How to Move Through February 2012; Divining some Guidance for the Upcoming Month I-Ching Kua 44

The question in mind for today’s divination message here on the last day of January 2012 is about February and how to move through this new month with grace, ease, security, contentment, prosperity and happiness.  The guidance and wisdom reply comes through Kua 44, The Attraction of Opposites. Suddenly, I think of that phrase “fighting fire with fire” and envision how quickly fire can catch and spread.  In the Wilhelm/Baynes Book of Changes this Kua is called “Coming to Meet”.  Fire can fester below the surface, below ground roots can burn without the eye seeing fire and then suddenly the flames spring up and spread.  It feels that we are being guided to keep anger, passion or any type of fiery energy from getting out of control.  Interesting; since Mars (the planet associated with fire) is retrograde meaning fire energy turned inward toward oneself.

Another image that comes to mind is of heaven and earth coming to meet each other but if there is a desire for personal selfish gain at that time, the energy can backfire and disastrous results could occur.  So here is, it seems, a head’s up that we should keep our efforts free of selfish motivations this month especially as we “Come to Meet” the higher energies that are available to merge with us here on Earth.  Sounds pretty esoteric I suppose, but a reminder to keep our motivations altruistic and humanitarian this month can’t hurt.  Careful that all of the efforts in February are not solely motivated by a desire for personal recognition and personal gain—that can get too easily out of control.  As Edgar Cayce once said during a reading, “There is set before thee good and evil.  Chose thou.”

Approach others throughout the month of February from a position of equality and independence with your footing on equal ground.  Don’t let the wind carry the fire creating an out of control situation.  Remain conscious and avoid passions becoming out of control and avoid becoming heavily invested in any particular outcome.

Transiting Mercury is moving through the constellation Aquarius now.  It is nearing our Sun and will merge with our Sun on Feb 7th.

Insights from your Soul about your ‘purpose’ can flash in as this progresses  if you can be clear/open these first few weeks of February 2012.

Today the Moon is in ♉ Taurus… remains until Wednesday Feb. 1st afternoon EST. Taurus ♉ rules the 2nd house of what is valued (AKA House of $money$). It’s a good time to visualize all the bills are paid and a steady stream of money flowing toward you. ♥  People are likely to be in a conservative mood when the Moon is in ♉ Taurus… folks will favor banking, gardening and generally chill-laxing!  PS — the hungry ♉ Taurus Moon feels fed when its feeling secure.


Daily Divination 9-6-11 How Are Your Inner Fires Doing? I-CHING Kua 30 “The Clinging” and “Fire” and the Apple Tree

As human ego and psychology/personality goes, we who reside on this plane of reality in a body with an ego, have to watch our tendency to cling. I’ve seen folks cling to both pleasure and pain as well as total and complete illusion—and have observed it in myself too. We could call this passion or obsession or compulsion. Sometimes we just don’t know when to stop!

Like flame that clings to wood, plants cling to the earth; we too must cling to spiritual sustenance in order to survive. Many times, however, I believe some of us confuse just what spiritual sustenance actually is.

We must renew or refresh ourselves from the fountain of spiritual wisdom. Fire is the representation of this illumination, inspiration and enlightenment on the I CHING Kua 30 image. In fact, in some books this Kua is actually called “Fire” as well as “The Clinging”.

What is dark clings to what is light and the darkness enhances the bright. What does that actually mean? We cannot know the light unless we also know the dark.

Also, everything that gives light is dependent upon something to which it clings, in order that it may continue to shine. In this week’s newsletter, I wrote about astral travel and its opposite—being on the earth in a body. In this dimension, we must cling to the body (not astral travel out of it) in order to be able to continue to shine here on earth. Life here is about absorbing nourishment and then giving it out—like the apple tree that absorbs nourishment from the light of the sun and the minerals of the earth, giving out apples as its gift. We, too, have that same ability and, frankly, the same duty. In order to maintain our light upon the earth and to offer our gifts like the apple tree, we must tend to our inner fires.

The inner fires must not grow so large as to consume us in addiction or obsession—in other words, we must not become so clinging that we cannot properly function and forget who we are and why we are here, burning ourselves out in pleasure, pain or addiction. Nor must we allow our inner fires to smolder or go out—how can we inspire others that way?

If we must have an all-consuming passion, let it be to keep our inner fires properly balanced and to understand the enhancement of the light. Consider the qualities of fire and its dual nature: on the one hand it provides warmth and illumination that disperses darkness, revealing the hidden, and on the other hand it is capable of ruthless destruction.

How are your inner fires burning?

Here’s a mild example. I am recovering from some type of physical disturbance. You might say that I required the “fire” of an antibiotic and now I am feeling much better; yet I must be careful now not to be too overly enthusiastic about feeling better. I don’t want my inner fire to go out and smolder just when the flame is going steady again.

Today’s message is to monitor your inner fires—nourish your flame with spirituality and whatever else is needed, but don’t be like some fundamental christian and think you can start the world on fire with your own righteous fervor. That’d be like someone who just got over the flu trying to run a marathon the next day b/c jezuz told him to. The body will just burn itself out again—we do live in a body on the earth after all.

Maybe that last example is a silly one but it is what came to mind and that’s how I roll here on my own blog… silly or not, I type what comes to mind in the moment.

And now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to fan my own inner fires here….

Im off to contemplate an Apple Tree gifting its apples! 

Talk to you tomorrow….

Sun (FIRE)! Dreams and Schemes and Circus Crowds; It’s Life’s illusions I Recall

2004 Pontiac SunFIRE -- OR SunFLOWER?

Ho, well one never knows@!  Where were we? Here’s a review:  Had a dream the old car caught fire; then weeks later the car develops a stuck fuel injector and starts throwing gas out the tail pipe.  Computer was whacked –again.  Bought a used Saturn to replace it.

The Saturn broke down twice on day one after I handed over the $.  Got a loaner car to drive from them while they fixed it.  Asked Higher Mind, what’s going on? Intuitive response–this will work out in your favor.

And it did…. because without the temporary Saturn mis-purchase, I’d have been without any wheels at all for a week!

And I just realized that the dream that my car was on FIRE may have related back to the car that I eventually got (with the help of one of my daughters) which has FIRE in the name.  I got the Pontiac Sunfire on Friday and ♥ love ♥ love ♥ love it!  It is 5 years newer than the Saturn with half the miles on the odometer and my daughter knows the owner who was going to sell it at year’s end; but, hearing my ‘story’ from my daughter, agreed to sell it now.

Intuition was right–it worked out in my favor.  A bit complicated getting my money back and convincing them to let me drive the loaner the rest of the week since my grandkids were here with me!  But all the complicated knots are untangled.  My old Mercury is going to become an organ donor–a salvage yard picked it up after giving me a little something for it.  The kids helped me say goodbye to the old Mercury as we cleaned it out to turn it over to the salvage guy.

So I’m happy with the SUN-FIRE!  A luminary (Sun) is better than a planet (Mercury or Saturn) any day! 

Well, it just occurred to me that the dream of my car starting on fire could have been the symbolical pre-cursor to the Pontiac SunFIRE’s arrival to my life.

What a feeling of freedom I have now!  My daughter had it checked out before bringing it to me and what money I didn’t have to make the full purchase, she loaned me and I will pay her back as I can!  Psssst!  if you know anyone who wants a reading and all that!  LOL  I need to get busy to pay for it now.

It was a great week with the kids despite the car issues and with the help of, I had a lot planned with crafts and games and “minute to win it” contests!  We hit Micky-D’s (McDonald’s) while we were out (a treat for all of us) and enjoyed some creamy smoothie drinks!

That’s it for now.  I’m back and hope to blog regularly again.  Hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer…  here’s anther photo of the SUNfire which half the time I absent-mindedly and mistakenly refer to as the  SunFLOWER.

Both Sides Now ~ Lyrics

Well something’s lost but something’s gained
they rain and they snow on everyone
I’ve looked at life
I really don’t know love at all
And you leave em laughing when you go
and feather canons everywhere
From both sides now
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
I’ve looked at life that way
From up and down
I’ve looked at love that way
Don’t give yourself away
I really don’t know life
And still somehow
But now they only block the sun
Rolls and flows of angel hair
Tears and fears and feeling proud
So many things I would’ve done
It’s life’s illusions that I recall
And still somehow
I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
I really don’t know life at all
But now its just another show
And they shake their heads and they tell me that I’ve changed
The dizzy dancing way that you feel
I’ve looked at love
But clouds got in my way
I really don’t know love
As every fairytale comes real
It’s loves illusions that i recall
From win and lose
Oh but now old friends they’re acting strange
Moons and jewels and fairy swings
From both sides now
From give and take
And if you can, don’t let them know
I’ve looked at clouds that way
To say I love you right out loud
I really don’t know life at all
and ice-cream castles in the air
In living every day
But still somehow, it’s cloud illusions i recall
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

PS – my gosh this car flies — REALLY GOES FAST!  And when I pull out from someplace into traffic, it leaps for joy and I with it!   Sometimes it feels like if I push just a bit more on the pedal it will take off like an airplane above the trees!  I haven’t had a car with air conditioning and radio for 15 years–what a treat!  Great sound system!  This whole area looks different now as I drive around listening to my Michael Jackson CD in my new used car!  So grateful! Thank you!