Daily Divination 7-30-11 misinterpreting strong karmic connections for LOVE – I-CHING Kua 54, The Marrying Maiden; Astrological and Tarot correlations

 Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.  –Carl Jung

Whenever we have compromised our authenticity and truth, the first symptom is usually a feeling of emptiness within. And to live in a world of make-believe and to insist on living in a fantasy, we gradually lose touch with who we really are. I did that once in a connection with someone – a very confusing relationship. Like many other people do, because a strong connection was felt, a misinterpretation was experienced.

I was fooling myself and in denial, failing to honor and respect my own truth. Finally, like in all cases such as these, circumstances evolved to the breaking point wherein I had to become completely honest with myself—and with many addictive types of situations, more than once before I could finally break the chains of my own illusion.

Today the I-CHING Kua 54 brings a cosmic communiqué about relationships. The paragraph above was about a one-on-one partnership; however this guidance applies to more than a personal or love relationship—we could relate this to business partnerships, a company, organization, family or any other type of group.

In any of those scenarios it is possible to enter unknowingly at first into a situation wherein our own spirit becomes compromised due to eventual inequality or subordination that comes about through a desire to be in a role or to be in a certain position.

Sometimes it takes a while before we realize we have become a pawn in someone else’s game or have fallen from grace due to susceptibility to flattery or manipulated through unrealistic promises.

What comes to mind is the word “discernment” as it relates to knowing who to trust and who not to trust and perhaps naiveté or gullibility. Some folks can get themselves very confused and in big trouble by believing others, taking everything at face value.

Gosh, what comes to mind next is the whole scenario of the Anthony family—you know about that right? The Florida legal case involving the death of little Caylee Anthony. What we could see happening in some of the family members involved is what is referred to as “silver-tongued devil’s”. What does that mean? People who will say anything to manipulate and coerce and other folks who take those silver-tongued individuals at face value.

I think one of the greatest lessons for those who are born with a consciousness that is too innocent and naïve is to develop a level of sophistication that incorporates the concept that some people can be really good liars. And some will lie about things that it isn’t even necessary to lie about. And further that people will manipulate the truth for their own agenda. If we have not grown up around folks like these, it is very easy to be taken in—we just cannot conceive of that type of manipulative dishonesty!

It’s confusing. And when confronted with it we will say to ourselves, “That’s what they said, why would they lie?” Mostly because we wouldn’t, we believe that other people are like we are.  They’re not always.

Ho! And that’s the real wake up call, isn’t it? When we find out, in undeniable terms, that all along we have been a pawn in someone else’s game, it is an awakening of sorts.

BUT there are no real victims and then we have to ask ourselves how it happened and what our own role was in the scenario and then we can get honest about it.

Was it our own low self-esteem issue that got us caught in the illusion? Were we failing to respect our self and our intuition?

When these things happen, as we look back we can clearly see how we were lying to ourselves or denying the obvious. We might ask ourselves, “How could I have been so blind”?

One of the most painful things in life is facing the truth that we’ve sold ourselves short—or perhaps for a while exchanged our very own soul by entering into agreements that weren’t good for us in the first place.

The bottom line message is that we need to allow ourselves to feel it and take responsibility for our part in it—this is the first step in release and reclaiming our soul. And feeling those emotions of self-betrayal (even though initially it feels like the other (s) betrayed us) can be horribly painful. It’s like I blogged about yesterday… bringing light into those dark places!

I’ve got to say from my personal experience, that I thought I’d cleared the energy (of that one relationship situation) many times; but, apparently I didn’t go deep enough. It was back when Uranus was exiting my 7th house and my transiting SN was hitting all the 12th house planets that the final catharsis occurred. It was pretty dramatic and probably involved clearing more than one lifetime’s worth of issues. Sleepless nights and many tears were involved but after all the review and re-examination in a new light (it took some time), I learned quite a lot and felt so much clearer about so many things. I know that sounds vague, but I am sparing you the details.

When we wake up to the realization that there is a fatal flaw in what we thought was going to be a perfect situation, we sometimes want to go back to sleep again and not look at reality—meaning that we put those rose-colored glasses back on and make excuses to cover up what we know deep down is true but simply can’t face—sometimes we don’t see it but everyone else does but we think it is they who are confused (not us).

We can so easily ignore the whispering of our own intuition when we become attached to a desired outcome—that happens so easily. The thing is to love yourself out of it and the first thing is forgiveness, knowing you did the best you could at the time.

In my case, it was an instance of misinterpreting the signals of ‘strong connection’ to another soul as something that it wasn’t. It was karmic connection that needed to be released in this lifetime.


Aquarius – willingness to be a ‘group of one’; detachment

Pisces – illusion; delusion

Taurus – self-reliance

Gemini – truth versus lies

Death – releasing unhealthy attachments

Hanged Man – reversing a situation; seeing things from the opposite viewpoint

The Chariot – liberating from old patterns; distinguishing the true desires of the enlightened self from the compulsive desires of the un-awakened self; success on one’s journey; the need to release emotions

Lovers – Looking to another person to make you feel whole and complete when you already are; balancing one’s own male and female energies i.e. ‘the marriage within’; the inability to see parts of an issue to which one is temporarily blinded due to attachment to a desired outcome; the need to develop discrimination i.e. knowing who to trust and who not to trust

Fool — innocence and naiveté; being foolish

The Star — being guided by inner wisdom and intuition; discovering the truth within; cleansing and renewal


Daily Divination 7-20-11 Walking our Path in Spirit, Not Ego – I-CHING Kua 10 Treading – Cancer, Leo, Taurus, Gemini, High Priestess, The Emperor, Judgment, The Lovers, The Fool, The Star

Do you feel like you have to prove yourself? That’s your ego at work– not your spirit. Today’s cosmic communiqué comes from the I CHING Kua 10 called “Walking your Path”, also known as “Treading”.

We all tread that fine line between our basic spiritual essence and our ego/personality.

Understanding spirituality, psychology and our own individual soul’s evolution and karmic past can help us walk our spiritual path instead the path of the ego.

Discernment is a good word for today’s message—discerning the ego mind from the higher mind. It’s a 24-7 issue for all of us and requires inner awareness, centering and integration.

Today’s message is about being spiritually responsible in all of our dealings without having to prove anything to anyone!

This involves getting above the emotions, going above the level of the water (emotions)—get above the waves is one way to say it. In other words, surf above the emotions.

The Astrological Correlations of Kua 10-Treading are:

Cancer – Emotions; water

Leo – Ego Issues

Taurus – Peace, Bliss

Gemini – Need to balance left brain (ego) with right brain (intuition)

The Tarot Correlations of Kua 10-Treading are:

High Priestess – Universal Mind

The Emperor – Stability and Order

Judgment – Awakening to Inner Self

The Lovers – Divine Discrimination

The Fool – Being a “free” spirit

The Star – Intuition, Meditation, Inspiration, Peace

Daily Divination 7-15-11 Societal Judgments Towards Psychics; Leading and Following with good intentions; Kua 17 – Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces, The Lovers, The Fool, The Star

I regret saying that I feel a vent coming on! I’m going to try to keep it in check—that ole’ ego stuff, you know? The ego took a hit this morning while I was talking to my sister. It’s her boss and his judgments about me and my work as a psychic.

According to what my sister said, he pretty much has me pegged as some kind of freeloader and someone who takes advantage of others—it his own paranoia; but it still triggers that old stuff of my own wounds.

He doesn’t believe in psychics (you see?) and has some judgment that psychics take advantage of weak people—this sets my tail spinning!

My clients are the most educated, intelligent, professional and brilliant people who happen to believe that there are higher levels of mind! Teachers, nurses, psychologist, people who work on Wall Street even; to name a few! Hold on a second, I have to unwind my tail.

Yeah, I can get worked up about someone who doesn’t even know me making these types of judgments when they don’t know anything about me or my work! Baaaaah, Humbug to him!

Yes, it is parasitic to prey on others in order to fulfill one’s own ambitions. That’s true but this is not even close to who I AM; as a matter of fact, if I feel that a client is contacting me too often, I discourage co-dependency.

My sister’s boss has no idea how many hours I’ve worked to build my website and teach and share knowledge—NOT AT ALL for the purpose of preying on other people. Humbug to him again!  But this vent does relate to today’s Kua 17 believe it or not.

Today’s I CHING draw is Kua 17 and it relates to leading and following. It is about loyalty, adaptability, cooperation, trust, sensitivity to others, service and receiving guidance.

But it goes deeper…. The message today is about teaching or leading in a way that always keeps in mind that the ultimate goal is to set people free (not create co-dependency) so that they can follow his or her own course.

This is the highest calling of my work both as a psychic, soul astrologer and as a psychic educator–teaching and leading in this way is also what is pulling me toward offering services in past life regression in future.  It’s about setting people free or helping to facilitate that process.

It’s all about helping to liberate others and has nothing at all to do with anything else self-serving. This is also why the people take my psychic class–to evolve spiritually and to be able to help others.

Like everyone else I have bills to pay and societal obligations and responsibilities, but that is secondary to what I do. I feel this gentleman of the ‘corporate world’ who was born with “a silver spoon in his mouth”—an expression referring to being born into wealth—has never been in a situation where he left a bad situation with $6 in his pocket to start over (as I have). Humbug! Got to grab my spinning tail again—hold on a second. Deep breath!

My sister asked him for hotel points (or something  like that) for an upcoming family reunion and he asks if I’m going to pay my share of the hotel (of course I will!) He assumes that I’m a freeloader simply because I was helped in the past with housing assistance! There goes my tail in a spin again!

Back to Kua 17. Here we look at the opposites of a leader or teacher who exploits people for their own end and followers who avoid responsibility for their lives. Gathering followers for self-aggrandizement and personal power is the worse side of the polarity. The positive side is stretching and growing realizing one’s full potential as a teacher or leader and giving good example in that role in order to give others the courage they need to make the stretch for themselves. Also, being willing to learn from students; we are all students and teachers.  I continue to remain inspired by my students and learn much from them–a fantastic group of spiritual individuals for whom I am very grateful.

I’d like to think that this is where my heart is and what I am actually doing—encouraging others to make the stretch to connect with higher mind in order to affect their liberation from fears and old wounds. I guess that is strange to say as I am, through these paragraphs, airing mine—my old wounds visa vie my sister’s boss. The ego, the pride—becomes offended and this we battle all the time, don’t we?

But back to Kua 17; a good leader or teacher must also be a good follower and student. I am continually learning and following higher teachings as most readers of this blog are doing. Without the teachers and guides that I look up to—without those role models—higher aspirations would be more difficult to attain. The teachers and leaders that I tend to follow are those who are selflessly devoted and this is what I wish to emulate in any role that comes before me to teach or lead in any way, as humble as that may be.

That is the core message of this Kua. Experimenting with different philosophies and teachings while taking different approaches to life is the only way to evolve and grow spiritually. It has nothing to do with any type of manipulative sales pitch and all to do with following one’s heart.

Today’s message is about service and being sensitive to others with a pure heart. The best way to know that you are following the truth in your life is to check out whether what you are doing provides a deep sense of meaning and purpose to life—even if you are challenged at times by the prejudice and judgment of your sister’s corporate boss!

To thine own self be true, as Shakespeare once wrote. Cooperate with others, with society and be adaptable but always true to YOU! (Despite criticism and judgment from society.) That is the lesson of the psychic’s path!

Another lesson for me, received today, via my sister’s boss!

Of course, he did not speak this to me directly but behind my back to my sister as cowardice and judgments go.

The Astrological Correlations to Kua 17 are:

Taurus –self-reliance, being true to self

Gemini –communication and truth

Aquarius –liberation and freedom; working on one’s own (as in being self-employed)  in a unique-to-self  kind of way

Pisces –Universal Mind and Spirituality


The Tarot Correlations to Kua 17 are:

 The Lovers –separating from dependent situations; balancing the male/female energy within; staying true to YOU; refusing to let the end justify the means; determining what you truly care about

The Star –optimism, hope, inspiration; reaching a higher level; generously giving to others; sharing with others in good will

The Fool –proceeding with joyful innocence; being true to yourself (similar to The Lovers card in that respect); being willing to follow different rules and standards than the majority of society; taking the path of personal growth; believe in yourself even if the majority of society doesn’t because a good minority will believe in you; follow your heart

With the astrological correlations combined with the tarot, hopefully this gives a deeper (greater) feel for today’s message from the I CHING Kua 17.

It is up to you to see how this message applies in your life today—with my ‘tail spinning’, I’ve given you my own personal example.

Cosmic Communiqué 6-22-11 Finding and Communicating Joy in Your Life! Kua 58, Gemini, Taurus, The Sun, The Star, The Magician

Today’s Cosmic Communiqué advises reflection upon the true source of joy.

 The main difference between joy and pleasure is that joy comes from within, while pleasure comes from the outside world—mental and physical sense gratification.

We are able to maintain joy when we cultivate affection, consideration, respect and kindness toward others.  That, however, begins within the self first and then is consequently shared with others–joy shared is joy doubled!

Those who can reach a state of bliss in life do so, in my humble opinion, by understanding their own nature and the nature of reality Itself. And part of that includes understanding the past, incorporating it or integrating it so that it can be released (healing).  In that way,  freedom can be achieved. And that freedom creates an inner state which enables us to share this state of inner strength and joy with others.

When anxiety and discord are banished as a result of healing and integration of the past, what is realized is the true nature—joy—is found to be the core of one’s own being.  As this happens, Life is experienced differently– the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Taurus and Gemini are the correlating astrological archetypes. And The Star, The Sun, and The Magician archetypes of Tarot are the corresponding archetypes of today’s I CHING definition, Kua 58.

[Entering any of the following search terms–Taurus, Gemini, The Star, The Sun and The Magician—in the search window above/right will yield further information on these archetypes.]

Essentially, the Taurus archetype represents peace and tranquility and Gemini is about communicating—so putting a few keywords together, we could easily see the correlation to the I CHING Kua 58 of the day. This is in basic terms to “communicate peace and tranquility to others”. This is exactly the meaning of today’s message.

Star, Sun and Magic (Magician) are words with meanings which speak for themselves as far as archetypal symbols.

It’s those clichés that we hear all the time—release guilt about the past, forgive yourself and others, love yourself and be happy. I used to become borderline angry when I’d hear this kind of talk because I didn’t understand what steps were necessary. Is it simply as easy as changing your mind? This simmered for a long time while I searched for deeper understanding and actual steps to take—exactly how?  Reciting positive affirmations alone seemed like putting a Band-Aid over the question.  I needed to go deeper, as most people find that they do.

For me it involved learning about the mind, how it works exactly, going deeper into the study of the soul and the nature of reality. Buddhism and Hinduism studies (to name a few) have assisted me a good deal and then soul astrology provided some practical stepping-stones that were helpful.  And then there was a personal investigation of regression, integration,  and withdrawing projections–these types of inquiries.   Jungian Psychology and all the rest have provided valuable personal insight. These are topics that I write about often here in the blog and my weekly newsletters. Is this “the way” for everyone? I don’t know, but it’s been helpful for my spiritual alignment is all that I can share.  I don’t ‘do’ dogma very well–I study on my own, then observe and correlate with my life using discernment and intuition–that’s my way.

And what I hope is that my psychic, intuitive and channeling work with others aids them in receiving the right insight in the right timing for the next step on their path–whatever that might be. That is my intention in my work anyway.

One insight received at the right time can swing open the doors to the soul and reunion with or realignment with the Higher Self.  And that reunion, my friends, is what true joy has got to be about! How could it be otherwise?

It is only through insight that we can heal and transform and find true joy!

Daily Divination 6-14-11 Receive the clues to your purpose on Earth—here’s how NOW! The Moon, Pisces, Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

Receive the clues to your purpose on Earth—here’s how NOW! The Moon, Pisces, Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

The Moon! Spiritual and physical evolution is the focus of today’s divination message.

How interesting to have drawn this card just the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is upon us.

The Moon opposes the Sun now challenging us to determine our own truth verses the lies we tell ourselves—in the form of denial.

Are we being in spiritual integrity?

The archetype of this card is Pisces, the unconscious mind—some say Pisces represents universal mind. But either way, the Moon is about the shadow—parts of ourselves that contain motivations and fears of which we either deny or of which we are unaware.

The Moon card of Tarot represents forces that shape our livesforces that are greater than own thoughts which guide our evolution. And these are the feeling and emotional forces that are responded to from our ego or personality selves.

Full Moon times are great times to meditate. We can, through the help of the higher energies that it is possible to access during meditation, view our emotions and feelings without getting lost in them.

Moon energy represents what is within the subconscious and the unconscious parts of ourselves–the shadow or hidden material.  In astrological terms we would say 12th house stuff–that’s how Pisces gets the association with the The Moon Card.  Pisces,ruled by Neptune, is the natural archetype of the 12th house.

It is said that during Full Moon times, plants go into a deep meditation. It’s a time for spiritual retreat and the plant kingdom seems to know that. That sounds like Native American folklore and whether there is any scientific proof of that, I don’t know; but I’ve heard that before. I suspect it may have something to do with moisture levels and the ocean tides due to gravity shifts but don’t quote me on that—it’s my own speculation.

What I can say, however,  is that many times I get what I call “Full Moon Headaches” during certain Full Moon times and many memories that I’d thought I’d forgotten surface from the subconscious during Full Moon’s.

It seems like the deeper levels of mind are easier to access during powerful Full Moons and this is why its a good time to meditate—you may tap into memories and insights better then.

Dealing with the past and issues or aspects of our lives where we are in fear, denial or struggling with an illusion or delusion are often exposed during Full Moons.

The element of water is associated with the Moon and emotion.  Water, water everywhere!  The Moon card is associated with Pisces which is a water sign and the Moon itself is ruled by Cancer, another water sign.  Thus, the strong emotional correlations by water.

And the obviously increased emotional states during Full Moon times are no secret to anyone dealing with the general public—as you know, hospital workers and police force personnel tell us about it all the time.

If anything needs to be released from the subconscious, it is more easily achieved during times of the Full Moon.  But, this “ain’t” no normal Full Moon–as they speak in the south.  This is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon…


The message for today is that this Full Moon in Sagittarius time is right upon us! And as I have been blogging about for the last week, it is triggering the opposition from the Sun (of course—that’s what a Full Moon means) in Gemini.   I’m stating the obvious; here’s something more direct:

So, we may be challenged to determine what we believe, what our personal truth ‘is’, and we may be challenged to express or communicate (Gemini) that truth in a way that is evolutionary or in new ways, different ways than in the past. 

Why so? Because, this Full Moon is triggering each of us in a way that is working with our own personal soul’s karmic past and evolutionary intent.

Why? Because the Moon/Sun opposition is sitting on the transiting Nodes of the Moon themselves! 

 (The transiting/moving North Node and South Nodes of the Moon represent our evolving soul’s past and future.)

Whatever is happening in your life now and in the next few days especially is going to give you clues as to your life purpose—what you are here to heal and where your soul intends to evolve.

It would be good to pay attention to challenges and insights that are part of your life right now.

That is, if you want to know the answer to those universal questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose?

You will get major clues to that through dreams and meditations and plain ole’ life experiences right now.

Whatever is going on in your life right now – it’s one huge clue to be applied as an answer to those life purpose types of questions.

As this Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, so there will likely be some new imprints on the soul that occur at this time.

Eclipse energy is known to impact our destiny—it can be a time to make a new covenant with the universe.

When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon (like it’s about to do now), we have a Lunar Eclipse and again, the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Sag and through the open window of an eclipse, information can pass through into the soul and the soul can release energy out as well. Energies are released and received and in this case the energy has to do with the archetypal energies of Gemini and Sagittarius (truth versus lies).

The Earth is in the middle of the Sun and Moon and these two opposing Luminaries are creating a tug and pull within us—contractions, like giving birth to new energy.

The magnetic pull of the Sun and Moon eclipsing the Earth is strong enough to open the Earth’s sheath temporarily so that these energies can be received and released. Again, think of it like an open window, perhaps a portal.

Our beliefs (Sag) will be changed and the way we communicate (Gemini) those will also be affected. And in whatever way that happens for you personally, you will be able to put 2 + 2 together to understand what your own soul is trying to achieve so that you can work in harmony with it, instead of against it.

BOTTOM LINE: stop and look at your life now, today, and tomorrow and over the next 3 or 4 days. (I probably should say 3 or 4 months too–for the effects of an eclipse affect us for months afterward.)

Observe and correlate. If you are one who asks questions like, Why am I here? What am I supposed to be “learning” or doing? What is my purpose? You’re getting some great big hints right about NOW!

All you really have to do is observe and correlate what is happening in your own life right now. What issues are being triggered for you? What are you having to pay attention to? How is the theme of Gemini/Sag playing out for you now? (truth versus lies)

Whatever that is, it’s connected to what you are doing here and how your soul is trying to resolve, grow and evolve– just notice.

I’m out of time for today, see you tomorrow…

Daily Divination 6-12-11 Cycles of Life – Lunar Full Moon Eclipse – Wheel of Fortune – Jupiter

The forces of nature! The Wheel of Fortune—which is in astrology terms, Jupiter! The cycles of our lives, the turning points and the change and moving back to “center” where there is stability and spiritual nourishment—that’s the focus of today’s cosmic communiqué.

This Wheel of Fortune card is appropriate for the current astrological weather—a Lunar Eclipse full Moon in Sagittarius is approaching (the 15th) triggering the transiting Lunar Nodes in Gemini/Sag and we will all be visiting the truth (Jupiter/Sag) versus lies (Mercury/Gemini) energy in our lives and our communication methods may receive some restructuring.

The Wheel of Fortune card reminds us that our lives are affected by cycles and those can be seen clearly in astrology. It is important that we remain centered when these cycles are occurring and when we are being imprinted with new energy, which happens during eclipse seasons, like now.

The message for today involves having trust and faith in the adjusting power of the universe and to keep open to the energy of Jupiter, the right brain and intuition. A good affirmation for today would go something like,

 “I accept the changing cycles of life that the Universe brings and reaffirm and anchor to the ‘center’ within me to allow the changes to occur gracefully. I use my intuition and right brain faculties to balance my left brain logical thinking in order to remain balanced and at peace.”

Even though our life may feel like it is doing a turn around, it is an opportunity to become more aware and to realize how everything connects in ways that greater perspectives can be gained. While we have free will to set our own path in life to a certain extent, we do experience twists of fate and larger cycles that affect us, despite our best efforts. At these times, we feel clear that there is a greater power in charge of our lives and to surrender to that can help us realized that there is a bigger picture (Jupiter). When we surrender our will to a more Divine Will and/or acknowledge a greater plan is at work in our lives which we simply cannot control it is humbling, and at the same time it can also be gratifying.

Standing back and seeing the larger perspective (Jupiter) is what today’s message is about. The amount of surprise or resistance that we experience now is an indication of how well we are surrendering to The Divine energy of life.

The only certainty to life is change and—as above, so below—we can see that literally if we study astrology.

In the difficulties of life is where we grow if we work in harmony with change.

There is freedom to make choices in life but these are within the confines of the workings of fate or the soul’s plan—and we can get glimpses of that plan in a natal birth chart.

If this is a particularly good time for you, the works of your past are probably being enjoyed right now. If you are experiencing a down time, ride the cycle and go with the flow and try to work with it, seeing the bigger picture.

Good or bad is a judgment, life will always be cyclical in nature—up’s and down’s; it’s all relative. And nothing lasts forever, life IS change; so hang in there!  If this is a challenging time for you, the good news is that it will pass. Do what you can to turn the perceived misfortune to fortune by seeing the bigger picture (Jupiter) and c;ll on your intuition to help you bring balance.

I love that this card comes up today just as we are approaching the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.

The approaching Full Moon will be sitting right on the transiting North Node that is in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius. The eclipse is activating these issues of truth versus lies and issues of seeing the big picture. The Wheel of Fortune card today is calling to our attention the current and upcoming astrological influences.  What is truth? Is it black and white?  The Gemini part of this eclipse wants it to be.  But the truth is relative and we must integrate all we’ve learned thus far in order to be able to really realize that.

Eclipses always trigger emotions and with the transiting nodes involved, what’s going on involves communications regarding truth vs. lies because the transiting nodes are in Gemini/Sag.

Final thought:  not everyone has to agree with your truth in order for you to feel emotionally okay.

Daily Divination 6-7-11 Watch It, People are Speaking their Truth! Are You? – the Sun is in Gemini – Knight of Swords!

Watch It, People are Speaking their Truth! Are You?  The Sun is in Gemini and this archetype relates to the Knight of Swords!

How do we speak our truth, say what we feel and express our opinions (expressing what we feel that we need to) in order to be in integrity with our self without being manipulative, controlling, overly willful, impatient or unkind? It’s a pickle! If we suppress or repress what we feel we need to say or express, this creates more problems in our own spirit. Yet, sometimes we can go too far and express from our own hurts and disappointments instead of our authenticity. For example, take this situation with someone who is very close to me… it relates to the Knight of Swords tarot card that I pulled today. Maybe there is something here that you can relate to or draw something from for your own path.

I am working to resolve some strong feelings of disappointment and perhaps even anger around a situation with someone regarding a situation from many years ago. At the time, I repressed and suppressed my own feelings. My sense of it is that at the time, I was on overdrive selflessly helping this person, putting my own feeling aside.

Recently something happened in this individual’s life and it feels (for me) like the past repeating itself to some extent—at least to the point that the previously repressed feelings are triggered. In my soul-searching as I ask myself where my recent feelings of anger toward this individual are coming from, it is clear they relate back to events from many years ago.

It’s like the picture on the tarot card—the energy is coming right at me! All of it, I’m certain, relates to my own shadow—parts of myself that I’ve been not willing to integrate. I asked for some help around this situation and had a dream last night and within the night reverie, I woke in the midst of it and said, “I did the same thing!” My take on it is that the soul-mind was showing me that which I’m disturbed with this person about is part of my own past somehow.

This integrative process was helpful and since then my feelings have softened—yet, that doesn’t change the fact that yesterday I spoke to this person firmly and directly expressing my thoughts and feelings without holding much back. I wasn’t unduly unkind; yet without premeditation (it just happened) I simply could not suppress or repress.   I gave voice to the anger that I’d held down for so many years without realizing it was there.

I’m finding lately that I’m able to stand in my truth and express it but am also on guard to not overdo it or not respond from a place of hurt or not out of an intention to control or manipulate. Rather to speak in a way that I am being true to my own self—in integrity with ‘me’ so that there is no conflict in my spirit afterward. It’s a pickle, as the saying goes. And one does not wish to create further karma but again one must be true to one’s self while not being unduly unkind to others.

That’s sort of the calling card of the Knight of Swords and I hope that my little example has given this archetype additional meaning.

Additionally, Knights are protectors and what I spoke to this individual about did involve protection energy. “Take good care of yourself and parent yourself wisely!” were some of the words that I spoke. My heart was coming from a sense of wanting to protect, but I was also expressing some frustration and anger that simply could not stay silent any longer. It was purely impulsive and I know that the transiting Moon yesterday that was sitting right on top of Pluto and triggering my natal Mars/Pluto/Saturn 12th house stellium helped what was subconscious to become conscious in that moment.

I have not spoken with this individual for many weeks and I received a phone call right when the Moon was triggering Pluto, et al—to the exact degree, mind you! And out it came—energy coming right at you! And that’s the Knight of Swords energy all over! Knights, after all, in addition to being protectors are defenders of truth and honesty and have no problem cutting to the chase.  Frankly, neither did I yesterday.

I would not normally blog about this kind of thing with a personal relationship but what happened yesterday relates so well to the Knight of Swords that I knew I that I had to. The Knight of Swords is willing to speak his ideas and opinions! And I did that yesterday. But he must be careful not to do so at the expense of others while he is so brave and aggressive in speaking his mind.

It’s a pickle and it’s not easy to know how we are affecting others when we speak our truth, but sometimes when the energy cannot be held back and the time is exactly right (like it was for me astrologically yesterday) the subconscious spills its stuff.  And sometimes the chips have to fall where they may while we hope that it’s in divine order and will be more helpful than hurtful.

Maybe something with me is changing – I feel more willing to speak my mind than ever before. There is a need to modulate the best I can and to do a systems check in the middle of it all to be sure that I am not speaking from a place of an old unresolved wound of my own.

The astrological correlation is “the firey part of air” so any combination of an air and fire such as Mars in Gemini or Mercury in Aries is the idea. The planets that are associated with Air are Mercury, Venus and Uranus. The air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. As far as fire energy goes, the planets associated with fire are Mars, the Sun and Jupiter and the signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Currently, at the time of this post Mercury is in Gemini *(double air) and the Sun is in Gemini (fire and air).

Yesterday, the Sun in Gemini was making a sextile to all that Moon conjunct stellium stuff in my chart which made it easy (sextile) to speak (Gemini) with fire (Sun). Hey, I’m not blaming it on astrology but as above, so below—what can I say? The cooperative nature of the sextile made it easy to engage the Knight of Swords archetype of my psyche.

Since my message to this individual was to protect, parent and take care of the self; I simply have to, if I’m to be honest, look within and ask how well I am doing that very thing myself? And, if I’m honest, I can see that lately I’ve not been doing such a good job of it. I’ve not been eating properly, using the heat to excuse myself from my normal routine of exercise and some other things.

Bottom line? Sometimes when we repress our own feelings they come up when the karma is ripe or when the planets are in the right alignment. In order to resolve additional self-conflict later, speak your truth by being true to yourself and keep emotions in check, stand in self-integrity and express yourself when necessary by being direct but not blunt, authoritative but not overbearing, incisive but not cutting, expressing knowledge rather than opinions, and be logical but not unfeeling. And then don’t forget to look within and take your own advice on whatever matter it is you’re talking about. Trust your own inner authority and keep your motives in the realms of creating positive change without being self-serving. These are all good things to keep in mind especially now that the Sun and Mercury are in Gemini.  The Sun is at the midpoint of Gemini right now which is where it is said to be the peak-point or to have the strongest effect.

Daily Divination April 26, 2011 Help Arrives! Stay Calm! Sai Baba Left This World – 8 of Swords Jupiter/Gemini

Sathya Sai Baba left his human form to return to the higher dimensions of spirit world on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011 in Puttaparthi, India

 Today’s Cosmic Communiqué has to do with those times—and all humans have them—when we simply cannot see a way out of something or how something can be resolved.  We may feel frustrated or downright frightened like, “How will I possibly get out of this?”  With that comes the feeling of you, in your humanness, not seeing a possible solution feel helpless or hopeless and completely dependent on some outside source of help because your hands are tied.  It happened to me once when I was stuck on the side of the road at 2 AM in a desolate section of the Interstate Highway in Virginia.  The drive shaft pin broke and the car was absolutely dead.  Looking back now, how I even conceived of driving without a cell phone back then amazes me.  All I’d have needed is a basic ability to call 911, but in my defense I’ll add that cell phones were not all that popular back then—can you imagine?   I thought if I made the 4 hour drive in the middle of the night I’d avoid traffic and zip on back home.  Obviously, not such a wise decision in retrospect, but I had not conceived of a car malfunction.  Anyway…

Yeah, there are times in life when we absolutely need help from an outer source because we are just that limited.  I was flashing cars with my headlights when they came by me in either direction which was only about every 15 minutes.   Nobody was stopping to help me and hours went by as I sat there stranded in the dark reviewing any option I had—there simply was none.  It was freezing cold to boot and I had no water or food or even a blanket!  I was on a mercy mission to drive someone somewhere drop them off and drive back and my plan seemed simple and do-able at the time I’d planned it.  There wasn’t much time for pre-planning anyway, but that’s another story. 

Help came, finally when I called upon Sai Baba (an avatar incarnated in India) for help chanting, Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Baba Please Help Me! Not that I hadn’t been sending out an S.O.S. to the universe via prayer before that but anyway…. Long story short, a man traveling in the opposite direction saw my headlights flashing, made a turn around and pulled up behind me.  He said he was in the same position once and nobody stopped for him either.  He gave me a lift to the next exit where I was able to use a telephone to call a tow truck and the rest is history. 

Today I drew the 8 of Swords which is the same archetypical energy as Jupiter in Gemini.  I have to laugh as I reflect upon Jupiter, the BIG planet as it relates to Gemini which relates to communication.  Here’s a basic translation of that—calling in the “Big Guns” so-to-speak.  So it’s like this:  Calling relating to communicative Gemini and Jupiter relating to bigness.  Jupiter is also associated with the right brain and intuition.  Many times we relate Gemini, ruled by Mercury, as the left brain and Jupiter to the right brain.  But Jupiter is also about “belief” as well and I want to write a paragraph on that here—belief.

In my situation, I believed in Sai Baba being about to help me, truly and deeply believed.  This belief was based on a track record that was a pretty good one.  In other words, he’d assisted me before when I was in dire straits—and I believe it pretty blindly because help has never failed to come in a way that the timing and the outcome has always been validating-ly significant. Therefore, it re-enforced my belief.  One of my teachers told me once that if you call upon Sai Baba for help with an earnest heart, help will come within 20 minutes.  Help has always come sooner than that and in the case of my car breakdown, the driver who assisted me was there in 5!  (I noted the time when I started the chant and assured myself that help would come within 20 minutes, and it took 5.)

The 8 of Swords is about patiently waiting in calmness until the situation changes or the way out is clearly shown somehow.  And with that I’d add, it doesn’t hurt to call out for help with confidence through incantation, invocation or prayer in the meantime—let the universe handle the details and remain confident, patient and help will come!

Additionally, today’s message is that sometimes it’s best not to fight the circumstances and to relax, stay calm and be present so that a solution can be provided.  When I first called out for help, meaning when I was calling out in prayer and sending that S.O.S. out to the universe I was not calm, nor confident—it was more like panic and fear praying.  When I remembered about Sai Baba, I shifted into a calm and confident place and had deep belief that help would come, it did! 

The message today is that sometimes we do need help and can’t do it ourselves, and even if we in our humanness can’t see a way out in the time of the crisis or difficulty, if we stay calm and confident, ask for help in our mind and heart, we need only to let the universe handle the details as we wait patiently and calmly with an attitude of trust.  Call in the Jupiter-type spiritual big guns and relax knowing help is on its way.

http://youtu.be/1fs1OBY82b0  <– a little video of Sai Baba, my friend

I just found out in the process of writing this post  via google that Sai Baba left the earth plane on Easter Sunday, 2 days ago.  I had myself a good cry just now as I looked at the huge lifelike 5  ft.  poster of him that I have in my dining room which is my (in Feng Shui) wisdom area (bagua) of my home.  I love you Baba!  Gosh my heart is hurting right now!

After I post this, I’m going to take some vibhuti (sacred ash from Baba) and meditate.  You will see in the video (link above) how Baba manifests it from between his fingers and gives it to the crowd. 

Sai Baba was the manifested incarnation of Divine Love as the Dali Lama is the incarnation of Divine Compassion.  Sai Ram!   I will see you on the other side when it’s my turn to complete my earth business.  Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram!  I love you Swami!


You are seeking joy and peace in far off places.  But the spring of joy  is in your heart. The haven of peace is in yourself.  ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Here’s more on my friend, Sai Baba:

http://youtu.be/1fs1OBY82b0 — (6 min)

http://youtu.be/ZXGXCg3uIWY  a conversation with Sai Baba – with beautiful music and pictures (9 min)

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