant anchored in rich soil pushes up and breaks through to reach new heights. If we sit back on our haunches and wait for a jezus to save us or the spaceships to land, we’re wasting the opportunity that this time has for us to make progress, gain confidence—we are guided to accept the challenge of the moment and keep on working. Effort—always!

The I-CHING Kua 46 is called “Pushing Upward” or “Advance” brings forth the message that even the most difficult goals can be achieved if we break them down into simple easy steps. But we must take those steps!

We ‘are’ on earth after all and being grounded and applying steady effort is the name of the game in this reality—there’s no escaping it. So, what applies today is that old adage “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”; we must not become discouraged.

Everyday Life Itself is our teacher and we must not turn away from it trying to escape or wait for someone to save us—we have to keep moving one step at a time while examining each step and where it takes us and discovering if that’s the direction we should go being aware and conscious in each moment so we stay on the right path.

Effort ~ one step at a time, focusing on each step and where it is leading you

It is a time of action and all past struggles that have been part of your journey have led you to this opportune moment. Remain empowered and keep applying effort until you push through to birth a new part of yourself. If you wait for the spaceships to land or for a god to save you, you will be missing a valuable opportunity to use earth experiences to ascend into light.

We all can become overwhelmed with the challenges of earth living from time to time.  Sometimes when I look at my financials I feel that way and in other mundane examples the lawn full of leaves that need to be raked as more come down by the second! (That exact thing with the leaves  is happening right now as I type these words.)    I have closets to clean and a garage collecting some minor clutter (but still!) that needs to be gone through and cleaned, things tossed and tidied up; the thought of all that can be overwhelming.  There are times that I become triggered and a flood or worry or fear will swoop in showing me that I still have such a long way to go to achieve that continual state of peace that I desire–this can leave me feeling discouraged if I let it.

These earth experiences can be exactly what I need to use, to examine, to vow to use at that one-step-at-a-time pace using applied effort to Ascend into Light.

Steady progress helps us to gain confidence on our journey toward light, and examining our steps and making conscious effort is what helps us live that heaven upon the earth (unless you are waiting for jezus or the spaceships that is).

Reaching for the stars with our feet firmly anchored in the rich soil of everyday life experiences of earth–that’s a formula for ascension. 

 BOTTOM LINE:  Remain encouraged; apply continued effort, one step at a time.  All conditions are supporting you.  Hang in there!

Daily Divination 7-12-11 Today is a good day to strengthen bonds in your group – I CHING Kua 13 Leo, Cancer, Aries, Taurus, Justice, The Emperor, Judgment, The Star, The Sun, The Magician

Be cheerful and nurturing to others today. Companionship, Socializing and Group Activity is being encouraged.

I’m flashing in memory to an old notebook that I found in the glove compartment of my old car. As soon as I see today’s Kua 13 message from the I CHING, I think of this. Within the writing of that little notebook were directives to create a psychic development class. I smiled when I saw that remembering how repeated messages came to do so and finally it was created. Frankly, I’d forgotten that.

The words “group” always makes me think of the psychic development class group and the Kua 13’s main message of friendliness, mutual respect, shared goals and strengthening bonds. The message today is to remember that we need one another. There is special warmth that comes from combining forces, or gathering together with others of like mind.

Today is a good day (no matter what day you read this with the understanding of simultaneous divine time) to spend time socializing with others in friendliness and with good will.

The astrological archetypes of Leo, Cancer, Aries and Taurus relate to Kua 13’s message. Leo is about being child-like and self-expressive. Cancer is about a family atmosphere and nurturing. Aries is about having the courage to embrace inter-dependence. And Taurus is about being self-reliant while merging with others. We can now see the astrological influences and how they relate to the “companionship” of this I CHING Kua.

The Tarot archetypes that correlate with this Kua are Justice (fairness), The Emperor (achievement), Judgment (opening up), The Star (optimism/meditation), The Sun (Light, joy and creativity), and the Magician (magical manifestation and communication).

BOTTOM LINE:  Work in a spirit of harmony or shared vision with others today in the spirit of shared goals. Ask the self how doing so could benefit both yourself and the group, family or community.