Modesty and Self-Reliance with Fame and Fortune and the spaces in between ~ I-ching Kua 15 Modesty

I’ve got to say it right off the bat, right at the start here—the universe has a great sense of humor! HA! Modesty, humility, self-respect, sincerity, respectability—boy O boy haven’t I been dealing with that tonight?

I share myself, my issues, my worries and challenges here and work through them risking  looking much less-than-perfect, sometimes embarrassingly vulnerable and most times way too human.  Oh, sure, the part of me that opens the channel when you call for a reading watches this and smiles and helps and there are fabulous personal moments of integration in my private life and I write about those too both here and in my weekly newsletter.  Yet in the end, I am on earth like every body else and have to deal with that L word, Life.

With no cable TV anymore (my choice), I’m filling my evening with doing some computer tasks that I’ve been putting off.  One task has to do with figuring out how to put a donate button on my blog and newsletter—which, by the way, I told myself I’d never do.

And part of the reason why not relates to the oracle’s I-ching message which I received right after I finally nailed down how to install the silly button!

Kua 15 was the result of the toss–this one is entitled “modesty” and covers self-respect and humility as well.  It also has to do with simplicity.  Can we actually use self-respect and humility in the same sentence about a donate button without setting off a few emotional alarms?  I’m working on that one tonight.

I never thought I’d have ads on my website or blog page, but there they are–although I find them tasteful for the most part and providing a service to visitors.  After all, we’re talking about Hay House, Shamballa Publications and Sounds True  –I think of them as high-class advertisers for spiritual and inspirational material.  If you buy from them by clicking from my page, their accountants toss a few pennies my way.  But if you are looking for inspirational material, it’s all there.  Anyway…

The thing is that I just want to be a sage and work quietly and then go hide on the mountain top again when I’m not needed … no muss, no fuss and all that. But it is I who need you!

I am reminded time and again that I need you—and cannot be on the earth alone and survive without at least some help from others.  My beautiful clients and students have helped me fulfill my physical needs (thank you so gratefully).  And talk about modest… basic survival stuff like the electric bill, phone bill, rent, groceries, auto insurance and gas for the tank as well as firewood for winter.  Yes, I know that represents grand abundance in some people’s eyes (mine when I look at my life through the eyes of some others).  And even through my own eyes, if my needs are met, I do feel wealthy.

Sometimes, I don’t want to need anyone and become very upset that I do. 

I am supposed to be self-reliant in this lifetime (North Node of the Moon is in Taurus in my natal chart). In fact this morning I tweeted this quote from Emerson:  “Can anything be so elegant as to have few wants, and to serve them one’s self?”  I think that quote is pretty much about self-reliance and I like it; but the truth is that we need one another.  It seems like almost every time I try to go it alone or think of myself as living in my own vacuum of energy, the Universe shows me that.

The message of this Kua 15 is about being content with being ordinary—not seeking fame and fortune or trying to “keep up with the Jones”.  Moderation is about keeping things simple and living a simple life.  Simplicity can create spaciousness; sometimes the less we have, the less we have to try to manage.

In my work, I have the good fortune to speak to people all around the world.  I have noticed that folks I talk to who are from previously under-privileged (and I use that last term loosely) countries and who are modernized to the tune where they are making money are very hungry to do so.  Many seem to worry a good deal about creating fortunes.  As Ma Deva Padma says,

“We live in a world that reveres extraordinariness. Sooner or later nearly everyone fantasizes about being admired for their brilliance, and the guarantee of happiness from gaining fame, fortune, and adoration because of it. Rarely do we come across anyone who is content to be simply ordinary. Craving anything new, exciting, or glamorous, we imagine how our lives could be different; worrying about how the world sees us or wondering whether the grass might be greener in the other fellow’s garden keeps us discontented and preoccupied to the point of distraction.”

The message for this time (whatever time you happen to read this) is to keep things simple. Meditation will help to create spaciousness from concerns that connect with fame and fortune and locks you into your intuition which will enable you to be in each moment comfortably as it unfolds.

As for me, I am throwing pride out the window and adding the paypal donation buttons to this blog and my newsletter in a total lack of pretension while I attempt to retain my respectability.  Others, who I greatly respect, have buttons on their blogs… well, anyway, I believe that I shall be contemplating this Kua 15 of modesty in my meditation later this evening.

Sincerely wishing you many confidently peaceful days ahead …